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A special edition of Slow Burn features Joel Anderson live on stage, with legendary producers Nashiem Myrick and Easy Moe Bee, and Reverend Conrad Tillard, known in the 90s as "The Hip Hop Minister." Plus, a story from the season 3 cutting room floor.  

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What's up yeah, this is your ladders? Her hostess slow burn season three biggie into pack act. We put out our last episode, which, if the show on the road for love of it on the EAST and West Coast, it was a great chance to connect with our fans and our critics. Our New York show, was packed with their populations, including producers, they may be and gnashing Merrick, we talked about making classic tracks with big and park, watching both him sees rise in the rack game. We'll get to that. Conversational later in the show, but first here's opening back. We used in each of our lab over this was performed at the brother Theatre in San Francisco. The story, we told and slow burn and three began to part. It was pretty dark. We started with super getting shot. The lobby of quad recording studios, we ended with two hip, hop legends dead in between
Suspicion and paranoia increase violent confrontations, begin to parks relation. It began very differently so tonight to switch things up. I want to tell you about that. Beginning. Think of this is episodes zero. This is a big Tupac story that not many people have heard told by some who was right there with them? How did the two biggest rap superstars of the nineties meat. The two parking spot. I beg you to get serious about his career and did it I'll have to turn out the way that it did This is slobber alive. I'm your house, Joel Anderson, and this is the frequent party abortion.
Ok, so let's go back to nineteen. Ninety two Christopher so a small time hustler from Brooklyn he'd been arrested for dealing? in North Carolina, but now it's stop selling. He was trying to get serious about his music. The main who convinced big you to get out of the streets with Sean puffy Combs Puffy, was in a rising executive uptown records one of the biggest, balls and black music in July nineteen. Ninety two big made it up and on the remit of marriage obliges hit real love.
Came to the category one. What's his name, appearance, came one another remix. This are the damsel artist Super CAT Biggie with the line that he'd come back to later in his career. The bigger was up, a good start, but his music bringing a much money. Yet he was about to become a father. Couldn't take care of a family on puffy in our towns, loose promises of future riches. He the cash any needed now in the fast money. The drug game was hard to resist his biggest childhood friend. She go.
Back an ill was town where he was light. Yo. I got it. I really makes a real money like whose was hard when he I met a red. Do anything to get some money just a fee. You know help my daughter out. Puffy wanted to keep biggie out of trouble and out of jail. He did their best I beg you to a recording contract. Now, wasn't an enormous do about music industry standards, uptown town paid Biggie, a hundred twenty five thousand dollars. There wasn't much left after recording costs and other expenses, but it was enough to keep him making music now it's time for bigoted recorded track of his own. The result. Was party and bullshit that phrase came from an old spoken word at them by the last poets. Less poets would musicians and writer from Harlem who emerge the black nationalist movements of the nineteen sixties. They got.
