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WEEKLY RECAP: Work Hard for $1,000 or Receive $500 Passively?


In our thirty-fifth weekly recap, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: more listener Q&A!  

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Hey there, its critical about foresight, hustle school with just finished weak number. Thirty five misses the weekly recap going until they re weekend in the: U S and Canada up you're having a nice holiday. If it is your holiday weekend, if you're working like me, you enjoy that too, I'm home Portland Oregon going to Montreal next week for just a couple days, my last trip actually till the silence about comes out in September nineteenth governments, days doing focused work preparing for that, but then, of course, I'll have a big tour which I'm excited about and I hope to see you somewhere along the way gotta know things to share with you today really look at this question. Would you rather work hard for a thousand dollars or receive? your dollars. Passively we touch on is briefly in an episode. Couple days ago swung to explore it a bit more because I think it's important also going to a quick look backwards. The other episodes this week as well say: look ahead to what's coming up, but first
I have been getting a lot of listener. Email recently aims very behind a replying. So I apologise if I hadn't responded to something you ve written, but I do very enjoy hearing from listeners and I'm trying to catch up I'll, just read you want today. This is from Caitlin Caitlin right. An Thank you so much for the show I'm a busy mom of two boys under to satisfy school Inspired me to start taking the small, not a free time. I have to do something for myself. I dont know exact what will be, but I do know it will revolve around my obsession with modern clause diapers. I started my Brandon Community on Instagram and it's going great getting a lot of it judgment focusing on organic growth and sharing what I love I'm already going somewhere, Unity to work with us in brands not just have to figure out what comes next and take the lead. You for giving me the push I need it will thank. You came Thank you for sharing, not I'm so glad to show, has been helpful to you and I definitely wish you'd evolving and growing at project you mentioned, Instagram account. That is modern, bottom babies. If anyone wants to check it out. So all one word,
modern bottom babies as opposed to those midcentury. Items or the postmodern bottoms does replacing competitors out competitor so be sure you look for the modern bottoms. Are I just, Thirdly, it is sixteen days to go into the side. A sober comes out, I believe, in doing that, done once a week, but from Here- and I think it's gonna be once a day just quickly, because I'm excited I may be going to a hundred cities play much a different city every day, while at least in the beginning, we'll be creating site. So society, which is our online community, linking together people from all over the world who are in search of community and greater support, but that's coming up later. First are the book is twenty seven days, twenty seven steps from idea to income. When I say a big, thank you to everyone who has promoted the book and it makes a huge difference for authors and if you priority, you can get it. National forty, eight hustle ideas to get. You started report based on a popular episodes of the show. So adding two new bonuses. Otto about the first went to day and you can get these bonuses, regardless of when you pray order from any bookseller any bookstore wherever you like to buy books,
the thing. The routing today is the complete archives of the show from January, one until now available in one simple download. Now it's a big downloaded. There's a lot of episodes. But if you ever wanted access, the entire library and just kind of bench, listen or maybe, randomly select, here's an episode all listen to that one and see what happens. You cannot access with your pre order, just go to cite as school dot com, slash book. As I said you buy anywhere cost about fifteen to twenty four dollars, depending on where you purchase it from you. Just send me your order number and will automatically send you that report, as well as his new archive download saints maybe something else that we're working on state and support for this gas comes from C d, W and Adobe at sea. W we get your organization can be demanded.
Many times ass. I may office they want their adobe update. Now with a dull. These value incentive plan deployed by the experts had seedy w. You can quickly and easily manage software subscriptions for the whole de Acrobat, an created cloud, all included guys come out, don't hurt me satisfied digital work where's Unita Dolby, and I d or construction by C d, W people who get it find out more at sea, w dot com, Slash, Adobe, looking back, this week, episode two hundred and forty, the t some hey, who turns leaves into a million dollar business. I really love when something start small and really grows into this huge gonna thing not to say that every sign of soul needs to do that, of course, but it's really fun when it happens this was a woman from Canada who used her skills in the hospitality industry. To create this hall If tease, and about along away because it for she thought she was gonna, make sexy t shut. All these like fun floor, patients names for the t returned
the people in really want that early stated: want that as much as what she evolve to, which was more about Chee that helps you feel a certain way or cheat its associated with the desired feeling, and she kept the name which is too he's tease and said now stone fantastically well. It's actually stopped in the four seasons: hotels, all across Canada, in addition to many supermarkets and other retail outlets, in the U S and elsewhere after that, episode forty one, a writer who turns left over cherries into a five thousand dollars a month income. She begins by creating this alternative ketchup line shows you to catch up with people who don't like catch up, or I guess, touch it produced people who want something different. So she started by making cherry catch up and lots of other fruit kinds of catch ups, but her changes along the way, because it has this restructuring moment when she's diagnosed with type two diabetes, religious, yes, to make some changes in her life and her diet, up cutting out sugar for herself and then decides to take this and into her side, hustle and, interestingly it kind of rituals, her recipes creates all neurons.
