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Reissue: CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue

2018-06-28 | 🔗

I interviewed the Scottish band CHVRCHES back in March 2016, in Austin, Texas. A few weeks ago, in May 2018, they released a new album called Love is Dead. It features contributions from David Stewart of the Eurythmics, and another past Song Exploder guest, Matt Berninger of The National. So in honor of CHVRCHES new record, I wanted to go back and listen to their episode again. Here it is:

CHVRCHES is a trio from Glasgow, Scotland. In this episode, they break down the song “Clearest Blue,” from their sophomore album Every Open Eye. You’ll hear the band’s original demo as well as why they start songs with a set of rules, but then quickly abandon those rules.

This interview was recorded live at the Dropbox Podcast Studio at SXSW.


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start hiring now, with a seventy five dollars, sponsor job credit to upgrade your job post at indeed dot com, slash song exploder. This offer is valid through March thirty, first good, indeed, DOT slash song exploder- to claim your seventy five dollar credit before March thirty, first, indeed, dot com, Lasher song, exploder terms and conditions apply, need to hire. You need, indeed I interviewed the scottish band churches back in March, two thousand and sixteen in Austin Texas a few weeks ago, may twenty eighteen they released. A new album called love is dead. It dead is features contributions from David Stewart of the eurythmics and another pass song. Exploder gas, Matt Berninger of the National in honor of churches, new record. I wanted to go back and listen to their episode again here. It is. Churches is a trio from Glasgow Scotland, in this episode they break down. The song. Clearest blue from their software
album every open eye, you'll hear the band's original demo as well as why they start songs with the set of rules, but then quickly, abandon those rules, this interview recorded, live at the dropbox part cast studio at Sxsw the I'm Martin and I play keys and stuff I'm Lauren, and I sing I'm ian- and I also play keys and stuff the I will try to make a a laid back song with me. We, Honestly, I swear, I swear. That's the thing about this ban, the we always lakes with rules, and then we were useless sticking to them by the other role for the sun was, let's do a song with two courts.
Of course, ten minutes later minds, often another you know the minor were terrible, is second to rules, will ask us to fund partners like creating boundaries and then smashing them in You have these reference points and, and roses even says- and there are great place to start in the process are really important thing to have. A today were going to try and achieve X, Y Zed and then you'd start trying to do it and it doesn't quite work out where you planted, but then you've got a different idea and then that's where you take the useful jumping off point, but it always gets rid of the whole. You know the kind of blank page syndrome where you just didn't want to do so. The rules were to make lay back song with only two courts
yeah. It went well. The very first thing is: actually it made the final record. You can still start ft, it's like a a vocal sample. Can it goes in your ear runs all the way through the whole song that ref itself. The keyboard was its two notes in us just octaves, just trying right. I really editor in rough lakes, we propose- is not so well less emphasis on melody and really focused on on the and apply a venom and this we ve got like a higher hold in that time,
being really really red men and really straight. You can dance around surrender beat and it and it becomes a bit lay on about more fun after that. basic track is only the courts or the or a b or like a sample LUCA, wherever, as that will kind of like bones ideas around between each other, Dislike, can a singing to each other, that sort of thing and then really quickly, the boy if the melody starts to emerge and then can a pillow together about and lake puts donor a track of his own vocals. Just gonna sing singing nonsense disconnect silly work so that don't mean anything and that and that can have defines the can vocal phrasing- and you know the the basic shapes the end up in the final track.
the stuff, is, first thing that comes into my head. Lauren really takes it to the next level. I take that them when I go across the hall to write lurks for those guys work on the music, so they're all looks you know, but to try and find words, dive, written or sometimes there'll, be a certain word that sounds like Martin said and then that's what I'll write off of and the verse of the demo of mountains vocal, there's a bit where it sounds like he's saying like all, these days and then also and then those evaporate should repeat those two lane should come in couples every time in the verse it's kinda. Her debate started like ours, Like I was, was and then is not not enough.
Always always. But it's not enough. It's not enough. Not enough interesting. Sometimes I'm like this is poetry have written and they let you for that very reason, and that doesn't fit this isn't us because of that should be sometimes using the guy and that's in there to think about the shape of the words and things like that. But what they sound like sonic. We is helpful because I was go for what the meaning is and its offer to think. Morton the grocers time, those two things together: you want it to mean something, but you wanted to fit I simply melodic layers. What's the matter, of those things is absolutely everything like that's. Why? Who hookahs were those things me percussion melody and and sentiment whenever come on? You can be well aware
try to pursue way. You can just came minute. So please me. Meet me halfway. I think time. I thought I was writing a love. I guess, I have a tendency towards negativity and kind of depressive. True sometimes- and I guess I often worry about how that affects my personal relationships or people around you- and you know- if you're trying to figure out Those kind of things you doin, sometimes that's, really unpleasant to be around or you're just imagining it's unpleasant to be around and you're projecting on other people, so for me. I kind of was thinking that you know how people perceive that is what that is meant to me. I think, and then just hoping crossing your fingers that it doesn't make too much of a mess. When I was writing it, I was gonna. Go over the standpoint of one I believe in something and wanting to believe that it can be so, but not being sure, if
The surrounding circumstances will allow that to happen to me the phrase we are tied to the shifting ground is like circles As is constantly changing That too, the shifting ground. like. I always was to be hopeful. Didn't necessarily comment like that. But guess to me that's I like those kind of things that have light and dark in them, that's the stuff that connects with me cause it feels more authentic. You know rather than writing. Oh my god. Isn't it amazing? We all love these amazing people in our lives and everything's awesome and I guess I was an all out more where on the second record of her one, communicate with my voice, I think weirdly. I found a and actions are very helpful to me for singing when you think about it that much until I realized for certain parts of songs, I do a lot of pointing for certain parts. I do kind of like chop actions and there's a lot of fists or if I'm trying to do high things off for some reason, put two hands on my stomach to I guess from my myself, I'm supposed to be like going from the diaphragm
so. bye clear blue, a claimant because of the song there, but the vocal approach is not trying be super climactic and, like punch, the air you know, is let it go content they becomes more frantic and more frenetic at the climactic section. It's more like a moment Rest.
No son Would it have you and now here's clearest blue by churches in its entirety,
by the time you do? You always did
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