Start reciting poems in the park. They help lay the foundation for hip hop in there. Song were. The revolution comes the last poets used party and bullshit turf. All the things that distracted black Americans from political activism. You know, and I know niggers, and boots and party, and both and party bulls Big saw the same systemic failures. The last poets are, but he came to a different conclusion. He can't less about revolution than about survival. He needed to get paid. So we took that phrase. Partying bullshit gave his own spell big. You made a wreck
that reflect the realities of his life hanging out with friends the constant threat of street violence. The weed not the hall he needed to manage it all out on the projects, must promise Biggie brought Chico Deauville within the day he recorded party and bull shit. She go it help bigger get started in the drug gangs when they were growing up in Brooklyn, so Biggie may show, is long term friend came along for the ride. We studio. Why were you lead? Awoke was now the certain seen came or use of in a fight broke out and you Norman is directly scrapped. In his paws,
wake up. Like you, no real knows me and him in a studio, and I was me YO, Yo Yo, yo you're, a Yo Yo Yo Party, a bullshit, came out the spring of nineteen. Ninety three. It was part of the soundtrack for the movie who's. The man knew the movie nor the song we're hits, but the track launch, Biggie Solo career, then dance malls was an internet uptown records come from. We came farm at some guys, don't will be more readily deal and then he does his racket and it ends up on the soundtrack of a movie. You know that was his vehicle to the slow. Please begins starting to tell a story. Biggie was an artist now, but he needed to get his music
heard after party of bullshit came out. Puffy sent him to LOS Angeles for promo tour, the peace, was it. Do some interviews with local radio stations performer night club and had right back to New York big it and go to allay alone. Puffy, tap dance, malls of making sure big did what he was supposed to do that was gonna, be a challenge his biggie wasn't how that focus on self promotion. We a monoplane, we're talking about allay artist, tat he like, or you know he thought was cool or he wanted to me. So I, like you, know who he is working with its time. He like empty a was somebody else and endeavours to buy. Tupac with problem to break out as wraps next big star he'd, recently moved from Oakland De Los Angeles to be closer to the opportunities that we're coming his way, his music journalists been west off to park, was
going through and almost unbelievable transformation. He had been pretty much homeless when he was living in the Bay area. Further time for a time sleeping on friends, couches and stuff like that, and now son. He was signed to a major label. He was releasing successful albums. He was becoming a movie star to pocket in. Introduced by intermediary and it was. ITALY, by accident, when big Dance malls landed in L a their first priority, was gettin biggest somebody, California chronic the dealer they called said he'd. Be there soon. Please gotta make a stop an arm then I'm coming to you now big needs this right now, but the dealer he had another client or visit first, They make a start and go on jobs and to my part, where am I go. They want to meet them
he's like lie. So twenty minutes later he comes up. We come down stairs and he's at all yeah. I told pop that you wanted me to me. He said you can come by you. Don't pull up me like ten fifteen minutes later pop pull up, Big, you didn't know it then, but to was also a fan of his when Tupac was filming. Poetic justice He played party in bullshit over and over again Tupac was the son of a black panther he'd grown up with radical black. Politics. You will see more naturally aligned with the last poets, but he could not talent in the catching of the song. Their mutual admiration made it easy for them to connect has been west off. They with recognised the other one. Someone with this incredible talent, but not just that they were different,
You know big. He had this sort of perfect slow, whereas to pack was about these your ideas when Tupac a rapid, big hotel and allay they had instant chemistry? They told jokes swap stories about the career. And just, as importantly, they want to smoke that we can adjust just arrived soon. A couple of the French showed up now dead. Malta is trying to figure out how to pull biggie away, to get some work done in then to pack invited everyone to move the party to his house and like now. We all know that will do some radio with legal big. Look at me like YO tat. If I were you talking about, we want pothouse. There was that big road
Boxcar and Dan Smalls, followed them in Israel when they got to the house. They discover Park was an incredibly gracious host. There was we'd, he pull out so much trees. It was ridiculous, he must have path, and that was why the big valley there was food part cooked this, less may say and fraud and waste in ages, in the hope that a whole days gone by, we haven't done nothing. We have done our work, no nothing! There was music next thing, you know, They started a freestyle session and if I would have smartphone back then I would had ills freestyle statue between two by Biggie and Gregg MAX that would have been the classic video and there were guns pop
