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At a bar in Queens, and in the Senate offices, Nixon's supporters stood with him long after it was clear his hands were dirty. How did they rationalize their position? And what, finally, made them waver?

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The following podcast contains explicit language in May nineteen, seventy three gale He he was out on assignment for New York magazine to find some of Richard Nixon most unwavering defenders. It was the first day the Watergate hearings that I and sold myself on a bar, stolen Terry's bar in a story queens. She he went to Terry's bar every day for a week straight customers. There were blue collar Nixon voters. They were iron workers. Construction workers elevator, repairman she's plan was to watch the Senate. Brings alongside them and talk to them, but why they love Nixon bar owner, put the hearings on tv and floated the aid with his regulars. Hey guys. You wonder why Watergate thing? There answer was unanimous. Turn it off. It wasn't did they weren't interested as far as the bar flies occur, Were concerned, the Senate hearings The big show put on by liberals who wanted to take down the president. Why should anyone reward them by watching
over the course of her weaken queens, she got to know the presence people, He found them to be angry demoralized. Disconcerting. We comfortable with the idea of a police state run by Richard Nixon, Harry, Debar owner told she he that you some strong man on the top now to start women, everything in the shape it might scarce and people. It doesn't scare me behind the bar Terry had hung up a novelty certificate. That said nobody of the year award and that's what these guys felt they were nobody's, except that Richard Nixon gave them an identity. Rigid next in ways that tough guy who's gonna get rid of all those anti war people all those anarchists terrorists, the people who were tearing down our country, Richard Nixon's apologists liberals were obsessed with attacking the president, girls, meanwhile thought the Nixon apologist were willing to go to absurd lengths to ignore truth about Watergate that summer as the Senate,
things captivated the nation, the humorist art, Buchwald, wrote a column which he mapped out the rhetorical style of the Nixon apology, He was that a series of instant responses that oil mixed nets could deploy when attack that a party number one in the list, but everyone does it. An icy that, for my dad dad said the Watergate. You know everyone did, that kind of stuff Nixon just got caught. That's the story! Rick, author of the invisible bridge number two, What about Chappaquiddick Chappaquiddick was the place Martha's vineyard or TAT Kennedy had driven his car off a bridge leading the drowning of a young woman who is rumoured to be his mistress Nixon me. In a bad guy the argument when, Kennedy was way way worse. A number eight was waiting. All the facts come out. Ronald Reagan, Reagan's favorite, number, twenty It was I'm sick and tired of hearing about Watergate. So, as everybody else number thirty two was what about Chappaquiddick, to a large extent the public response to water, broke down. Predictably, along party lines, a stud
on August of nineteen. Seventy three founded Democrats were Stanley, more likely than Republicans to express grave concern, and over Watergate, while report in for more likely than Democrats to find the president credible, but the divide between people who loved and hated Richard Nixon, wasn't always a partisan one Yale she found in her reporting for New York magazine many of the patrons Terry's bar or lifelong Democrats, who had turned to Nick as the world changed around them, they saw corruption and sixty eight, the Anti WAR movement, the civil its movement, roaring blocks. Denigrating our war and then, women's movement, I mean it was overwhelming. They couldn't stand it so they grab it. Hatred towards this man, who appeared to speak for them, who was pro war. When he came in who was a closet ray this too was very down on intellectuals and liberals, Nixon's
It has kept the faith for a very very long time. Included members of the electorate who had voted for him and nineteen sixty eight, and I can seventy two and would have for a third time, given the opportunity. It also included that officials, politicians who back the president for you where's didn't see any reason to stop one republican congressmen from Tennessee. Urged his fellow lawmakers to resist joining the legislative Lynch MOB. To underscore the point he held up a rope to hang man's news. The chair, of the Republican National Committee at the time was George H, W Bush here's bushmeat- to a gathering of southern Republicans in Atlanta in December of banking. Seventy three paper gonna tell There are members of Congress, people organ Tell their members that the United States Senate let a man Do the job with elected, to do remember by this point John Dene had testified about Nixon's participation in the cover up and James Mccord,
testified about the grubby particulars of bugging phones on behalf of Nixon's Re Election campaign former attorney general had testified about the deranged active political sabotage that have been discussed inside the Department of Justice and stillness its people held on Why did so? Many Americans continue to stand by Richard Nixon, even ass, it became clear that he was a criminal who did the used power? How did Nixon's, Myers allies and foot soldiers defend him? even more and more evidence of indefensible behaviour piled up how do these loyalists react when they learned there would keep reporting to the president's private conversations.
