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Weekly Recap: That’s a Wrap, 2017—See You Next Year!

We did it! Thanks to your support, we published an episode every single day in 2017. Stay tuned: the best is yet to come. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Guess. today it is hello side. Also school listeners, mighty, Miss Priscilla Gower. It's my privilege and honoured Welcome you to episode three hundred and sixty five. That's right! is the end of the year brilliant sixty four days ago, we again with a mission spring. You story after story, people, people creating freedom and options. We making money Paul without quitting their job. well. I can hardly believe it myself, but it seems like we did it. We're gonna, keep this weekly recap short and sweet, because twenty eighteen will start with a bang. I'm so excited about It's too come in our second season, I'll, tell you more about it to Morrow, but for now, Firstly, I want to say thank you, what a joy its ban to bring you the show I'd like to give a special Enlargement to our year, long listers, those people whom enlisting January one and have joined us for the journey tire year. If that's you, I want you to know how much I
that you how much our team appreciate you. I did a vents in about forty cities this year and pretty much every stop. I had at least one person come up and say you know: I've been listening to since January. One haven't missed an episode, you guys are rockstars. Thank you so much. I hope you agree that we've improved as we got along, and I hope you join me last year as well. I want to say a shot out. You are bench listers from time to time I hear from people who didn't know about show back in January, but they just discovered a bit later. Then they go back and listen to the entire archives, which I think is one part awesome and one part crazy I got tweet from Arrow City Music, the other day who just discover the show this month and he said on Twitter in ten days. I listen to threaten forty one full episodes of critical about side US law, school podcast. That's got to be some sort of record, yes era, city music, I think that's pretty awesome well done I'll include a screenshot about the show notes. If anybody wants to take a look, sawdust school dot com, such six five and if your new, if you just joined us recently, like I told I understand what you might not want to go back and listen to fifty hours of cider stories as awesome as they are, you really can pick up wherever you are in.
Join us every day going forward, and speaking about, I had a note from camp. Rights into ask: will your past podcast from sheer, remain available next year. In other words, can I listen to the twenty seventeen episode in twenty eight seen I'm way behind due to a job I took. I want to listen to them while yes Cameron, anyone else, absolutely they will be available and they will continue to be free. You should be able to sell access them. An apple pie, castor, spot, a fire stitches. However, you listen to package. or, of course, the entire archives available for Download free on unsuitable schooled outcome. We are indeed continuing all you're starting to Morrow and new episode every day, seven days a week, no exceptions, the show will be there for you I want to give you a quick little rundown of some listener. Favorites this year we took a look at our analytics to see which episode
where the most downloaded or the most popular in general, making your top ten list of sorts, it might actually be eleven and am also to answer this question. What if you didn't take action this year, you am I talking about. I should take action. Where have you been listening, but you haven't taken action. Wyman address that question in just a moment, but first I want to acknowledge our sponsors, all the sponsors of twenty seventeen. We ve been able to partner and great companies you have made fantastic special offers far listeners and sponsors are, would allow the show to be completely free to you. There are several people who going to show almost full time now we have production cost. We have to keep the lights on, we have a cat to feed and their sponsors make it possible. With these brief, not interested messages- and I do appreciate them. Let's do our quick last sponsor break two thousand and seventeen about semester, favorites support, recital school comes from three m from helping I've vaccine and in therapy development with advanced purification technologies, to defend in any event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness, the rest
scientists to three m: are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and prepare us better tackle. What's next learning, Three m dotcom. Slash improving lives, three aims. Ants applied to life Are you a quick list of some episodes that were affected really popular with you guys, just gonna go in chronological order and if you want to listen to any at ease- and I tell you the episode number and you just go to satisfy school dot com, slash that episode number. So, for example, one of the most popular episodes of a year was episode. Four hundred and twenty british manor in seven hundred dollars a month. Writing fish tank reviews there you can just go to Sasol school dot com to episode, one hundred and seven four dollars. It's not what you think I'll so popular and somewhat controversial got some interesting email from differ
Octaves on that one episode, one fifty diamond in the rough engagement ring hunter. Into hustle. It was a really interesting affiliates cells model. We actually got a good update from this guy toward the end of the year, beside us was really taken off so hopefully some time in twenty eighteen. I can give you a more detailed update on that episode. One five, six one. Fifty six army veteran make six hundred and fifty thousand dollars advertising an app tat was a crazy story and I seem to remember talking about luck and that story because he freely admitted that the way he made more than half a million dollars was through this opportunity that just kind of showed up, and so it was somewhat circumstantial. But the thing is how to take some action to put himself in position to receive them