These are new products. Essentially she begins to target the paleo market, the whole thirty markets, other people with those kinds of specialised diets and actually ends up much better. So she doubles yourselves. I believe I think it was two thousand dollars in something a month. After doing this retooling then introducing an actual catch up, which was sugar, free she's? Not very well more than fifty thousand dollars a year again as a psycho saw episodes Forty two was game night and a can make seventy five thousand dollars for a tv producer has an inch in process involving manufacturing partnering with a company to make what is essentially a board game, so exactly abort game. But it's a kind of. Physical game, you sit around with your friends and family in a room and play so similar, saint elements, initially funds, this project through Kickstarter Kickstarter, was quite right. I swear, I think twenty thousand dollars or something, but then obviously it went on to do much more than that. So wasn't just a success because of crop funding. It was success because he had a great product and he was able
get that out into the right retail stores and ultimately into the hands of people who really enjoyed the game. Episode two and four three was about a language teacher who becomes fluent impassive. Income is kind of reference this question, and I will come back to you in a moment about what's better income that you work for but just kind of arrives passively, and I did my advice after the person. That story which may arise I'll be relevant for her, but I think it's definitely come into consider. If you find yourself in a situation, she was making the partners. Minds. Answer is making ass, a way which is great, but she asked- had something like surrendered to products, not just kind of if she had too many products, because that just seems like a whole lot to look out if you're looking through one of the lessons that she had on a platform, I think it was. Teachers pay teachers and it seems kind of overwhelming. So my suggestion If you have a bunch of products, and some of them are showing much more than others, which is normally hot works. Encourage you to think about back, some of those ones that are not selling and maybe even taking. Off the market. Usually you
focus on your winners and let go of those things that are not working and that's usually good advice for lots of things episode, children. Forty four was about a new mother who gives life not only to a baby but also to a self chair, coaching business. This episode reminded me of Mommy coffee she talked about a couple weeks ago that specialise line of coffee that has different caffeine auctions, as well as an organic d. I find it an option that doesn't use chemicals. The way other DE cabinet copy does aspect. Before a new mothers who are breastfeeding. Unexpected mothers, That was a really smart market. So here sat beside. It was mostly about job woman who had given birth and had this kind of several week period, Post partum, where so she is focused on being a new mother, but she also kind These are pockets of time, and maybe some because a little but just orientated during this time of transition before she goes back to our day, job and genes, upgrading the Self CARE coaching business last but not least, episode chew,
five man cells, fourteen hundred hours in coffee to neighbours using the next door out- and I thought that was so creative. He use this up which is not designed for selling, is not like Craigslist or Ebay or at sea, or anything like that. It basically an app designed to connect people. He found, as I said, a creative unconventional and hopefully annoying is not a word Yes, I just mean he didn't annoy his neighbours by doing this way, to sell copy to people that left in his close proximity, and it wasn't just a one wonder he turn this into an actual ongoing side. Hustle recently relocating from San Francisco to instigate a California the name of this new businesses caught called bedfellows roasting company they also cells online and ships around the country so check out of your needed. Some coffee, which I pretty much, am every and, as I alluded to, I want to briefly talk about this question. Would you rather work hard for a thousand dollars or receive ignore dollars passively, not when I say there's don't focused too much on the amounts, because money is contact
like what is allowed me to some one is not to someone else and were all indifferent seasons of life so, as could be ten thousand dollars just five thousand dollars or it could be. A hundred eyes were just ten dollars, pointers. Imagine you have to amounts of money, You can choose to spend your time and your expertise, kind of trading your hours for a certain amount of money and is something wrong with doing not like most do that in various ways throughout our life, very few of us have completely passive income. Nevertheless, I would argue- and I think a lot of you would agree with me- that its also record be able to have this income the source of money that comes and without you doing much. If at all- and I just love this concept of going to bed- eight and then waking up in the morning. Checking your phone or logging on your computer or whatever the source is and looking in seeing while I made some money last night or maybe it's quite that way. Maybe it's like you just going. You're normal life and once a month or whenever it is a check right in the mail and there's a moment of Excel because you up in the oblong when you get this check and you can deposit it and you did nothing for it like it just showed up
