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How to Dress Well - Pour Cyril

2015-03-25 | 🔗

In an interview with Belgian filmmakers the Dardenne brothers, talking about the kinds of stories they tell, Luc Dardenne says, "Human suffering; that interests us very much." It also interests Tom Krell, a songwriter and producer who goes by the name How to Dress Well. After seeing one of the Dardenne brothers films, The Kid with a Bike, he was inspired to make the song "Pour Cyril." In this episode, he'll dig deep into that where that inspiration led him, from transformations within the song, to within the film, and within himself.

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here's how to dress well from an interview recorded, live at the swedish american hall in san francisco, the. My name Tom and I play music- is how to dress well. The backbone of the song is a sample of a beethoven concerto. It sampled from a film the kid with a bike by the darden brothers. They used music in the film to signal. Chapter changes this boy Cyril. He is living in a foster care, contemporary orphanage and a woman for no. No, Can a rational calculation decides to take him
and bring him into her life and try and give him a love which would remedy the wounding he's sort of living out as a young boys been abandoned by his family and has become quite violent, and then the movies is quite simple. It's just what unfolds when this woman tries to do this, quite courageous moral thing for this already quite damaged child. people are forced to do either more we courageous things to try and help them or morally compromising things when their exposed to what happens when we live in a world with abandoned children the film just blasted me. I couldn't stop thinking about it for like three or four days after I saw it, the whole kind of like flows. Out of my experience that film treating the sample conor ruthlessly, setting up distortion channels and then playing with the gain structure on the distortion channel, trying to bring something novel out of very simple sample.
The the. The yeah continues like that it becomes like progressively more distorted and sonically. I really am attached to those swells and distortions things going into the red. I think that when something goes into the red on a recording, it can be like a really powerful metaphor, not the right word, because it's more like visceral than that, but like listening to someone sing and it goes into the red, feels intense you know
lyrically. This song is like direct to the point of almost being like didactic a this sort of like fairytale intro of love with no pain and no shame oh his no. In his and then I go into the main verse, and I sing about this boy like just literally describing the film and I sing There's no world with a broken child, so it's not like. Vigorous riding home, and soon.
No, I can't best friends, quite unexpectedly had a baby she's very young, watching her care for this child. The color was pretty regulatory for me. At a certain point. I don't even care who her parents are. Even I really love her parents, it's just like the fragile child laughing and farting and crying and stuff That's like the source of our past whole new world I like to think about what would the world be like if it were good world to live in and not a terrible world. Yeah
in committee, a scale of a trumpet blast that plays in a movie called votre via cleared any film the trumpet is played. A funeral ritual in that zone and so the first sequence of brass that comes in his me playing midi on keyboard and then that's really placed by a real brass quartet at the by the end, as a the bike. Zero is a completely different thing. You know he was like This sort of dangerous to himself and others very pained creature. At the beginning, through love, transformed and he becomes fully human in the deepest sense of that work, and so the idea-
Across this section was to try and perform musically that growth from the death trumpet miti synthetic to the reversed trumpet I used to be like really aggressive dude was kind of like that of a dick. Music I made was like pretty harsh noise stuff, like played in like some different kinds of metal bands and did solo, Stuff that was just like sweltering harsh noise, just to basically make you feel bad a lot. She changed my life over the last six years. Just really important relationships like losing some people quite close to me. I had a confrontation sort of with, like my own arrogance and hubris and shit
I just realized I needed to like figure out how to take better care of me. Also that I wasn't such a negative force in the world, And then I started listening to a lot of different kinds of music and one song that had a huge influence on me in terms of understanding the value of sentimentality and understanding dislike direct approach. Us talking about earlier is this some by in a jackson called special she sings like the beginning. We need to remember that love lies deep within ourselves, the cool. So that's a good sentiment. I think. everything, I'm saying, not conscious of this in advance of the work, I have like a hunch more like a feeling- like men that movie was beautiful I want to be a better person. it already song
You really learn about yourself in retrospect, and so do these acts and record the songs, and Then I spend about two years talking about the songs to strangers, and then I learn like ocean. Ok, I was pretty obsessed with that for, like three weeks there and oh yeah like I never realized how important that person is to me, and I learned an enormous amount about myself through my music. I mean that's the most compelling reason to keep doing it and now here's poor cyril by how to dress well In its entirety, set this shit, his. No. In his is. I got
who is na. It is now. Yes,.
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as has been noted,
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