when is bedroom and come out from one am army bags dumps on the floor. I thirty guns, Now I rise fascinated with guns, and now we just sit in the house and play with the birds We talk about the gun, ranging and all this crazy this by the time they left the House Biggie had gone from fans to friends our fellow he felt I there was some Tiber, you no real needs and in our time Well then, when he brought the guns out you not given strangers, Guns in your house, unless you feel, as you like We ve got pick. Stick you up war. Anything pop up What are you doing out if you feel feel some that you feel like there's some type or, as is deeper in in know,
is deeper than whatever, so they ate something and after that they was inseparable. So at this point then smalls had a problem. Big hit forgot me going out to California for business He blown off the interview they had scattered at a radio station when they got back. Their hotel room, dance malls at check out with puffy, like hell, digital radio enemies lay big. Big insane looked at me he's a giant of motion. But my mother like so the impossibility of ago. So we do all day, I'm like we went to pack house and they smoke down, and he was a patent Am I don't year? He was I as he comes at a shop and I'm my dear. He's a good data. A few days later,
He had to show what the Glam slam night club the glamour land was on by prince. It took us, from the second single on his album love, sexy Tupac so tat the biggest hotel before the show inroad over with him. This is a big night for begging a show and allay a bit spanned his audience beyond the EAST coast, and Tupac was right there with him. Even joint biggie onstage. He felt like I was ever known his man, and he was more raw, what it so to see pop shopping around big and big day with a hug you. It was those all love we would just like. They were friends. You would have thought. They knew each other before that date? Biggest first trip to California couldn't go much better to pocket. Dunwood puffy could not. He showed Biggie would awaited if he were small time drug dealing behind
You can tell big name like I was, I think that might have fuelled his energy like his hunger This is what this feel like this with. Does he can't wait? Just keep going and seeing whales, even though for windows. We just took we just so big. You went back east with a new draft for music and he had to to thank for it. Biggie to Tupac perform together several times that summer, including at the lady in a at that at that point there was so good friends and then, in October nineteen ninety three tupac came back to New York to film a movie. Above the room. That's when you saw to hang out with patient jack, also when he met. I Jackson, if you listen to season
slow burn. You know what happened from there, but I hope tonight you got a taste of Houbigant Tupac were before everything went bad. They liked each other and they trust each other And they thought for at least a year so that they are did each other, like nobody else really could. Thank you. The take acquit break. Welcome back, go so far show at the new school in New York City, we invited some great onto the stage round table about Biggie impact. We talked about what they were. Like is artist and young men. Was joined by Reverend Conrad tailored in the nineties. He headed. Nation of Islamic Mosque in Harlem. It was known as the here. Pop minister. A goodwill ambassador who often stepped in
things got tint and the rap world also easy Moby he's working can hip hop since the eighties It may be best known for his groundbreaking work of Biggie MO produced about half. Big debut album ready to die. National Merrick. He was one of the original members of the hitman bad boys in house production team, the pump out hit after hidden the nineties Including bigs incendiary classic who shot you're the first thing, wanted to know from now. She was What drove him to work with big I'm a hip hop so I knew was a report party in both that was my favorite Rakkeed offered at soundtrack. You know, and I knew puff, has something to do with that He was a friend of mine, so I was just went into the day. I want me big
I'm never going to work with him cause. I wasn't a produce. At the time of year I was impress so yeah both obviously had a good sense of members. Artist before ready comes out. Seen him boo did ya know like the journal Big was not become bearing in that. You know that you will not be a stop, is hard to remember to nausea He was dead. Man is little track I was in the effort to soundtrack was I was around by wasn't there yet, when I came in right after supper right like water, Sandridge lacking Roma folk, allow remember everything Those are the jug memory and again be he had oppression.
