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Re-issue: Björk - Stonemilker

2022-09-07 | 🔗

(This is a re-issue of Björk’s episode from December 2015.)

In January 2015, Björk released Vulnicura. She described it as "a complete heartbreak album." And in November, she released Vulnicura Strings, a companion album that stripped away the electronics. In this episode, Bjork breaks down the making of both the original version of the song "Stonemilker," which you’re hearing now, as well as the strings version. She traces her writing and recording process for the track, her collaboration with the electronic producer Arca, and why she wanted to make a second version. 

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Dear listening to song explorer where musicians take up their songs and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. I'm reputation your way, so the exploiters sponsored by article they make beautiful star The furniture and because there are online, only the prices are really good too. I've been in the process of turning my garage into a studio where I can make music and where I can record song exploiter interviews and for this new space. I ordered up and you furniture off their website, and I can't wait for it to arrive at a beautiful, miss. Century style. Couch that'll, be at the centre of the room, There's something really exciting about raising the article site. You look at the furnace, and you start to imagine the possibilities and if you can't decide which going too At reddened moment you can save your favorites relator. So in a couple we I've mortar report from my new studio in the meantime, join me in getting something to spring up your place, article offering song exploiter listeners fifty dollars off your first purchase of a hundred dollars and more to claim the steel visit article,
a calm, slash song, exploded and the disco will automatically be applied at check out. That's article dot com, slash song, exploded for fifty dollars off your first purchase of a hundred dollars or more. this week. I wanted to go back and revisit the bureau episode that I made back in twenty fifteen in part because it's one of my favorite episodes and in part because this fall only twenty twenty two york has a new em coming out and she also has a new podcast where she talks about, making of each one of her albums in conversation with her collaborators. The shows called sonic symbolism. Here's a trailer most ghosts, faces in our lives, the tick roughly three years, It is not a coincidence that this often how long it takes to make an item. A book or a thing In the conversations on this podcast me and my
prince try to capture which moot timid and ten lewd vibrating during each of my ten eyeballs? I get asked about the differences of the music on my records? I fainted quickest We use visual shortcuts its kind away. My open covers almost like may taro cards the image on the front. Might just like a visual bombing. But for me it is simply describing the sound of it. I tried to express this with colored color. The text use the textiles, with what I'm holding and the Equal of the posture I mean shows its relationship to the world, also the emotion of the mouth, it tries to share the overall mood of the alpine, perhaps
You can call this some sort of some good policy. I hope you entreat worms, the past is to buy by presents and talks and the first up there are already out in those ascribed to sonic symbolism wherever you get your podcast, so here's, the song export episode from twenty fifteen when I reckon this interview with burke, she was in london in a hotel room and the phone kept getting disconnected. I don't live in doing the pike half about eighteen months now so nervous because she was one of the guests I had dreamed about, having on the show, but burke was really good, she has and she left the interview go long. So I get all my questions in and it's still one of the biggest highlights in my time doing this show one other thing before we get into the episode in new york refers to her collaborator ARCA. As a hundred Is he him pronouns? But since that time archive
changed her name to a hundred. I asked rearing this interview with her outdated name and pronounce- and she gave me permission ok here- it is money Yes and I'm here to talk about stoneham on me, we in the quota, in january, two thousand fifteen jerk released Vilna. She described it as a complete heartbreak out and in november she released vulnerable the strings companionable stripped away the electronics in this episode gear, breaks down the making of both the original version of the song stone, milk or which are hearing now and the strings version which show here at the end, she traces, her writing and recording process. operation with the electronic producer parker
why she wanted to make a strings only version the. you know. The whole song is motion me about someone who's trying to get emotions out of another person to about one thing: clarity, wanting simplicity and talk into someone who wants things to be really complex and foggy and unclear. And you saying ok, I've got parity, so you know wandered or not So it's like sort of celebrating simplicity and clarity. I working on a beach. I was gonna walking
