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Garbage - Felt

2014-05-15 | 🔗

The band Garbage formed in 1994 when three guys from Madison Wisconsin — Butch Vig, Steve Marker, and Duke Erikson, met Scottish singer Shirley Manson. Twenty years later, they've sold over 17 million records worldwide. In this episode, we'll get a view inside their 2012 song "Felt" from the album "Not Your Kind of People." Butch Vig, who is also a legendary producer behind some of the most influential albums of all time like Nevermind by Nirvana, Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins, Dirty by Sonic Youth, and countless others, spoke to me from his home studio in Los Angeles. I also interviewed Shirley Manson separately to get her insight on how the song was made. Plus some thoughts from their longtime engineer and now co-producer Billy Bush.

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who is also a legendary producer behind some of the most influential albums of all time, like nevermind, by nirvana siamese dream by smashing pumpkins dirty by sonic youth, Countless others spoke to me from his home studio in LOS angeles. I also if you truly manson separately, to get her inside on how the song was made possible. that's from their long term engineer and now, co producer, billy bush. This is felt by god, Which, on song exploder the I my name's, butch vig. I am producer adam also that drummer in garbage I play lobbies miss but primarily drums we're not just defined to one role. We get to play loud, different instruments in its way, things, it's cool about being in the ban. The track is one
the simpler songs on the record. The song started with a very simple, really kind of a drone and ie. I came up with this. The initial rough and It doesn't really have, of course, had just certain. Has this turnaround that do can steve came up with an grungy sounded so almost like a bull Whose progression in away casa de sloops that main riff and then it has to turn around, and it goes back in the main risk is, I remember, the initial guitar that was recorded was kind of a scratch guitar em. We didn't think about
Too much so it sounds kind of low fi in a good way. Allow temple Record something really quick thinking I am thinking I will go back and get a quarter quote better sound later, and then we fall in love with it and leave it relatively quickly. Surely came up with an idea for somebody course. I think she more than anyone really thought it should have sort of a shoe gazer vibe to really saturated guitars m dreamy. ethereal sounding vocals while he's been very generous, but I did have an idea for how I wanted the song to sound for sure
My name is surely Manson and I'm the lead singer of garbage the band. I wanted it to some basically like the cocoa twins. If the truth be told her, what am I all time? Favorite banks, there are touchstone bond for me, I'm lucky, you know, because my husband, as an engineer, so I can like shop, ideas day whenever I see fit really the animals shove something on this. So it sounds like the cocteau twins. As I put up a couple reverbs and she's, like I said and she's saying it, bush producer, engineer and mixer the scratch rubble We did that day were the ones that ended up on the roof it's so you felt something fast
It was a she wanted it to sound huge, dreamy in a cereal in her headphones. When she saying it, she just said: I'm not going to get the right vibes unless you kind of get the sean that we're going for it, and I think that helped her get the vibin A lot of the vehicles on garbage records our process, but very rarely ever with any reverb, which is not really much of a fan of river sometimes there are too many cooks in the kitchen, but I think we're. pretty aware of who has a good eye At the time- and let them run with it whether to me or do christina, surely in and sometimes sir, if someone a vision. The other three of us want to see Take a backseat in follow that person to try out an idea or an arrangement whatever it is until we sort of get to a point where either works or no intent to it in the case
felt I think it's a little but a typical for garbage because it is simple in the sun- came together really quickly. Most of our songs have a difficult birth, it might say. with a vibe in there. We try a lotta different things. We experimental lot and we record a lot of different ideas and sometimes argue about those until we get to a point where all this can agree on the song, but more I often than not our songs are a fairly messy, complicated affair and and felt came together very quickly. I had been sitting in my bedroom thinking. I wonder what happened to lawrence from the band felt the earlier on. I'd been stalking lawrence on the internet. Answer the word felt was in my brain and also I had an experience that day for a friend of mine who had been
written me about making decisions based solely on my feelings, which are, as you can imagine, pretty strong one way or another always soon. I'm just ruled by my feelings, and she was insisting that I switch my feelings, often use my logic use. My brain, I thought, was a really powerful statement, and so I guess all these ideas and thoughts were in my brain when the instrumental came through that day- and I came up with a melody and the words triptych at the same time was really super easy. I what all songs. Were that simple a lot of the drums I recorded on your kind of people, I did in the down here outside my little homes, studio which primarily where I watch football games on sundays? It's not real. studios. You can see it, sir, just four walls of dry wall, but we have a seat. weapon in garbage? We have these old Add your meyer compressors thinker, solid stew, it may sound pretty weird
in a cool way? They get the story quickly. I have billy has one and we have a tendency to run the drama through them quite a bit and get a little bit of that and predictable quality in there. In the way the drum sound and, as suzy ran through the roger meyer, just completely sort of shreds a little bit and pushes the volume up on it. You can really hear the overhead room. Mics cranking up Saturate input is good at a time I can press it. Eddie q run it through the roger Meyer. It no longer sounds like I recorded the drums in my den. It sounds like it's going to some other worldly space. We mean a conscious effort to start not your kind of people the marble loki manner when we first
