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The following podcast contains explicit language hey slow, burn listeners after seven epoch, we're getting close to the end of January, thirtieth, the final chapter of slow burn, the proceedings against Richard Nixon begin and the press the under pressure. But before that we want to give you something else, you heard me say on the show, slow burns production of slate plus Slates membership programme. Ever since slobber launched sleep plasma, have been getting a bonus episode each week an interview with someone who has a unique perspective on Watergate today, play some samples for you from a few of those interviews, our goal with these bonuses so it has been to give listeners a deeper understanding of Watergate when they goes even other than the stories we been telling in the main episodes. Here's one example. A few weeks we put out an interview about the judge who presided for all of Watergate, most important courtroom proceedings, the judges now
was John Jay Sarika I have mentioned him on the show a few times, but I don't think I've adequately conveyed how significant he was more. How come hated. His legacy is, on the one hand, judge echo is as instrumental as anyone in getting people to pay into the Watergate, break him and making sure that house officials were held accountable for it on the other, and some legal experts think that he acted unethically in various ways that his appetite for publicity and power. Prevented him from giving the Watergate defendants a fair trial. So I spoke to some. From a Senate, Watergate Committee staff, a lawyer named David Dorsal, who feels strongly about Sarika and the controversy surrounding him Wanna hear that interview sign up for slate plus today you can your excerpts from some of the other interviews, I've done, for instance, we ve got Dick Cabot we remember from his cameo episode, one talking about the hate mail. He was four spot letting Watergate on his talk, show we ve also staffer from congressmen, right patents, Banking Committee
about how she and her colleagues thought they were being wiretapped by the White House during patterns. Watergate investigation, then you got the guy who started a fan club for Senator Same Urban, the star, the Watergate hearings and finally, got the FBI agent, a break open. The Watergate case during its opening weeks. He told me why, things: journalists, Bob Woodward and Bernstein in particular, give way too much of the credit for Nixon's downfall. Like I said during summer, Saddam's gonna play you a little bit of these interviews. If you want more, had over to slate dot com. Slash slow burn for now here is dictated the light, very talk. Show host who uses aired ABC during the final months of the seventy two election to shine a light? and Watergate. Few others in the media, were doing so, among others it had on TAT Kennedy who took the opportunity to speak Wait openly mere days after the break him, but the Nixon campaigns, potential involvement, Cabot also had on Nixon's attorney General Richard Klein danced who shared. Its viewers in September of seventy two that the breaking had been
In fact, one of the most thorough investigations in FBI, history, I'm curious, How you came to take it seriously. I mean why What what about it made? You want to not just question candy about it, but to have cleaned, stone so early, no one, was you know it seems to me that besides maybe some folks, its CBS and obviously the post- it was kind of a non stories of what would drew you to it and what made you think it was worth with your time and attention I wish I had the answer, but I sensed something: was there that simply had to attended to obviously had no idea how solid and a little we dream that someday? We would have available to us. An audio tape. The president is instead of the United States, Nixon ranging screaming. Failing at the I wore movement railing at the press, his record break.
Absurdities against Jews and fags. That's about anything you could think of It was really worthwhile man. Against you right away If I ever need a left. I just go to Youtube and to the cabin Nixon There is saying that Holdeman Cabot there must be some way, weaken, screwing, powerful man in the world wants to screw. You love several jokes you can take. When I see myself referred to as somebody who helped bring down Nixon recoil because it doesn't sound like me something I never had that as a conscious. Other motive for having those hopes on it. But when it became clear, He was in a deep, I guess, sort of pleasure and having some of them.
Amazing reaction to the matter, the audience seemed me who is it your and adjourn over which he was the most popular? All the people report I heard Mitchell. Miss Mitchell got Thomas Mitchell. Let's move reactor John Mitchell Mitchell, yet the audience just liked him so much. And, of course, he was guilty as hell. It's we found out later when you had come, Indian Stone, and he sat there and said you know we looked into this and we did the most thorough investigation since Kennedy and we We are satisfied that it was these seven people already been indicted. Did you He was lying that you sit there in and listen to him and think this guy's this guy's not telling the truth. I thought it was a very lying. I remember thinking times I wish I had a tall secretly. Tat some re somehow at the moment with him during it
commercial break, I said to him. Something along the lines about. Did you see this article by so, and so I named writer we'll be there about how he's gonna, be big. Big travel coming for next is having an did. You really is article VI, sadness at five p m, Ladys sitting near the sage, job them or external, tell me about the viewer reaction that you got to your early coverage in with with the Kennedy thing, for example, like with when Kennedy floated this at that time. Very premature, arguably, and better rather incendiary Venus? population, even with a sly look people, you here. Did you hear from people about that? Oh, I got a lotta hate. Mail. Yeah ended at work, got nervous they would say you had had more people like me.
