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On Feb. 5, 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell went to the United Nations to make the Bush administration’s closing argument for war with Iraq. Powell didn’t know it at the time, but one major piece of intelligence he cited came from a shady source—a man code-named Curveball. 

How did Curveball’s bad information make it into Powell’s speech? And why did no one listen when a woman from the CIA tried to warn everyone?

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In late December, two thousand to most of Washington was winding down for Christmas. Young Whitehouse staffers were hard. work. Writing. Thank you not for the gifts had been sent to the president, She wasn't ready to sign off the holiday, yet he called a meeting any asked the CIA to give em it's best version of the case for war with Iraq. The call went out when new developing the case for anybody who had anything they would like to contribute bill. Mclaughlin it during the CIA about six months earlier. He was part of a team from the agency presenting to the president. because I had a an inspection experience. I was to answering the president's cos Only one inspections in the Oval office meeting wearing his cowboy boots, with the presidential seal on them and for the next twenty minutes. Cia director George Tenants Deputy presented the case. The presentation of the case was done by John, the block on who is very senior analysts Johnson.
related to build Mclaughlin by the way and John the briefing on a laptop we also have, briefing, charts and John Mclaughlin, went through the briefing as deputy talked about the biological and chemical weapons Iraq had not accounted for since the Gulf WAR, and he wrapped up by playing radio intercepts that were supposedly from a rocky agents talking but a weapon site. the presentation, the president, far off, My questions middle number of comments are solicited. Our views on things. Bush wasn't asking the CIA to take a closer look at the intelligence. What he wanted was a more convincing pitch. He asked perhaps they are Madison Avenue type could look at it too. See about the ordering of the arguments if it could be examined by an attorney to look at a stroke, The arguments that were made everyone in there
including me, strongly believes that erected have WMD was not a subject that came up for discussion. The discussion centred around whether we could make it the presentation, more effective, George tenant The head of the CIA was at that meeting. This is where he famous use the phrase slammed dunk, which got a lotta press originally reporting suggested tat called the presence of WMD in Iraq a same dunk but according to Bill Mclaughlin intended himself is actually promising the presidency. I would tighten up the presentation to make it a same dunk. He wasn't talking about the facts. He was talking about the sale as omitting broke up the president charged with improving the quality. The presentation, among other things he asked was, can you work in a stronger angle, related to terrorism, and I think some of US
we're not what happened here that since we didn't believe the connection, was that strong to begin with after the meeting Vice President Cheney pulled Bush aside, change the people in his office had been working on the terror links he suggested could help out with the presentation once the was revised after we got back to CIA people worked on it again. For another month, and then it was sent down to the White House for their review. Eventually, while it was at the White House, they had added in a whole additional section on tat. For months. The Bush administration tried to make the case for war to the public on tv and impress conferences. Now to make the closing argument. Bush tapped secretary of State Colin You want a power to prevent the United States as official case reward, the? U N Security Council in February, power was the obvious
choice for a closer. Unlike some of his colleagues, he wasn't seems an ideologues using her commander, but he was sceptical of over using military Might black man had risen to the top of the army. He was a kind of american success story. Both Republicans and Democrats could admire here's Robert Draper, the other to start a war. Colin Powell was far and away the most How can a person in the Bush administration and There are a lot of people on Capital Hill, a lot of Democrats you didn't believe one thing the Cheney had to say, but believe everything the Colin Powell had to say so. Power would achieve maximum credibility as the deliver of this case in a way that nobody else would power. We need to do it all long. He been here the president, they needed the United Nations backing them born Look at the intelligent summer, he'd been headed by the White House, he wasn't impressed looked shoddy,
and included things like the discredited Al Qaeda Iraq link and power a centrally through almost the entire document away, and they start from scratch and when they started scratch. With only really a few days to go away. A pallet actually ask com candy rice. Can I get an extension on giving this speech? We can any more time colonies. Had no the present his army book to you as our he said. You can be doing as unfair way. Fifty thousand three before the You M, then I can a frantic effort ensued? They turn back to the CIA and George tenants at will. Look when she just do this make the basis of the speech are in is our national intelligence estimate. Because of this is, after all, the definitive consensus view of the intelligence, He asked us at Arms weapons programme. We failed to say two things:
was, and we did it in nineteen days. So it's a piece of Ground Powell and his team spent three days vetting. The report alongside CIA, analyse he questioned them after the evidence for a lot of people watching up close the similar Colin Powell at his best, careful rigorous honourable with Palin charge, administration felt confident the speech was going to be a huge success before the presentation. The speech was circulated through the CIA. They wanted to make sure didn't exposed sources or methods of intelligence gathering One person who looked at over was Margaret had she handed Central Europe for the Directorate of operations, that's a spy part of the CIA, and I was shocked by what she saw.