start writing songs. No one knew even getting together. We didn't want to go into a full rock studio and in a block it out for three or four or five months at a time we wanted. Let's get some ideas quickly. Em and there's no overhead rest a hanger. We can open a bottle of wine to sort of plugin instruments and jam and see what comes out of it. funny, the very first garbage record, we did a lot of the song. Ideas came from Steve's basement and we had a little eight track. A dat that we were jamming down in a mat computer, so we could do some loops and things and we probably spent three or four months stair, coming up with song ideas before we actually went into smart studios and Steven. I own smart and duke worked there a lot as an engineer and producer, and we could just got in there, but we decided. Let's go super loki, no pressure and it works. I think when we started not your kind of people, we want to go back to that kind of low key guerrilla style. If you will and not worry so much about
Ok, we're going into the recording studio today. Let's hopefully get our shit together it's funny. I don't really think of myself these days is having to need a real recording studio to get a good sound. There was a time My guess when I start making a lot of iraq record Sir, with nirvana the pumpkins, and I felt like you get. being the best studio you can get any. I want to have a neve or in a p I console or whatever it is, but I don't really feel that way. Now. I think you can get a mi his in silence with whatever you're, given whatever your limitations are, whether to world class studio or whether it recording in your garage you, your basement. We had just in melville johnson commitment play base and this track, whose an incredible based player we love working. because he's got a great vibe he's funny. He always has really good ideas and quick do can see play bass, but not as good as justin. We might write the part between us
in the band, but it's always better to get some underway. No sir instrument just inflated will turn around at the end of each verse. where he just swings. The notes a little bit the because the song is so simple and repetitive little changes like that and the base sort of help really define the arrangement. When I first started in garbage, I was very fearful and I didn't have a lot of confidence and I felt really intimidated by their reputation. And so I will do my best to be prepared for when I say the studio on one hand that's great, be prepared, but also, I think it can be very restrictive way of working and being creative, because I'm, one idea, and it would matter to me whether I sold the idea and if I didn't, sell the idea to them. I'd be really gutted and feel like a failure and I was a writer
I understand it's like playing. You know there. There must be a million ways to play the scene. So here's one way. Here is another, and I genuinely thank him nor us married to an idea I used to be and, as a result, its use start having more ideas. The lace, marriage, you aren't ideas, the more you have gives you confidence, because you know that no matter wore a microphone can go up in front of you. Somebody can play a piece of music and you can come up with something, but I never believed that before when I first started with garbage belief in that, but now I'm older, I feel like the studio, should be playful and should be fun to me If you're gonna write a shoe gazer song, you gotta, have a lot of fuzzy's actuated guitars. It's gotta be wall of sound the
the primary goal on this once shirl came up with the idea for the voters is duke and steve you. They needed a record kind of a full spectrum. thomas has allowed a guitar tracks. Are we lay down here and after each verse and course, at your saying, duped as a subtle turn around with a guitar, you're a bit out of tune here and there I think tarzan, slightly attitude and the song or ok because If everything is perfectly in pitch, it sounds clean and part of that sort of saturated sound in wall of sound- is that everything is slightly out of tune just ever so slightly, and that gives it a much wider. Can a wash you sound. This is one of my favorite things. Shirl just did this crazy ad at the end of nanoscience and we love them left it in
I know. I know you can hear the vote well mike as historian little bitch. He was really lean into it. I think you can hear it's a handheld mic too, so that may that might have been the first pass. She did where she just used a handheld mic as she ran through the song. That sounds like garbage, because I hear shirley's voice on it and were abandoned lucky. In that way, we can cannot do anything sonically and once you put her voice on it, it sounds like garbage. The loser. I wanted What was something different and I was like what would susie do because I was so obsessed with susie at that particular I mean I've always been obsesses issues be knocked again at a massive touchstone. For me, she was the fur. It's rock star, I fell in love with like genuinely and I'd been listening to a lot of her records at the time of making the last record a couple of years ago. No manasseh
I visited in this part because I wanted something aggressive, because the whole soul had been so dreamy and I thought The unexpected have something a little more weird. And I came up the lula laws and on them my husband for this weird effect on it and it just signed it. Cool fuck my mind like christened, like susie: let's keep it in Well my absolute favorite susan banshee, songs, clay obscure. It's called drop dead celebration I used to play. Non stop. When I was a kid thanks, Boston me. If I get sued by susie, I will come to you. I remember we mix in their record and also interruption. My car, this is one of my favorite tracks. I would nowadays crank in its dunbar driving down. No one will wonder or whatever, because I just I just love the vibe on it
As I said, I don't even know exact. it surely singing and although lyrics, but it doesn't matter because I love the song, I think when you bond. The alchemy that exists between members of the band is in voluble and misunderstood by the public and underestimated in general. You know because tiny things that get included become huge. People don't really understand bands, they don't know how they work. They don't know how their balance the balance is. So and again, I know that you know this is magic and now here's
felt by garbage in its entirety, visits
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