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Paramore - Liar

2023-11-01 | 🔗

I think one of the hardest things there is to do in music is to write a love song that expresses something real. I read that the song "Liar" by Paramore was written by Hayley Williams, the singer of the band, about her longtime bandmate Taylor York, and about the feelings she started to realize she’d had for him. Paramore has been a band for over 20 years, since Hayley and Taylor and Zac Farro, who plays drums, were all young teenagers. Paramore’s won a Grammy for Best Rock Song, and they have multiple platinum albums. But with all that history, Taylor and Hayley only recently became a couple. "Liar" is a song off of their most recent album, This Is Why, which came out in February 2023. So I talked to Hayley, Taylor and Zac in their studio about how their song first came about and what it means to them.

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that the song liar by paramour, was written by Hayley Williams, the singer of the band about her longtime bandmate kelly york, and about the feelings that she started to realize that she'd had for him. Paramour has been a band for over twenty years since hayley and taylor and Zac farrow, who plays drums were all young teenagers paramours. grammy for best rocks on and they have multiple platinum now. But with all that history, taylor and highly only recently became a couple. Liar is a song off of their most recent album. This is wine, which came on February twenty twenty three, so I talked to Hayley taylor and zach in their studio about how their song
first came about and what it means to them I'm hailey, I sing for the band. My name is Zak Farrell. I play the drums. I am taylor and I play guitar with this record. We wanted to we visit a sort of aggression are like urgency that we haven't explored and while- and I think I may be impractical- there was pushing that a little bit hard at times. So we had been working on- not even all
aggressive songs, but your songs that felt jumpy in Zack emma working at his studio at his house at the time and he was a dude. Do you think? Maybe we could just I try to write something that's chill like. I just need a break from just trying to come and go all out. I dislike really wanted its losin and I was like yes, I think I need. to too the guitar part is actually something that I had for years. I've been true to defined as after that, since I was a teenager, happens all the time where there's like something all right and every so often I'll play it and just like hope, someone's like ooh. What's that you know, and no one normally ever bites the true. No, no! No, but all I'm saying is that when I played it and then you are like oh yeah
his great must do that. I was like no way and might find a home. Finally, taylor apparently has had this for you, that I just found out about it. they work off. You know just immediately inspiration get reaction, so I went and try to drumbeat over it the The time I bring an idea in there's always split second: when drumbeat happens, it's not what was in my head right kind of have to grieve. Where I saw things going, you know truthfully act is my favorite drummer and always turns out so much better when his axe getting his hands on things and also in italy does that's when it becomes banned, and it's not just what I have in my head: we're kind ripping off each other.
He try to couple things and then you know I was like nodding him as dramatically as I say. Yes, that is sick. After we wrote that we're like out, we need to get this done. Hayley tonight, to see if this is even worse in exploring taylor kind was like It's just send hayley. Like start ideas, tenure ago. I remember when I would write and idea I would get billy carried away, and I would spend sometimes a couple days making an entire song you know and I'd be so so excited, and then you know to her and she would always be credibly kind, but you know sometimes wouldn't connect with it so. Then a part of me would die because I spent so much time and in it wasn't. There are things I think we ve learned group. It's like just doing little
by size things and then seeing if that sparked something. So they first sent me like that whisperings of the song is at the very beginning it just with such a warm hug, ably remembered that I'd heard taylor play these types of course before, but I was so excited because I too was just ready for something different, that fellow more like an ex hail throughout our entire friendship and, like the evolution the band think we've all ways loved, really beautiful, somewhat ambient music like blonde redhead or lands things that people would never equate with paramour. They would not know that these are our influences and I remember thinking are the music, so beautiful I wish was the kind of singer that would write something just really saw
flowing to this that I always wished that about myself, but I of writing. Rhythmically the the way I to describe it is it's just with more of a hip pop mentality, I'm thinking about how many barbarism working with companies The levels I can fit into that space and if I can make a good malady out of those little beats, so I pretty quickly started writing what as the moment, it's hard to say I don't remember any you know, and then I'm like how do I put malady too? That was is hard to say anyway, for renewed can we need like ok, I'm trying to say that there is an inherent wisdom, our physical self, try to move towards, but your constant, you like getting in the way of truth
