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Arcade Fire - Put Your Money On Me

2018-04-25 | 🔗

Arcade Fire is a Grammy-winning six-piece band originally from Montreal. They’ve released five albums, and the last three have all debuted at number one on the charts. In this episode, singer Win Butler takes apart "Put Your Money On Me," from their 2017 album Everything Now. He breaks down how the influence of Marvin Gaye, Harry Nilsson, and ABBA all helped shape how the song eventually turned out. You’ll hear the original demo, and an alternate version of the song that was never finished. The story begins when Win and his wife and bandmate Régine Chassagne moved to New Orleans.


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we built a new studio in new orleans, which I've kind of begun to recognize as part of the process of making a record, we always end up kind of putting a new studio together and somehow in making the space there's this kind of period, where just plugging things in and seeing how they work, and you accidentally end up writing a bunch of music and so tour where we played these small venues and played all new material, and then I would usually dj after and I just had so much fun Scott and ate away from machine and images the plug in and just got really excited about how it sounded. We did. tour where we play these small venues and played all new material, and then I will usually dj after and I had so much fun the thing was really interesting was I found it really for me. There listen to allow more music and then listen to it really loud and really big pierre, which is something I wasn't doing them. Day to day life like sexual helium,
first time. I heard that in a real club system it was like what that's what that sounds like the there's, a little bit of guitar, but the backing track is just nato a drum machine. The drums on that song sounds so good, and so I was realising that you could do that without instrument. We have this sent called cs eighty, which is just a beautiful archaic piece of hardware, its most famous the blade runner soundtrack. You can hear
in the demo. I was just kind of playing the bass loop on one hand and then there's this high. Can I delete you to do the sound that I was making just by pulling the slider like adding harmonics to the baseline, so it was all basically just one track. It's a beautiful sound, but it's really out of tune if you've ever tried to add any other instruments like by itself. It's perfect him and it was like well no other instruments can be in sight, so
We ended up kind of recreating that using three cents to make the sound that had been coming out at once yesterday, ooh the sounds they kind of like little bleep. The bleep boop boop, boop kind of made me think of like a casino regime- and I were hanging out- and we went down to the harris casino in new orleans, indus recorded a bunch of slot machines, cashing out and we're little leaps in bloopers and kind ambient zounds It's an iphone, recording the casino I was born in northern california. Continuity. We like right in the boardroom, the my mom and dad early life spent a lot of time and is really burned out. Nevada towns, I remember being a little kid and be in this crazy
casino hearing: machines and there's something really matter, Go about. That sounds a little kid. Just it's one, first times been aware of sound. It sounded so crazy, and so I had this real deep I'll. Do it association with that feeling that sound? I kind of somewhere between sadness and joy. We just recorded a bunch of slot machines and ended up putting out on top of the demo. and then all of a sudden interest had this kind of magic, other worldly feeling right and after we did the field recording and put it on, I remember going outside and prima. She just wrote all the lyrics very, very fast. The feeling, in the sun was evoking, was kind of this burned out
I am a casino world and so I was sort of channeling. Just at and one of those casinos and might stepping up to the mike sure You know I back tat. We have. People playing slot machines and bring and drinks to people on singing. In that context, we need it like love song, from the perspective of someone who has been, through a lot There was a raise screw. You started oh you were born, above the coon, from sky clouds made of ambient so carpets in the basement of Heaven
my mom is mormon. I grab woman church and When europe and sunday school there be these ideas of what heavens liking. It always seems so strange to me. You know like as a kid. He's trying to picture when that actually was something It was like a little bit of that and there are two trumpets: the angels call for my head to the quaint. When did you wanna know, who'll be there in the end when bury me baby be your friend the regional demo, really sound a great battle they didn't really sound, like our arcade, far song We tried to like work just with that and it didn't. There is too much information there already for the ban to really inhabited and make it its own thing and so We decided you a couple shows in europe just take coming at the blood flowing a little bit. We can
