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Intro Theme and Thao's Farewell

2019-12-17 | 🔗

Thao Nguyen has been guest hosting Song Exploder this year, with Christian Koons producing, to give Hrishikesh a little room to daydream. That’s all been possible because of the support of Radiotopia listeners. In this bonus episode, Thao says goodbye, and we break down the intro music that Hrishi made to go with Thao’s time as guest host. Thanks to everyone who has listened this year. If you’d like to support the future of the podcast, you can donate to Radiotopia. You can help make new things possible for the podcast. Make your mark. Go to radiotopia.fm to donate today.

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You're listening to song exploder, where musicians take apart their songs and piece by piece, tell the story if how they remain. My name is towel. When this is Rishikesh about a year and a half ago, I asked how, when, if she'd be up for guest hosting song exploder for a year, it was an experiment. I started this podcast in two thousand and fourteen, and I wanted to see if I had built it with enough structural integrity that it could still work with someone else doing the interviews and someone else's voice introducing the episodes part of the feel the experiment was curiosity, but part of it was also trying to get back to a feeling that I had when I first came up with song exploder, taking a daydream and trying to see it through, but I've been so wrapped up. in the work of making song exploder that I hadn't had a lot of room for the daydreaming part, and I definitely didn't have time to act on a daydream and try and turn it into something Good idea was that I would have more room to work on some new ideas:
I'm happy to say that I've got some new projects coming, here that I'm really excited to share. But none of this would have been possible if it weren't for radio, the podcast at network that song exploiters, part of and it's not for the support of the people who listen to song exploder and donate to radiotopia. Advertising is definitely one thing that helps make this podcast possible, but it's so inconsistent, but the donations that we get give the podcast. This wonderful sense of calm security if it weren't for that stability, which comes from that financial support and from being part of, Toby. I would have never been able to do what we did this year songs letters made by a very small group of people and thanks to you I was able to add one more to our crew this year. If you want to support song, use butter and add to this incredible safety net. That allows me to try new things: and find new ways to develop. The show go to radio Tokyo, DOT Fm to donate now I'm going to turn things over to town. This whole time that you were, listing. You are also making your record. I was wondering if, if there were ever
while you were making the record that you thought of something differently because of this experience, so many you know it's so funny is I just turned in album this week, which is one of the final components Ain't no sung exporters in the thank yous really a yeah. It was incorrect, I to have this parallel, where around every week I could talk to someone else and hear about their process and hear about the challenges you know making record is like so many different iterations of of will and resignation and it was so inspiring. Were you able to listen to it and a different way
yeah I mean I. I had to listen to it in a different way. It was very interesting for me, as somebody who has sort of been historically a little bit of a control freak to be Nope, set up a situation where I had to let go of some of that control, and it was really neat. It was both terrifying and rewarding yeah. What do you think is the worst thing that could have happened or what is your worst fear. I think my worst fear was that I would actually end up having to do more work than if nothing had changed at all. I would end up having to spend more time and therefore it would be counterproductive from what the whole point of it was. What the whole point of the experiment was, but that didn't happen grey. As my next question, I think the moment that was really exciting for me was this summer. There was a day when, simultaneously, you were interviewing bunny there and I was interviewing Robin and
a lot of times were limited by the schedule of when artists are available, and those were the dates that both of them were available and in another world I might have had to let go of one of those episodes at that. Wasn't the case unit with more people? You can do more things and those are two of my favorite episodes. the entire year. That's all some! I didn't know that that was happening simultaneously yeah. One thing I did want to ask you about: is you took some time to compose a new theme song at the start of this season? yeah when you were coming in to take over for your guest hosting year. I wanted to give an an The things were going to be a little bit different that there was this shift. I guess I wanted to show that. Ok, the house is the same, but the front door that you're walking through it's been painted in new color again. I wanted it
