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Jay Som - Tenderness

2019-11-13 | 🔗

Melina Duterte goes by the name Jay Som. She’s a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She’s released three albums as Jay Som, and has produced, engineered, and mixed each one.

Her third album, Anak Ko, came out in August 2019. And in this episode, Melina breaks down a song from it called “Tenderness.”


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The I'm a leaner from Jason. I started. Tenderness summer. to those in a ten I just I to L a was doing love like production work for other people artists came over to make work with me for her whole record and there was one day where I had to clean her entire hard drive, and I know said there was a folder that said, vintage drum machines- and I just like Copy and pasted it onto my computer, because I was like right there she doesn't know that, but it's okay,
play just like experimented with all of those. I started Thus, by recording discipline, Lm1, drum machine that's like the Prince Drum Sampler. and I know who use like all the hits. At the time I was listening to a lot of steely Dan. They make of songs that have like a shuffling, beat and wanted to emulate that, because you don't good to hear that, often especially like pop music, to just like gap, and I thought, it'd be really cool to have this, like languid guitar part that strong as if it's a piano just just pretty like minor seventh chords,
the nothing like the meaning of the track came as I was reading it, those words are used in lots of like r songs and it just felt right to like make a song about love. trying to conceptualize. This idea of sitting your bed thinking about ear, new romantic partner for you to say in dating and you're kind of, like wondering Is there a sinking about you and wondering, if fear like they're right person, to be the as I was doing, the vocals. I really wanted that Lo Fi effect I imagine myself on my bed was like
on telephone speaking into the telephone. I really wanted that perception all feeling, as if flick, you're, either leaving a voice mail or near the only one that speaking, you really want to put your heart on line. show me Before you harm me on the screen, Wilma affection the strings, another forgotten memory and I was originally supposed to be the whole song- is going to be like a minute and thirty seconds was going to be like that in Well that and one chorus to the, but I sat with a demo for a couple of months and
it just didn't sound right to me. That was the first time for like an album making process where I had demos, usually when I, It songs I recorded, at the same time because I really like having the idea in my head and going through with it. But this time I started- get like a little frustrated, because I was writing songs that I couldn't play when it goes into the part at drum fill and it comes in to the rest of the song. That besides trump symbols and started sending to lake rigid, have like a flow and that I decided like I need to have SEC play drums on it, that is my touring mate sack.
you ve been playing music together since male school in high school, like enjoys bands and lay concert bands and indeed cover man's. We just went up to his parents house in our home town, which is- in the EAST Bay area. They have like this bonus room that he has his drum set in and he usually work words music in there cuz, it's always quiet, I just set up some MIKE's on Strauss and you just like nailed it. He did aren't you then I would, if I play the drums. Morton is the style and make a flavor. So I had the drums for tenderness and I was super happy I was like I could finally have it sound the way that I want it to and then I went back to allay and started doing face,
is my favorite instrument play. I started playing the after a lake, really learn guitar, and then I realized that the base was the most important instrument in every song I think it's just like it has so much meaning in like the foundation of a song it like really drives and MIKE motivates to groove of it. but the base you can just do the roots. They think I always like to do a little more little nuggets of jazzy notes that work in the chord progression. Anything you like isn't like a really cool flower,
most Is the guitar tracks more done in Joshua Tree a friend? this house for, like a week, ooh ooh so the intro guitar they wanted to sound like the guitar was coming from an old record player. to sound like vintage. And then I wanted to producing new elements for guitar layering to make the intro build a little more. So I played through cleaner setting and put like a tremolo on it in that panned left and then the end of the intro introduces like another guitar pan to the right.
And then for the first chorus. I added in the guitar, with like a Leslie effect Hmm I love layering guitars. I think that is the secret to making a song sound lush there
Wurlitzer was done in Joshua Tree as well. Oh, I said that the Wurlitzer would really like serve it's purpose as being like a steely Dan part of the song. Just has that, like classic electric piano sound that can make the song come to life, it like brings a certain energy that, like a guitar, doesn't bring the. I grew up playing jazz, trumpet and At that time I was like really heavily invested in like music theory and like learning about everything I've always. Had the mindset that, like music, can speak for itself in music, can tell a story and like evoke the sort of emotion that lyrics and vocals can so
I just wanted to have an instrumental passage rather than like more lyrics in the bridge of the song I in the final vote, calls for tenderness right, but where I turned in my album that was only son where I was like. I don't know. If I'm going to release his cuz, I don't know if I'm singing it good or anything like that, and I think there was just a moment where I like force myself to keep doing the vocal takes over and over again for like hours, and I had Lake Hut he with me at all times that I can we cut my throat like sing it. I'm not. I don't consider myself, like a singer or like summoned, Bell. But if I can sing sweetly,
just be. Sir I got my friend Taylor VIC to sing harmonies Irene admire her voice and can relate to the way that she records her voice. She sings really quietly kind of in a way. free fashion, speak I also got that style from learning about like You can make your voice sound bigger by singing quietly, and anchor voices, sound, really cool together, It used to be good a good thing:
this think when you're starting off in a new relationship, you feel do the effects of like puppy love. Your like obsessed with this person in you're, always thinking about them and everything you do together is really important like where you go what to eat and link the sort of vacation that you take you feel like you're in this environment. That's like yours, you like you're sinking, and you can't get out of that just sort of like you're falling in love. It feels really good to write songs that are about being loving and showing like that. You can be vulnerable and emotional in relationships, and actively wanting people to know that you love them rather than like being emo. I guess Megan,
songs about being emo any and now here tenderness by Jason in its entirety,
juicy couture before you boomer the very The shit Nobody wants to play I just know
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