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Tame Impala - It Might Be Time

2020-04-22 | 🔗

Tame Impala is the project of Kevin Parker, a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Perth, Australia. Since putting his first EP in 2008, Tame Impala has been nominated for two Grammys and won eight of Australia’s ARIA Awards. Multiple albums of his have been named best of the year. As a producer, he has collaborated with Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, The Weeknd, and more. The most recent Tame Impala album is The Slow Rush, which came out in February 2020. For this episode, Kevin chose to take apart the song, "It Might Be Time."


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Mt in February two thousand and twenty four, this episode Kevin, chose to take part this song. It might be time the My name is Kevin. Paca from timing, Paula. I just started work on this album and I had no idea of the was going to sound like so I started working on this song and it was deaf just a creative trying buffets. which I think is important. Play songs were coming off the back of doing watch car tabs collapse, So this is coming outside to get back into working by myself again, which is nice I guess. So we are the people there can make of anxiety that it's not going anywhere One of the reasons I like to work alone is that.
He doesn't matter if you spend twelve hours and get nowhere. Does it have to get a separate yourself from the unrest being perfect, I remember the first hello jam I had with myself was just playing around with some chords on a keyboard. I kind of like I get to be a sound avenues before because I feel like the more come fertile ground for thinking of these things are having any sound So these same sound twice, I think you can of gravitate to the same thing done before. And then I just kind of jumped on the drums just recorded over the top of that slowly trying to find something I liked.
The things that I arrive at musically and sonically If it is happy accidents and this album? I wanted to allow that to happen even more but I like to have drums sounding good off the bat, because A bad drum sound for maize is the lessons buying thing. I work on a song. Record drums for messing around it still account is like sound that I've dialed in So after this damn hour, I am down
with that a lot and my dental course- and then I kind of built the song around that and what's funny, is the faunal drums on the song are actually those drums from the same demo. Just shopped unprocessed the going to Rio kind of like late nineties, chopped up drum brake, sound but like smashed, the raw stem for those drums are really dry. It's kind. Switching between the two,
the. How does that happen? How do you get it to sound like you're playing the drums eight thousand times harder, I just lots of tricks a question in itself making the drums that accounts for Most of my life in the Cbi, the sounds in the song. I love on their own. Almost everything. In the chorus is distorted except the keyboard pot. places to store the drums, distorted that like lead line that comes in is distorted
and has one of the knowledge synthesis of my lady solid that and the drums. That's the best way to know if you feel it. On the I like to write a melody over chords that has stuck in my head. I mean like. rock solid into your head, The important thing is to digest the cords. First, well played them just like a spaced out synthesizer,
the eight minute loop of it. I just had it going all day every day, all around wherever I was always sort of walking around just to have it blasting in the Cydia doing what I'm doing dancing around. I dunno and I dunno what possessed me, but I just started singing the hook. Kind of sounded like someone teasing someone, Nana Nana Nana, you know so then I thought he'll be cool to make like your subconscious chasing you and that's why I like it might be time to face it. From
I had this idea for a clip of someone going around trying to live their life and these, like almost gremlin, like kids, just jumping out from behind corners when they're trying to do something cool. You know they're like trying to skateboard down a hill or something and then kids run out and dislike kicked the skateboard out and sing that chorus lyric to them, because that's kind of how I still is like internal gremlins, the Ottoman at that point I felt like it had this kind of rum rock hip hop almost. Thing like something that any id would do they do like rock.
Clearly hip hop song, even though it's like distorted, guitars and distorted it once I've got whole thing of music, where I love how it feels thanks a lot for me to be able to go and write something new for the add to it. I just love the idea of taking everything was from this comic six, our time like just dislike one session this year, where I just had this burst of ideas. I love the idea that everything It's in the song came from that little burst of creativity, so with this one. I was like our colleagues that accords chords that I run a that demo and like the wandering nature of the chords and like that, could be earth
There's something about like an unexpected contains will unexpected and timing of good genes. That two does for me: that's kind of subconsciously, gums, AIDS or the Kurds on their own assume disappointing, but with the vote was economic sense, something as the song starts with decided to go away because I thought we would have done that end For whatever reason, those boys- source of like defeat for me
like this guy fucker in our guys, I'm out uber on the way home you like, maybe I'm not good at partying after all and then the chorus comes in slamming like you've lost it, Obama is like a punch in the face. But also was be kind of playful and all kind of tongue in cheek- is but it's also kind of funny. You know light hearted. I remember that's kind of what
brother used to tease each other about in our school. You like how you paid you taken here. I man like that's how we get under each other's skin see that's the thing about the sums that I wanted to make sure that wasn't specific to any kind of like situation or age or anything I'm thirty four. So I could be thinking that, but then like someone Let's sixty four you thinking the same thing and someone that's twenty four and fourteen the used to be and now here's it might be time by tame Impala.
in its entirety.
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