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WEEKLY RECAP: Shipping Options for International Goods (Live from Mexico!)


In our thirtieth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: a listener asks about shipping options for importing items from far away.  

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Hello and greetings. Cider schoolmasters school, this is critical about. We have just finished. We number thirty three zero I've been back on the road. A bet was actually in Mexico for several days this week I got the chance to record so episodes of the show on my balcony overlooking the pool and the Pacific Ocean, so no complaints there and all for the record no tequila was consumed prior to recording or during any episode of the show, can't speak for what and after that and then after I left my so I went to California. I was incinerated. Go for an event speaking to content producers for the online platform you to me, and so the Hawaii I was gonna on the road, but of course, our still working producing the show doing my other stuff he's gonna bet my lifestyle form. I don't know the past. Ten twelve will be more than that yours and I just feel so fortunate, like. I feel be proud, because in some ways I created this for myself and that's what I want to help other people do but another way
just realise how fortunate I am. I don't take it for granted and that's right into work from wherever I am so when I was in Mexico for a few days I probably spent about. At the time working to my staff and that's totally fine, because I What I do and that's I signed vessels have been so great for me in my life. Please it's one of the reasons why side vessels have been so great. That's why I'm this mission to encourage you and to help you. However, I can to have this. Benefit your life, even if you don't want to be like me and travel all the time, even if you happy where you're, even if you love your job, additional sources of income can only increase your opportunities, You might end up doing the same thing. You ve always done. That's fine, but you never know you might end up doing something. Different well anyway, and other news- it is fifty days to go until the side. Also book is published. Man I have you true confessions. I feel really behind over the past few weeks my This has been on producing world domination summit and it is this daily shall, of course, it's not excited too kind chef. My second focus to everything you need to do for the fall to get ready for the booklet should get ready for my hundred city tour. I think we now have twenty
Twenty five cities confirmed. I realize that considerably less than a hundred. So I'm working on it and also working on side. Hustle society a number of you have asked about this is gonna, be ok, unity of cider, school listeners and people who are just trying to build their project and they want some ability. They want some handholding. Why don't you and holding, because you can do it yourself, but you just want some guidance. Maybe some additional teaching something help you along the way. That's what this community is gonna, be about, and I'm not going to debate, in the far alongside the book launch. Thank you for your patience with that as I said on now, be able to fully focus on that and if you keep listening to the show you'll be there You know about how it works and how you can be part of it, and I would love you to be part of it and today's weekly recap a few different things going to do a look back, a look ahead. But first, let's hear from two listeners, one in the form of an email and the other voicemail. This first message comes from poverty in Canada. He says Chris. I listen to you every morning, while doing my stretching I have just retire
last month at age, forty, eight and look forward to starting a hustle. I have loved ideas and just need to focus. I really want. The advantage of the free time I have right now. Format of the show and all the stories keeps me motivated? That's awesome. Thank you Paul, I hope your but a focus and choose one of those ideas to move forward with an You're from someone who called into the hustle hotline high Chris my name is Lindsey, I'm from Asheville North Carolina. First, I want to say of them. Listening since the very beginning of the year, awesome Show- and I always love the take away from each other, so it and the inspiration. So thank you for that. I am because my husband Meyer thinking about and have been thinking for a while starting an import business and all of these. Episodes about dropped. Shipping and fulfilment have been really great Question is before that why? What about shipping, because all the research that we have done lead us to really,
pensive options that seem to be pretty much cause prohibitive. So I'm asking for advice on where to find shipping partners. And our cases specific to North Africa, but I dont know that's really, rather than anyhow, I again enjoy the show, and hopefully we will hear ourselves featured on it in the not too distant future, thanks, hey, legible so much for listening. This is a great quest, and several other people have something like. It is actually a couple things you can do thing in this situation when you're importing something from like you, said, North Africa or from some other far away part of the world. You want to talk to an agent or a company, that's known as a freight forwarders, and this is a person a company in your area that deals with all kinds of shipping options and for stuff, like this there's, probably options you dont even know about, because it's a huge industry, she'll, probably family, with couriers, like Fedex D, I shall etc, but their often, lot of other options depending what is your importing? You may,
well descended by container ship Then it arrives in a port in the U S and he gets transfer to your hometown. You might be able to share. By airline cargo. There might be something totally different and afraid forward or will be the best person to evolve about that now. Also, I mention Fedex Ex Ante. Unless you Bari investigated it, I would completely right off, because those companies often have huge discounts for repeat business and if you can get a contract with them which a contract with all kinds of small businesses, not just big companies, it really can be forty. Fifty sixty percent off what you might see quoted elsewhere, so in some cases could actually be the best option. But whatever you do, you're actually correct that investigating this in kind of spending. Some time figuring out, is a pretty important part of this hustle. So be able to do that. Hope that someone helpful be sure to let us know what happens. Support for this Pont cast comes from progressive, say,
