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WEEKLY RECAP: Hungry Crossfitters, Monogrammed Scarves, & Cat Portraits


In our thirty-second weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!  

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Hey, hey! What's up! What's up, this is critical about foresight. Us or school this is our weekly ray. We have just finished weak number- thirty, two, it's funny other, works every single week, the weekends and then a new weak begins very consistent. I mention the other day that I've been in Asia this week, Hong Kong, Bali and Bangkok, Zactly my asked international trap before the side us about comes out in thirty six days, not officially freaking out. But that's coming soon, state turned still putting together a pretty a picture which is now seventy percent locked in definite needs to locked him by that one month, point which is coming up in just what six days, five days to panic, how many days in the month so as soon as that's ready. I would love for you to be part of signing up, for that. Most of the stocks will be free, it there's a tick, price. For some of the stocks, it's usually very affordable, I tell you more about that very soon, not entail something else. I've been traveling. This week, I really believe
concept of legacy, work or building up a body of work, and kind of work kind of the model I had for about eight years with my blog and then the books I write and now the status of school podcast, and I'm really attracted to the kind of work that is built over time and I've seen that with his podcast thanks lot of folks are coming into the community. They just heard about from their friends, and I get these emails for people, like I just listen to the past. Sixty episodes are some people like I went back to said one now, three days later and I went through a hundred episodes- and I think that's We call like I love it think it super awesome respect. It I'm thinking about recently as this notion that, even though it's good to build that kind of work over time, it's also interesting model to think about what, if the work you do now, the things you do today has value today, but then it disappears. It's like an echo sketch toy, never have one of those in some people actually do really detailed work with them, but then you shake it and it's gone from coming to you and is made up, make perfect sense, but I'm trying to and this mindset of every day when I make the show or when I do my other work, I try to think of.
What value it has right now, not just for the future, by recording this year in Asia. Are great production we'll make it sound better and then you wherever you are on the road going to hear this. At some point I wanted good job with I went to matter. I want to have some value for you, I'm just thinking about that. Has helped me what the work you do today has value Nobbut than it disappears. You have to make a count for something So think about that wherever you are, what ever you workin on, if it resonates great, if not no problem, Lots of other stuff is on the way. Speaking of that in the recast today, can you do a throwback to the episode we ve covered in the past few days. A brief look ahead and too often listener questions for you. One is from us, texas- one is from somewhere else MAX, I'm not sure where that second collar is from, but will jump right into those these are questions right after this quick shot out to our sponsor
I regret that this com, gifts and I'm calling from in practice- and I have actually a medical man robotic each by day- and I do freelance avoid over worked by night and pretty familiar to one year earlier stories were a guy, did work on Iver dot com and have done to the point my prices are relatively higher. On five and unable to get several maybe bore to six two dollars a month, just with maybe ten to twelve orders, and I recently got an through my website, which is primarily teaching blog, but I do have a section on their prison filmmaking and working, overworked and someone ordered a voice over the website which were the first for me, and I ended up charging them through pay cow in conservative and I was wondering what the pros and cons going through a site like Iver, where they're taking twenty percent my revenue as a service. The birth is
their pay pal. I don't let the thoroughly have the guarantee of payment. Man today, I don't know they paid peep out yet, and I had to go through milestones, we're gonna to have the order of the day I want to do it, for they pay the rest they mouth but yeah. Can you talk about the pros and cons in voicing through a weapon like pay pal under other option. Birth is going through a website like fibre, where you get a little bit. Thanks. So much for the show- and I will look of the question of the amount thanks- a lot listening congrats on your voice ever success. Pretty other who wants to hear that episode that Tom refers to. It is episode, five way back the beginning of sawdust school. In that story, it's like you heard from Tom's message: there's a guy was eight Do voice ever work through the platform fibre and earn an extra five, dollars a month or even a bit more without spinning attain a time on it. Tom to your question. Generally speaking, it's gonna be better take orders to your website. Do your own in voicing through Paypal or some other
system. Then it is through the fiery platform or through some other third party Serbia. Like if it were me whenever I had a choice, I would do it myself The issue is that is not always possible, because the main benefit of a service like five her is the marketplace that it provides so you are able, as you know, to create a profile to bid on different projects or just have people can you based on what they see in your profile and that's why that platform, a successful, and I call a started platform because for a lot of folks, better to do exactly what you ve done, which is create a website and try to establish clients off of the platform? It's just not always possible because, especially when you getting started, closure than a site like fibre gives? You is usually more than what you could do on your own and that's the benefit. But yes, What version? If you have a choice, definitely invoice people yourself definitely do. That system, because then you will of course make more money. I think you said the virus he was twenty five percent for Paypal. It's gonna be like two to three percent, so huge difference there. Anyway, good luck and I hope to see you and Austin
I trust I been listening to your podcasting stay sex thanks for putting it out there since then I have started to blogs using the affiliate program and I seem to be getting click through, and people ordering things but about. Eighty percent of the click through don't seem to be generating even a single penny of come for me. Is there somewhere? You can direct me, so I can better understand the Amazon affiliate Program. I've tried running through their website, but I just don't their stand. Why some things are generating income and most aren't thanks and thank you for listening all the way from Episode six and thank you for the great question. I'm just gonna put this a little bit. Because you said that eighty percent of people you're sending to Amazon are considering any income for you to be. That sounds like twenty some of them are generating some kind of income, even if its small and twenty percent is a part great conversion rate for all kinds of industries,
It means that if you send a hundred people over to Amazon, twenty of them are making a purchase and you're and earn a commission from it. That is definitely not bad at all the rest. The people are part, They just not checking out right away or the browsing on Amazon like most of us do throughout the week at different times, or maybe they come back purchase later and because of how Amazon does their cookie system. You may or may not get credit for that. So without knowing a bit more about your blogs and a specific products are referring people to my inclination is to say that the bigger problem is getting more people to your website and then getting more people to click through because again, if you can. Some sort of income on twenty percent of the people that you send to Amazon. Unless I missed, something that seems pretty get the only other thing. I suggest, is to look at the specific items you are sending people to like when I click your links. Are they going to purchase something I read about something you ve written about. If you can look in Amazon analytics, which they give you some pray, detailed information can you see of some products can be more than others that might help that conversion rate up even higher but again to me like your on the right track. Let us know how things
can you to go and thanks for being a huge part of sight, o school, Looking back this week, beginning with episode to nineteen continuing episode, two hundred and twenty four we started with friends who start a twenty five thousand dollars a month. Paleo bar business you hungry hustlers, as I think we call them. There's lots of them but the story? I especially lot that they are still running this as a site. I saw you It's obviously very successful, they divided what time and patience to kind of getting everything right and making sure that doesn't doesnt compromise. Personally I tend to come from done is better than perfect philosophy, which is why maybe produce to show every day. I think if I was a private I would never get it done, but I also respecting admire when people are just so committed to a vision. They like we're gonna, our time in this particular venture there like we're, not gonna, have preservatives in these bars, even though probably cheaper and would allow us to store the bars for longer they're gonna. Stick with this principle. That inspire their project. In the first place, anyone could work now.