That could settle once and for all the question of who is lying about Watergate. Who is telling the truth? This is slow burn. I'm your host Leon Neighbour, a man, is resolved. Some life tat, I was to be acid- rose, building Truman Bearded. If the elections were held again today, the results were not very major believed that absolute five, true believers at the end, previous episode. I talked about the moment when Senate investigators discovered there was a secret taping system in the White House. The story that I'm about to tell you how the investigators uncovered the taping system is a really good one. It's also best example. I found the tribalism that lived under the surface of the Senate Watergate Committee, in many ways the committee was just as divided as the rest of the country side,
Armstrong was an investigator with the Senate Committee staff who work for the democratic side and he wanted to see Nixon go down. He was also can that is counterparts and the republican side were willing to support them. It is no matter what, There's a wheeling and dealing the toy level, that we differ For me, as version ever coming out of Boston and thinking in terms of getting to the truth. There was a pause, Nickel element to this- that I just didn't understand The story Armstrong tells to illustrate the schism within the Senate committee staff. Take place in July of nineteen seventy three when he was twenty seven years old, he was very close to midnight and working very late. We worked in Cuba. Those in open offices. Democrats Republicans, together in a converted auditorium, It was two months into the Senate. Hearings in Armstrong had gotten Two working late on this particular night members a stenographer coming up to his desk. She but she had just process. The document that you would want to see. I can't get caught.
Just give it to you. She said do what I was told and leave it on the desk. Mister Sherwin says office. Then you can do what you want with it his office was six basics, stand at the doorway and you look at it ask and she leaves it out, latterly on the desk. It was maybe a pages. Maybe it's a longer. I couldn't just stand there and read it in those days? My eyes were good enough. So I went over and I read it and it was remarkable document The documents got Armstrong was reading appear to contain notes from a secret conversation between a high linking republican member, the Watergate Committee staff and one of Nixon's closest advisers. Objective. The conversation was John Dene. The former Whitehouse Council We just recently turned on the President document included, suggested questions. The Republicans could ask Dean in order to undermine I'm the conversation memorialize than Armstrongs newly discovered document, the water
The committee was preparing to interrogate dean and public hearings to Armstrong this document locally. Crib sheet that have been slipped: the republican side of the Senate Committee by the Nixon White House. That was important the republican side of the committee led by senator Howard Baker of Tennessee, claimed to be worth in good faith to get to the bottom of Watergate. Ostensibly the hearings. By partisan undertaking in a political fact finding mission One branch of government investigated another backstage the Democrats Ah begins the committee staff operated as two separate teams Those two teams were not exactly overflowing with mutual trust and admiration. As far as strong was concerned. This memo proved the Republicans had maintained back channel with the White House. That's what is it. For thought. Armstrong would want to see the memo and she was right but Armstrong noticed something else about the memo, something that can make any sense to him. In the middle of this mellow after each question that they just me
there was a little Nixon Dean Exchange in quote, marks verbatim and images It struck me as very odd, where had these quotas come from at someone taken Meticulous notes underlines meetings with Nixon, but one of his cronies. You have a really good memory or was there's some. Explanation The memo that's got Armstrong read in July of nineteen. Seventy three had been dictated by Fred Thompson, you may remember Thomson from when he ran for president in two thousand eight or from when he was an act with a starring role and law and order bacchanalian Seventy three. He was a thirty, old lawyer, who is serving as the highest ranking republican member of the Senate, Watergate Committee staff. Idle. Was minority council just ask Armstrong was suspicious of Thomson and Republicans Thomson didn't politically. Trust, the Democrats, Thomson who died and twenty fifth
in wrote in his memoirs that he was constantly concerned that information is being withheld from their public inside either deliberately or because of it. Coordination, Suspicion was likely a big part of White Thomson tried to send a representative of the republican staff to every his door interview conducted by the Democrats on the Senate committee. That's why on Friday July, Thirteenth nineteen, seventy three Scott Armstrong, was accompanied by republican staffer. When he to interview and Nixon Whitehouse aid and Alexander Butterfield at some point during the interview Armstrong took out a copy of that memo. The one he'd read through the doorway and he asked Butterfield about. The verbatim quotes initially Butterfield kind of hemmed in hot pursuit it doesn't have a good memory. This is very odd. This is quite unique we're gonna come from any who was as well but flustered but fairly coolly. He folded? Nobody said. Let me think about that for a minute, and so,
conversation moved on Later Armstrongs republican counterpart, a lawyer named Don Sanders who served as Fred Thompson. The deputy took over the questioning Anders who died in ninety. Ninety nine brought up a comment that John Dean had made earlier in the summer had said that on one of his visits to the White House, he had seen Nixon wander into the corner of his office and say something under his breath. Dean Investigators that in that moment, he wondered whether mixed might be recording himself down. Andrews asked Alexander Butterfield was passed will the dean knew what he was talking about. Better stops, This is now absolutely not awaiting, would have none exactly the dean not know about Butterfield Pointed to the memo with the mysterious quotations, and then he came out with it and he said I said, guess you guys must already know. The present has an automatic taping device and each of his offices.
