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The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers

2016-02-08 | 🔗

The New Pornographers are kind of a supergroup, with seven members in the band, including Neko Case and Dan Bejar, who are both acclaimed songwriters with their own successful solo careers. But the band is led by Carl Newman, and in this episode, he breaks down the title song from their sixth album Brill Bruisers. Plus you'll hear some thoughts from bassist and co-producer John Collins. My interview with Carl Newman was recorded live at the Greene Space at WNYC.

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I feel like you're, taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital one. What's. Your wallet terms and conditions apply, find out more capital one dot, com, slash, auto navigator, The new pornographers are kind of a super greece with seven members in the band, including nikko case and damn bay heart for both acclaimed songwriters with their own successful solo careers, but the bans my call newman- and in this episode he breaks down the title song from their sixth album brill bruisers, you'll, hear some thoughts from bassist and co producer john collins entry. It was parliament is recorded, live at the green space at the view and myself
parliament, there is a. tar part had an idea, for it sounds really clumsy, but I We're thinking like. Oh, this is a cool guitar part the chords concert of a boneheaded, it's just a a and then like an a with a g added, and it goes to t it's like just couldn't be simpler. Hardest thing to do. Is this come up with something completely different dead, simple, When I first started writing songs. I wanted to write something really complex, because I thought that was the only way to write. Something that was interesting was like try and come up with core progressions are structures that nobody else had ever done before. I tried to do that for years and then- and this ban has tried to do but I thought was dumbing down. I'm trying to get done actually, I'm really trying to explore like? How dumb can I get musically lyrically empty,
china make a go over this than I figure here like getting really dumb is always work. I've always thought we were down from the beginning. I was shocked when people started talking, This is a ban had any sort of complexity. I remember playing a few early songs for nico and being embarrassed that I was playing these dumb songs. We take it seriously, but we also you know we're trying to have fun with it John Collins, our bass player and does a lot of the production when we started Johnson So what's the feel of the song- and I just want like kick kick kick kick crash. and because it didn't have a title in John ass. They call it something as late as a song didn't have any words, and so he called it rock you just as he thought the beat sounded like we will rock you like Oops,
and so I had that my head, but we will rocky thing because of that I thought, like the song, be about rocket somewhat. Like my version of the rock n roll dream, the court, the sea was our leaders, say was You know a sea of letters, The concert and you're looking out and they'd have their lighters and it looks like a sea of litres. Then I started just going off this. tat, annabella, getting law lost in a sea of lighters. From being like carried away, I can stages. I We became a rock star.
I found myself playing in these absurd places like co. It shall or Lollapalooza weathers. Like four. In thousand people there, and it doesn't even seem real. The whole idea that I became this person in this rock band, how you reconcile that were feeling like you're the still this person is trapped inside his head and feel sort of shy and that What I was thinking, wrote the song. I was sifting through my voice notes in my phone- and I just had this- there was a sort of common response. That's a communal seem like that cast of the song I remember thinking it can't be bob Bob Bob. I it's gotta be
while PA. I don't know why the se dan and I have had this stupid conversation for so long through the years talking about people who we admire for their nonsense. Syllables, like David byrne, for coming up with the epa and So we were always thinking about that like what are variations on nonsense, syllables that we can use, and the weird thing is it's very precise, I'm not at all over thinking. It will come up, but when somebody singing it I'm No, It's about popopo. And, as I know, your cause you're going gambol papa, papa, that's wrong and something's empty lax about, like the other, is good enough. That basis good enough. That vote. Because I'm like no, you have to do it this way,
about what I'm John Collins. I am the bass, player and recorder of the new pornographers, there's a middle section that was added at a later date. months and months later, that's happened, like twenty times or more in my life, where I'm sitting there with Carl working on a song, we spent a hundred hours on already and then he's like. I got a new piece for the section like for this part after the or whatever notice be like. Why do you want to mess up this gem of a tune just going ok here we go cutting into this great tune when it's really rocking along just fine and trust. Me soft always get that wrong. Now I felt very happy about. That bridge is because I like like all the rhymes in it. There's that internal rhyme light a fire in love with sirens, which I was really happy about
the sirens going to try and the rising star in so far ass, its tied in a far sighted a third of what I was talking about for like two sphere. Like your hair? oskar Arlington. You know, somebody who's like playing rock and roll what I should have liked, dropped it and be doing something else, but but hey This is what I do so sorry, Now here's brill bruisers by the new pornographers in its entirety
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