that your body like wants, but all of the decisions that we make like muck it up and make a complicated. I wanted to find way to talk about that in the context of love is a regulatory experience. For me the writing this song, because, as some of those lyrics are coming out, I'm like learning about myself in should indeed worked, so could still creek Ellie would actually sing and perform her parts for us in the room and I remember alia at one point- is pausing like the hesitation of singing about love. I remember he just making this like warm scared, but I like this, a lot even after all these years. I think all three of us still have some nerves
that moment every time, because your hope is that you all connect to the same thing. But I just remember like getting halfway through it'd be like: why are we not recording you've recorded this right like? Why? Are we not like start tracking this, because this is gold this is the original demo. For liar it's hard to say we were writing the song and we weren't- with the tempo- and I like was moving- their temp up and down in logic, and it warped. The guitar part delay left a guitar part, in the actual recording, because it sounded so glitzy and weird now is that the now's a fun? No, I said
and because it wasn't, it was just a cool thing that we left in there. we recorded this record way Carlos De Garza, we ve just off, ways really had such a great. Creative relationship with Carlos and he was the catalyst of building the course up to feel more. open and lush The chorus got a lot more like dreamy everything a little bit more drawn out, almost every part if the music and the chorus was like dancing around another part, but there is still a lot of beautiful spain. This and I remember trying to figure out: don't wanna keep being rhythmic
or do I want to try my hand at being one of those singers. That does the pretty thing and I really want for it. The I have spent quite some time in a very simple feeling, which is just like falling in love and some allow Out of my life, I was realizing as I'm writing. These lyrics have just spent so much time complicating things that really are simple me so much of my experience of love and
intimacy in relationship has been muddled by trauma that either spirits myself or witnessed in my family, and I think that for part of my life, that's not the kind of honour they want to be because you really could end up in some scheme situations so my case having some be simple and feel ok, actually a very scary and wrong. I was like when there's a song that, like the end I earlier it can be summed up in like a lion. Or in a momentum, and that's why the bridge in love is not an easy thing to admit. I am not ashamed of it Love is not an easy thing made
The nerd is shame the movies not only can name a few feet, then don't be the we get very emotional and opinionated in the studio, because we're trying to make something that we know is going to. Last till after we're gone Brian Robert Jones played base on this record, and so you he had so many people speaking in his ear, and yet he was still come up with these really beautiful parts, I like that part is really simple, but none of us would have come up with that, he demanded sung out. Zack played those
out on a many mellow try unplugging, but at some point a friend of affair. And let us use this crazy studio and away they had of a profound there and so were like we. Actually, To make that real and recreate it says that played it as our fleets clarinets base clan, our friend Henry solomon played all of those things when you're writing this record really inspired by really airy things, you know like pipe organs that really breath me care like I just was obsessed with thousands. Trying to sneak in anywhere that I could so those
cards were actually like many clarinets, so he just play it allows those parts down from the many, no see. Now was a really emotional moment. For me. You to see this thing that we worked on and then have someone come in and like bring it to life. tis, like massive nascar shared use wearing, because when you think about people like that, think like someone like its showed a boat, I you know just like so like moroccan and then his came in with these like big baggy jeans and nascar shirt, and I was like oh who's, this cool dude and then he was like rock and the clarinet sounds like wow. This is my kind of did
the movies not only can name a few theaters and then be the It's amazing, like the mental gymnastics that you'll do the emotional gymnastics that you'll do to run away from something that's really actually pretty simple, actually right for you. Is not a weakening. Rushing in its like to extend it
happens to you and you can't control that. But then your met with the choice, It actually was a harder lesson to learn to receive it like almost select, let it in and I had allow myself to feel and to understand that that I'm safe here.
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