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Jewel - You Were Meant For Me

2020-12-02 | 🔗

Jewel is a singer-songwriter from Homer, Alaska, who’s received four Grammy nominations and sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Her debut album, Pieces of You, came out in 1995, and a 25th anniversary edition was released in November 2020. That album contains the hit song "You Were Meant for Me," but it turns out it wasn’t a runaway success—not at first. In this episode, Jewel traces the history of making “You Were Meant For Me,” starting with the demo, and moving through all the different versions that were made along the way.


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jewel is a singer. Songwriter from Homer Alaska has received, Four Grammy nominations and sold thirty million albums The twenty fifth anniversary of that debut album of hers pieces of you came out last month. number two thousand twenty. It turns it wasn't a runaway success, not at first so in this episode, jewel traces, the history of making. You were meant for me, start with the demo and moving do all the different versions that were made along the way to becoming a massive hits on the m.
The time of my life, just before I wrote you were meant for me- was spent in San Diego, think I was eighteen and I had just been discovered. I was the homeless kid living in a car, so or in a local coffee shop, to trying to work my way out of it. If I could following and get some door money. It's a tiny little coffee shop in a Strip mall, nothing very vibey, but the local musicians with common play and sit in and do open mics, and it just created a lot of draw local radio station put a bootleg of mine on air and that caused record labels to start coming down with surprising to me and I think wrote the song after I signed my record deal with my friend, Steve Poltz recall Steve asking me if I wanted to go to Mexico to write songs. He was like. two hours door to door but
Thirteen hours later, we ended up lost on some washboard dirt road in the middle of nowhere and Baja, and we in an abandoned town and we broke into a little lodging. Motel and we woke up the next morning in Paradise. Sewer sitting on the beach, it was on the Bahia De Gonzaga, this beautiful bay on the Sea of Cortez, pink sand and blue water and. so we stayed there. We wrote three songs and one was your meant for me. Steve was a better guitar player than I, so he usually would play the guitar, and I would start making up lyrics integrating very visually. I grew up. Lahti- didn't listen to a lot of music, but I read a lot. My favorite writers were very visual writers. We come almost smell and taste the writing and we just eating breakfast. So it's why breakfast makes a centre role in the song
it's Adele's twenty five at the I got my maple syrup, there it was just a little vignette. A little movie. You know of a person that was tragically in love, but it wasn't returned and I wrote the lyrics so that people can see the same movie. That was in my head of this girl. That was racking. her brain thinking of all the things she thought made: her unlovable lake leaving towels on the floor and all the little things that really aren't what killer relationship, but what you fixate on. When you're done,
never put wet towels with men, we wrote the song. We did that demo, Steve singing harmony. I remember being a little embarrassed by the song LIVE because Most of my other work tended to be very wordy and I thought smarter and this was just such a plaintive simple love song. You know it made me feel like a teeny bopper, somehow.
When I got discovered they brought in a lot of really fancy producers and I met with a lot of them and they are often super nice, but they all made me uncomfortable. They all kind of wanted to change and lend their incredible expertise experience to my lack of experience and it didn't. Feel right, and so I looked at an album. I thought was really honest and simple and I love Neil Young Harvest, It's moon records, I saw that Ben Keith had co, produced them and so it's my label to reach out to them, and because of Ben's relationship with Neil, we made it up at nail studio on his ranch. getting to Neil Young's ranch was trippy, couldn't believe that I was at Neil Young studio.
it was this log cabin with care? her vintage gear, killer, vintage acts and the street gaiters Ministry mean Gators were incredible. I was Niels Ban on harvest and harvest moon like he is an insane experienced band and they look at me go. What would you like, and I was like now like- I was definitely the least experienced least qualified person in the room, but they when we look to meet a kind of lead, the ship. cut everything you know live in the studio, I brought Steve up with me, and misty was playing. Tar TIM Drummond played Base with Elvis and James Brown. I mean to this day one of the best players. I've ever been around
and Kenny Buttery on drums. You know played on a lot of Bob Dylan records and Spooner old ham on keyboards, he played the famous you know, riffs and all the muscle shoals records. That's him- and I was just singing you mean me, and I remember being very, very nervous, and my throat really tightened up and have this very for August tone in my voice. I was swallowing my chest: voice cuz singing in headphones was so hard for me and that's why of course, and so weird,
I think a band on me definitely felt a little uncomfortable, but this band definitely followed you and the smells. They were highly supportive. They only cared about the song elements and me, and that was meaningful. Ooh, I turned the album and we know it was no surprise. I made a full gallop them at the height of Grunge group it was cool, and STI and cynical, and I was not those things and a girl to boot and so radio hated me hated me vehemently hated me. The press hated me Mean imagine Nirvana and Soundgarden, and you hear a song like you're meant for me and you go too long. They wanted faster.
I had no intro and so the song, We cut many many many times on its way to becoming him, in September of ninety five I reckon with one hundred who had did LISA Loeb stay and we did a super puppy version. We sped it up and cut down the chorus the long and I hated it, but it was expensive was too embarrassed to tell the label how much I hated it, but You know my label. Never once did anything except support my decisions. I know a lot
People say they hate their labels, but my label had a lot of heart and they really cared and fought. For me, in a member going into the label in Iraq, and to Danny who was one of the radio promoters and he was like jewel. I heard the new version with one patina and we don't want you to change for radio. We want ready to change for you. The record was considered a complete failure. you're selling about two thousand copies in two years. And so I made a second record, but this never got released ultimately And while I was in the studio making the second album that never was, we decided to recut the baseline Vocals on your meant for me and take another go at it. I went the studio with a guy named Peter Collins and As a friend had been a friend for a long time since I was homeless, actually I met him when I was homeless. Well, things that's fleet the Bay seized from red, hot chile peppers. We read in the vote. On the base. Flee played based
iracing the vocal business same old, still a and then things started, taking off I remember I was doing an interview somewhere in a shitty hotel at a motel six exhausted and the radio guy was like. What's it like to be famous- and I remember looking around at the stained, you know duvet cover person, this nasty hotel room going- am, I famous, did it happen, but things started to shift and when they shifted it was tectonic I started selling at one point: a million albums every single month and I did it for over a year and it just exploding. Talking way the song that nobody ever thought would make it went onto
break a record. It became the longest running single of all time, Neil young asked me to open for, and so I went on a road with him. Bob Dylan, just really believed in me. They really really believed to me when nobody did- and it really just grilled in my head, the being a sinner songwriters different and then you may never get radio and it doesn't matter you're not allowed to do anything that is often take as a singer. Songwriter part of me always knew it was an incredible long shot. I also sang every night and I saw what people how people felt when I sang and it might be three peep. But I could tell what I did worked and so I didn't want to give up on that music and I didn't want to give up on being sincere and I didn't want to give up on being a faulty and Anna never thought I going to be a massive success, but the more I got disrespected,
made me incredibly determined and hard work did not scare me tenacity and endurance were kind of the name of the game In a song, writing's a lot like being a minor, it's solitary work, you're alone in the dark cave, and you. chip away every day and most days it's dirt. Sometimes it's gold, but was songwriting. You don't always know, and now here's you meant for me. The final version the jewel did in its entirety
the guy my age and my pancakes to the everything the brand new place. That way responsible to me. Don't leave the keys in the town, the my mom. She was the was more. My heart's been broken, the code and the clothes saying it was the I go about my business, the same old story. The day
rush messy back. When I leave a big she's down. Man sound reveal right man, man,
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