Armstrong Sanders did not already know. No one knew, except for you secret service agents in a very tight circle of the president's most intimate confidence. Alexander Butterfield was in that tight circle. He knew but the White House taping system because he had been asked to oversee its installation suddenly it all made sense. Those conversations between John Dene and Richard Nixon that have been quoted in that memo. Those had all been picked up by microphones. In fact, the it had recorded every word that anyone had said to him in the oval office since February nineteen. Seventy one. Wouldn't be crazy. To think of Scott Armstrong story is a sterling example of what can be achieved through by partisan cooperation. Armstrong loosened the lid of the jar and Don Sanders opened it thrust the way a democrat and republican working together but Armstrong does consequential secret of Nixon's presidency. Armstrong does not exactly see it that way. The Bertrand communications. The hubris
of being able to move freely. The water committee is what did him in for him This is a story about the White House trying to interfere with the committee's work by helping people. And behind the scenes and then having it up in their faces I always saw this as the biggest blunder and the blunder that brought Nixon down there would have been no taping, System is evidence. I think we would have discovered it. We might have reminded us I think the proof of the pudding is the guy who most likely would have told us about it. Don't matter, but a real didn't tell us about it until he saw that member, so that's got Armstrong tells it is an historic event. Scotty stop right That's my madigan. He was an assistant council on their public inside the committee. He worked directly under Thompson and considered him a close friend. This Madigan can it armstrongs trying to take credit for crack. Watergate, wide open credit that he does not deserve the person
does deserve at Madigan, says: Armstrongs colleague the Republic, Stafford Don Sanders according to Madigan, it was sanders who coaxed Butterfield into speaking out about the taping system. Not anything Armstrong did with his little memo Scotty I believe, contends that somehow he's the one that really discovered blah blah blah laughable. To think that what Scotty says is true, because our guy is one that the scope the Tec, Madigan, isn't just being a stickler for detail here. He's about into the larger allegation. That's implicit in Armstrongs version of events that republic, in the committee were putting party over country that they cared more but shielding the president from accountability than they did shielding the nation from a corrupt president. Madigan armstrongs outlook amounts to a reprehensible attack on the character of honourable attorneys. Like Fred Thompson. We want to make sure that the evidence was there, I'm wasn't saying:
They re White House. I was really running. Things was just a plain absolute shit, Armstrong for what it's worth so not worship and if any one pretending the Senate Watergate Committee was actually a bipartisan endeavour is perpetuating a myth, the presumption of bad faith between them. Weakens and Democrats in the Watergate Committee staff mirror was going on in the country at large. Consumption in his right, mind, believes and burglary, improper bugging, but this has been going on. That's North Carolina, Senator Jesse Helms North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, whose working on a radio show hosted by popular rightwing pundit in Clarence Mannion. This clip from number of making. Seventy three recently, president today. The acid, Frank and Roosevelt dealt Alot true indebted eyes. Now did Canada and Johnson but it was all right.
