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100 gecs - Money Machine

2020-05-20 | 🔗

100 gecs is a duo, made up of Laura Les and Dylan Brady. In 2016, they put out an EP called 100 gecs, and three years later, they released their first album, called 1000 gecs. It was named the Best Album of 2019 in Vice and in The New York Times. It was also on year-end lists in Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Stereogum and more. Dylan lives in Los Angeles, and Laura in Chicago—they work remotely, sending files back and forth to each other. In this episode, the two of them break down how they made the song "Money Machine."


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start hiring now with a seventy five dollars, sponsor job credit, to upgrade your job post at indeed dot com, slash song exploder. This offer is valid through March thirty, first good at indeed dot com, slash song exploder, to claim your seventy five dollar credit before March thirty, first, indeed, dot com, slash song, exploder terms and conditions apply, need to hire you need. Indeed, this episode contains explicit language. One hundred decks is a dual made up of law or less and Dylan breeding. in two thousand. Sixteen they put out an e p called one hundred gags and three years later, they released their first album called one thousand gex. It was named the best album of two thousand and nineteen invite and in the New York Times, was also on your and in rolling stone, Pitchfork Stereogum and more Dylan lives in LOS Angeles and Laura in Chicago they work remotely and send files back and forth to each other. In this episode
two of them breakdown how they made the song money. Machine the my name is Dylan my name- is Laura less of the band one hundred gex. We both produce both wrote the songs Dylan lives out in L, and I was just recording out of my bedroom in I go so we email the files I can forth know each other really well and reciprocal super close. The indian first met at Are you in sailors from we're in high school fees? after that we were like. Let's work on a project we would send. Songs are ideas and kind of just like talk. Music, occasionally probably took five or six years to do the first db. From
each other. We really liked what we had done for the eap. But we are both been doing our own things for a few years, we I had been planning on coming back to one hundred for a while and then we started doing these and craft festivals, Minecraft festivals. It's like a big server that multiple people, like thousands of people, can go into this designed online world as their avatar. It's like a real festival, layout, there's stages. There is booths. There's huge sculptures that you could walk around and interact with, but it's all online theirs- stages set up, so artists can perform virtually one of the people who runs that he had asked it'll. Do a sudden. I thought that was the perfect opportunity
You know, give Don and myself an excuse to start up the project. Again. That's when we made money machine, don't start in the project, that sound is founded, found it in logic, called Bro slide if you press it at the Lastly, that crazy TWAIN thing that's in some other than that. The contrast of their two like screaming base will be a sick anything. We both like really heavy shouldn't recently, both like coupon melodies, so LISA trembling together, just like
fun ear, candy, catchy moments in, like the context of more heavy shit, So just made this beat David s money machine. They look around like objects. Triumphant some sort of hint that a file name, must have been some money on the ground. I thought then Mental was a little bit, not mocking it was sarcastic. It was like in six thousand dollar fur coat into the most disgusting. are there. You can walk into the way the base feels when you're listening to it. It's like
winking at you and laughing at you. I was working sort of a shitty job, and after work, I would just come home at night and work on music deep into the light I just kind of sat down. with instrumental in phones on and started. mumbling into the microphone, but I had had a fight at work. I hadn't had a fight with another man later on. I was just fed up in general. I just wanted to take it out in some way I've, been watching a lot of king of the hill and I'm
instructed in my head a sort of Hank Hill Ass character to just absolutely break down Bobby. I didn't think I'd ever need to tell you this, but I would be a bad parent if I didn't soccer was invented by european ladies to keep them busy. While there has did the cooking right. Then I was needing to just absolutely decimate this. This man in my head. So I recorded the intro of the song. Just thinking of this emotion of fuck, you I'm flexing hero, piss baby, you think you're, so fucking, cool hot, you think you're. So fucking tough! You talk a lotta big, it's such a small truck. I was just kind of getting in that sort of inside of these people that I grown up with