trinity. In other words, if we had made a blog about building apps, which is where I think the whole thing came from, you never would have had on a huge opportunity. So, even if it was somewhat lucky, you could ask yourself what could you do to put yourself in a position to be lucky episode to fifty five lawyer creates online course for mothers returning to work episode. Three ten thirteen year old Australian create schoolyard lollipop fortune. I love that story came from a listener. and Gretchen Rubin, was actually kind enough to put that in her happy or feet as well. So a number of our listeners may have joined from that story or from something else. Gretchen did. Thank you Gretchen. The very next episode three hundred and eleven, a former construction inspector Orange two hundred thousand dollars helping students pass exams, episode three hundred and seventeen lifelong girls. Aren't recital badge and thirty five dollars a month. That was one of my favorites and
Last but not least, just a couple of weeks ago, letters from Santa hustles down chimney, that was about a woman who does the seasonal side hustle, where she makes five or six thousand dollars every November December. Writing these personalized letters to kids, which, of course the parents pay for. As I said, you can listen to all those episodes and many more on a subtle school site or where we listen to fight guests, and there are lots of others to aren't. I want to answer this question occurred. A couple different ways from different people always say: inspiration is scared, but actually better. What have you been listening to the show and even learning and enjoying the stories? You actually didn't take action, but here's my response to that? It's ok, it's fine! It's all good! We go through different seasons in life, sometimes we're in a season of learning some introduced absorbing something can in later. It becomes more relevant later it's time to actually take action on something or like, oh yeah. I remember hearing about that, and I think I know it.
Source to used because of an episode I heard a while back or something I read. So, even though I do want to gently nuts, you tore taking action as I want everybody to have the freedom that comes from more than one source of income and also say what tomorrow is a new day so start over tomorrow start over next week start when you feel ready. I want to help you make this happen. I want this to be a reality. life, but also be here whenever you're ready and if you tried something. I just didn't work out, because the first thing I would say as join the club likely I'll, try things that don't work out and a lot of stories. You hear the person doesn't succeeded first, or they only succeed after they make a change or a tweak of some kind. So if he fall down get back up again to Mars a new day, one more quick announcement before I close out the year throughout twenty seventeen, I have said a few different times that site hustle society is coming. That is an online training programme designed
Take you step by step through starting one of these kinds of projects and its also an online community where you can connect with other side hustlers and make introductions and asked for pure feedback. Well guess what is actually happening or introduce it a limited time starting on January night, the initial sign up his only gonna, be but for a week, not anymore about why As we go along and if you're interested in s you'd like to know about it and be the first person to know when it goes life you can join the waiting list at sight of school dot com, slash society at S, o c. I e t why, in addition to the show and also really excited about this training programme and community, I think it's gonna help a lot of people. I think it's gonna connect a lot of people to which I know is vital, so more on that to come again come to Sicel school dot, com, slash society, if you'd like to no more I'm just about ready to sign off for the day of the week, the month and the year before idea, when I say a few quick, thank you to everyone who made this possible, I mentioned Gretchen Ribbon show is on her podcast embrace,
while the armor project, she has been a good friend of mine for many years and the show would not exist at least not in this form. In this way, were it not for her calling me in the summer of twenty sixteen and saying hey Chris, have you ever thought about doing if I cast to which I said yeah, I'm actually thinking about doing something, but it's kind of a crazy idea, not sure it's gonna be for
one, and she said well tell me more and we went from there. I am also grateful to the wonderful panoply team there. The folks who do the production and distribution add sales. All kinds of stuff production team is led by a seatbelt, as we had several other producers throughout the years wealth, but AC has been solid. He is our senior producer and very grateful to him, and I would also say thank you to Anti Bowers and Sarah Bentley, apparently back on a home front. Whitney Koranic is my star assistant and content manager. Now, for the show she's now working weeks ahead to plant Oliver Content and stories. Does all the wonderful show notes fixes things when they break on the website all kinds of things? I really really could not do everything this associated with the show, without waiting so thickly Whitney. It's also been great to work with Jed Chang, China, Noah and Haiti on a site of school workshop series, an aside a sort of tour with some of those things continue and twenty eighteen. Yes, they will stay too
It really does take a village to hustle, or at least a small village and just ass. I started this recap. I want to conclude by saying thank you to you the listener. I make the show to help you. I wanted to be an encouragement to you in some way. I want you to know that there's more than one way to live and work, my life loss for the past ten years has been. You don't have to live your life. The way others expect and I hope to communicate that value in some fashion through to show our right. That's it, but guess happens tomorrow. Tomorrow brings a new beginning whole new year and, of course, another side of school episode. We will be there, for you were everywhere in the world. I hope you'll join us on critical about signing off and wishing you a happy new year.
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