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Hans Zimmer - Dune

2021-11-17 | 🔗

The movie Dune was released on October 21. It's the most recent adaptation of Frank Herbert's epic science fiction novel from 1965. The film was directed by Denis Villeneuve, and the score was written by Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer. Hans Zimmer has scored over 200 films, been nominated for Oscars eleven times. He and Denis Villeneuve first worked together on the film Blade Runner 2049. Dune tells the story of the Atreides family as they relocate from their home world to the desert planet Arrakis. When Hans Zimmer first started working on the music, he made what he calls a "sketchbook" – creating motifs and themes that might occur in the film. And in this episode, he takes us through the first sketch he did for Dune. It’s called "Paul's Dream."

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he and an evil. First worked together on the film. Blade runner, two thousand forty nine, dune tells the story of the tradies family as they relocate to the desert planet of a raucous. When HANS Zimmer first started working on the music he made. He calls a sketchbook creating motifs and themes that might occur in the film. in this episode. He takes us through the first sketch that he did for dude, it's called Will stream was handsomer, I'm a film composure, and that was the job I had on Denny Knives dune.
We have a mutual friend. Our editor to Walker Joe, and I we go back. We worked for the BBC in nineteen eighty eight, It started out as a composer, and I think that's an important part to know, because he cuts in a music away. I remember funding up and going where little stuck on this project twenty forty, nine and any must somewhere in that time. That Dundee said the word dune to me to lifetime star I really HANS Zimmer. First, read dune when he was thirteen years old forward, go! May, yes, they Denise quietly want evening. Asking me if I had ever heard of a book called, do and me sort of freaking out at him going But you don't understand when I was a teenager. I make my own movie in my head
the things I never did, I never watched the David Lynch version. I never watched television version because I had all these images burn. Into my head- and I didn't want them to get extinguished blunted- are disturbed anyway, knowing Dundee unto me being a friend held very safe to go, and this happened together. You're, not usually you have discussions about ideas, you say you know here. I have this idea of what do you think, but with the it but kept happening was that she would start and I could finish it I would start a sentence and he could finish it and it was like. We had always have but I'd seen the movie on parallel tracks ever about. What's the creative approach to music was more about. What's the philosophical underpinning of the story.
It's very much like a teenager, dreaming you dreams seem to have a profound meaning, and sometimes some of that meaning becomes the truth but better off dead, meaning it's just random noise. I'm very I'm narrator to your life or even to your own subconscious. The piece. I send you a it's the original demo, but it's just called Paul stream sketchbook is how I go about figuring out. The architecture of the whole thing I saw a sketchbook gives you all the motives, gives you all the sounds that gives you everything and then, from that it becomes the score. I particular the idea partly was that it's a boy
I, the dreams of the desert, he's not at the desert. Yet. The first thing I put down was sent spell plunk, which has nothing to do with anything. It's just you gotta start somewhere my conceptual thing is, I know what tempos who likes working when he's editing. I know, but tempos they mean likes because an unhurried miss about as filmmaking, making. There's a deep sense of letting you experience. The image fully experience of performers fully, so nothing develops at like a lightning speed, so picking the tempest, probably partly knowing the people you're working with hmm, the little quarter notes at the beginning and that low can off
let alone droning thingy their safe. places to start up to me. This is like a signature. Hans Zimmer sound. Do you think of it that way, yeah and at the same time, every movie I make them. I make new ones but they're, not that different from each other the loss of tibetan Tibetan writes look. I can sing it as part of my register. I love the idea of that innocent Little Temple Bell ringing, top and then of these of monks at the bottom, hmm, I need to go, find some familiar ground. to calm myself down because Here's the thing,
enormous, the ambitious project making this movie and sort of childhood dream, so the lad- thing I said to the need before he went off to shoot the movie, I say just looked attempts of study. I said to me just one thing: don't fuck it up but then he came back and it was the same thing now. The responsibility had shifted onto my shoulders, About us, suddenly- and I agreed on bus that even though, book seems on the surface to be about all these very it's heroes really the women that are the power that drives the story forward and the dry fate destiny of everybody forward, so scores should be
relying heavily on the female voice, you have such a you- have Suzanne waters, you have a dilemma: Bonica and then the great Luar Cutler lead and those are really the choir if our hero is Paul and his mother Jessica, and she actually is not in a scene I stole always kept like an echo off a female voice going just to just maintain that.
It felt like the desert to me the book is tinged with middle eastern themes, but first of all, in multitudes of cultural imperialism, where I was going to go and sunny rip off every creature that you find and Middle EAST the music not did. I want to root the thing that firmly in the Middle EAST really not the point, the point as it's on the plane, a raucous set in the future, there should be. Thus the and maybe some the Middle EAST, but maybe it's not
John Williams, s to me the most masterful composer we have and but of the best masterful cause he's ever written by star wars you're thirteen year old and you're, precocious and you're. You know you're full of hubris and a little arrogant, and you start thinking all these crazy things. You know and I'm sitting that I'm going in a gallery see far far away. Why am I hearing strings? Why am I hearing french hearts should not be completely different, sounds and truly no insult the to the pleasure finds that I got out of listening to star wars and how that is a perfect score for that movie, but I always If my mind was the thought that there should be different, sound and the only sound that should remain our galaxy far far away and in time and space,