We consider it a very understand, but this was something naked the american people were so they made. A great sharpers out of other policies like Ronald Reagan, went further, they insisted nothing all that bad even taken place. There are some would destroy a man in order to destroy a mandate of all the people or America sake. Let's get on with the business up covered Reagan. Who is the governor of California at the time described the Watergate Breakin as the work of well meaning individuals committed to the re election of the President Reagan it's a lot about law and order dead. The burglars should not be considered as criminals because they are not criminals at heart, so there were alone different ways to defend Nixon in a step Conservative might do it one way in the pages of National Review by the construction work. Might do in a different way. Terry's bar, One thing all Nixon apologist agreed on
the liberal media was out to get their man. Here's gale she he again they talked about should an exit was the less of the tough guys and they're trying to crucify him and whose I would say the liberals and the intellectual liberal press wash impose New York Times and then he'd say you know The liberals can understand why we see any harm in what Richard Nixon is doing. And you know what the answer is. We dont care, the media was the flash for the partisan bickering inside the Senate, Watergate Committee to specifically everyone was angry about weeks. The Republicans thought the Democrats were leaking. I heard the president and the Democrats thought republicans releasing things to help him that beef between a investigators got Armstrong and the Republican Council MIKE Madigan a lot of it had to do with leading to the press. Led to anybody, could conceivably here wait to that's Madigan, talking about armstrong- and I have to say yes, a point.
Armstrong was one of the sources for November nineteen semi. Seventy three rolling stone magazine story at portrayed the committee staff as dysfunctional and why down by mutual suspicion. The peace settlement, incorrigible partisans on a committee, Republicans Fred Thompson. Our Baker. When the committee leadership found out that Scott Armstrong was an anonymous source for the peace is suspended him for a month, Mass Armstrong where his distrust for Thompson Baker came from. Originally he went back to John Dene. See when Dean had decided to start talking to investigators, he had a condition. Basically, Dean we're going to cooperate on the basis that he would only the Democrats until you can He told his story and then a public. He wasn't going to subject himself to me interrogated by the Republicans? The reason being gave was about in terms of work The bag they were working for the White House constantly telling them. What the committee was doing, what its plans were dean
the president's saw Howard bakers, a guy who was on his side in February Nineteen, seventy three: when the Senate Committee was first formed big. Had come to the White House for a secret conversation with Nixon Dean, been in that meeting, he later wrote that Baker told the press Nobody knows I'm here and stress to him for that Investigation would not be a fishing expedition, but if Baker was working behind the scenes to help the president. He did not show, while the cameras were on horses openings, it meant. The Senate hearings on May seventeenth, nineteen. Seventy three: the greatest service of this committee can perform for the Senate. The Congress and for the people of this nation is to achieve a pool, discover all the facts that bear on the subject of this input. There was one senator on the republican side, we mine. Looking like a fuck up to the present day, Edward Gurney from Florida. In his opening statement, he made clear that he would be playing the part of Pro Nixon concern. Troll
we want to gain do and what these hearings due to the office, an institution of the presidency, that is the question that is uppermost in people's minds, and Nora away in the pits of their stomachs. Thus, the looking at the boat by Watergate. Its catastrophic effect upon the institution of the presence is the object of serious concern of everyone at home and abroad supporters may have sounded defensive. There are we may have seemed strange, but for the most part weren't all that worried about the outcome of the Watergate hearings. Here's Nicole hammer storing at the University of Virginia, who wrote about me an apologist in her book about the early stirrings of conservative media mean they really Think that he was going to survive, and I think that a lot of Americans thought he was going to survive Watergate. There wasn't a sense, at least early on that this was going to be a kind of
didn't see ending event and because it has never happened, it kind of seemed impossible that president was going to be brought down by this kind of investigation in this kind of scandal. If you start the clock with reengineer making. Seventy two tat was the state of for more than a year, then undulating, teeth thanking seventy three Alexander Butterfield sat down in the witness chair and revealed to the world what he had revealed. The committee investigators three days earlier, the press bugged himself. Will you Butterfield testimony in a minute. Slow burn continues. If you're looking to reduce unnecessary trips out and trying to
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Why didn't you in one corner was conversations anyway? Historians argue about this one theory: is that you wanted the material for his memoirs. Another possibility- and I like this one, even though it is not a lot of evidence for it, that he knew the tapes would be or a ton of money, and if you could get a big tax write off if you donated them to his presidential library. Four Butterfield, told Scott Armstrong and down Sanders about the taping system, only a hand, people in the world knew about it. That number who exponentially as soon as Fred Thompson asked Butterfield this question. During the Senate hearings, but where are you aware of the installation of any listening devices? An oval office of the President. I was aware of this devices desert. Did you hear that silence that was so many seconds. Also you can hear voice these planning to say, but but then you can think of a button.