And so I look at all and I take a big you- no magic marker. I scratch all the way through it and I wait in the margins. You cannot use this. There is no way to verify this. It's not even sort a leaky. It's a gigantic syn with a hole in the night before his speech. How asked one last time. If everything this speech was solid, and I told him there were no doubts power. Asked tell it to sit next to him at the: U N, to symbolise the CIA. I was backing everything he said this director agreed. This was one day, all as we review the situation, respect with respect to Iraq and its disarmament obligations under, you in Security Council resolution. Fourteen forty one in February fifth, two thousand three. Colin Powell made his presentation to the U N the Bush administration's best case for war. He was
taking his reputation on it by colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources, These are not assertions. we're giving. You are facts and conclusions based on sound intelligence. site some examples, and these are from human sources power dark jacket with an american flag pen on it, his livery was intense and he talked for well over an hour one of the most worrisome things that emerges from thick intelligence file. We have on Iraq's biological weapons. Is the existence of mobile production facilities used to make biological agents We take you inside that entails in file and share with you what we know from eyewitness accounts. We have first hand descriptions of bias magical weapons, factories on wheels and on rails. Hannah, was watching the speech with her boss, the CIA
When she heard the line about mobile weapons labs, she knew her warning, never made it to power, we're just like what the fuck did. You sky see that you shouldn't have used that Power was relying on what this guy had told him, but there is lots of. I hadn't told him, including the fact that some their information had come from a sketchy source, a man with the code name, curveball curveball was a slug curve, always slime, but curveball didn't make anybody believe something that they wanna believe this is slow burn and your host, nor in MILAN leading up to palace. You end speech the Bush administration and told the american public that the countries needed to invade Iraq that Saddam Hussein was a threat, key pieces of intelligence recited over and over again as evidence to support the case for war. The rapporteur and gave the illusion of credibility.
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and he lots of Iraqis fled to Germany. The german government question them all to see if they might have useful information about Saddam's bath party. Some did Sometimes former driver and janitor from the presidential palace most them now we're just ordinary people fleeing a brutal regime referred not mad a one. Other nobby was a chemical engineer in his early thirties, right in Germany in ninety ninety nine seeking political asylum at first generation he'd embezzled, money from the government and that's why he feared for his life, but then talk to german, intelligent officials at the BNP. That's equivalent of the CIA I'm incapable of pronouncing the full name and german. He told the BNP that he had been hired directly out of university and ninety ninety four to work on a secret programme to install sophisticated laboratory laboratory equipment on the back of trucks of trailer trucks. Bob broken
former Deputy Washington Bureau for the LOS Angeles Times later write a book about Janabi and the is he said- would use this equipment to ferment germs and viruses. toxins for biological weapons and since they could drive the trucks from place to place. These mobile phone facilities would be able to evade detection by you in weapons inspectors who were then inside the country. His version of events was that the first truck began operating in nineteen. Ninety seven and Similar vehicles were built or hidden and six other locations across Iraq. This may not a lot more interesting. The BNP gave him money and hit him from the iraqi government. The interviewed him in Arabic over the course of two years, the officer who briefed him officially described him a shrewd personable, possibly genius, but also possibly a manipulator.
The information to not be told his interrogators was highly technical. He gave specifics about project code number, He told them the names of who had worked on what and even where they sat in the office. He said, trucks only operated on Fridays, these La Mcdowell, worship because you and weapons inspectors rarely popped in those days. Heed your sketches any help. The Germans build a little model of what the mobile labs might have looked like in early two thousand. The BNP shared what they learn from China, be with an american officer from the defence intelligence Agency, the american gave him the code name curveball Ball was suffix, they use for sources whose information involved weapons it unclear why they picked curve when the Americans began looking at his files, they said this must be at. This is perfect. We have an eye witness. He has seen all of these things. He worked directly on them.