We wish you were wise. Then again, it's this idea that the woman's voice spring in your ear, something some secret. You'll, never know what the secret is One day I got a sort of amazing back from LISA that just became like let it be underbelly these are derived from dead, can dance, Elisa derived from Gladiator I tried to make everything tension basically holding your breath through the stream, and then that comes to us, obvious card that will Did you to something else? You just know its building to have something
we're now in the meat off June It's of extraordinary recessions like Tina, go and Guthrie govern and Pedro used us and they can things that other people can't do. But today
ancient armenian instrument and I keep thinking if it's ancient it'll hold its value into the future. It'll be something that you can pick up and ten thousand years and it will still be relevant, such a sheep Pedro playing to different two dogs, one and one key in one another case, because the Tunis, just outside its rage, hmm hmm. hmm, what and folk music, as is that a deal of everybody is playing the same tune at the same time, but that all interpreted it slightly differently Tina girl, who is very polite,
wonderful human beings, and then she picks up her child on the way she picks up a channel. It's on It's like a sword. Cello. So it can become anything. I wanted to become We should place, I mean that's, not how you're supposed to play a channel and that's a I, you got Guthrie govern host, one of the world's finest guitar players. yeah,
and you suddenly me realize I on a second, there is a rock band playing the me and myself. It was teenagers, reading this book and we were listening to pink Floyd. We were listening to guitar music and so the idea of some weird rock opera must so far removed from our thoughts Many people have tried to make this movie and to people who have been there differential end
in this one. Monsieur de rough sky, ALA, one hundred or ascii, was a visionary director who tried to make an adaptation of dune in the mid nineteen seventies, but the project ran everybody budget and was never finished, but of course, There was too high pink flights to do the music, so the trailers, you know just to honor your I was scared. The whole thing we actually used eclipse from dark side of the moon and the other person that was important to me was Klaus. Salsa, you know, is merely one of the pioneers of electronic music and he actually wrote an album called dune. But in a nother album called x, he wrote a track called Frank Herbert I thought it was appropriate to do a little bit of castles. The type pink Floyd type Electronic and sequences repeating ostinato. we're now in the real theme for the planet,
the one Paul's family arrives Do you know my rockets like all Noble House, you'll need a fanfare. You need somebody to held the arrival and you know you suddenly see a bag. Pie pie in a shot- but the first Bagpipes you here in the movie on Bagpipes at all, as actually Guthrie, imitating it on guitar by the time She came to putting everything down, I wasn't in my studio. I was at home and covert lockdown, so this whole house was down in my sitting room my team.
turn it into a studio in its right next to my daughter spent room, so she will tell everybody that she suffers from bagpipe PTSD because it might be at five hundred and thirty in the morning and I'm still blasting away in the whole house is faking for debate. The shops in the movie that he saw when he was reading the book as a teenager, and their sound some gesture, some ideas. That I heard in my head when I was a teenager, a crazy drum phrase, which is called whereby of the Santa Cruz
is it down to that. You will break your ankles, but I always had this idea that in a rhythm develops rhythm moves forward and maybe as we evolve, there are rhythms which we've never heard before that we, we certainly find interesting, the quite a bit of this thus based on this really inhuman pattern of drumbeats which are, by the way, completely centre sized. The there's a piece of school. That law really grabs, and I made sings full out and as a commitment to each note, which is why we have. Terrified? The texts, especially she would being to commit
to expose our soul that way to be that of data about their say the same tune at the beginning. Now, but now it's the warrior princess singing at units and laugh truly, is for me the warrior woman the whole dictionary that was written for this language, but have as I did, what every good rock musician does. I ignored what the words mean and I just picked. The words word: support single well the professor of linguistic, suspend month months months. Writing this language is properly quietly horrified by what I did. But the point isn't that yes person to stand the words you understand somebody.
telling you something important and I don't know how you feel, but I mean when I hear Lula grab. Those notes and those birds feel I'm understanding that she's telling me story of the I'm doing covid and I have a fabulous photo of Laura in her clothes covered. With all her coats hanging above her head and she's sitting on the floor and she's got a microphone in front of her, and so this piece, which feels like it's being sung across an endless landscape of a desert and bouncing off the rock soft mountains etc, was all done in a closet in Brooklyn
yeah. I'm a great believer in that music should always let you know that you can have an experience, but never tell you what the experienced ass. It just says to you. Come along take you on a journey and we'll be different, The you never know anything until you play it to your partner. in your director the new was in Montreal. I was in LOS Angeles, but Dundee went.
That said, that is the thing that I've been hearing in my head right with the approach to the movie, not with the hindsight of grown men in their middle age, not with the wisdom of time gone by and all the other stuff we've done, but somehow we had the recklessness and the sense of experimentation and the sense of fearlessness and remember a big message of the book. As you know, fear is the mind killer. I shall not fail. You know. There's this to a teenage boy was very impulse, so this is the school that I would have threatened as a thirteen year old that didn't fuck it up
now here's Paul's dream from the Dune sketchbook by HANS Zimmer in its entirety,
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