like people in St Louis talking about their big trucks and riding around in there like huge, whatever seven fifties, I just thought Your truck. Isn't that big are a calm down. You have a tiny little truck. People have tried to I very crude meaning to that line. I swear. I was talking about a truck. I was thinking the most. You know. How can I destroy this person? I would make you fall in love with me and then I would break your heart. Look at those arms, your arms look so fucking cute. They look like little cigarettes. I thought I could smoke you. I can roast you and then you'd love and you text me. I love you man fucking goes do and then I actually wrote an entirely different hook for the song that was a little more direct
the very good. I just thought that it like didn't, have a lot of personality. It wasn't super catchy, so I did my stay up all night and try to think of a hook. Routine, Dylan labeled the track money machine. So I think that just Praise was in my head and new is a really good phrase. Beetles matter, don't just call it a number. I guess I kind of like morphed enter the idea of the chorus we both loved, auto tune.
People still do have a closed mind about using. Return on vehicles are especially the kind of our two and there we used its very in your face and very fast, and you know. I think that sir. I said you know you should open your mind to it. It lets me. Do things with my voice, but I can't do regularly doing vocal delivery a lot of times. You know I don't care about getting right on page. The first time is much more important to me about letting the emotion of the vocal out. So first I recorded my vocal just completely dry with the big boys come in with the pigs stuff, I feel so clean. I go an emotion, I am there's lots of little like
which slurs you know so that when the auto tune is on it, it has this cool effect to me of staircases with the big boys come in with the big stuff I feel so clean. I got an emotion which ugh since sharing is down my spine. We threw some distortion on a lot of the vocals. We just wanted it sound like huge and big and just flex as hard as we possibly could the police do this and if you're pitching the vocal by I can sing way higher than just lets me do some more
intense melodies. Then I would regularly be able to sing I understand that I'm not the best singer, but I sort of foreman myself into becoming a it singer. You know I'll use every trick in the book to get the call sounding how I want to get the idea out She sent back the intro and the hook, and I was like this freaking crazy and I just my verse. It's definitely wouldn't be complete without don't spin on it.
Tell me how to deal in China dies well before Saturday again on alone, he was like tell me what to do, he's on trying to go to bed for a second. I was thinking I was a kid: ing away, because we had been work on the set for so long and he was like get the fucking chorus over with and get it done. so it's definitely not like. I finished reverse I'm trying to go to bed. It's like fuck, I'm tired! As hell. We were just working like really hard on this ship and her party, so fucking good. I just wanted to like fuck it up. Dylan
Fires me a lot to not get lazy with writing. I think it's like a sort of healthy. Rivalry to me cause. I will come up with some line and then work off of it and he do then gray, and then I'm like wow, all mine sounds lazy. Now, so I have to go back and make it even better, and I think that's just sort of like ethos that we have when we're working is that we're just always building off of each other and just another and then he so great to work with after the mantra festival we went back and to accept bunch should there is like the little snare part right before the chorus, cakes and say It could you do better, it's just one snare. I just drew in a little MIDI pattern with it. Just automated the pitch band
on my sampler that I was playing the snare off of, I had a couple tracks of just like noise. Is that I have made one, I think, is a Spongebob clip, but it's just overly process to the point where it just sounds. Like a screech, I think it's plankton, and then dylan- and I have this specific noise that we accorded in my apartment recording the album we had a really like distorted, vocal track feeding from the other room speakers, there secondly, the weight of the internet. the I guess it and of late is the one final flex. Alright, we just
a great song. Now we're just going to absolutely berry get at the end with this noise, because fuck you the it's pop music. I want People do like air, but I wasn't very sure just because of a lot of the choices that we make, one we're making our music. I mean it. The fucking matter, Music is always sort of in a way that I can say when I need to say money machine brought out a feeling in me where I just wanted to let out some sort of aggression in the most fun. Possible way and now here's money machine by one hundred gaps in its entirety. Ah, ah, here up
You think it's a fucking cool. Why not just my job- and I myself- have you any more than you do
tell me what to do
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