Lady here any definite skills. We're done you a lot of people to ask is not now a big man now go run until it. This is the nineties urine Harlem, You see a lot of would hip hop. Artists are talking about an amusing, You do. A few months ago, used you were right in the middle of it. How did you get in the middle of it? I guess you would have to say we had a lot into sexuality back then I was a minute I'm still a minister, and but we, all had a common interest at the time it was the community hip. Hop in those days was more community centric. It was not really yet street in Late Eightys and Ninetys, it was young people in the community, and so our biggest message was stop the killing, no self destruction
We always ran into each other. We always working together fact. Last time using more be Thank you won't mind. I tell the story. Pleased in Greek, stout, Colin Powell and and they don't tell us not to kill each other here, close West Coast and you let a war The mass destruction of witches were together a lot, and everybody came through mass number. Seven in those days, so well Let me clarify clarified, because we not only with a day with them will be personnel, we pass it was it that way. First of all, wasn't it, though
we'll Quincy young disseminating. Yet it was a very rapid leading Quincy Gels, called it the peninsula hotel. So at the time that was when the EAST Coast, West Coast thing was really start and broil, and I remember I was sitting on the Rome I remember all. Clearly I got dressed up their data. I looked alone, That day, I was sitting like hair in the back back left in the room and like Suge Knight in the Scooby, Suge Knight and then was like and Dre was like in the front on the right and so they got to a certain point at a conversation- and I don't know, I just felt like was pussyfooting gone. All we had a real real serious matter go. At the time, but I felt like needed to be dealt with. As it felt like in the room that data was
conversation and things that could have been said, and that could happen that may be could snuffed out what it eventually became And a lot of people- maybe they didn't understand my outburst tat day, but my my feelings. Like come on, man, listless or the soundless. Let's get to the core of the matter, so you didn't run up our coasts I know you know what just being at the end. If it is recorded, I think it's still. You can find that footage on a dvd. I was telling Conrad about it earlier back in the green room. I think you can find that footage on a hip hop. Documentary DVD there came out with vaguely, I think I remember his message to the president. Anybody can find you say so the tone of voice and have just like, I was with a lot of people.
We then didn't understand about I'm always both for peace and want it piecemeal. As that was it. Can you read the real quick who always error because I'd like a crate of Colin Powell, should night shut these small dj, quick like that, don't worry, quasi gels, Colin Powell, everybody was. The ways is: where did this happen at the peninsula? hotel opens up a New York. Ok, let's you George, you know, obviously was very concerned about east coast. Whistles cause Geodata was going to pocket to time and zeal Was there any old via magazine, so he was very involved in what what was going on, in fact, whenever thought it would come to New York. He would call us and we would do the security for her, so he was very much involved in hip hop scenes a while. So I did not
curse. Ok, I believe he had only candidate real, that's great. I am going to ask you to about one more conflict. We talked about this briefly causes so crazy, and I want you to tell people about it. Please tell the rex and affect store. Ok, so I got a call from Africa. Bambara came by to see many said, there was a war that was brewing and it was between The Zulu nation and some young brothers out Harlem call Posse deep. And are acute. It was who is a member of the Zulu nation, was beaten back and it had reached a point where they were just about to go to war, So we had him in Moscow is about a hundred fifty
coordination and rex and affects posse deep, which was their crew Hollan Bronx and fortunately we were able to work with them through the night took by seven hours and we were able to resolve the matter, and it was a great meeting. Legendary be all was the head of the shock us lose security. He was killed and Castle Hill in laundry and showbiz of showbiz Navy was initially arrested for that crime, but he didn't do it, he was released but TAT it was. It was an example. This is ninety three, so this is right before East Coast West Coast- and it was example of one of the beasts that we work together to help resolve at that time,
fortunately that when we were able to resolve one of the precipitating events of this brief, though it never ask you two dozen right where he was beaten, he and you may remember this- it was at once source of via party that when humanity would mean less this day, I will not just I was even MA am always because ok, you, when you spoke on that, I was like. I want to find a way to bring that up, because today, is my day of clarity. Orang rack up at which you saw what happened was ok. Look when out when I started to recall what too, but I used to have all my peoples from run away in Brooklyn, come to the studio, Debian Rapid as fundamental a group did. I was in an arm. So when Tupac
He had to make an appearance at the source awards to perform right. He asked us to come along with him. He's like YO yo man come out on stage with me and worst thing that ever happened that whoever was okay. I forgot the name of the girl just met back, there First, it was in the same position. She was lying like ok, all right, all right all right come right, go the person that was controlling. You know when you come out said our common cocoa and so we came out with Tupac somehow when he came out. Whoever had the queue finger on the tape deck started, the music and all the while cuter is on Napoleon speak it and he turned and looked to the love like we come out on upon the state.
Pugs like you you what what was performing and I'm like. Oh you know right afterwards had to go. Backstage went over the Q tip, I was like you're. Sorry, man pouch. I don't know what that was. Somebody started the music and tell Q tip was not feeling me he just because I came over and and did enough to try to straighten it up. He did say like yeah yeah, but after that he just walked off. I could tell he was pissed and I would have been too, but it was a misunderstanding about the bringing out of two Sometimes I think I know who TAT was there was control in there and would do the order of the detention I was going on at the time.