be different enough- that it was clearly a different thing, but I wanted it to retain some of the same feeling as the theme that have come before. So I wanted to be mostly electronic, but it's a different tempo and the way it kind of started was with this little arpeggiated. Synthesizer line I was trying to match your energy a little bit. You know I the first thing that I did was actually used. Your recording. You know the intro to the show as a way to kind of pace the the thing out: you're listening to song exploder, where musicians take apart their songs and piece by piece, tell the story of how they remain. My name,
as to when is that an older voice over yeah, I took it from the voiceover that I think you did originally for the Nico case episode, one off guest spot, that you did back in two thousand eighteen, you know it's so funny, it's a I can hear. I was it's appointed in my in that voice over. So it's like that thing. My first time I wanted the music to have a little arc so that the beginning was going to be without drums and drums would come in so you could say your name, my name is Tao win, so there was a first half and a second half, but I needed something to like lead into that moment. Where things kind of resolved there is no baseline. I was like. Oh I don't know what base would actually make the most sense, and so I just cannibalized the actual synth part
and just pitch shifted them down an octave, oh cool. That way it was like. Well, I know it's got the same flavor because it's actually made from the same notes of the bass. Part sounded like this. Did the slides come in next yeah? There are things from old recordings of mine. One time I had recorded every note in my little xylophone, you know before I had any kind of understanding of exactly how samplers work, and so I just had a folder of notes of me playing every single note on the xylophone, but in order to like lead into that, I wanted these things to come in backwards and then to add to that, I had strings too and again. These are like old from an older
wording of mine just doing this sort of swell to go along with the bells, but then my favorite thing in the entire theme comes in when the drums come in, there's also the sort of like skitter e de de de de de de DE didn't. I took the way the old theme ended and slowed it down to match the tempo and the key of of this one, and then I did it again. I made it fifty percent as fast, so it was an octave, lower and and a half is fast and then you can put them together. It's like this, their pant two different sides of feels like a little sparkle, but it's made out of the old theme. So, just kind of a way to show that this was still same show. This show is still here litter. we here in the new theme and that's it Those are all the elements
here listening a song exploiter where musicians take part their songs and piece by piece tell the story of how they were me. My name is tell with high. All this is TAT I wanted to address you directly in my party. Has voice Because, with the under my stint here add another next time I'll be able to use my Punkahs voice, it has been an absolute pleasure to guess how sighing splutter this here thanks so much to her if she threw the opportunity and my deepest gratitude to producer Christian Coon's for so deftly hole, in the fort down with me hosting the show this year was a gift and it cannot have come at a better time. Sometimes making music for a living complicates the relationship to music that I would but always remain quite pure talking to incredible resilience. Artists every week out, meaner, reconnect, music making is first and foremost the lifelong fan and student. I know I am really
is returning to the helm, and I will go back. Eliciting sign export our at home in on tour my ban- and I have a new record coming out- twenty twenty and if you're so inclined, we'd love to see that a sharp happy holidays, happy listening and thank you for such a wonderful year, your fellow music fan town- I want think tat for her thoughtful presence on the show this year for jumping in and learning all the weird and very specific ways. This pipe caskets made and thanks to christian who kept everything headed in the right direction, even when I had to take my hands off the wheel from it and I'm so happy to becoming back as the host thing you again for supporting song exploder. If you love this oh and you're in a position to chip in a few bucks. We could use your help. Radio Tokyo is part of Pierre acts and their non profit and their dedicated to helping independent pod cast creators. Like me,. help us make our best work and we're counting on you to be able to keep going. If you can't need any thing at the moment. You can still support song
butter by listening and everyone you know to listen to it as well. Listen to an episode with your family, An episode on your social media, all of that helps and if you are able to donate, you can make your mark on this You can make a one time, donation or a recurring complete our nation at radio, Tokyo, DOT, FM their bunch of rewards and gifts there for people who donate as well. So thank you for helping me continue to make this pipe cast its an honour and a pleasure to work with kind people behind the scenes and the incredible musicians who stories and songs you here on the show Amherst case. Your way, thanks for listening. Radio to.
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