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mommy coffee probably know right away. Who is targeting. It is specifically, for new mothers and expectant mothers and the differ. Jason is it? Has these varying levels of caffeine but those mothers and expectant mothers can still during coffee. Can choose what's best for them and their baby? Now this is being done part time. It's not a start up it is a true side, hustle, and I believe it Co founders invested something like fifteen thousand dollars each in it Obviously, that's not insignificant. Those are real start up costs, but still as you can here, if you listen to that episode, they were pretty serious about this and within it here it's reach that level of twenty thousand dollars a month. So I really love that story. That was fun play episode. Two hundred and six a law student who creates a six thousand five hundred dollars a month morning. Routine journal is actually another partnership that my coffee is two partners. I believe and this morning retain productivity journal is three partners if mistaken and they are very far I'm building a set of productivity tools, almost falling
definition of hustling and all the different marketing and reach out efforts at their making. People often have a lot of since, for me about marketing were deafening. In a lot more in the far. But if you want here Creative ideas go back and listen to that episode and, of course I like up a bunch of resources. Annette shown its pages. Well, then, we had the Brooklyn photographer, who gets paid to throw confetti at people pretty cool. Who does that the busy marketing professional and Canada who feels a niche with biking wine tours a polish Barton you're living in the UK who makes money while drinking beer not to be very? Doesn't she get paid for drinking beer? That would be awesome, but still it's pretty automated gets paid while he's drinking beer he said that story more than once he's been out with his friends. He checks his phone and realizes he's actually made more than a day's wages through the passive income sight. He sat up and then they are very creative submission from someone who started three side us at once in some US had time to write his own scrap beside us all school. We called it in australian hustles is way to recovery and as it
the show he remembered something he done long ago, but had totally forgotten about it turned out he'd been making, need a fifty dollars a month for something he had upload eighteen months ago, and that one was coming in each month without him, knowing it or without doing any work for it so Matthew. I hope you enjoy that's our bonus side. Of course if our commission from that income- it's all yours and now, in several of these stories, you can see how the person identify something that was missing or how and done well- and I talked about this a couple times through the weak- guessing on frustrations. Focusing on problems is a great direction, precise hustles. So in that biking wine to our story. For example, I believe and was her name and error, very familiar with this wine region a couple hours outside Toronto and she did they had mine tours, but there were no bicycle tours now. She knew other markets in other wine regions in the: U S and Canada. There were such things. Knew there was a demand for it, at least their places and she assumed or she hoped that there would be a demand for it there and in fact there was no
let us do well that coffee story again what an underserved market Nobody was serving that market knowest, focusing on the needs of new mothers, and so it seems mommy coffee is point. For great success. And even in a story like their confetti Photoshop photographer. That's not a huge peasant. But it's doing well. I think it's a couple thousand dollars a month he's, found a really creative way to stand on the marketplace by doing something that either no one has ever done before at least was hardly popular, like I'd never heard of it before our. So maybe it existed, but very uncommon. So, once again take us with you focus on something that is missing, or has it been done well or frustrates you we're just something to you, ok, there's this group of people and nobody serving them. Please this way that I think would be helpful. Maybe, to pursue that and see where it leads, all right well coming up this week. Another set of great stories got something
baseball, memorabilia, there's a story of a creative gadget that ensue funded massively through Kickstarter, maybe even an animal story for you much is on the way, as I might for that release upside us all, and the tour gonna bring you up some additional resources as well You're gonna be really helpful for a lot of listeners, so hey listeners as we wind up this week, I went to stay, or restate that you're. The reason I make the show saga school is unique. It's not, like other part, casts we don't have ninety minute long interviews with people. It is short, It is to the point. It is just a conversation between me and you and I'm trying to tell three storytelling I'm trying to you find stories. I hope it's entertaining not boring, but my greater is it over time. This processes, lead you to having a success story. Aside some of your own and income generating project, something that you look out and say you know I made that I that, for myself I never thought I'd be an entrepreneur. Maybe I stood up. Would it be an entrepreneur, but look I have this thing in its bringing me extra income.
Which might than that feels really good. That is the goal that I'm for not every day with the show give a couple showed us to other people who work on a show in various locations, thought school is usually recorded on location in Portland Oregon, although this week if it has been recorded in Mexico in San Francisco, it has been produced, in Brooklyn New York and Washington DC independently studios protection team is led by a sea about, as also featuring a deluge ribbon in trying to keep track of me is managed by Whitney correct my cat regular is back from them. Your house, ready to or at least sleep twenty hours a day, best alternate title of the week. For yesterday's episode, which feature the injured, australian winds up, teaching active own lessons and developing a saxophone lesson course. We thought really high about calling it sacks the way I like it, but sadly that in the runner up title and this, it is part of the armored project curated by Gretchen, ribbon By the way, if you don't listen to Gretchen, podcast is called happier. It is
the best and most popular pact ass in the world. No joke has a similar mission, or at least a similar value, to cite a school in the sense that it focuses on things to make your life happier and healthier improve your well being having fun to listen to be sure to check that out an subscribe. An apple pie test: The episode I mention an inspiration is good, but action is even better. I want you to take I want a preacher, your story here, or even if you don't, featured on the show. I want to know that you have it on another. Working on it I you see on the road, this fall when I go to a hundred cities and hear about your site hustle. Until then, I look for making the chauffeur you every single day efforts. Go online at six one, a M eastern time can't we just again, I am critical about this aside, resourceful.
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