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Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me

2016-11-30 | 🔗

Angel Olsen released her third album, My Woman, in September 2016. It’s been critically acclaimed, including Pitchfork’s Best New Music and NME’s best albums of the year. In this episode, Angel Olsen takes apart the song "Shut Up Kiss Me." She breaks down how she recorded it live in the studio with her band, and how she tried things with her voice that she’d never done before.


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What are you trying to work through a creative problem or danced your favorites on starbucks by energy. Drink is available online, a grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations nationwide. This it contains explicit language, angels and release her third album. My woman in september, two thousand sixteen has been chris clear claimed, including pitchforks best new music and enemies best outcomes of the year, and this up angels and takes a part. The song shut up kiss coming up she breaks down how she recorded live in the studio with her bed and how she tried things with her voice that should never done before. I am angels in
The first song in a long time that I had spent a lot of time trying to write to six symbol. Guitar part, four, when I first envision. Did I thought of it s like more fish. These last four along on time. Our practice it and kind of reflect on it. It s much more valid kind of of, but. aid wrote the words, and I thought this could go in a totally different direction and be something really kind of tongue in cheek a little bit more, have a little bit more energy to it. I don't know what it is. I just saying it differently. One day shut up It's me old maids,. Israel needs it sort of tongue in cheek, and Kind of kind of mean kind of jelly, but also egg. I care about you anger is funny when you're not in it, but sometimes you
just get in the heat of, and sometimes things come out and I started this tried to refund like what I would say next to the person that I was mad at lake. Even if the walk around us. I think you're right, it feel welcome around as though you think you are right and I feel I have said that two friends, you know, and people in my life and people have said that to me, like stepping that way come on, There's a line in the second first were unlike stop pretending, I'm not there when its clear, I'm not going anywhere stuff Certainly not. I'm not going anywhere. I don t know Mr opens obey even if I'm out of sight take another look around I dont, oh yeah, I'm gone a lot, so so it seems pretty. Accurate to my life, I'm not afraid to say
that's my writing is me, but I will say like can not every time I mean a video. Am I being myself, but there are elements of myself in it. I thought I would make something that's live, because I've been working with my band for quite a long time, and I want to make something that captures us getting lost in playing. So we rehearsed six to eight hours a day. It was insane we Hearst, so much that I injured my arm playing guitar and realized. My doktor was telling me that I've been playing guitar the wrong way. So had the wearer bray sunlike really take it easy. Instead of extremism. Extremely hard? Sometimes I'm just like I just Take it easy but wasn't loud enough, so we had to record over it, and so There's a little makes us both me and Stuart. We ve played it lived
So I'm in a room with an acoustic electric there's, a big risk. With a glass window, and I can Everyone stir it. Right and he's playing sort if solo and then sir says playing on the left. And then Emily's plank base Josh's raindrops, he sort of bandleader a lot of ways like if I have trouble describing something that I want, and I I can't find the right words for you now he has this way of sword taking over me like think what she means is this, and I will talk about it
the drums were staying the same for the most part throughout the whole song, and we were all thinking. Maybe it'd, be nice to mix up the drum parts so for power since the end of the song. We added this new beat, He's very good at adding stuff minimally and still showing his sense of taste. So who is really important for me to go over parts with him for us because he would be creating a backbone for the socks and we bought heads a lot. We have different ideas, indifferent aesthetics fur, certain things, but I like the rhythm of that. Sir, He uses slight alot. And he's got really really great town which people underestimate all the time so
that part at the end, so I wrote the line and I shared it with the van and I was like I don't know if I'm allowed to say shit solo but as like here's, shit sailor laughed at me in there like yeah, I mean so cool lines you go over and I was like it's a little ready and then stir it was like now. I kind of like using skype roy now- and I was like okay well, but we ended up hang together. He would start off playing it with me and then do a different risk. Sort of circling around it. and the in the recording alone could on here, but it adds this site extra, progressive texture.
That was a nod to Billy I'm gonna have to manage change gear, just passed away and for me Recording is a magical thing that encapsulates time, for This record, I wanted to sing more and use my voice in different ways. I was like a man I need to figure out how to just like, oh geez, sing out more like wordless singing because words matter so much to me and my music. I feel
like in some ways it kept me from letting go in and singing out more when I know that I can, and so that was so, of my attempts to show that it could or to show myself that I could it's definitely like ok. Now I'm just yelling kyle, like theatrical away I think it was a big step for me to make such a sort of be myself often to be ok with changing in allowing my voice to open up and being okay, if it's a little out of tune in some parts and then to use my voice says an instrument in different ways. I have solitude when we're in the studio that, if I can perform well on paper and recording studio than what's the point of, trying to like over think it when I look back at the lyrics,
I have to laugh at myself a little. It is kind of funny song. It could be a love song. I mean, The people who love the most will make you the most angry. They just know how do they really good at it. and now here shut up kiss me by angel olsen in its entirety. This Thank you
still stone dead.
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