but the bandied didn't allow the Americans to talk directly to curveball. They couldn't even look at transcripts. Videos of the interviews, just the reports not by german intelligence. The Germans told them it was because com, I'll do speak English and hated Americans that wasn't true the reality was anymore. In german intelligence agencies didn't have a great relationship. Some of what Cuervo sang looks bad for Germany, Curveball told them rocky reason, german manufactured materials for the buyer, weapons so the Germans wanted to maintain control of curveball testimony meanwhile curbed. Kept hitting his handlers up for more money. He disappear for days or weeks. At a time, the Germans got him food service shops at burger, king and at a chinese restaurant he kept getting fired, He job in the morning smelling like alcohol, lookin, like death by itself, this. Wasn't all that unusual aspire,
she's want to clean living in their defectors and sources. They'd, never learn anything outside of the drinking, though there were other things about her ball story did didn't up. When he initially came out. He claimed he had personally directed one of these trucks. The construction of one trucks and over time his role became less and less specific, suddenly, was no longer the director of that operation. He just worked Ireland. Maybe he only heard about these trucks, and there were some in about an accident where he said he had witnessed people who had died and then well, he heard about it and friend knew about it and then his friend it only heard about it, so suddenly time went on his story in fact got less specific the Germans were getting. Skeptical of curveball did interviewed him for twenty one months and they still worse if he was lying or not. Finally, on September eighth, two dozen one they closed his file
and terminated him as a source and then nine eleven happened and in the United States. These reports that he had into the Germans. The information given in Germany were suddenly taken out of a safe if you will and dusted off they were rushed to the top of the food chain and they took a life of their own. By the time Bell. Mclaughlin join the CIA in two thousand to the mobile web and story was widely circulating within the agency Lachlan, you a lot about Iraq's weapons from his time on the ground in the nineties. Hadn't heard about this curveball guy. I asked a biological analysed versus reporting and she gave me a stack more than an inch thick of of curve balls parting, and I was absolutely astonished by a most of what we received an Iraq reporting
was from exile sources or from opposition sources, and most of it was very vague. On the other hand, curveball reporting was vastly different than anything else than with seen specific as two people locations aid. Its production techniques. I remember thinking at the time as I was reading it human and talks doesn't get any better than this their worst. Small inconsistencies that Mclaughlin noticed like Her ball was using an outdated name for one of the places he claimed he'd worked, but that was small and explanations, for it were easy to imagine we? have any of the background of the sky, wouldn't know anything about as living conditions U S analyse were not allowed to interview him directly until long after the war we had a limited ability to check on the reporting. Meanwhile, the US military who is providing all the reporting said they had confidence in this reporting
and I we have no means to contradict that. If you just certain mindset, the income distance using curveball story could also be seen as proof. For instance, ball had very specific descriptions of the facility where the trucks were supposedly operating, but those descriptions didn't quite match existing evidence. Bob Drogon, and he said the trucks when in one entrance- and they came out of back Branson. They that's how they did their thing. As I say since satellite pictures up since Let's over the head, they satellite pictures and- and I said well, there's a wall here, so the trucks can't do and rather than say well historians false they said hi, the truck was this war was put up to trick the satellites and maybe there's a secret door in the wall that moves at night when the satellites are watching. With that kind of thing
an ironically, instead of just like many of clerks. looking for angels on the head of a pin there inability to find the trucks became proof that they must exist that showed how sinister and our diabolical Now Hussein was that he was hiding these things and they couldn't find them. There were other human sources who appeared to corroborate parts of curveball story. Civil engineer who defective in June two thousand one and in Iraq. the official who talked to the British in September, two thousand to both said they'd heard about the trucks There is another defector who showed up in two thousand to and claim that Iraq decided to create mobile labs and ninety ninety six, the CIA. I also had curveball story that it by technical, analyse at its weapons group known as wind pack, the debt, The director of that office was Andy Leap. Men, I now have the best job in all of girl for you. By the way I drive the train at the sober resume.
Fifteen bucks, an hour but only because they made me take the money maintenance. I am determined that what curveball was describing was possible. The trucks could make biological weapons or be W. he's your goes with phds microbiology in, I believe, whatever all they came back and said, yeah we think is viable consider their making no judgment on whether her voice again, human being or whether this is the best way to make me w, or whether it was sensible. There were just saying it would work and that's what you said when pack had been given a cup You have a cable from the Germans. It is. Karbala is out of control and unable to be located but again and held in sources weren't, always steady, clean living people and the cables. really come up for discussion beside There was another reason when pack back the curveball intel it confers.
with the intelligence community already believed things will agree. With your current assessed. when you weigh heavier than things that disagree with her. Is that so, boy come in said Iraq has no biological weapons. You guys are chasing a phantom and they actually gave it up, they All those inspectors were right. They have given up their programme. We would have probably taken out with a great assault. At that point, let says, see. I had been judging for more than a decade that Iraq had weapons capabilities, to rethink that assessment on the brink of war would have been ludicrous He told me I would have fired myself if, based on the information we had at the time, we changed a decades were the witnesses. Krupa story made it into the national intelligence estimate. That's a documented, the CIA prepared for Congress in just nineteen days.
