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Introducing: The Flamethrowers

2021-09-08 | 🔗
The Flamethrowers captures the punch-you-in-the-mouth energy and sound of right-wing talk radio. Host Justin Ling takes us from the fringe preachers and conspiracy peddlers of the 1920s to the political firestorm that rages today. With humour and candour, Ling examines the appeal of broadcasters like Rush Limbaugh, who found a sleeping audience, radicalized it, and became an accidental kingmaker — culminating in the election of Donald Trump. More episodes are available at smarturl.it/theflamethrowers
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Our warehouses, our team settings- everyone truly has each other's backs. Together, we are serving customers in playing an important part in the economy and communities together. We're building great careers and lives. Just ask them. Many Europeans executives who started right here in our warehouses, uv as his hiring warehouse workers near you, starting and up to twenty four fifty four hour after bonuses, shifty routine shift, your pay shift. Your life apply a gps jobs. Dotcom slashed shift make the shift, make a difference This is a CBC podcast. The flame throw is a brand new series that tracks the rise of right wing, radio from fringe preachers and conspiracy. peddlers of the nineteen thirty's to the political firestorm that rages. Today hosted by award winning Reporter and pod castor, Justin Lang, it's the store we have how radio energized and then radicalized the conservative base, culminating with Donald Trump United.
Its president, who followed the conservative, talk radio playbook. All the way to the White House Now here's an excerpt of the flame, throwers then in nineteen, twenty nine, the stock market crashes, America tumbles into the great depression people are down and out there waiting waiting, unbreadlike. and children are going hungry in the street, and America was pissed off the bankers and the plutocrats only ever this rather than our young. They have got them into this mess. The ruling twenties at the upper classes had crashed into poverty and hunger for the working class. Oh you poor labour mamma. We have tried Taiwan. I gained you about can be more of our action
a guy I'll kill Congress begins but buying. Regulate Bob. You want money, Coughlan steps out of this affable preacher role he's now a conduit for a very real and very understandable anger. You want that all about you by it I lack you'll, take back as the voice of outrage. Coughlan becomes a sensation runway. I know the boys but pig radio public by boom boom the rate of briefing to one million in the name of guys. The movement
Other programme began before, but my group. However, today we might call cargo in a populist he's anti communist, but he's also anti capitalist. He supports unions, but not the more radical, auto workers union he's left of centre, but he's not that far left. Goblets audience is estimated at forty million. At that time. That's a third of America, limber at his height would only have about one one of Americans listening. There are these stories of referee, stopping youth football games just before three o clock on Sunday afternoons just so that the parents, coaches and players could get to a radio to here. Father coglan
money. What is by the way are solved. Donations are pouring into his church, so much so that, with all this new wealth, he built a twenty eight foot tall, stone, crucifix cobbling said it with a cross that the K K K could not burn Secretariat. That looked like big It must be ready to act for amending letter than a thing. We milburgh power it right up about MILAN Bourbon now about politics. This has been an excerpt of the flame throwers. You can listen to more right now on the CBC, Listen app and everywhere you get. Your pod casts for more CBC. Podcast go to sea BC, dossier, Slash podcast
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