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Raleigh Ritchie - Time in a Tree

2019-05-29 | 🔗

Raleigh Ritchie is the musical alias of Jacob Anderson, a musician and actor who’s probably best known for playing the character Grey Worm on Game of Thrones.

Raleigh Ritchie released his first album in 2016, and he’s put out a handful of EPs. In September 2018, he put out the single, “Time in a Tree.” He made the song with Grammy-nominated producer Daniel Traynor, aka Grades. In this episode, the two of them take apart “Time in a Tree” to explain how it came together, and how it was influenced by classic Hollywood movies, Billy Joel, and overwhelming anxiety.


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grades, take part time in a tree to explain came together and how influenced by classic Hollywood movies. Billy Joel overwhelmed overwhelming anxiety. It's just the. My name is Raleigh Ritchie. I have anxiety, so I just thought therapy, which is It's not tried when I was nineteen, and I didn't really respond, particularly well to it the first time around I'll, try again, therapy was forcing me to think about what passed a lot more and for me, this song is all about connecting.
One thing that might happen adult life to something that happens when your teenage at some other happens when you're a child like how you got off the road back in order to help yourself in the present The we vote What could the song him greatest studio in Brixton, London? I was thinking around on the keys for a little bit trying to find some cool sounds, and I started to play with this kind of riff here my name's Dan trainer, a keg. it's. We've done a couple of sons before this we're both serve it's fans of each other's work and the powers that be kind of hooked us up together pretty scary thing to share your ideas. especially when they're like very personal things, you may not told people that you already close to. Why so important to have a symbiotic trustful relationship with a producer and laying
We just really gone before excited by the same sound on. He knows his way around a keyboard, When I started to play the progression that ended up being the progression on the song Jacob's hard. Like that he's kind of crazy, the song to fill contemplative is that's unaware, my head reserve, and that's what start saw of him a few ideas that turned into the melodies and stuff that ended up on the record, I use voice. memories to just throw down ideas. four. The first things in the song that had was to Joe have self esteem. Baby. The other would wait for me. I love but each other out and the stranger as listen
it's Vienna, which is normally a song. That's really inspiring and really comforting dont. Fine. You can't you baby boy your time, although some romantic on the borderline nigh when will the animal waste, but it just is one working for me that you're right just be patient I couldn't be patient. I was just like, but I don't have the self esteem. I need to implement what the song is telling me to implement just shaded like every single direction I turned in those was a wall in front of me. I couldn't oh down a positive thought. If I tried
I get wound up from the ground and I don't I turn the sound up. Jonah noise out swallow don't cry an anxious heart and stone may contact paper of Operate deputy Joe, have self esteem. Maybe Vienna wouldn't wait for the show I haven't having a bit of a Billy Joel moment when I wrote his son each verse has a death flow and is east verses about a different place in my mind, in a different time, my life as Steve is about. Hopefulness is about trying to work out what, That's a need to take to just worry less to find a way of contentment and peace Do you ever feel, like Gulliver, like everybody else in the real world, can be a real girl to be with the correct fix the raptors
that whole verse is about being a child and feeling like be anything. There was never any doubt and now I'm kind of like riddled with doubt and so about reaching back and trying to find the things that I still care about and still want to do from. When I was a child, so with the drums on the second verse. We thought why not, let's just like switched the rhythm up completely. Lyrically and his delivery. It completely switches up there and becomes much more aggressive swimming is the current amalgam. Can you show me your love and honesty? I'm a poem above and I'm on an odetta of God, and I want to be ten again just me and Sonny. Can nobody telling me I should be more than a Bucklin I had a plan, It kind of like trying to create a beat that would support that
It's like a trap: rhythm ready for the HI hats with Luna. Do the cakes are in trench. Instead, I sent you like invite truck drums, which kind of has acquired for nags quality to it. I want the drums to feel overwhelming. I think not. The suits the song and what the song is about are you out? sonics of the song changed as we went on they definitely changed when the chorus came about he started to. This idea. That sounds really cool. Just untie tree I need a place just for me He was sort of almost put in this kind of slight character on so sounded like an old sample a move. I though it'd be cool to try and make this sound like an old record.
Start playing with the facts on his voice. Just in LOS compression and, like the look of course, he stuff, and this too different layers of the vocal Does it say, audio file on a duplicate track? That's been pushed up an octave and then the fullman added to it cuz it that kind of deeper throaty sound. It makes his voice like not so recognizable sounds like this I draw one card or a credit card for me, so I can be pretty good most people, hey, that's something I like I was the sample. The sounds like a famous record button what samplers an already enjoy that, and I did that- intention the hours act. I love the idea of people, trying to find this sample. They don't never find and people living
googling it and trying to find out and was just something that came up well. He said The axiom background is what makes him such a versatile musician. An artist there's almost like a few Moods throughout the track that he can access and really like deliver, because he has that background, so I guess a consumer tap into that performance and create the character for the hook, tree the whole thing If time in a tree radius I climb into when you kid in being off the ground and not being to the world into the earth. you, can dream. Listening to the piano line, along with that due to Mason I think by like Casablanca, you know that as time
by that kind of thing, and by these desperate he walked gave me that very traditional movie romance so of feeling and I was associated strings were back very cinematic moments, my connection to films. And that type of storytelling, I think, is why. orchestration feels like a really important part of my music. Rosie Danvers, who arranges all my strings is one of my musical heroes versus incredible ranger I send Rosie these voice notes of me humming different melodies, like string melodies over the song and the second. is
something along those lines. ass. She got to go down when they were recording the strings that was like minded. Like seeing and hearing a fool orchestra like this playing some stuff that we'd written and then talking about, nature sounds in. There is like building things into the song that can work on that subconscious level. She into it, and hopefully it helps build an image and Hopefully you can put yourself in that image,
Jake it when he was Reiner Hussein, art can kind of imagine a guy saying like within all guitar like in a tree. Writing the sun was singing this song I imagine like a seventy year old singing it because The sun was so much about reach him back through points in your life. I thought those kind of romantic about the court. spare lack an elderly person saying in a park singing. It's melody to themselves, and then like those clicks in the precaution in the song. The ticking of the clock the songs about use, you time wealth and I often feel like. I am against the clock. There was a particular point in my teenage dumb, where I was very depressed and I couldn't do anything. I stayed indoors for a week without talking to anybody go outside I've got like deliver. I was very dark part
of my life, I've got this wade complex about that time My life, where I feel like I really wasted valuable time. I felt like I haven't done enough with my life all the time. I thought I could always be there more. I don't need the Arctic and I myself position when it comes to things that really personal, so writing a song is how I access that part of my brain that I wish I could access when I'm face to face with somebody. The song call time in a tree, partly because One of the realisation of the song, I think, is that time is the biggest currency,
That's the only thing that you can't get back and now here's time in a tree by Raleigh Ritchie, entirety on the the It's a brain stay sat on a tray try to leave I'm standing in the way. I'm on the edge of crying all the time. Cuz our countrymen right.
A wound from the ground. Up to the sound of John and Goya's up swallow. The juices and stone may contain the outbreak. Debris do have self esteem, maybe the way for the Orange r swan the girl to be the struggle. I guess the food I just want to be happy swimming in the garden I want to be against me is sonic. Nobody telling me to be more than when the same things that should've seen
too many myself too many times to beat. Let's just spin the spin. I came to myself to try again but face up to the need greed love me feed the family. go, take advantage to make a modern Millie so why couldn't you dog me
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