Later, when I look at it, I think about it. Was that setup was it to cause that you know what I mean and then he's okay? If we got to give people was to park. Is worse calls you got that thing going on EAST Coast, where And is fundamentally come up people an audience like what heck is going all had to do my best to straighten out, at the very least the logistics other sources like a powerful. They got a network that, after I've seen too and to this day week, who believe we call. I want us to be cool machine this for you right here. Do you mind if we do something for you who, such The report to quit the little girl I put to you right there
When you hear what comes to my, what do you think about this is like as everyone thinks. This is like my greatest racket today. No so, but on that was a great. On the even the way it came about because away came about that. Wasn't big saw you. Will you please tell that as well? That's why I came about is puff, told me Monday list. We was working on a merry album, my life apple and before we turn the album You need an interlude hip hop in lieu he wanted, so he need to track a hip hop trap for Keith Mary to be wanting in one day I have some time in the studio, and I came up with their trap me night. Five, ten minutes.
And I heard the track Andrea Rail over to the studio, they loved it, and we went to record it will keep by. We now keep Barbie infinity for some reason which we may now lack of. You want to jail now, family now totally different spit go, went away when now finish it because of the forest pressed for time. But even brought Ellen to listen to the track, a right to it, but one day, but we would crush what time are meeting we had to have it today in that weaken
and papas a go, go fireman big and tell him you got this track. We need them on it and he must have talked to him. No spoke to him about the chat prior to me. Seeing big and big was like no problem I'll, be at the studio, so big comes through when he recorded the trap, the first verse and it was so powerful. The first verse was so crazy, but at the end of that first verse he said I leave you leaking like Michael Jordan's power. And that's what Michael Jordan Popular just got moody by your desk. I want to make their own. I have. It is like
than a vague. It's none of only two biggest I'm keeping it just like tat. He had to get on a plane like next two hours, I'm keeping it just like that. So, of course, they didn't put it on the app right, but promise I don't worry, I'm going to make it a record. You know he added converse with in the studio, I mean big money cat Wala Brooklyn in the studio that night I work in the studio. I can't even see in front of me that's so thick the blood so thick and they are you know, I'm making my way to the concert and everybody's bugging in there. We must have play that record eighty times that night and. Yeah, I mean was crazy, but puffy retorted water in a car is a private bugging
he's, I guess I don't know. Maybe they'll listen to this is unwanted, could have become bugging, but on year directly, when they came out Well, you seen as Feki had people even thought it was about them with us will was so amazing about that here that it wasn't big sought to park, thought it was, the exact enable done that that differs verse and I believe the second vote was done before talking about got shot we back is now not mine, dominate the Iraqi. You even taught me. You told me about this. We every last time you said that you just pop would think that an arm, but you visited Iraq. If you look at the situation, you like hacker, we miss that you know that we should have been more a day
you know that we should have been more adapt a more you know. And I'm thy wow, but this is just ass. That's rap! No rapid, real we're gonna take another bring back in a minute. All right, let's get back to my interview with reverent Conrad tailored, formerly when is the hip hop minister and legit producers gnashing Merrick and easy Moby Dick
following this from our lives, show at the new school in New York City Moby. You told us, don't Africa, you? You work with pot when you work with it when he was going to trial, and you said that it felt like people were trying to pull you in tat. Be frightened. They wanted you to take sides right. Well, not at anybody literally put me to the side and spoke to me and wanted me to become embroiled in a war. Anything but vibe again asked I saved is issued his magazine to think ahead. Beg you in front of it dad article in there were basically it dealt with the EAST Coast West Coast situation. At the time didn't article as they went around two different key figures in the business not just limited to her hop either and everybody gave the account of the EAST Coast was costing what they felt about it at the time
