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Slowdive - Sugar for the Pill

2017-07-13 | 🔗

Slowdive formed in 1989 in Reading, England. They put out 3 albums between 1991 and 1995, and their sound helped define the shoegaze genre. In 2017, the band released a critically-acclaimed self-titled album, their first in over twenty years. In this episode, singer and guitarist Neil Halstead takes apart the song “Sugar for the Pill.”


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a calm, slash song exploded and the disks Will automatically be applied at check out? That's article dot com, slash song, exploded for fifty dollars off your first purchase of a hundred dollars or more slowed. I formed in nineteen, eighty, nine and reading england put through balance between ninety ninety one. Ninety, ninety five and their sound helped defined the shoe genre. In two thousand seventeen, the band released critically acclaimed self titled out their first in over twenty years, and in this, so singer and guitarist. Neil hostage takes a the slow dives on sugar for the pill. I'm new house that from the ban slow dive, willow by the case- place good new key in com. Down by the sea we have also lot around here This song, it has elements, are where I live
and the first line, there's a blue, girls drumming in the wind, its inspired by walking around the coastline here and be very noisy girls. They have. the song it originated from the sort of ascending guitar motif. I was is playing on an acoustic turf, I started playing in some sound checks, and then I added a delay on swift Alas, the songs start that way. There often by the kind of
Around them, even though the first some we really have as a ban those songs, tired. I was there act on the guitar kind of problem, did the inspiration for the sun almost because they allow something quite simple to sound. Some but more interesting is bit of that first saw never run slow dive by slow down Ok. Now back to sugar the pill, I lights the residents essays night. She now the initial qatar, if with something that had it and my show concept for me, and I think that it then fat there. said the song and fed the lyrics. We when a rehash room just jump through it and now
came out with where the great baseline for it next really gonna carry out with this space science that really add something to the sun. He doesn't just as the base and down there's something melodic there as well, so he came up the really nice one or two months later we went to extra too, which is where rachel lived. He recalled it aversion there
it had time, is drums, it had the baseline and it had me singing analogy, but not a complete lyrics and it had christians guitar, which was the other guitar on the track. I'm not sure what you use his. and avoid is a mystery to me he does his thing. Making he's crazy. Noise is a night. I know not how we make some the
without getting back together in doing a new record. We wanted to do something different to what we ve done in the past. We recorded the song to a click track, and I wanted to clean the drum sound for the the track so replace Simon jones with electronic drums, which of the main drums that you hear them when we mix the record we catch some of the live job, just in the background and system of escape beach. Compare Simon live drums.
I used to have a problem with guitars feeling bad, because we playing very loud the new plays and epiphone casino guitar, it's a hollow body, and I always like the sound of the casinos, but because they are hollow bodied and they're. Quite cheap cutters, but they've been wholly bullied. I would I realize that if I filled it a little bit with something you could stop it. back in it would still so the way you want Sound sir, has bubble inside it to suffer feedback. after experimenting, I found a bubble. Rob was a good. The good fella ray rock and roll its or somewhat controllable, without the bubble after its way out and control the we can hear rachel's during the harmony on on the course.
Similarly. Just used love, who is. I'll get racial to sing on everything will just this. I between us, which was to keep or whether the song that she sings by herself war whether it needs my vocal on it with sugar for the pill rachel sang the lead and she sang the harmonies as well, so she did quite love vocal. Eggs- and we just decisions down the line as to which is the key It seemed to work with you're coming in on the first course, the pill. You know is two things: and then she things like a really beautiful harmony in the second verse.
across the sky. The strangest backing vote was a kind of pop. In an hour rule. Well, I tend to do when I'm working on a trackers. I try and create situations where accidents happen in practice. This brilliant for this- it's an amazing sort of creative too, as well as they include a sensible editing, machine and sausages, brilliantly insensible, because you can create situations that really I'm serious you know, because you can the strangest tropic track off and throw bits of it all around the room and just see what comes out of the car. Also, occasionally, you get me
Is there really sweet moments? So I just take of opel track I'll, just move it somewhere further along in the song, and I just see what happens when I play it back, but that actually to lead folk. What has just been shifted or on the timeline. No, I am creating accidents. I was reading wuthering heights in two thousand and fourteen was the first time I'd ever read it and I think some of that made it's way into the sun The feeling of that kind. The wild he's cliff. What's in the song a lover, the damage romance serve if person Cathy's involvement dennis connected to the nature they live in. You know they live in this up on a more wild windy more you know, and it becomes exposure, a metaphor for their own relationship.
Ah, wrong. There's a line only love is alive recession, they might often told me regimes armies fell, but that It connects more with the heath, cliff and costly scenario Besides, I was always being quite impressionistic. Of the lyrics is just snatched it solemnized dream like You know as a child. I was given medicine on a sugar cube cough whatever it was. What it should get you, If you did him to make it more pleasant, see idea This unpleasant thing that make you feel better needs, to be sweetened and now you're sugar. The pill by slow dive
In its entirety, The.
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