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The Cranberries - All Over Now

2019-05-01 | 🔗

The Cranberries formed in Limerick, Ireland in 1989. Singer Dolores O’Riordan joined a year later, and the group went on to become one of the defining bands on the ‘90s, eventually selling over 40 million records worldwide.

In January 2018, while the band was working on their eighth album, Dolores O’Riordan passed away unexpectedly. Later that year, remaining members Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan, and Fergal Lawler announced that they would end the band, and that this would be their final album. It's called In The End.

It was released in April 2019, and in this episode, guitarist and songwriter Noel Hogan breaks down a song from it called “All Over Now.” You’ll hear how Hogan and O’Riordan first started the song, and how the remaining members worked to finish it without her.


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later that year, remaining members, Noel Hogan, MIKE Hogan in Fergal Lawler, announced that they would end the band and that this would be their fight. album hits in the end. It was released in April two thousand and nineteen, and in this beside the terrorist and someone. I know Hogan breaks down a song from the upper called all over now, you'll hear Hogan hope in and first started the song and how the remaining members work to finish it without her also After the full song place, we've got more with Noel for another installment of our segment. This is instrumental sticker for that. Here's, the cranberries song exploder the Unknown Hogan from the Cranberries guitar an course on with drawers, withdraws Riordan we've always written separately from
day. One very first day of matadors, work is such that I'd linger on it. She took it away come back week later, with the version that everybody knows dear really from that point on. That's how we roll it was for years and years, even when we lived in different countries, I would Corey or over to Her- Arcanum the kind of a mutual respect, and that way, writing Moyes that you can knew what the other one was thinking without having to say it. So all over now came about that's your conversation. Drawers and I had it was last landscape we ever dated, we were just chatting side of the stage and the doors had mentioned to me, a couple of nights earlier, she'd seen the cure live in concert and she
to me that they play for so long and half the time state these musical interludes and somebody enjoys would be like twenty minutes long, sometimes even she kind of life. That idea- and she was kind of half joking but half serious. She said to me: would it be for me to look at that and come up with a song that had this kind of long intro. So when we did the song live, she would get a break for away from singing and rest her voice Sudan the tour ended, and we went on our separate ways, but a few weeks later, drawers and I began the writing process for this. Album went to France to my own to write that was the plan was, I was going to spend three weeks alone, down dine sort of France, and I that conversation we had with the cure stuck in my head and as secure found that I was never really tried to write a song that would sound like them. The cure sounded that stuck out the most at the time was pictures of
and I came to forget about how great that's on was especially that internal now all over now ends. Pictures of you are completely different. Songs but is in structure wise that was kind of what I was thinking at the time so I kind of lean very much in towards that idea. it was a really late at night and come up with this chord sequence. It was just four chords that too soon glue very well together So I looked dash.
And from that set of cords worked on the guitar line, the main line that runs through the song. I really loved it was a red hulk and no matter what is going on, and it's only type that's going to stick in your head. then I needed to start working on other parts. I just found what I consider to be a kind of an aggressive ii programme, drumbeat knowing that when we got studio, garlic I didn't his drums and then There's a lot of layered guitars, the when I was putting the demos together, I would usually try and enjoy everything I can think of at it. Knowing
lord, we kind of edited up and take her what she fears, won't work. We have welcomed It is kind of a process of maybe a tree nights where I went to it and come back once They got the main parts. It just seemed to kind of foreign to place. Then everything else com. very easily and that was the kind of genesis of the song. I sent the sound drawers straight away and I, said to her about the conversation we had with the cure tanker. He'd, remember that and she was really excited about it and normally, when drawers got excited by song, she would work in it straight away, no matter what time of to day or night, it was This is one of those songs, so within Forty eight hours she sent me back the full. Ok for the floor, spurs and all the chorus and she
the change, the John be little bit as well. did oars lyrically with right oppose a lot of things. I went on our own life, but every now and again she dried a song about a subject that she felt strongly about. Take it up with this song. It's really about mystic abuse and that's not something that you went yourselves Bush it was something she felt strong enough about that. She Put herself in that position think it out your own mind how it would, would be. Saw drawers, sense, divorce, verse and chorus, and a long time. That's all I had been on, I taught
it's fine. She work and the rest of it at some point that was deferred tweak of June and then we rode away all the way up until Christmas, but then the doors passed away early January, The moon so weird and died suddenly Thailand, London. born. Singer was forty six years old cranberries shock to start in the early 1990s, songs and zombies and went on to sell over forty million albums worldwide. It had been months since I visited this song so down to the studio and tarragon going to the hard drive. Everything and I started list- into it, and I went I have a verse and a chorus. It's a pity. I don't have the rest of it. We would have been able to finish it. I'd been in withdrawal his brother, and he was telling me dash drawers,
