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Weekly Recap: T’was the Night Before Cash-mas

In which we kick things off with a special holiday poem from Side Hustle School. Oh, and more listener success stories! Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Today, answers matter more than ever before. That's why IBM is helping businesses manage customer questions with wants an assistant, its conversationally, I designed to work for any industry. Let's put smart to work. Visit IBM dot com, slush Watson assistant. Twas the night before cashless when all through the land. We listen to party ass, our tablets at hand The parents were dreaming of all the ways to go from idea to income just twenty seven days the stockings were filled and hung, or the fire grandma had prep. The blue apron free trial boxes were packed by the front door with care, a service hardship station handle the where's went out on the lawn. There arose a loud noise out jump, a man with a bag full of toys. He arrived on, announced. It was like a break in. He wasn't invited to connect on linked in Santa on the chimney more boxes in hand, but he came with an invoice. The man had a plan,
see this jolly old man was into the hustle. He worked hard for his reindeer. His elves love the bustle. He did it for freedom, he did it for surety. He wanted to create his own security. That's when he turned to the room which had quickly assembled the words he spoke, caused the people to tremble. Listen up, you think he's presence or Show me the money or I'm taking the tree my elder outside, and they want quite stash to save Christmas tonight hand over your cash. The parents looked at each other. Did they have paper money, credit or debit? They said, but the judge was money, the children were worried about losing their stuff without presence or cash. This Christmas was rough, but then on the ledge grandma appeared she pulled out her phone and said not to fear to Santa take pay pal. She asked with a wink the jolly old man paused to think how about Vinho. He finally said no problem said grandma. Let's put this to bed with Santa paid off and presents delivered the household returned to bed with
ever and that's how grandma save Christmas, because she was wise. All along she'd had her eyes on the prize and for you over there it's time to find traction, because inspiration is better with action. Where can you go for tools, tips and hope? Just come to the site and read the show notes, you too can hustle, you can make your life better. You can do it from home and your holiday sweater take hope and take heart. Don't be a wreck by the very next season. You'll have several paychecks dont, be discouraged. Tire dreams to the mast just make sure you're subscribed to the daily podcast next year. You can make your site hustle marker, we'll be right back after thanking our partner Well, I hope you enjoyed our special was the night before Kashmir introduction. That is in fact how grandma save Christmas
In addition, we have just finish weak number. Fifty one, that's right. There are approximately fifty two weeks in the year. We are approximately fifty one and fifty two complete look. I guess that's it play precisely. As you may know, we are continuing into twenty eighteen with season two of school, there's a whole bunch of stories coming on the other side of the new year. Can't wait to share them with you and today, I'd like to read your emails from two listeners, one with a success story and one with a question. So this first comes from joy joint right to say I listen to satisfy school while driving two hours each way to my vacation, cabin in taking york, I started to host on serbian be to help pay for the utilities, and now I make three times my mortgage run. Your book gave me an idea to start aside us all to help others who want to host, but don't know where to art. I was that person nine months ago, I listen my son. On Airbus, be as a co host and got my first client in one day. Right now
only client, but hey you have to start somewhere. My next step is to come up with a clever name, then build a blog with affiliate links to products that are key to hosting thanks for the inspiration, Joanne Joanne. Thank you for the action that awesome. Congratulations as you from reading the book. I talk about starter ideas in next level ideas. It sounds like you're going from starter idea, which is being host on European. Be enough We cannot really well making three times your mortgage from doing that, but now you think about how to expand and help other people who want to be hosts. So good luck, very cool and the next message comes from Sean writing with a question and he's got a pretty interesting genre The kind of looks that shines working working into something that you don't hear every day he says my wife and I have decided to get started. We both love, coffee and music, so were creating a private label coffee based around a particular black metal. By the way, I think black metal is kind of like death metal, like a certain kind of heavy metal music from incorrect about that, and I offended someone from the black metal, death, mental or heavy metal constituencies. I apologized no need to email me back to see note he says
now it does some kind of weird and we weren't your people would go for it. Ok, fair, true, but minimal. Advertising and social media has given us a global. Following grabbing the attention of well known musicians, we were able to make the coffee with the help of local rosters. I just the labels in packaging, and now it's ready to go but there's a problem. That problem is the website. I've lost sight had a couple of small hiccups, but overall it works perfectly, except for I found you there's the site does not look good when you're on an Iphone. Do you happen to know what I should do about this ok cool great question, so the towns
experience has shown is that your website is not responsive. That is a description for how website can be viewed, indifferent devices from phones, tablets, laptops, different browsers, etc and still present a compatible cohesive version to the user. To basically, you need someone to make your site responsive and if you say that anyone who built websites any developer they'll know what that means. It usually best these days to build your site from the ground up with that in mind, but it's also possible to modify and existing site Timokhin check out upward dot com to find a freelancer someone, perhaps overseas, or perhaps someone local, who can do tat for you and good luck with blackmail coffee.
