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Joy Oladokun - Look Up

2022-01-12 | 🔗

Joy Oladokun is a singer and songwriter from Arizona, now based in Nashville, who’s been releasing music since 2015. Last year, she was named an Artist to Watch by NPR, Spotify, and Amazon, and she was #1 on Vogue’s list of New LGBTQ Artists To Listen to Now. She put out her third album, In Defense of My Own Happiness, in June 2021. It includes the song “Look Up.” For that track, she worked with Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Dave Bassett, and while they were working and talking, they recorded a couple long voice memos. Joy sent me those voice memos, and in this episode, in addition to the stems of the recording, and Joy’s story about how it was made, you’ll hear the actual moments in late 2019 when the song was first coming together. Joy explains how the song was inspired by the different, and maybe opposite ways that she and her partner see the world.

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who's, the sun, look out for that track. Worked with Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Dave Bassett, and while working and talking, they recorded a couple of long voice, memories, joy, those voice memos in this episode, you'll hear the actual moments in late. Two thousand and nineteen, when the song was first coming together, enjoy explains how the song was inspired by the different and maybe opposite ways that she and her partner see the world. The you know. Travel is always going to be the I miss joy latitude the day I started working on this song. I was on a trip to allay too
songs with some people I hadn't met before, and it was December and had been along here and is one of those things are, as I don't want to go to school the day you know I I wish I could sleep. A nurse you know watch a movie here. Go back to Arizona and see my parents, but instead I was in L, a random music. I do who get tired of writing sessions, but even if everything goes topsy. Turvy in the session is awful. I still kind of feel like you learn something about yourself or at the world, and so I tried to enter into each one. As for is possible. Aside from the general feelings of man, I'm tired and I just wanted to be Christmas. You know The song with Dave. Bassett when Dave was introduced to me, publisher, gave me the sales pitch it was.
Dave has worked with x, person like there is some selling point and I don't Super care about those things I tend to when those things come across my desk, listen to the music and see like this person help and I just listened to his work- and I just thought it was all I don't know it was all meaningful. It seems like Eve consistently asked the artist. What do you want to run about what you say and so I went from being like sure. Alright, with this nice white guy to like but this is someone who could be a helpful conduit for something that I have trouble accessing on my own. When I first got the they sat down and I honestly picked up a guitar pretty quickly, which is not usually the case, but we were getting to know each other well playing Guitar, it was
It's weird soundtrack to the conversation of getting to know someone and I think, as I started to talk about, one, the things that I was thinking about and going through and processing. We were landing on some of the initial chords and then Eventually we were, we were humming things into our cell phones. But ass. I turned the content lies in everyone's conversations, unlike pretty pessimistic and cheese turn eternal optimist list is really beautiful. I think at that time things that that happening now in my career. We're not happening and we're not
therefore rise in and I felt lost at sea a little bed And so one of the conversations Rachel and I and my girlfriend were having were around how do you hope, for? future in an outcome that you can't see or that you don't totally understand. It's very easy for your brain to convince you that everything is going to be wrong always and that things will be hard forever or like. If thing our good bill expect them to be good for too long, because they're going to just crashed out I really am a bit of a pessimist and my girlfriend is just this incredible optimist: the person who is able to acknowledge that life. Can be hard, but still hopes for it to be good, so think that it was just on my mind because was like what do I need to sing to myself? How do I craft this.
Song into an eternal lesson for myself, that's a great theme right there greener stuff. I guess so dave- and I are having another conversation, you can look at anything two different ways. You know how do I start thinking about what he says in these wires crossway brain, unlike broken coaster. So this is the feeling this is the emotion. This is the image I moved from there to like, hiding out on the back seat of your car and, like hat like I used to you as a sort of lonely, high schooler, Slash college student. Put on Manchester Orchestra records in my car and like avoid talking to people about what I really wanted to talk about, and
then into detail yourself. It's raining because that is my ml like to say it's stormy, it's gross that there's no hope No, it to you too, too far well. They can do no good to to jump before you fall again as someone who can live in my head, I can leave. the forest for the trees so to speak, I'm coming in I'm talking about my life and my partner and brain and how it works in Dave was able to hear it, and help organize how the idea would translate top to bottom. has a live room in his studio, so I went into the library room sat down. In front of a mic and stool and stuff and played the guitar.