Now it's worth noting that it was Fred Thompson, not his democratic count. Part or one of the democratic senators routine up Butterfield through the taping system. This reflects the fact that a fish play. It was Don Sanders. Knots got Armstrong who get credit for discovering it. The response to Butterfield testimony was instantaneous. One Your point, the tapes, are material evidence bearing directly upon further where it Benelux Spirit, is an invasion, is right of privacy. Those tapes when checked against accusations made against the President could show whose telling the truth about the Watergate cover up the Watergate commit. We want a headline in the next phase. Washington post was Nixon Recording seen as ultimate Watergate witness the best Christian I've read of this moment come from Mary Mccarthy. She wrote paper column, the moral shock of learning that Nixon. They been bugging. Anybody who approached his offices Lawson
impact in the general joyful feeling, but the case was going to be resolved. So imagine your Nixon supporter, and even to the belief that the president didn't do anything wrong. Watching these hearings in your absolutely certain that John Dene is a liar. You ve told you so that Nixon would have been way too busy running the country to get involved in some keystone. Cops, breakin or some idiotic cover up, and now you find out about these tapes You genuinely believe that Nixon didn't do anything wrong and deems making the whole thing up. You should be thrilled. Here's the proof right now Nixon can release the recordings and put everything the rest. But once again mix made it very hard and his defenders, the president, did not want to release the tape
in a letter to Senator SAM urban German of the Watergate committee. The president said that these tapes fall into the category of presidential papers which, as you said before, the president, won't turn over to another branch of government. Mr Nixon, the day after feels testimony senator same urban centres. How's the letter requesting the tapes Nixon respond? Six days later, saying that he had since the recordings, and could confirm that they were entirely consistent with what he knew to be the truth. However, the president wrote as in any verbatim recording of informal conversations. They contain comments that persons with different perspectives, motivations, would inevitably interpreted in different ways. After this rejection, urban and the rest of the senators on the committee felt they had no choice but to issue a subpoena extraordinary move when that made the tapes a matter for the courts. President Nixon today defied subpoenas demanding that he produced tapes and papers in his possession and the country move closer to a clash,
two in the White House in the Congress and the courts, which will be President in american history a summer turns. All. No one in America knew whether the tapes would ever come out and many couldn't help, but suspected Doesn't it would find a way to keep him? Perhaps we should told it some have been damaged by atmospheric conditions will marry Mccarthy. Most people say that is too crude and Nixon would not dare, but he is dead Great deal before now at this moment, mix May have only boldness on his side it was during. This queasy will hear. Won't he period at some actions, loyalists began to waver on August, fifteenth nineteen seventy three a month after Butterfield Testimony the president gave a televised address in which he tried to explain why it was so important to him that the tapes not be turned over. This wasn't about protect him. Personally, he said it was about protecting the presidency.
That is why I shall continue to oppose efforts which would set a precedent that would cripple all future presidents. By inhibiting conversations between them and those they look to for advice Nixon insisted that he was completely totally innocent. I was Vince there was no cover up, because I, convinced that no one had anything to cover up and he called in the country the just move on already after twelve weeks and two million words of televised testimony, we have reached a point at which a continued we're looking obsession with Watergate Is causing this nation to neglect man, is of far greater importance? to all of the american people. Not stay so mired in Watergate speech, bail bond
Whereas pole release today shows that President Nixon's Watergate speech did not win Mr Nixon support. He asked for seventy seven percent of adult Americans watch the speech and only by them, found Nixon's words quite or somewhat convincing. It wasn't just voters were reacted badly to the speech either. Some members republican establishment were starting to get nervous as well, senator bury Goldwater the Godfather the conservative movement was one of the first Gerda public and figures to speak out against Nixon on the subject of Watergate after Nixon's August fifteenth speed Goldwater said the president must least these tapes and tell the truth. William s Please. National Review also called on Nixon to release at least some portion of the tapes saying in It's horrible water, drained his political sinew, is more authority and credibility. What made Nixon's defenders who stuck by him for so long finally, see Enough.