I was always about someone who had helped his day. Job crowd fund, a lot of money think are some like several million dollars and it begins working as and to help other crowd. Funders obvious! Need there you can see not only the need, but also how its matched with his expertise has authority, not surprise at its thus for wouldn't be surprised if it gets more successful. That was followed by a research Twenty one, a tv producer who sells monogram scarves and owns a thousand hours running the subway to work one day, She actually means a lot more than that of something like twenty thousand dollars a month focus on that story of earning a thousand dollars while running the subway, because I think it illustrates the concept of passive income he had created these monogram scarves and one day I think it was a radio show or something featured her and on the way to work. She may thousand hours before she get settled in another thousand dollars. She that of inventory and has to apologize to people and say sorry. It's gonna be two weeks before you get your scarf its projects these that I want to encourage our listeners to use as a model for their own site. Hustles. Not you working harder, although I totally bleeding working hard but creating it
set for yourself, something that allows you to make a thousand dollars one day without doing anything for it, and when I say that I don't mean to suggested it's easy, like. Obviously you have done something for it. You have taken actions to go that far. Asian, but ones that foundation is built and it's a matter of maintenance or maybe focusing on growth or maybe just kind of letting it work for you. While you focus on your day or your family or whatever other responsibilities are. After that we had an episode. On a guy who goes to Bali comes home and imports a hundred animal skulls think there were cow schools. Since ten thousand dollars into sixty thousand dollars. We have a sub a very active listeners. Your into reselling. I was trying to highlight those too As for you guys, some people really take to this notion buying something in one place and then resigned somewhere else. I did it for I myself and I was just getting started there, definitely somewhat, for he there then we have a. And family who makes money from memorable mementoes and a cat lover who creates captivating, portraits passing on US pay your way through school by painting cat portraits funny excellent coming up next week that similar there's an ant
lover who learns to breed rabbits and actually goes. Undergraduate college debt free so another creative way to pay for your education coming up soon is also ex employee who creates a six figure hustle helping breweries. He eventually quit his job, like most stories. You hear started that project as aside hustle did it for a couple years before he felt comfortable in making the late photo. Also the story of a marketing coordinator who realise, as her lifelong dream of starting her own magazine and a man who rose, appeared and five hundred dollars a month from it to you, never know it. You gonna hear outside school. Try to keep it light, try to keep it fine, try to keep it helpful, and I want to keep, improving and raising the bar, especially for our faithful longtime listeners, because you got make it all worth it cover for Russia, speaking of people who make it worth it does not say a big. Thank you to our direction team not a one man operation or even a one man plus cat operation. We for the show on location, world domination headquarters in Portland Oregon is in transport.
Brooklyn New York to reproduce the patently studios reactions, There's led by Ac Valdez, also featuring Adele ribbon cannot survive assistant wouldn't clinic in my cat. Let me go about, has not had a portrait professionally done but now that I feature that story and episode, two hundred twenty three, maybe I'll, need to place. A commission statement. Sawdust school, is part of the ongoing project curative by Gretchen, ribbon pregnant so how's about coming out this far. It's called the four tendencies I saw it copy and its awesome and lasting least. I want to thank everybody who left a review, especially over the past week or two we are now more than eight hundred reviews are ratings on Itunes. Apple pie was really make it difference, and I am grateful to you so thanks. Everyone who took the time and if you haven't done so yet I'd still be grateful. Yes, there no time to do that, The episode of the show, I always say, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is even better, just as I hope to keep improving I hope you do too if you ve been working. Hustle this year, but have been frustrated stand. It happens to me too you're, not alone as a whole
unity of arson people out there doing it too is followed up a tour to a hundred series. I would- be able to say hi to you, and I would also have to connect you that are like the people who share the same vision for having. Way of doing that, soon caught sight of society more and not later for now. Thank you, much. You are awesome. I have to see him in everyday next week episodes go on, six hundred and one a M eastern time uncritical, and this aside as possible.
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