to each of us, we're gonna have different answers to this question. The answer might be different. Point in your life. I work on projects I do trade my time for money sometimes, but am also trying to income that arrives without me doing something for it. If you haven't had experienced before, if you ve only traded time for money, that's where I think you should put some of your fuckers I know you on how much time, but just think about the value that this has think about the potential this could have for your life. Question is what building blocks can you began assembling to create some kind of acid, That will pay you repeatedly. Like some of the stories that you heard this week just like game night and Obviously it was a lot of work to conceptualize that to manufacture it than to get it out there, but now it's just kind of selling or even the sugar free catch up or the cheese tee certainly a lot of work there, but again once its listed on Amazon or wherever, like they can log in the next day and see what it salt, if you dont, relate to those. Lorries. While we are on episode children, forty six, so if you go back and pretty
You can find some episode some stories you relate to that you can see Yes, I like. I want to do something like that. I want to be like that person in my own way of with my own idea, but that's what I want to do. I want to have that outcome in my life and going forward to support you more and more in that goal, as I hear listeners. As I prepared to go out in the world and meet with people every night, the shows us get better and better and going to make this happen together with you. With that vision in mind, coming up, Next week we have a pretty cool story: secular coming tomorrow, It gonna be awesome, is a target store manager who makes forty Five thousand dollars a month. Writing a blog, I'm not kidding and give it whole story about that also explain he still working at target, even though making forty five thousand dollars a month on the side. Short version is, Think he's gonna be working there much longer, but I really liked what story, I'm excited to tell you about tomorrow is also. Brother and sister, who turn their dad's medical practice into an online store.
Addition to mothers and teachers and lots of other folks. I know you have some positions listening to satisfy school and I know a lot about here's physicians. Healthcare professionals would love to do something to work. A bit less, perhaps released of their income coming impassively. Just like I just mentioned plus stories about that there. Also a fashion line that contributes profits toward rescuing elephants and, of course, a bunch of us Fine stop. You never know what you're going hear each day, the show an ideal fortunate and grateful to be able to work and bring it to you. Thinking of gratitude quick, thank you to those who work on the show together with me. We record side us cool on location of world domination headquarters in Portland Oregon. It then Brooklyn New York to be produced at the panoply studios, fraction, team led by Ac Valdez, also featuring a deluge ribbon, show not survive. We my cat a great deal also known as Libya Lobster the liberator is not included in we order bonus for ordering a, but just to be clear about that. One fact
the weak, some of the most popular, not ketchup, labors include smokey date, paleo barbecue cherry to ensuring hatch, Chile and Blueberry white pepper sort of who is part of the armory project led by Gretchen Reuben check out her podcast happier on Apple pie asked or wherever you listen. If I cast on that and also the note of gratitude and thankfulness, I'm always very appreciative of those who take the two, to leave a rating for review of the show deadly makes a huge difference, helping other people discover it. I'm, especially as we worked for the book lunch and if you know someone who should be listening to sign school, do me a favor. Do them a favor. About it show them how to subscribe on your phone. It is, as you know, a completely free listener, supported experience in episode, I mention inspiration is good, but action is even better. I want you to take action on what you think about that from today. What building Can you start assembling to create an asset that will pay you repeatedly but love to hear about that feature on the show up to see you tomorrow, that story. At the target store manager to see
the next day, with a new story and every day after that, episodes my six hour, one a m eastern time. Each day you are a rock star on fiscal about this aside ass, he spoke.
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