Fourth and the lyrics kind of came along China. Without me, really adding them the strings its album, really is just simplicity and You know this kind of like thinking out loud feeling and I shouldn't be too clever. It would work against it. so I cannot just went with the first words that actually came No can t our so rare, a back door to man, s problems. his lyrics I've ever written. I actually the whole, not look to the song, which was really maybe bit too clever for its own goods. But something in me just said, no don't touch it. It has to be like almost clumsy,
the or naive that sort of the strength and the weakness, of the song at the same time. These ceilings, and Spare trees, and mostly a singer, I think the way I sing. I used to wait for a day where I'm kind not probably more in safe than other days in one way or another, so When I think I'll go to this place, where is more similar to what?
contrast. I will. It has much of my brain in there I'll, just like warm up my voice. I have coffee and I'll just jump in the deep, were you more a performance, but more and more ever since, got my laptop fifteen critical, probably the biggest passed off me mission is the editor? I probably spindlin twenty percent on my time, making music editing, you know if it's any more close editing b, anything instruments. I think that serve very big part of my work now so That's also another site Who I shot down, Chance is that sentences there and the river bisque caught there just to show you know
athens. If you are closed, if you found chances is a certain closely. The door there, and sometimes show sonically or something emotional shut down. chance, is there Are these so simple and the words as a simple I actually waiting for the right microphone because it to be really like that you hear every detail in the voice, so it is like a really definition: human rights, there right, written the songs and restarting working on the beats? I met the lantern and. a magical relationship and he was apparently so talented. So I decided to take a buck step and
for it to be a handshake between me and him. we sat next to each other and we talked about every single thing, cause I'd, don't written on the sums in Estonia weaker. It was re up this. that's some is re, simple shaw. Didn't really needs a crazy, beat thing. I just had to be really supportive. of the song and all acoustic, like symphony orchestra playing and the people, come from the cattle drama or something you know like just a very soft supports, which Andrew provided and the
the so. I would sit down at a keyboard and just work out the courts and then, when I'm ready even the court structure, because I knew it would be for strings. I would take it too hence we are less telos, because I kind of wanted a lot of it to be. In the strings. we actually saved to last and I several days of recording the strings I had see players and then I will The two sacho arrangements to basically are in theory sixty because he did that sort of panoramic feeling. Have that sort of smooth cream like perfection
for me it was very important. Wisdom, don't require that the strings were kind of you call this courts I call the gonna give you this feeling, gone unknown in circles and gives you this feeling of equilibrium. Person was singing. The song is showing some sort of harmony to someone as an example the I lay your several record things off. The strings to be like a power of Equilibrium that yours,
ending in like a monument of equilibrium, you spend in the middle of it the new small and its head. Huge energy, kosher, clean circle and if you re safe and secure and that's all the clarity that I want to offer to offer emotionally in the sun, and these things, out of kindness tool, I have to try to make this kind of cradle so ice. And a lot of time going through all the economics and tried to make This cannot it woven nets that each is thing instrument was equally important because they always kind of sub melodies that they would you could hear them all, but there was still We are so low that it was like this balance of he's gonna woven story Power there was keeping you safe. Because it was so much work and so much
while the textures in the strings, I thought it deserved a version where the beats are not shadowing the string mixtures, there was another version would exist and that I would get not just strings functioning as a whole. but also have solo islands to do more than two cannot indulge more in their microphone. Pastures, The I think this equipment like ten like I feel the main version will quarters has more drive. You know that It's obviously give it more energy, but there was another version of full quota with just the strings where it's more school. We're pace in a more like you reading a book at home. You know like
outside in the moss. Looking at the sky I think stone with its one big question, really you're asking in a question suggests, sing, something we don't want to push to heart, trying to know very most harmonious way possible. Trying to prove a point. So it's very gentle suggestion because I think staying emotionally open its I think it equally hard for all of us, and we must all do our best, but, this issue our choice in or do you want to try it may be fail half of the time and then succeed or for the time or whatever your aunt sara. Or do you just institute
to not even try. And now here's the strings version of stone motor in its entirety hmm John said
Didn't we
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