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Kenny Beats - Still

2023-03-08 | 🔗

Kenny Beats is a hip-hop producer who’s been making beats and producing songs for other artists since 2010. He’s got a long list of collaborations, with rappers like Vince Staples, Freddie Gibbs, and Denzel Curry. In 2022, he did something he wasn’t really ever expecting to do, which was to release an album of his own. The album is called Louie, and it’s a tribute to Kenny’s father.

I talked to Kenny about the song “Still,” the first song he made specifically for this project. It features guest vocals from JPEGMafia and Omar Apollo, and a sample from gospel singer Linda Kemp. Louie includes a lot of tracks where you can hear Kenny’s dad’s voice, and even though "Still" isn’t one of them, as Kenny explains, his relationship with his dad is embedded in the song’s DNA.

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a peg mafia and our apollo and a sample gospel, singer, linda camp includes a lot of tracks where you can hear kenny's dad's voice and even still isn't. One of them, as Kenny, explains his. I should, with his dad, is deeply embedded in the songs. Dna My name is candidates. it was early. Twenty twenty one I was in bath, england recording a man called idols and My dad calls me and tells me he has cancer. My name is kenneth, Charles bloom, the third, And my dad's name is chemist charles boom, the second and we ve been through a lot of stuff before
sickness was ever a worry by dad's overdose. Twice him getting sober and the journey we ve had our own personal relationship was more than to bear as it was so when he called me and told me his pancreatic cancer, it just kind of overwhelming, but the first thing I did was fined. All The recordings I could of him- and I will be back here with more music boy one or three point: zero kicked out here. We go in the nineties when you go over somebody's house and you would bring maybe your bottle of wine or something you cooked for potluck. My dad would bring a cassette. He may be makes tapes. Anybody it's personalize it and say their name at the start, and he would do this radio announcer voice. Welcome to one or three point: six fm. This is your host ken bloom and sometimes he'd. Have me come on and say hi this is.
kenny, jr junior the high and can groom giving here playing one tape with me and my keyboard and my dad's helping me out and have a happy turkey day. You don't have to put your lips. I just read about their work, saying not that come in right about there. We are one of the three point. Six of them and it was such a weird thing and people got a kick out of it, and I knew he was always more out of them and he said he went to broadcasting school and history- was to be on the radio and it never paid out and so he'd make these tapes all right, then that was my son. Canada blown the third doing a little Improvisational stick here for us today at the perch on a father's day june. Sixteen nineteen hundred ninety six, He always made the castle, What's he made for that one moment, this tape is all, for them in the whole world. That's why he always did what he did and so
I had this idea to make a project and give it to my dad- and I was like I'm a real producer. Now. What? If I could make my dad? this realise version of what he used to do, and that was now anything that I ever thought was gonna go to the public at the start, like, what can I make him. I started the album december first, twenty one I was working on ramona park broke my heart for been staples at the time, and we had a song that needed a new sample. So I was home and I was kind of just looking through stuff looking through stuff, looking through stuff and I was listening to gospel records and samples? to try to just gettin spied for a cord change. And I heard when the cab
She started say already known: and as it played instead of thinking about a lover, an axe- something intimate a romantic. I started thinking about my dad. I started thinking about something going through with my father in that month, an ass started to think about some of the samples and some of the music I was listening to towards. here, and I had a lot of different what years with they all flip their meaning? Do you still think of me when it is about your ex feels. One way. Do you still think of me when its apparent, who might not even. Are. You are checking on you. It hurts from a whole different party, your heart and hold of parties, stomach.
my dad and I have a very complicated relationship, and I wanted to make him this beautiful thing, but as I was making it, I was thinking about all the horrible stuff I've been through with him the years I've hated him what I've dealt with with having apparent struggle with addiction, whenever you're lucky enough to be somebody would get sober and exp syrian someone that you love sober. It teach you a lot and teaches you, sometimes, when someone doesn't tell you the truth that doesn't mean day or a liar forever and teaches you Sometimes, when someone steals from you, they're, not a thief, it means are sick. So. I take the Linda sample. I start to chop the peace. Does that feel important to me.
I started to filter some things and kind create with fell to me like an intro and then some drums I had some base. I made what felt like a verse section I kept given these moments. I was trying to snap myself out of how emotional I was getting december. earth of like feel like I was about to cry about job. The same point. Buttons comes on it because I'm thinking about my dad, I'm like this meat it is in cry worthy yet, but it hurts