No job to some comments on this week's episodes in a moment. But first I just want to say I love hearing from listeners like this is one of the most joyous parts of this experience. I get emails, negative voice, males we pass them around Whitney. My assistant. Worse me on the show AC in Washington a producer, other people I work with and going into next year, when a feature more and more comments in stories from you. If you had a question or comment when it gonna get it in the queue for next year couple different ways: you can do that you can call and leave a voice now on a hustle hotline. Hustle hotline is eight for four nine hustle or eight for four nine or eight seven, eight five three. You can also just email, podcast, its actual school dot, com or record a voice not with your phone, intended to that same email, address all kinds of options and also speaking of listeners. Success stories,
about two episodes. We featured this week that we're from sight of school listeners. You start their project by listening to the show and taking action moving forward with their idea. I think that's fantastic and wonderful. If you ve been doing that in some way. Please let us know you might want to feature your story next year and in these two examples the first one was episode. Three, fifty two, a roleplaying pasture roles, the dice on a twenty eight hundred dollars a month hustle. This is a story of a presbyterian minister who had been doing some site a sling before, but he was doing kind of manual labor site hustling, like the kind of part time gig economy work that I actually tend to discourage people from, because it's not going to help you out my she's gonna burn you out just like working more hours without creating an asset for yourself. So after one of his parishioners recommenced, let us go to him. He starts listening and gets this idea to create custom roleplaying dice you can hit
story in an episode three fifty two, but basically he learns to manufacture dice any kind of figure things out and gets things ship from China and not for the past. Several months has been making almost three thousand dollars a month, which is a huge supplement to his low salary. As a minister, I love that that was all about creating freedom and independence for him and the second story, right after that three fifty three ways: a yoga teacher in Seattle who cleans up with a home, organizing business. I love this story. Touche actually came to a recording of crushing ribbons happier, podcast with Gretchen enlist craft, and that was in Seattle, where I was a guest ended up connecting further
and this year she started this declaring hustle, which also makes something like several thousand dollars a month. But in addition to that, which is awesome on its own in her case, she's both doing good and doing well, because she partners with this refugee organization, where all the items that she d cluttered from people's homes means people tend to be well, actually got a bunch of stuff, but when they declared she donates these items to refugees who are resettling in the area. These refugees are coming from places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Syria, exemplary tough places- and I really dont- have alive trial of that story, so much because she's helping people first of all through the declaring business she's getting paid herself like not an insignificant amount the third group of people, these refugees who are finding new life for themselves. This gate, very difficult situations and in their lives, are made better through some of these items. I she talked about an iraqi family was expecting a baby and they were able to get up ass, a net, a crib, all kinds of baby stuff through this process. So to me, this is what it's all about recital school in different ways: creating empowerment for people so that you can live a life you want you can
do what's important. You can have more time for yourself and really just more ownership of your life. The rest of the episodes throughout the week illustrate that is well in different ways. There's one about a high times cartoonist, who creates these cannabis accessories, ends up transition to a new career because of it and actually unfolds over the course of a couple of decades, which is interesting because, usually on a sham, encouraging people to get started quickly. Just like these two other stories you heard about, but we're all on a journey, and sometimes things take time. There is also the story of a paralegal who starts aside hustle during maternity leave and then right after that, a story of a dad who creates would works while his infant son naps it makes like a thousand bucks a month from it. So in his case he's not trying to get rich. He just doing something different, out executive by day, but now he has his creative outlet, but also pay some money. Anyway, you can see that
ass. A model is working like I said, I'm so excited about next year or coming up in the last week between seventeen now, there might in fact be an extra special episode tomorrow. In fact, we had to go all the way to the North pole to find it think. You'll like it will also be featuring a pop up wedding service, something about Bitcoin videos, several other great stories, nuts, actually all before twenty eighteen. We got a busy last week in early two. Eighteen I'll also be inviting you to join the sight of society are long away. Much delayed because of me, that's my fault, training programme and online community that so many people have been asking for a way to connect with other site hustlers in a way to get some specific process driven training about how to create your project. I will tell you all about that very soon and before I sign up for the day and wish you a merry Christmas to those who celebrate that and a joyous season to all. I would like to say thank you to a few people to make this happen
production. Team is led by a c Valdez, got several other folks, helping him out I'll, actually introduce you to a new member of the team in early two thousand and eighteen meanwhile, show notes and host Ringling continue by Whitney Krenek, my wonderful assistant and the official let me deal about remains on duty released on call The middle of the night, I'm grateful as well to my friend, Gretchen Ribbon, found and curator at the armor project, which is a collection of podcast about making your life happier healthier, more productive and more creative, and then she might have some more stopped coming to our project. Twenty eighteen, forty telling you about that and last but not least, I want to thank you. Is you in fact the listener, the person to whom I am speaking right now, you are in fact the reason I make this show two hundred and four.
Eight episodes and counting if you commit to making this part of your retain and listening every day I commit to being there for you. I want to do anything I can to support you in your goals. At the end of each episode. I always say: inspiration is good, but action is better because, as I said, I want to feature your story one day so think of this as an investment in yourself, a pretty short, easy investment. Just ten minutes a day. If there's anything you can do for us, what do you think of it as a holiday president or just because you're awesome? It's really great. If you can help spread the word about this Tell your friends to listen to satisfy school, take their phones and show them how to subscribe post about us on social media. Anything you can do to help bring them in it. Of more freedom, more options, more empowerment to people who need it. That is with us. Is all about. That is our relentless focus on the show and, like I said so, much more is on the way,
see you tomorrow in everyday next week, episodes go online at six o one, a M eastern time every single day. I'm critical about this is side. Hustle school.
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