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Andra Day - Forever Mine

2016-08-15 | 🔗

Singer/songwriter Andra Day put out her first record in August 2015. Since then, she’s been invited by the Obamas to perform at the White House on multiple occasions, and the record was nominated for a Grammy for Best R&B album. In this episode, Andra breaks down her song Forever Mine along with the track’s producer, Rob Kleiner.

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I feel like you're, taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital one. What's in your wine terms and conditions apply, find out more capital one dot com, slash auto navigator singer songwriter Andrew day put out her first record in august. Two thousand fifteen since then She's been invited by the obama's to perform at the white house on multiple occasions. Record was nominated for grammy for best aren't be up in this episode, and her breaks down her song forever mine, along with it ex producer rob kleiner he's a man it around. I am andrew day and a coral forever mine, I'm rob kleiner, I co wrote an produced the sun with it even before I and learned that I might be able to correct with andorra. There was kind of
school bus going on. She had just signed a warner and she was doing some showcases announced. While I hope I get to work with her and then you know lucky enough, it happened. Yeah they do It put us together for a reason. It sounded like a great musical fit a lot of work I had done before that was like soul, inspired and low better hip hop here. It was started. The mixer the one thing I want to was the mix of the old and the new so called I call let's do this I told her I m, like I love the flamingos and I love the song. I only have eyes My love so that was really sort of the prototype for it. It sounds like a liar. I only have eyes for you, but I want it I want it with a little bit of like you know like hip up. If you break down the flamingos track its this fifty is due.
Up thing, which, which has a lot of similarities to a lot of fifty, do up songs, especially that true but piano, and that's it poor thing that you know really here a lot in modern music says I forgot, Do something like that, The piano happens to be a mighty piano. One thing Do you get kidnapping a bedroom producers making immediate staff sound real end, especially when you're going for a leg of cool vintage, sound like that. I'm not a very good piano player, but the tree. ports so easy because they just kind of hang on sea and module a little bit so is able to with my very limited piano skills, keep the trip like going, and then I wrote the baseline with my left hand, which, later
he's playing on the basis of the piano. The baseline is like a upright base sample and then, like me, playing an actual based on top of that, so it's kind of both vacant real. sort of like nineties, sort of garage, tang, hiphop sounding johns You know a lot of those fifty style drumbeat. Our kind of like hip hop. Ask there not all that different. The thing them in this. I guess not. And to my ears, is especially these drums. They they have. This kind of Ample chewed up quality in their tone, it oops in this for bar fashion with these weird, factions in air
cutting in and out between the the heads and stuff. Like that, that's that's what really gives it. I guess this modern feel meyer, I think I had all. The entire track done by the time andrew beckett, You know at noon the next day and age for me and also my gosh its everything I imagined and wanted it to be. As us and I had the idle forever. Mine committees are obvious. Yeah and I was like bomb and with it look
ethically analytically andred came up with pretty much the rest of it outright with tons of lyrics, the matrix and listen. There's the challenge import from is actually to narrow down. What's the constant and what's the line united means that was actually really helpful be forever You know something really simple and let's just figure out from? There has been a chess. moves and losing, You know when I heard the title be forever mine asked the question: what does that mean to me and then it's you know something I never want to. Let go of like the one thing. If I lose everything what's the one saying that I want to hang on to, and it was my relationship with god, there is now dead. in my mind it was the love song to god, where I went from trying to find love in all these unhealthy places and then finally discovering this love. It made me feel hole, and so that's kind of the place that it came from that sort of healing relationship,
Do you know me? I'm super lucky to get to like some of the best vocalists on the planet, with andrea, its the vote. Reduction is hitting record and sitting back. That's about all, there is to it and if you notice, in the hooks of the song, there's no copy and paste, she sings each hook totally there on each one, which is up and running go to me also because our company pop songs art just cause. Feed pasted. I just want you to me I just want you to be to me: I think I might as well do that, because you know that you do on tape is utterly to beg you to take note of. Maybe you better get it right and you do
I, for me, it is changes in me music, as the song progresses. If it feels, I guess exciting to me as a listener united mean. So I think that's kind of where that came from as well you know we work on the verses for one? I think the last thing you wrote was the bridge: you know one m songwriter and producer recession. Really normal thing to do. Is you like a melodic idea, but you don't have the lyrics. Yet the lyrics can take quite a bit of time see you're thing a mumble just get the melody idea down here and I remember her mumbling. The bridge. I think something of delay. Southern I'm gonna, Eminem energy may them. By that I mean I was other went out of it. Man, over here and there, and I mean basically like my my exploded and leg
even now, that's like the greatest part of the song to me, as I read Jim will never seen ever give em. I had a vine and allow you answer mine. I get every while in the manner that Jordan back back every thy, you're gonna get leather. My whenever I can't I don't know either unless I'm alive as onto the river mine. In this part, I want the rap feel, but I can't wrap like if I tried around the time of my voice is just so like girl come on. This is that sesame street so I got a thing with whatever you know and so sorely. Ok, I have to write this in a way It feels like rapid you, I'm saying, because I love you, bob Ok, let me put references in their the lyrics art. I come back back back every time You got me shit like the mob when they rhyme that's the mob deeper
things, because I love about some shook ones by mobbed. He sounds like half laughed with this year. As multi faceted back back every day, you got me shit led them when they might come at a lower than those in my life that is under that we will ever mine. it's its report and its do up. And now here's forever mine by andrew day in its entirety.
these men and shares legume moves in those in place a man. It was me in a way that does not mean we land is not then again saying. Then they can you just want you to be too. We will never give up. My again, I know you as a man I got anywhere in the grand I get back. You damage that at the moment that is larger than it was then step.
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