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Spoon - Inside Out

2014-08-19 | 🔗

Spoon was formed in 1993 by singer Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno. They've released eight albums, including their most recent record, They Want My Soul, which came out in August 2014. In this episode, Jim Eno breaks down the song Inside Out, explaining how it went from the original demo to the finished album version, including what other music influenced the recording. Plus, we'll hear from their co-producer, Dave Fridmann, whose other credits include The Flaming Lips album The Soft Bulletin, and Oracular Spectacular by MGMT.

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And saw his sad, hi. This is Jim Eno. I played drums in spoon, so there's britt, Who is the songwriter guitar player and vocalist. There is rob hope who is the base player Eric harvey? Who plays ease, guitar alec it's shell, who plays keys, guitars and a lot of other things, we're talking about inside out of of our latest record? They want my so this is the first way.
another thing that I really love about. This demo is now entering its not on the record. It's in five, then sir, don't give distorted sea can be the sole rights always trying to throw her balls outta, so, like sometimes
I'll, get something like this and will be a demo and he'll be like hey. This is something I'm working on I hope, like just sort of see what people do it, that help a demo and he'll be like ok, figure out different ways to approach, they are so it would be like ok, elvis costello. Eighty pop, What would you do and then we'll just Imagine like how a ban like that would actually approach this song It never sounds really like iggy pop are you to it always sounds like spoon but there, these little things that sea been some bread played the dam,
but then he was like have this idea. Let's approach this like doktor drain, two thousand one there's a lot of slower tempers on that record about a lot of really more hooky, simple, melodic, arts, you moving it into more of the oriented style, was the right thing to do. so we listen to some of two thousand one. Then we just played the
song a bunch of times. I did what I thought like DR dre. The drumbeat would be the so then you hear the new demo I knew you were gonna sort of create a like us sample kit territory. place my drums. So what idea here at the studios? I was working on building up stairs
apples and kick samples and things that I thought, sounded good together that we to day, Fred men's when we started the song he pulls up and You summit s son. He is to create the chickens now that, on the record, I would make even though I'm the drummer, it's all about the record and the song you know this song. Has three solos three key bored sellers. I think that's a spoon first by the way you'll hear this harpsichord thanks. I worked with Alex on that little part. I think it just his nord harpsichord sound, but we wanted.
To get something that sounded like a hip, hop kind of sample thing. One of the things about like hip hop samples is they're, taking it from another place and I feel like it's cool when sometimes they fall off, Time, creating a sort of weird the you know that kind of thing you know I was sort of pushing out x to not be asked in time. At the end of that line,
second solo at three hundred and twenty two was the more difficult one. Yeah is a tough one. We were looking for something simple cookie, but also had a really cool sound to it, and the problem is: is that all three of those are incredibly subjective to any different person. This second solo here went through a lot of iterations. Finally, we came up with something that just worked really well. If you have listen to old, marvin, Gaye, stuff, there is a sound with the snare that I had never been able to figure out what it was when I started recording and Then I found this one version. A mixed
version of a song, basically had these bongos super dry and what it ends up. Being that that sound is, it sounds really great with the snare so what I did is, I didn't know it was gonna, be used. I just wanted to try a bongo part you'll, throw down ideas in you, never know if they're gonna get used in in a week us dave and the way Dave would mix is we would be out of the room for about eight hours and then We come back in would listen saw, and I remember him saying something like gum:
boy. You know I pulled that bongo track up and I was just like this is never going to work and then he's like Then I start putting in areas like I love was really happy that he liked it, because I thought it was a good idea. You know your true just about the muslim women feel about emotional connection. My name is Dave Friedman and I'm a producer. We've always co produced the records with outside producers. It's good as it allows us to get other input and things like that. We had. We wanted to work with him for awhile, I mean I'm a big flaming lips and I love that mgmt stuff. He did and tim paula slater kinney record. He did you know. To be honest, I was a little bit nervous because I was like what is spoon plus like soft bulletin, gonna, even sound like that's like a crazy sang the even imagine what it's gonna be. I don't I feel
like this record is sort of what that is. I was excited to, I think, it's great when people have that sort of frame of reference. tender. Have the vocals pretty dry You know we don't like river. We like it. it up in your face and we were like well, maybe on this one. We can try little bit of an a. We would always give dave like some leeway on things. go ahead and I would throw the kitchen sink at a song in terms of effects and stuff. Basically, I was trying to set a banquet for them and then they could come in and pick whatever they like out of, and we just turn the what he used on this was, I feel like it really draws you in and it was a tape slap from one his old. I think it's quarter inch real to reels that he ran the vocal through, but it has this just as buzz to it. That I just really love. It really makes the vocal
like very special to me. The scribe didn't see you soon to scrap it, see you John you're, sad, allow chance you're sad lovey, now that it's a girl inside out. I know it's only like told you. The watchman feed. do not make me compete. So. This part was something that bread came up with at this point. everything you did like into like digital zero because it be cool man yeah. You know you just hear something in your head and it's like hey. I'm feeling
something at this point. Let's try to mute every instrument. All same time. Would that suddenly Dave does the edit and we're like dunno, maybe maybe nah, let's, let's add a couple of things back in and that's the kind of conversations that we have, and now here's inside out by spoon in its entirety
How sad.
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