I'm doing something, I've done a million times and am not either Making what I think is necessarily like this credible, beat in the thirty minutes it just like what she's, saying on the day she saying it when think about my dad was right. We heard my feelings so, basically wanted to kind of people down some of the tears and be like a it's a beat and all I could Hear- was peggy s, voice, J, peg, mafia. Ah, I could just hear peg. Kind of like wrapping about something completely different, double up he's an felicity, weird style, for some reason. I just I only imagine him. I call them an peggy came over
wrote a sixteen bar verse when, in the booth, recorded overs, you're. So we don't talk, dag double up we'll come back. I feel like my suitcase and I could twelve bores off because I felt like you know it's not a rap soul I put peggy on it like peggy is an instrument, but I feel like what I want peace. The focus on lyrically is what Linda can't decide, but I needed the instrument of J, peg mafia to kind of painting picture, so that the linda stuff rang out the right way. Ok. And then I asked them to just add, lived the whole track. Ah, shake it up still to shake the ad work.
To create a human element, that was continuous. He could often these laughing and it's just full take let me just leaving him in there without any editing I wanted there to be constant change this kind of noise And before he got the booth, he was like a year. You can't play this. No, rather you and I just put that bit of peggy at the end, to kind to say, like idle though, if anyone's going to get this, your care plan has around no rubber cause. It's just gonna be like this and just keep this locked. The forgot don't say anything to nobody, I wanted everything to feel like limbo, cassettes, I feel about my dad he's
my hero, and I love him more than anyway no world. He makes me who I am- I wouldn't be without him and I can't believe someone could do things that they done or act ways. They acted this and I could even still have relationship with him. After things we ve been through and so pay, laughing, sounds maniacal. It felt like the devil. I won shoulder, so I just knew that I needed the angel on the other, shoulder the more apollo is a recording artist. Um indiana. He is ways. Breathing music we ve been working for years and years and years and he's become even closer friend and collaborator, and just hate him to hang out and we see ya. I was playing him the beat,
when omar heard it. He was, a humming and he asked what it was. I told him I was like it's called still and what it man is like do you still love me. Do you still have love for me? I do you still even care, I don't think I explained it was about it here it but Omar saying just right away. Just in the rooms yes and how they can you. Please just do that. Ten times I needed the thesis statement to get said somewhere in the song and he sang the same since twenty times but he would finish with these fills in add lives and all types of other stuff is there
and I put them on top of each other. I just made this wall of so many o mars. Then there's this bit of me playing guitar, underneath or more making war cry peggy makes may want to cry of reason, sovereign dad makes me want to cry. An account makes me want to cry The It can through this right now is tough like all these people. They,
if me that feeling- and I want to be able to impart that feeling I move my dad to live all my same street while we're dealing with doctors, appointments and everything. So I could be as close to him as I could. So we live right down treat each other seem all the time and I was hinting at something I was gonna make him down. That's gonna be another. Like give combine you this christmas, and so he knew something come in and odium good as music. So he knew something musical was coming, but I don't think he knew them agnes attitude of like this big picture, look at em you think we ve been through together the day, I've highly finished everything I played. If my dad, while we were cooking food, that
is the first time he kind and knew what I was saying also, and that I wasn't just saying I love you at the end of it. It wasn't just like a big hug in a big smile. Like he looked at me news. I really love, it but I think he knew that this isn't an. I love you dad album was about to tell the world about this, and if I were to tell the world about this, that means I'm gonna talk about. What's going on with us now means a dick as part of that, and that means us not speed. for years- is part of that and I means damage he's done in things, is embarrassed about our fair play. It's not all Sonny I mean it means a world tat his face on the cover and stop alike. He also is but whose sober now for five years and is dealt with a million things that he wished. He could change in. This whole thing started out of desperation and out of the need to put a stare
On our relationship and have something to remember by an it's been years now of us fighting this and dealing with it, but me and my dad laugh in the kitchen playing this song. I think it was one greatest moments of our relationship and now you're still by kenny, beats in its entirety.
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