instinct. They will be good for us to remember what we're doing just fine my music, so he a couple shows and then, at the end we went to paris for two weeks with tomorrow tomorrow, as one half of death punk and death punkahs, this amazing studio in paris site one of the last vintage seventies analogue studios. So we look these two weeks and we worked on, but your money on me again, you think, thomas. I go about electronic easy, I don't actually really like electronic music and he's very like academic and very like deep and philosophical, and I think it was fun for him just to help us try to get clear on what we wanted to accomplish with sound. He was really put ass to try to translate it figure out how it makes. And so the band sort of like
like a hearing nielsen everybody's talking to me about it, which, like on paper kind of sense for the song and so there's a whole version of it that much more like a classic country sort of vine. We, pretty far like we worked on a lot, but it just wasn't right in econo was not happening like the song wasn't going to make the record it's like, oh well, we couldn't just wasn't right now what that song
The was not happening like the song. Wasn't gonna make the record it like. Oh well, we couldn't that one and were kind of dawn were the studio b of maybe half a day laughed after two weeks and regime, really insistence like we gotta play put your money on me again, and so he went back to the original them off. We're like that's the feel we don't need to reinvent the wheel like that's how goes down and that have been the term. For the song, but, is reducing like what's the simplest thing you can do instead of like bang in the. However, what's the most minimal thing you can possibly do german aeroplanes drums and theirs is currently growing high hat thing, which germany was plain and instead of having him do that I had him play just the one note and we got them When tape delay, which coming of gives this more electronic commerce wilt anyway
do reducing like. What's the simplest thing you can do instead of like being in the, however, was the most minimal thing you can possibly you will's the sort of player that he usually will come up with his idea like pretty much right out of the gate and then the rest of us take like a year to figure it out and will like. But I did my part a year ago, richard time we jan on the song with a band. My brother will played like this little sent hook from I'm, and is like that. We're just became the part, will's the sort of player that he usually will come up with his idea like pretty much right out of the gate and then the rest of us take like a year to figure it out and will like, but I did my part a year ago richard Red perry plays guitar, richard is like a merry atmospheric player. He was
on into the casino sounds, I give you open. Those two tracks sounds as part of the same universe The whole thing is gonna, building to the corral like they're, really full on candice go singing part sing. It you molly oh you're money on me. I know it's not the last time tat morning, Ah me regime, Really had a vision on the harmony for the song in its very classic abba syrup vocal harmonies put money on ninety of the time but kind of pretty.
But this futuristic landscape of the song there's a little bit about android singing abba part no it kind of drives the song forward. No, it's not the last time the sea use this kind of nashville guitar tunisia, which is really take just a high strains of a twelve string and we ended up really pushing on a lot in the corral and its super essential you can't of drives song forward. You know it's not the less time money. No then, there's pedal steel, the
recorded that normal new orleans with Daniel. Why? Who is in town for Jas fast and he came by the studio? echo- has a system where she has a sampler. So he can play a note and hid it in it'll. Just hold forever. So people winning, but most people are losing. So it's like, even in the victory there's like one table over someone's just lost their house, is very kind assai fine sounding version of a pedestal. her watching my grandpa albino play the pedal seal guitar in lake tahoe at Harrah's casino, whenever you're in a casino, it's very melancholy cause. There's people went in the most people are losing seventh, like even in the victory there's like one table over someone's just lost their house. Third is, doing something they should be doing so really a nod to the whole emotional atmosphere of the whole thing it ends,
better than I could, I hoped it, The thing that happened, sometimes when there's something really cool demo and you get stuck on the demo and that's what's hard about making records. Is that it's half lightning in a bottle that if you missed it, it's gone and sorry that you weren't paying attention and then ass, designed this meticulous thing that can take years to figure out There's always something magic in there that you're chasing, and this an example. Where are we you are kind of suffering from that, but through push through it, and then I'm going somewhere a lot more interesting. I think and now here's put your money on me by arcade fire in its entirety,
we started clouds carbon since these stones, ass, we
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