I will not even have the just printout wild. Why would they just why wouldn't ages totally, not even put me in all cases. Have all the names and the replies responses. The my name in There- and this is easy- Bees lawyer says he has no comment. I welcome you not put me on Sunday in itself. You know cause they like, oh well, why he gonna have his lawyer saint. What it is tell my lawyer cuz: it was. The request was sent through him and I was like. Oh no. No, I don't. I don't have no comment he's like that's what I tell him. Can't came out and they said that's what I would have liked, but or are in one or another,
ever wanted any part in that. An arm- even modern day lead in all the way. Up to now, whenever the question of big and pot comes up, I never ever try to champion the beef always have always tried to show that there was a time of peace, and the proof is that with them separately and together. That together was on the so called I'll run from the police It was re mixed M and what are three or four some like that year and not down to just the title of running, but originally it was run from the police. I remember clearly, we recorded it in unique, recording studio and on the top floor the sea are wrong and Biggie was in there he at all
people in their joining him off in all his people part, he had our laws and all his people who have been here, and I love him. I had the whole mafia the whole Lafayette gardens up in the projects I was from it was so tight in it the engineer actually had to like laying over the board like this just to work? I remember that day why I just have full the room was, but the picture I'm trying to paint is that that's the proof I was there and I got a chance to work with two, while they were France so one day when, when you wake up- and you see or hear about you- know beef, I was like what happened. That was my position. Numbers I mean
look at that must demonstrate a crazy like it was love between those dues. It was still love with big and in no way pop victory was bugging, of course, but still we they understand. It says nothing. How Methley Sea captain Stare to park was a child of the movement to pluck spoke path thirsty he he really spoke in the. Vernacular he had the cadence and the political ideology of the Panthers, what and a lot of New York scrap seen didn't understand was that was political theatre, political rhetoric. That part was running and he was so skilful
that it that it it took on a realistic dimension. But Willy when you listen to what park was saying about the EAST Coast West Coast, overthrowing the government of bad boy. That's Panther speak that's straight, nineteen sixty, but the reality was, you know if they, the EAST Coast West Coast, beef was real. I mean how easy Moby. I think Sarcoma Kevin pals articles invite chronicled a lot of this, but you gotta remember this. This? That was not an air of social media, so these were real beaks New York wrappers would not even Oda Calvin, with very few exceptions, and in those days and no one's snooping, bad boy. I mean death row came here, they they got shot at when they were doing video right. And when they came to the king D,
I mean really really very deep, so it was. It was unfortunate at that time, but because the gang element was much apart. Well, it wasn't New York seen, but the gang element was really a part of the West Coast Ramsay and that that added a level of of violence in tension. I would ask you sure you you'd, you told me what You were supposed to visit, part, admit, Denham, alright, but couldn't correctional facility when pocket serving out his sentence for sexual abuse. When I talk to him quite a bit when he was in prison, he had a wonderful wife named kitchen and she's unsung heroes. I hate Think of her ass being a prison wife because she really loved him and really cared about him and she may sure that people did not forget because remember he wasn't that great superstar, an icon that people think of him
now he was a young wrapper. He had a lot of talent, brother in jail, and he had I have someone that cared about him and she did, and so we talked quite a bit and I did have a meeting to go and a minister Nelson, our prison minister, had my car gassed up out front. We about to long trip something happened, I didn't go and always wonder because whenever I got was round park he had a million things going on. I wanted to sit face to face when he was still, and I think we could have said something to him to appeal to what he already knew, but we didn't get. We didn't get a chance and when he came out he was with death row and- and I didn't see him again because we had done the security for him when he was on trial when he shut
in a wheelchair. You see the brothers wheeling him, that's that that those with brothers, so I just didn't, see him again came up a man. I got I gotta atomic power, but we set out a bit more time, but I got a lot more questions, so, let's actually go to national, so you working with Biggie, ready dusk you working on a second album, you're bad boy. What is it like at this time? Because we heard a lot about like what was going on with Jethro, but you right there in the same to move bad boy. What was it like for y'all. What we will focus on what we need to do. The death row situation was a downer. You know.
