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WEEKLY RECAP: Who Is Your Ideal Customer?


In our forty-third weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A and updates from the road!

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Many side, hustle school friends, listeners and community. Welcome back, I'm your hosting go about. I have the privilege of bring you a different episode every day and the purpose of cider cells is to help you create a new source of income without quitting your job overrun, and through lots of different stories in examples. I went to illustrate the fact that, wherever you are in life, even with limited I'm there's something you can do to create more freedom for yourself, because autumn that's what aside hustle is about it's not a part time job. It's not just working harder, its creating an asset that works for you. We just finish weak number. Forty three of the show been going strong since January one over here I just came back. From Texas next week to California, San Francisco and Santa Cruz, and then to try the next day which fund Did you know the Detroit is not next to San Francisco apparent I did not when I put the store by this, must go on, and so does the tour. If he would like to
me somewhere just come over to side, hustle school dotcom, slash, tour everywhere, for adding at least two cities, and if you like me to come your city and I have been there yet or if he missed it. Come back Simeon Let me now you can write. Me from the side of the school dot com site. In too many email at Chris at Satisfy school dot com, semi, a tweet, an instant Direct message or a carrier pigeon Allah to you now as we kick off this week, I want to talk about the concept of finding your idea customer this is really important and if you been working to the side of a book You know that every day, for twenty seven days in a row, you have a different task data It is to have imaginary coffee with your idea, customer and the principal here. Is that One person out there who meets you're perfect profile as a perfect customer. Not a side of the world is different from what you may have heard about start ups or other start a business lessons. Never say, target market. I tend to focus much more individuals.
So in this exercise in finding your idea customer, it's all about understanding like that. One person not there who do they represent an honest ottoman there's gonna be a lot more than one person were just trying to get really specific you and a focus on that. Persons gauls their hopes, their aspirations and also their problems. There frustrations their pain, points look. I tell the story of a friend of mine, Johnny Dumas, who wrote something like twelve hundred words about his idea. Customer actually been created an avatar and named him and thought about what he did: each morning and how he can to work, and what is Hobbes were in all this kind of stuff and the whole plant thinking. That, specifically, was to truly understand the emotional needs of the people. He was trying to serve your idea customers have clear emotional needs to their knees, buying your handcrafted embroidery, because that is sport in their house you're buying it it has some sentimental effect on them. Maybe it's nostalgia looking back a positive memory, maybe at some sort of connection in connection with the products. For connection with you, the maker, if you're providing a coaching serve,
swear, consulting service, you not just advising p about diet and nutrition or productivity, how to build a website or whatever it is probably also looking for something else? So as you for this is an important thing to spend time on an honest Just one more thing before you look back at the episodes of the week starting aside hustle easy, I don't say it, easy do I, if you can, into the show for a long time. Do you hear me is the word easy very often. I would suggest no what I'm trying to do is simplify, so I often use the word simple, some trying to take complex concepts and, strip him down to what is central to the UK. Actually start one of these projects within twenty seven days or a similar short period of time. So anything that worth doing often require some effort, so I can't make everything easy, but the advantage trying to give you is to remove, what's not essential, to demystify This process, you don't waste your time. An assent Give you a head start to that sector paycheck without third paycheck, where those
download applications that arrive on your asleep when you wake up, and you see that you got money, that's what I'm trying to do. If you're some criticism, or somebody says, like he- sang it's easy I'm not saying it's easy, I'm saying it's worth it and here's what need to do to make it happen. That in one sentence is white. Us all school is all about support for this. Podcast comes from progressive, You do with an extra eight hundred dollars my plane ticket now you're student loan treat yourself to those use you benign with progressive. You could find out drivers whose and save, save an average of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars on car insurance gets quote online, a dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards in saving by new customer service who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen looking back on this week, beginning with episode to ninety six thousand.
The musician, who turns drum lessons into a six figure podcast also has some other revenue sources as well. He is really focus on building community among drummers, now drummers, need for instruction and community so to Qatar players. So do violinists. So do people who play any instrument And if you are trying to do something like this, you could also focus on orchestra members of all instruments or studio musicians of various instruments and so on. In other words, you grew people and at least a couple different ways, and then over time This guy, I think his name was Nick, did exactly what I was talking about in terms of that ideal. Customer he was a drummer himself. He spent a lot of time interviewing other drummers for the pact cast forming along the way to the point where he knew exactly how it could serve them well and now, not this asset for himself. Six figure podcast well done episode to ninety seven was a Minnesota and who earns seventy thousand dollars a year, teaching wine classes actually a story of a site hustle to full time. Income usually have about
or to any stories each week. If you knew by it's, not everybody's goal to quit their job and do aside hustle fact I'm very deliberate about that A lot of people are happy and their jobs, not everybody, wants to an entrepreneur or not, everyone should be, but I also like a hot. These stories of people who do make that transition, and most of it with maybe a couple of exceptions now and then build their side hustle without cutting their job, which is the whole point of sawdust school, so their credit security, their building as other asset, without giving up the security they already have, and just on a topic itself teaching wine classes. This is a great but for a site also because wine is like Gulf few weeks ago, an episode about golf, and I mentioned that Gulf is an expensive sport or if hobby, whatever you think of it, ass there's no way displayed in the sport of golf without spending money, usually a lot of money, like wine guess what the only way to Shit wine is to buy it too