And it wasn't just a curve all made it in his report was almost the entire basis for what that report set about Iraq's by weapons capabilities that they were greater than they ve been in the Gulf WAR The energy others came to that conclusion by guess how much material could fit into the trucks Corbeille described Bob drunken. They then multiplied that by the six other trucks had, he said he had heard about, but had never actually seen, and then they multiple all that, with the assumption that the trucks could run. Six months round the clock nonstop. no, why six months and that six weeks for six years I don't know the point was of course That it was your nonsense. Nothing in Iraq ran nonstop for six months, carbon seemed to vindicate all the worst fears of a resurgent iraqi weapons programme. In fact, american intelligence service curve.
mobile labs, confirmed far more than just the existence of biological weapons. The belief and cheerful story became so strong that people in the other programmes that worth looking at Saddam said well. Basically, if, if he has these biological weapons him Have these other things as well, even though the evidence hasn't changed, You could literally chart within their paperwork, where their assessment changed from low pay. mobility and pass the blame maybe and could have to high probability and nothing had changed other than they that the current moment, come in and made them reassess what they believed they already had, but they were cracks in the consensus on curveball other countries. Intelligence agencies had written to the Americans sang explicitly. The carbon should sign to being a liar, their warnings that came in from the CIA station Chief in Berlin
and also from the british saying you know, Real concerns here we dont think we ve got this. Why are you so sure- and they just sort of ignored all of that and then just keep pushing the story forward high I'm a meet, I'm a programme manager. Google right now lie people are looking for ways to learn new job skills, that's where we created Google career certificates line training programme for fast growing fields. Like I t support project management data, analytics user experience, design and more you don't need. Any power experience and can be Jobbery in about six months. So put yours goes to work, go to grow, dad Google slasher certificates I was born in LOS Alamos. My daddy was a nuclear on. I know,
don't need a microwave down from the inside out the whole thing. That's Margaret Hannah the CIA officer, who tried to flag the curb, whilst often Colin Powell speech. If I just met her, I wouldn't guess her first by comes across a good character who might be played by Jane Fonda in a movie directed by Nancy Myers. I'm sorry, you guys can I paused. So I can feed the animals yeah course. Excuse me one second, When the CIA recruited her hammock, was working in a research institute and Menlo Park, she was trying to say, at what weapons the Soviet Union might be developing and some guy walks up to me and he's wearing a raincoat, and he says to me Are you Margaret? I said I am, and he said, are you board and I was like great I'm at a classified test, location and some pervert in a raincoat finds me the story of my life. I was like bored with what any said your career and I thought
well, I might be so. I said I might be any handed me an envelope and he said Phil this out and mail, it in good bye and he laughed, and it was an application for that sort of fur, something unclear I got a call about two weeks later and they say. Can you come to a building for an interview and I thought okay, this has to be CIA. Who else would do this? not didn't fit the typical CIA profile. She was outspoken, which could be polarizing didn't love the people who dominated the place. She describes them as kind of Friday White guys, but being a little different worked for her mostly. She was encounter intelligence, which sounds exciting. Both in the agency, it wasn't all that prestigious, it was just. It was boring. It was he has me I happened to really like it, because I thought it was puzzling. It was putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I had kind of a you know nothing special career and
curveball along in late September? Two thousand to the does he started to kick the tyres on some sources they ve been using like carbon. An ox boss asked her to look into whether the curveball Intel made sense. I was too important actually do any work, so I got to go One of my one of the guys who worked for me was an old german hand and another as a young woman who is like really good at technology, so that if we needed to find documents- She would know what she was doing, as you guys know from this morning, having me that would have been like a goat grub. So I got the two of them and I said you're the words that I know we're. Looking for here's the general story, which is this guy given us a lot of information and we need the venom go find me the stuff and come back the first bigger Lag had ox team found, they didn't have access to any biographical information about curveball, which Sir well. I've had ox level should have had
no data on his background, his expertise, how it left a rock and when she got her hands on his file, there's no ever anyone on the american side have independently vetted curveball biography. I don't know that Anybody ever sat down with Kirby and said: where were you born? How many sisters do you have how many brothers do you have it? Where do your parents? Do you know what hospital were you born in? It was never in the records and that's part of my problems with a case started and the second big red flag, more, everything curveball said to Henock. It didn't pass a common sense test. Let's see, you are involved in a supersensitive weapons. Ram and yet they wipe you walk out of the country that something happened in places like Iraq, they kill you. Four Hannah. The picture wasn't adding up. She went on saying as much it didn't seem make a dent people than the