Has it like. You did last night, Why had buddy? I cannot, but also at them one so you got hate mail, but Kennedy? That's good. If I get specifically above began by any time Oh I see retraining junior sacred. Reading of the next registration again, my favorite, has been quoted refer from wicked tax is not Rising life deserves ready. It may also shows I turn on the many diverse Michael Jackson, dear Dick, you little sawed off faggot communist shrimp It was in an envelope, so there was return address and I wrote back I'm not slaughter No, they got it. One thing that was amazing to me about watching the cliff from your show in from seventy two and early seventy three. Why these people agree to go on. Nothing is against Irish against your shower the place your show had in the culture, but just if Europe, if your client,
Instead, you know you're you're gonna have to slip therein lie. Why would you? Why would you volunteer for, though I wanted about tat? I ever do it some kind of just a basic vanity. Let me to see myself on the tv screen. Careful lure still winners now just a merry, but he's been on television, but I think it might be. The simple answer is sure to tell my nephew cousins Agency Uncle Phil on television tomorrow night and eleven, forty five or so I dont know because they didn't to gain anything by it. If they made love, dazzling impressions that cause people right in and say G seem like such a swell guy I'll write down the cabin probably the most charming man to ever spoken to and someone I'll get to stage with at the Watergate Hotel, for the upcoming oh burn live event. Next, We have Jane to restore a former staffer of the House Banking Committee. You remember if you heard episode to a Texas
this man named Right Patman tried to invest it Watergate in the months leading up to the nineteen seventy two election and his efforts were met with very effective resistance from the next in the White House. Teresa told me about one possible avenue of interference that we didn't. Into an episode to do your memory. Civic conversations you had with him about Watergate. Now I dont he was so careful at that point. Not talk about it because it We had a pretty good indication that we were being tapped. The father rigged up their work, things out so well, we didn't know and waited. We didn't get to the point where we survived by any means that you know they were bugs in the end feeling or whatever. On the other hand, it would answer the phone and then you get this click and every now and then the phone would would would go. But so we had people come and look at our own to make.
Why didn't he thing or didn't find anything, and they assured us that that was not true, but in point of fact we really did it went on and- and it was obvious to us that that there was an interest In doing so in some now getting into our telephoned and no new, by whom we weren't sure- and my point is that I didn't want to be in the inner Turco on this- because I understood quite well that you wanted to keep that in a circle very small. And yet that anything casually said or any phone call I might have made, or you know they're there- it was better to not no follow it yet, but not noted it. I'm sorry. This was this. With this all went on during happens, Watergate Investigation right, that's correct and see you guys
like the wiretapping that you as respecting was connected to that investigation. We felt so one of the more over things that what happened was that the staff director, which called up but about his DC income tax and in it became very harassing it would not. The IRS now is whether clever it was a date DC tax District of Columbia attacks and I think it would have raised eyebrows had it been, but they were this way any which ever rising action at any rate, we did feel that there was an ominous. The situation for us that things were powerful people and they didn't want this to happen that again was Jane to who served in the staff of ripe happens, House Banking Committee? If you look, to reduce unnecessary trips out and trying to
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When very kindly sent me an official salmon fan Club membership card, you can see a picture of it. Sleep plus Facebook group Runner Urban was not hero of mine love. He had voted against the civil rights bills and he was conservative Democrat from where Caroline and so in ours. The liberal activists type democratic. California, but I write his words and his bouncing eyebrows and justice great guy right at the beginning and did you bouncing eyebrows. His pouch they were fabulous like like a pogo. Stick eyebrows, Go up and down and he'd say things like both long, but when the side of a law, things like that infringes earn California,
Then I like the way you handling the hearing, was curiously friendlier really trying to get at the bottom of the the issue is so. I had a kind of a begrudging admiration for I heard about political button collection. I've been involved in a lot of politics and a political junkie so I thought oh yeah, I gotta get a fair Mirvan button for my collection and they said they didn't have any, but he had never had buttons just a minute campaigns. You called his office, I called the senator offers and just have a and get a button and they said he doesn't have any buttons so that guy the idea that other people would like her have some piece of historic memorabilia from these Watergate. Harrington I got together with his mine who was kind of an entrepreneurial for primary old. I could raise some money in print up somebody.