boyfriend had a hard drive in New York. Put yourself in it that they want to sure what it was and Try and get me to drive, so I get there started, delivered to me and suddenly bits of was missing from the songs in the rough idea. She'd sent me where I there. She write you finish them, which is never got round to sending them to me. I've got it, these together, their path to Vulcan the one I had already and suddenly we have the full version of the song. I can't tell you to relief that I felt because this was a sign that she was really excited about. She felt that It was a different kind of fade from the stuff we done before but it also had this kind of older cranberry sound to it. It began with teenagers and, like a lot of bans, do when you began you trying to be like your age. You try to write songs, ache, dismissed,
Secure can a new order that kind of stuff, and in doing that for the song, I think it s. You brought back that always your kind of sound that we began wish and recording the item. We went with that because we felt that was denied swear. We could finish the cranberries career, and out was, as you know, we produced songs together and next the boy we were ringing Stephen Street, who produced most of the cranberries albums We were in the studio there was a bit of a strange situation to be with Wichita. I've been there this, was the first song we did as the tree since Judea together, and First day was hard. It was hard for everybody to hear her again we're all kind of sitting around having coffees and talking and then it's time starting I don't think anyone was really prepared for you put on headphones and you hear the is Volker
do you remember Do you my do you? I remember it. All was like that most mornings. When you went in and you put on your headphones, it would drag it all back up again and the memory if conferring back of everything from the whole thirty years, together, but you do get to point. I guess you realize you know we're kind of here to do a job. We need professional about this for her. If nothing as you want, this happened to be the best album debts possible to do. We really, It was time to put the head down and come the ideas and get these songs together, Michael began the written part of on that day back on did demo. It began with drums Stephen. I like that idea and
Doc. With that idea, then So that's fergit on drums, one The things we ve been blessed with far over the years. Is that he's very musical drummer? It's not about get. it drum solo in or taking over the song. He very much works to the strength of the song and he's been like that from the beginning, there's kind of no eagle with him playing and it's a massive help. When you write a song and and we started adding in he bore lines sword that's actually Dolores his partner at the time Ola who play DEC keyboard- bore part on the demo: the sound and particular I always loved
a swarm of bees coming at you saw with we keep it in there because it's kind of odd and bizarre, but it so well in the track. the acoustic did you hear, was the one that I tracked on the first day as a kind of a guide for my confirmed and they're actually very sweet cards to the challenges, to take something sweet sounding and make it aggressive. So we just Acoustic to begin with- and we can lyrics guitars later on. The tartare is a les Paul going in VOX Ac30. This just driven and yours,
listening Sound is well, it's kind of thing. I've done from the beginning, where you play on the first page of the bar just heard that it's defining the cords and it has give it carroty as well, particularly in the mix when you have so many instruments coming at you, I The hmm, hmm then my guitar line that comes in on the intro from the demo from the very first night, and it was so We have a kind of a newer version that we recorded in studio, but it just didn't have the movement that demo one did
when you're doing a demo. You kind of have a feeling It is a freshness there that sometimes it's hard to captured out again to stay. I suggested that we blend the two the. The only thing from the demo musically was dead. Manga tarling ends drawers for good. We were kind of blessed really that her demo cuz we're so good. Do you remember, remember the night at a hotel in London, they started to fight It's almost timid sounding at points very soft. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that she recorded them at home, but yet, something loving and sweet about it. You can almost innocent, even though the subject matter is very dark, but that's what was it about roars that she could mix these subjects with pop manatees. That worked with. There
rock stuff, going on behind it, so I think Boys combinations really what get the bandits particular sound. she told the man that she fell on the ground She was afraid that the truth would be found with the choruses she loved to kind of open up the song a lot more and This is actually a perfect example of that, because is very much just a single Vulcan for a lot of the verses, and then it goes the course and kind of sounds like it gets turned into stereo, almost all of a sudden and why she is just doors layers of her vocals, and she was a master at doing that. and so it's the.
sir, This headed hanging around studio. She found a very tedious. unless she was doing her vocals, so She would just come back every evening and leave us to adjourn the did. So. Since recording this album was familiar territory for us, but It was still weird the first hour every day when you come back in. The tree of us, the tree boys in the band we been planned together since we left school company. before we ever met doors. So it's been. Part of our lives and to suddenly been all realize that this is it. This is the last time him going to be doing this first day and very very last day, we went in with the two toughest is the emotions from the first day of what are we doing here is going to work and all those kind of things missing drawers.
and then the last year, when you finish it, It's the end of it. It's the last time we being studio together as the cranberries its sad. are doing anything else now with you know it does into your head. And now here's all over now by the cranberries,
parody. The.
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is living there at the time, but I had no instruments with me. I saw this in the shop window and it's been all over the world with me. It's it's one of those instruments that, when you sit down to play, you can it puts out riding stuff and it's gonna be go to fern if you're ever kind of have it's a guess. Writer's block no matter what you kind of plan it, it sounds, really really sweet under how long ago, did you get it? It would be twenty one years now. I think, It was already twenty some years old. When I bought it. So it's pretty old boys. It's been well looked after it looks. It looks well for his age and it and went me so long. It's kind of you know it's a sentimental reason. I guess, but it's almost inspiration for me when I pick it up. So it's the most important instrument they have.
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