Does he continued to act like her information was reliable a couple months later around Christmas time, had joined a meeting about curveball. She told the group in no uncertain terms. The curveball didn't seem logical. The meeting that heated there's an analyse their from wind pack, the weapons center. Margaret told me, this analysed argued it is meaningful. The curveball knew just for the weapon sight was and she says: will that verifies that he's been there and I say well, no. Made. It may verified that he's been there, but he may also be the guy you delivers coax because there's a whole slower people to include the directors who go in and out of the CIA front lobby, but they ve never worked there there delivering soda their delivering groceries. We even Duncan downloads. It doesn't mean
me you work, there are have any idea what they do. The analysed also told hand on the curb scenario was plausible, and I so what do you mean plausible and she said well, we can find similar things on the internet. So you know genius that I am, I said. Well, how do you know that's not where he found it to Hannah. It seems obvious that curveball information was bad. Saddam Hussein may have weapons of mass destruction, but this guy don't know anything about it. If you're gone on his word, you're gonna be disappointed. I dont know what he has, but neither does curveball you get to be wrong, but when somebody says have you thought about this like that he got it off the internet, then you have to go. But if you're talking about sending people to die, you have to go back and check on Excel Male through a large group, it begins, although no one asked it is my assessment of that. Our and your shot by that the opening. Now
has a real tone to it. No one asked but the email goes on to say it is my assessed the colonel had some access to some of this information and was more forthcoming and cooperative when he needed resettlement assistance. Now that, not need it he's less helpful. Possibly because when he was being helpful, he was embellishing abet, daddy mail and the rest of headaches. Concern made it into the official two thousand five congressional postmortem unintelligence failures had not thought her email got through to people they may be, should stop the curb, thing until she heard President Bush's state of the union address in January We know that Iraq, in the late nineteenth nineties, has several mobile biological weapons lapse, These are designed to produce germ more for agents and can be moved from place to place to evade. spectres,
Saddam Hussein has not disclosed these facilities. He's given no evidence that he is destroyed them this as it turned out was just a warm up for Colin Powell. It was showing on ten by ten videos, grains Powell, explain for the world how Iraq is allegedly produce in biological weapons it up to seven different mobile labs source. was an eye. Witness an Iraqi, chemical engineer who supervise one of these facilities, actually was present during biological agents. Production runs. He was also at the sight when an accident occurred in nineteen ninety eight in late November, He doesn't do a team of weapons inspectors from the United Nations and heard a rock. It was the first
they ve been there since Indominus Hussein kick them out. For years earlier, the inspector searched a brewery, a dump hospital, an ice factory, nothing they didn't find evidence of weapons, just grain silos and chicken coops. So many checks groups that one weapons inspector made church for the whole group, they read ballistic Chicken Farm Inspection team in February, two thousand, three: three days after Powell speech inspectors arrived at a site: curveball had described still no weapons, that's inside the Eu S, after all the logic went, the Iraqis were liars. So why would a lack of weapons be evidence that there were no weapons? U S, invaded Iraq on March Twentieth, two dozen three at the White House, where's dinner in April, the deputy or of the CIA. John Mclaughlin was do the same tables. Colin Powell
oh and John Mclaughlin- were both gas of the lay times were Bob Dragoon worked drug It was also there that night and jobs performed a wonderful card trick that involve bringing a twenty or or hundred hundred dollar bill in or out of nowhere. Whatever was and Colin Powell watching and very tersely says now. find the weapons of mass destruction. Clear, he was felt, set up about it and was he laughing when he said that urge totalling totally serious, no He was totally series. I think he was very angry. He was my memories. He was his lips were person his face was not. It was not a joke and Moroccan said, or we will, we will by early May, to iraqi trucks turned up. Seem like they could have been. The trailers curveball was talking about. They didn't have bio weapons on them, but there were traces of ammonia and look. Maybe the Iraqis who tried to clean them up in a hurry and back in Germany, curveball
operated the discovery. George W Bush announced at the WMD had been found. We discovered by mobile biological laboratories. the very same laboratories it Colin Powell talked about at the United Nations the very same laboratories that were banned by the resolutions of the United Nations Bushes announcement, was premature. Other experts were brought in for a second. in these were not mobile. Biological weapons trucks, they weren't technically cape of making by weapons at all, these trucks were meant to produce hydrogen It is exactly what the Iraqis had told inspectors. They were for and the trace ammonia that have been found. It wasn't it. and for cleaning agent it was urine. Someone just took a leak in the trucks the mobile labs curveball described. Now. Showed up Knowed, IBM De wherever found all three of the other, a rocky sources who had backed her boss story, either recanted or straight applying.