And so I myself and then that evolve the idea of starting a fan club. Uncle SAM. We call them me and a couple of other friends, my wife and David Oak and a couple of other people had this idea start. A fan, club and key part was. We said. We want lots of card carrying numbers. By green other John Birch Society, which always whining about card carrying got us law over. You know that was a big here then isn't communist we're gonna take over like everybody's radio terrorists these days, so you wanna, do when a card carrying we want them to be our current members of the Sham urban, so we thought they can just send us a self addressed stamped envelope and we'll printer membership cards and send them back to it turned into Frankenstein of success. We would render the Post Office Box
for university near my office, and we asked postmaster each and what we want to get this box mailbox. Your mail nation will watch name of your organization and we said them. National SAM Urban, sound coordination will get a small box and we had our A conference on July Third, you at a press conference. We set up a press conference the press carbon San Francisco and we had set up just like a Nixon press conference. What is I mean? Well, we had shut up with the debate, the Abraham, Lincoln and a picture of the family in an american flag behind me, just like in the next this type of thing, Women passed out chocolate chip, cookies on red white and blue plates, and we didn't July third shudder. The storage would be in the July Fourth additions and the paper, and we don't know nobody in ever know. If anybody is gonna shop at your press conferences, you're, not
What you call the bunch of reporters are. There was an owner the formation of a national Samarova Vancouver July. Certain press club at ten o clock in the morning come on back well. The place was We were told in some Reuters and New York Times, and then Time magazine international reporters must been fifty people there. The Roma, and the next day the press was Abu us all over the country in July. Fourth, I was getting phone calls from radio stations all over the country that and was robbed coglan and now Those things out we're going to turn Paul muggy on us, a former FBI agent who helped tie Watergate, burglary, to Nixon's RE election campaign. Here's my on talking about his first meeting with a crucial source, an employee of the
many to re, elect the President named Judy hold back. You know what I can trust you. Let's go to my house: it no one anything. You want to know their rights, but I try so we went out there. Would you prefer, It could only hours of the morning he gave us all kinds dollars here with me. Bookkeeper all their queen. She saw meted out then he saw me given Liddy money getting cold, He had to say that she wanted to all kinds of money laundering money this poured into the creep and he had the wool accounting for all that money before we go any further comment, I ask you first to tell me what you are
thinking as you're getting this information. I mean even all yours, action in who is surprising to you what you're mine reeling What were you thinking taken of the employees quietly solving this case, because we all know that the Dayton than about the man that would go to a minor, will finally greater more on this page. We really are a young? the dramatic curl and heartbreaking, because you don't worry. Investigating the presidency. Now that when you were talking to duty ho back. You said you talked into the We hours the morning. Did she did? She seemed scared to you? Did she seemed like she was just nervous, to be telling these things are it? Was she getting them off her chest? How did you understand her motives, I guess, or how to understand her or mindset early? Do you leave the color
because he was wrong. You wanna get information of know how I didn't do anything the army began to sing out nobody a very competent, not by three he was afraid he ordered the words you afraid. And by that I mean via w about my com interview between two almost word for word in Washington Post. He called me she could you told me this would go be comparable. You told me you'd, never gonna, be public Rachel. You call me we're, never gonna be public. What can I tell the woman.
That was really really bad experience for me. You them reading in the paper in the paper under the bye bye line, which would what one can gauge wouldn't Bernstein or Gothenburg. You're you at by your ever your jacking? I now I don't wanna go I understand. I understand the feeling of seeing your interview essentially having been leaked to the press imagine a double whammy in awake as one who is leaking it and what happens now, but also in the history books. What gets written is that the reporters and that's right when in fact, they were merely reporting on work that you have done a great journalism? I think
they got all the information from you now with the infamous workshop. They followed our investigative, we got it In fact, today regard the identity. Clarity about video back they went out. What did we talk with them and Thirty dollars Could I gotta do everything that we did the other day, the republic, right, and that is a rap you wanna hear more sign up its sleeve dot com, slash slow burn! If you quit
comments about sleep, fast or slow burn email at the bus at slate dot com slate plus members made it possible for us to make this series. I would love to have you all join them all, so we are going to do a special QA episode for slate plus after the finale. You have question like answered email us. Slow burn at sleep, dotcom, slow burn, had sleep not come to sleep plus It is absurd to produce by Jeff Friedrich Special thanks this CIAO too, January Thirtieth, Susan finale, slobber, see them.
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