Because we use about unity, and we know what we could do if we were together. I've always thought pap me myself. I this stop. This was a plan for know, same pocket, this planet planned out and if he lived long enough, he would have brought things together does That's always thought that plus people packed with wit when he got shot at their studio, these people- I grew up with from on my way, no Nicholls that was rude manager stretch was there they eat moneybags, a friend of mine. Also he went to you went to see pop when he was in jail. I think it was on the island at the top, an arm. He Towpath wasn't big in them. He told part that Papa
Nnid told me. They told me the storm and powers I already dividing the view. So I guess I think a pocket smart do seeing what I know from him in I met him a few times in a hood and whip for trade in public. So I figured he had to run with that. You know figure. He had to work with the story. Plus stormy plays a good part for him. Yes, ever eventually the stormy
please go part in Israel. He played a key role in that it was stated. He was a test ban. People forget that I don't know I don't. I don't think he really wanted to get to the point. It was reverend till it. You ve been very outspoken about what happened: a hip, hop posts, big unpack, the changes in the music industry. Can you explain to people? Would you think happened in the music industry after Well, I think what happened was you'd. I introduced should night to call her in Africa Mombasa. And we met at Sylvia with met the day before when they were hit, the grammar the thinking. Ninety three, I went upstairs forty two I had no idea who showed night was at the time, Jamie Brown of Sisters System magazine. She saw a settled. The beef between erection effects and tribe conquest, and she said
Minister, I want you to meet, which should now keep in mind. This is not this day of enlightenment when a guy named should in the record industry. I wasn't the least bit worried about tat. So I want to see him with one man and I got the elevator and it was about fifty blood's muslin gown bunch neck, while all that you ve heard about- and they take me to the room and marriage- obliges the k, C m c rage. We're talking and sure comes out. He was angry because what I didn't know was the brothers he had been
Shaken down Andrea, who rail and Russell sermons, and when we had to security was the checkmate, so we put the brothers there, so you couldn't do what he was doing so anyway make a long story short. We had to stop the meeting that day and I told him less meet tomorrow and home when he came up to how the next day he came in and see. Rage and a baby. I think I was neck baby, you, a care why I had hundred men nation of Islam, zoo nation soldier, gotta and he knew he was leaving- he was outnumbered that where we went in the services are not introducing the Bam and hurt- and I said This is what happened. I knew music. I said you know what they create. It was cultural phenomenon to stop people from killing and
they did it for the love and the culture. What you do is the music industry. What I feel happen to it is not longer became a culture of young people based in the community and it became the music industry. And the music industry. Like capitalism is perverse. It has no value. Judgement it wants to make money. I remember one of the executive, I was trying to get to help the young people in Harlem back then I said you know you should be concerned about these young people, young people. She said the only thing we ve. Saying about young people is getting that twenty dollars out of the park. So that's what happened to the music. That's would happen. Hippo EAST Coast, West Coast, the violence didn't help the media to the media, played a beheld. A trumpet up.
But when you lose two of the greatest stars, so you know that was responsibility. The community should have taken a destiny. Again recently said they could never go there again, but where, when it became after antithetical to the industry and really help to destroy a lot of of the possibility. The hope that unity think about all the groups in those days that had uplifting messages and think about what groups are talking about today and we will, in turn by digging plan, is willing talk about the brand of his all these groups. That would there that's what happened in my view. Have anything that armed us. Does it pretty much arduous knowledge? You want to say how to say: we have to look back and realize, like.
We're all we got. No. We have to maintain this love and respect for each other, because once that's gone, they don't give a fuck about us. No one does in this country. In this. This culture we have is so special to all of us, so we need to Treasury attacked us a fitting starting point. Kept alone, but I would like to talk tough ever care of what should we do this again? At some point, I really really appreciate my. U you, gentlemen, thank you so come down like a round of applause Rihanna, it easy massive massive thing Everybody who came out to our love shows slobber
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