It seems to me that Nixon's refusal to turn over the tapes was the start of it. The first crack. Even at Gurney Nixon's toady in the Senate Committee told a reporter that if the President refused to provide access to the tapes, it would hurt him politically. For people who had believed in the president's innocence. His decision to fight the release of the tapes and court could not have been easier to justify as the weak. Months: war on Republican elected, a fish Was an ordinary voters had to ask themselves how far out on a limb they were willing to go to support Richard Nixon, in just Republicans who went on a journey from believing in Nixon to being done with him SAM Urban? The conservative Democrat began the Senate hearings, thinking that it was inconceivable that President Nixon could have been involved in Watergate after preside, over two hundred thirty seven hours of public testimony urban understood that here horribly naive. There's one moment from urban journey that I haven't been able to get out of my head. It shows that even What are the committee still had some faith and what are the committee still had some faith in President Nixon's
It meant to the rule of law. That, but came on July, nineteenth nineteen. Seventy three a few days after the taping system was revealed. Urban requested, the tapes from the White House, Nixon hadn't yet responded a little before lunch. Aid told Senator urban that he had an important phone call. Was Nixon's Treasury secretary urban gotten the line he was informed that Nick had agreed to voluntarily give up the tapes. Urban took the call in a glass Right threaten the hearing. Room and people could hear him signing into the receiver? Oh, that's, fine! That's wonderful! Tell the president has performed a great public service and they cut the committee's work in half after lunch Urban told the world what he had learned I am pleased to allow that the president has decided, to make available to the committed tapes of conversations And which are relevant
to the mouth, with America's all brass, investigate He was so so happy so relieved Merrimac if he described urban old cracked voice, wavering, joy, ass, he spoke but the went out of this particular balloon. Pretty quickly the phone I had been a hoax as confirmed when he spoke to the real treasury secretary, the person who had called it was nothing but a prank stir it. Less than half an hour urban, to learn that he had been directed at the White House had not given in that victory was not in his draft. Urban was embarrassed and devastated forward stop our bank, barbaric persons like me, There are human beings who perpetrate out. I hope like this It was four days later that mix and put it in writing now. He would not release the White House tapes.
In the months rolled by Nixon's grip on the tapes tightened, they became the tantalizing, but also panic, inducing symbol of everything. Was as yet unknown about Watergate sure, these recordings contain the answers. But mix and found a way to doktor them or what, if you just Freud them John, he had already accused mixing of being willing, pay a million dollars in cash to keep the Watergate were silent but setting fire to the apes really be that much crazier or bolder fact that it seems possible that Nixon would destroy the evidence against him. Tells you how are the country had travelled by the fall of nineteen? Seventy three. The range of what was fashionable had expanded it would keep expanding as the new year nineteen. Seventy four approached but with the onset of that cynicism came a righteous anger. Has Richard and grew more shameless and autocratic during his final year in office, Americans of all people
hope persuasions began to push back soon. Some would discover that even the staunchest loyalists were abandoning him by the and of October nineteen. Seventy three even the owner of areas bar those too in favour of a Nixon police state had to concede that the tide was turning for, follow up, store He told Gale she he the ball games over we're on our way out. We didn't even last as long as the roman empire this part, just as the production of sleep plus slave membership programme, sleepless production of sleep plus Slates membership programme, sleep plus members get a complete. This episode of slow burn every week going deeper into the wild world of Watergate. I'm sharing some of the amazing stuff. I found in researching the series Extended versions of my interviews with people who watch it I'll go down this week.
I've got an interview with Paul Muggy on us and Ex FBI agent, who worked in the Watergate case early on he, and I talked about how the FBI to get left out of the Watergate story and what that's been like for him? Former colleagues on what They will be doing a facebook chat on asleep plus grew page sleepless members support the show and the rest of our work. Find out more and sign up for sleep plus sleek doc, slash Watergate Slobber is produced by me and Andrew Parsons are script, editor, Josh Levine Gabriel, off the editorial director sleigh plus the hour Four slow burn is by Teddy blanks from chips thanks to end. See archives and the Presidential Library Museum for the audio. You heard in this episode, thanks to sleep, CIAO two June, Thomas and Steve, looked, I find a full list of books. The goals and documentaries use research. This episode on our shortage weeks episode of slow burn up diving into a bit of a rabbit hold the boom in
spirits, theory that followed Watergate and what the conspiracy is that came out of it, tell us about Nixon's downfall. Somebody in the Watergate, murder, J, EDGAR Hoover. If they had the proper witnesses and the right since we began to exams ever these bodies and find out what is really happening in its nation to next week.
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