like that is always gonna, be easier than something where there's lots of different ways to participate like walking a running or hiking, for example. Obviously who will pay for information and knowledge about those things too. But there is to enjoy those activities without spending money. So in the case of the war, causes it's just a perfect fat episode, tuna it was the Australian who uses online classified ads to sell wedding flowers, and this is a story. It was aside hustler who listen to the show, specifically so nine way back when we started the Craigslist photographer he's a friend of mine Oliver S is actually in the side of a book as well. He make something like five hundred dollars a month, doing one wedding a month sizes our job not trying to be a full time running photographer. This story is doing Think similar she's a forest forli. She took a course floral design then used a website called country which is popular in Australia and the UK and elsewhere very similar to Craigslist and has been able to get cancer and clients through those out she's, been putting up so successful
fact that she's actually had to call back and say I dont get burned out doing this. She successful some limits that barriers around herself to pull back and say. To enjoy her sight hustle, which is something that comes up time to time. I get a bunch of questions about that such a ninety, nine teachers join forces to launch Nerd Summer Camp in the store, first the teachers who started this project. The school system took their profits and a SEC, they did it. They found a way to form an L. L sees that they could keep the money That was not Marty. Getting comments about this one for people who are like wise. The school this money in case I wasn't, Not. This is something additional that they are doing. This Canton exist before they started it. It's part of the regular responsibilities, the money really shouldn't belong to the school system. It was just through some kind of quirk of bureaucracy or cool regulations that, without a legal entity. They couldn't receive the money to the key point, there is instead of saying, oh too bad. I guess we can't get paid for doing this origin. I'm not doing it again. They found way to have the best of both worlds
doing something they enjoy helping kids for Identity make friendships collaborate. Things and now they want to do it for free. So I think that's awesome episode three. Hundred three zero zero. A programme manager builds a car prince into a six figure business seconds, figure business of the week is a conference about culture and once again and speaking of your idea, customer this guy was As for when he shifted his focus from sea owes to people and companies who have culture in their titles and in that way Key switch is what allowed this conference to succeed and he went from dropping in your one to actually having a good budget in your two and now able to actually make some legit money from it so remember day. The other side of the bargain is actually a whole appendix in the back, a write, a letter to your idea. Customer, I assure you, will be a profitable exercise for you don't skip it. And last but not least, episode three one and Oklahoma and spreads light cells candles and shares profits.
This is an employee and the oil and gas industry who wants to help her friends raise money for charity. She picks up an old school. Making candles and ends up not only raising money for charity, but just like those teachers. If you episode to go, so getting paid herself, I tell you this Where is because I don't expect you to relate to each one, I don't expect you to want to do what you hear every single day. It's just You can see all the different creative ways that people are creating these kinds of projects like the possible These really are unlimited and I think it begins by developing your curiosity noticed problems and opportunities, and also drawing out the skills that you have learned through education through life experience through your career, perhaps even it or through travel or something else, and then figuring out you can create a match between those things and something that somebody else once and you are people once again. They are your idea, customers.
Looking ahead to this week, I've got some great stories. Comin out, you don't want to miss them. One of them is for all of the writer is out there and we have a lot of folks their who want to make a living with their writing or just one. How their side also focus on the skill of writing. I wish it well. Started when I find someone using that skill in a different or unexpected way, and the reason why is on the show? We don't beat you a lot of people who just do freelance writing not because, if anything wrong without it just there's not much of a story to it and we it's on a school about stories, but soon there's a story of a successful author who then creates a series of online courses using the platform unity to diversify income This was really smart, she's been quite successful at its I'll. Tell you exactly how she did it now. If you'll in real time. This is also Halloween week, where we a special Halloween episode. Of course we will. You can check that out on a thirty first of October, just happens to be Halloween starting Six are one a m in the morning, but if you don't happen to die
but it's six are one. I M Eastern it'll still be there at the rest of the day. The worry less Other things coming up as well. Of course, welcome to our new listeners. If you have just joined I've, been hang all year that I make the show for you. It is a listener supported free, daily podcast, where, if you make it to make this part of Europe Jean. I commit supporting you in your class to create that new source of income. If you ve been thinking this for a while just haven't turn it into reality. Let this be your opportunity to make it reality. If you just heard about the site US concept in the All world is new to you, while great settle in go back through somebody carves download the earlier episodes, they're all free go back through some of the archives download the earlier episodes, they're all free, and you can hear lots of stories of people doing this in different ways before I sign off for the weak, let me give a couple shots to the folks who make the show possible offers That's you, the listeners, but there is also some people who work on the show I record so school every day, either online,
nation at road domination headquarters in Portland Oregon or over the world, depending on where I am those audio I'll, get magically transported to Brooklyn, New York and Washington DC or the panoply studios. Tee. Works. There wonders that team. Led by AC about as it also feed Adele, you ribbon in Portland shone out of my wooden eucharistic sawdust psychic judge, has been helping me out with communication Giving me and you haven't, got a response. He might be getting back to you he's much better than me and last of course, the affair, show cat. Let me go about, has very few actual responsibilities. Butter things get hurt. If I don't mention her thanks living side us is part of our project, which is led by Gretchen Ribbon author of the four tendencies and host at the mega popular podcast happier, if you wanna do thing awesome for us, you could go to apple podcast right on your phone. And give us a little rating or review just takes a cup. Seconds of your time, if you think we ve earned those five stars, I would be grateful. Episode, I always say, inspiration is good, but action is better.
Because I want you to take action, I dont want Just tell you stories, I want a feature. Your story here on the show one day, just like we ve, been doing bunch of listeners who started listening January, much more to come, I hope to see you tomorrow and everyday next week be sure to subscribe and apple pie. Ass or wherever you listen to the show so that you'll get notifications It will be automatically dollar to your phone computer. How do you like to listen and thank you for doing that, we're in this together? The best is yet to come, and I'm crystal about beside us all school.
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