In voting acknowledged today. A new report proves Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction the man who led the search for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction made official were started. Saddam Hussein had no chemical or biological weapons and no secret programmes to build but was a full on liar. But how do you figure out? to say two convinces interrogators that he knew what he was talking about. Well for one thing by the late nineties,. the Intel reports from the? U N weapons inspectors were available on the internet, plus the BNP gave ball, a chemical engineering handbook to help him communicate details better across the language barrier, They asked him leading questions any as a trained engineer, so we need how to answer them, especially with the help of a book. Criminals. Entire story was a hoax. It was a con. He was afraid
He just wanna data a visa. He wanted a Mercedes. He wanted a new life he wanted to live in Germany on we get out of Iraq. He was in all turned out a slob, a nobody. a refugee who told a few lies to get asylum and instead wound up hoping to start a war her ball later admitted that he'd made it all up in his telling he claimed wanted more than a visa. I had the chance to fabricate something to topple the regime he told the guardian into doesn't eleven. I and my sons are proud of that, and we are that we were the reason to give Iraq the margin of democracy. So was Her ball really an anti Saddam freedom fighter. It's not clear, hidden, a strange brother who worked for awkward child, be the Iraqi National Congress, but there's never been any proof that curveball was working with the iron see
the mobile labs worthy only WMD evidence, it turned out to be dead wrong in bushes. Two thousand. State of the union address. He claimed that Iraq had purchased a substance called yellow cake to make nuclear, Hence the british government has learned. The Saddam Hussein recently saw significant quantities of uranium from Africa. That was me. And discredited italian intelligence, a bad fortune paper showing the sale, George, and it had warned Bush off from that intelligence before, regardless the press it chose to use the information, but a tribute sourcing to british intelligence, colon had already refused to use to allocate stuff in his speech, but he did, talk about aluminum tube, as it could be used in centrifuges as proof that Iraq was restarting its nuclear programme Saddam Hussein is determined to get his hands on a nuclear bomb. He so determined that he has made repeat
covert attempts to acquire high thus aluminum tubes from eleven different countries, even after inspections resumed these tubes, our canoe old by the Nuclear suppliers Group, precisely because They can be used as centrifuges enriching uranium. The sea back to that assessment of the tubes but analysed at the end. G and state departments didn't think they were the right size for enriching uranium. Those analyse turned out to be right for her part. Hammock still gets mad that no one listened when she raise doubts about curveball, There were too many short cuts. There were too many people who want versed in the craft. There were too many people who were too eager to make their bosses happy. It was a goat, grope, ten and his deputy both deny. They were warned about curveball in advance, APOLLO speech american intelligence community screwed up badly in the lead up to the Iraq invasion, its.
These are blamed the war on that and that's what a lot of people who supported it now do but the CIA was responding to clear pressure from the administration to support a preordained conclusion bill Moroccan. It didn't seem strange to me, but my views of changed entirely. What we were doing was putting together and a presentation based on intolerance, reporting, certainly it's our function to do that for further national leadership, but the real Tension of the thing was to sell a policy of since become very sceptical about intelligence officials being involved in various decisions to sell policy a few years back after she decided to retire and our current into tenant in the parking lot, the CIA headquarters at Langley, and he said what do you want to do? And I said I think I wanna go onto the hill. I think I'm think About the hill any said: don't do it you'll hated and they'll hate you. I won't
and I'm sure he was right on both counts, but really the ladder and He said you know what you really have to do. Whatever you decide to do, you have to follow your heart. And I said now. I think I pretty much do that, and you said I wish I had next time and serving the near times. Miller and the blame game juries a force of nature. intense intense, intense the editors was gone out with my stories and always act. I bet it now Reporter describe it to me, as you know, that the horror films, trope on call is coming from within the house Slovakia is a production of sleep plus Slates membership programme. Sleigh plus members get bonus episodes of sulphur in every way.
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