I It's really natural guitar recordings like you noise and stuff, Sometimes in life is a roller coaster. One thousand uses moving party sometimes you spend your name and do scared of getting close and hiding out in the backseat of your you to do so. If it's raining and you're a that's a mellotron, sort like a tape thing where you can choose sounds and the song teachers was like vibes to plays a little,
tape, sample of a vibe each time. You press a note and so he just played that little bills. Thing and it was beautiful, hmm hmm. Sort of dances around what the guitars already doing and then some of the vocal things that come in downtown, so it's rain and the new hey you do so fits better job, prefer the fall again before you lose it all again, like I always like to joke, when I'm recording the vocals for a song that I just wrote that I've. Never heard this song before.
It is true, you're sort of like performing something in connecting with something that you have never super heard in its complete version. And so I just He stumbled through it twice because only I've. Never none of this is familiar to me. Do you see the satellite look up this fact in your hands, Somebody he's you no travels is always gonna, be there. Dipping bring into a nice LUCA. I wanted the base to like be this marriage between, like a bass, sound and a little growl, your guitar sound,
I love sixties and seventies, dusty, low country vibes, where it's it's music. That to me sounds like it was made for driving just music to drive to I really just like pianos in and look up specific equally, it Gives it this emotional gravitas, like sonically, that I don't think it would have if it was just sort of this black beard rip off tune. You know on the in pine tree before the chorus. I think the goal
was to sort of mimic my racing negative mind. That's the reason for a short of the cadenced change, jamming those two lines, like the jump before you fall again before you lose it all again, because its how my brain is like it just sort of ramps up and ramps up and ramps up until I'm like making a weird decision, or I feel deregulated and hope for the precaution, was to sort of make it feel like that. But then you hit look up- and it's like this breath of like oh take a second. You yourself, it's so The job of it. In this song in particular, I can't help but think of Rachel, It was a voice simply because it really is
One thing: I've learned from her to be like I an awful day at work and people were tough, Let's go on a hike in like enjoy nature or like, let's play with the dogs, because you know the dogs, goofy, find those like sweet, beautiful moments in the midst of what can be bigger, small chaos in your life and say like this is good sort of Incorruptible good, you know, I think, that's why I went with some in flowers in the hair? You know, and people who love you
do you see this guy? There's you no job was always gonna, be the lead and bring it to me. the rhythm of the drag is all samples. We found a cute soft kick that we like to doing that sort of foreign before passing, and then they- added some shakers and like clicks and just little like percussive elements that cap the movement going without distracting from the more important parts of the track. That is another mellotron. I think that's like the cello patch and it still
that's, why it's a little like wobbly and weird feeling, because it's just tape and it's just over recording of someone playing the cello that someone stuck inside a box and now Dave gets to play. After we finish this song and I left Dave's. Thought about it a lot, because it was one of those days where it sort of like I even started by saying I didn't tuber want to go to work and I left something that I really treasured, which is really cool. I was it'd going to go back. Tell a and do I can't vocals with Dave, but because we could travel. I was home in eight during time had started, taking really seriously trying to have sort full service studio vibe upstairs in cutting the ban current vocals was actually one of the first things that I did
on my own for my project, and I like, I ended up producing a few songs on a project and stuff like that, but it was due in the background vocals for look up whereas, like oh, I think I could do this. The I like to play songs Rachel online guitar. Sometimes the songs help me communicate my feelings or you know like help her understand like oh he's been trying to tell me this and misses. Finally
this is finally the clearest way. She's ever said it. You know, and it's honestly part of our language with each other. So back in, I played it for her just me and my acoustic, always bring some days in deciding the phone she'll be Tomorrow keeps the kinds of misty thing they truly are poetry delayed, be, I think, If people really do teach us a lot, specifically the people that we allow to be close to us, you know you can have hair and if you can have fresh air and if you can have compassion. I think you can get a lot done. Those are all things that I've learned from Rachel I so It was one of those moments where I like play.
didn't like there's just sort of like emotional like thank you. Helping me learn this and now here's cup by joy, alaskan in its entirety,
the broken roller coaster? Thousand news is moving around. Sometimes you spend your name too scared of getting close. She had entered in the back seat of your cue to do so. If it's raining and you're a you, do yourself the job before he saw the no trouble is always going to be the nasal spray. Some days the life can be beautiful. The tomorrow the day, truly a poetry, the no job is always gonna, be the sometimes you life is a broken roller. Coaster thousand uses moving
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