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2014-10-15 | 🔗

Dave Hill is a comedian and host of his own podcast which, like Song Exploder, is on the Maximum Fun network. He's also the frontman of the band Valley Lodge. In this episode, Dave will deconstruct the Valley Lodge song Go, which you might recognize as the opening credits of the HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This is a special episode produced for MaxFunWeek, seven days of celebrating the community of listeners and shows that make up the Maximum Fun podcast network.

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Indeed now and get a seventy five dollar credit towards your first sponsor job plus earn up to five It always extra in sponsor job credits within needs. Virtual interviews visit- indeed, dot com, slash song exploder, to learn more claim your credits at indeed dot com. slash song explorer again, that's indeed dot com, slash song voter terms and conditions apply need to hire. You need. Indeed, details a canadian and from that of the band valley lodge but they will deconstruct the valley lodge song, go which you might recognize, as the opening credits of the h b, o show last week tonight with John oliver, the Dave hill and Iraq. and called valley large world a power pop ban,
Which is like you know, it's a misnomer, because power pop is neither power for nor popular, it's all like guys who you know when there are no twenty is done like sort of more like touring, elms and videos, and things like that, and so this is sort of the ban that I sort of like night till I got a cigar, softball team we're not gonna, stop rocking I like your plane to like fifteen friends it wherever about the one thing I was like, I hope it'll be Japan. That was my one thought in my head: but I mean zero effort to make that happen. But one day I got an email saying like hey: we have this: the japanese label, you know we love your record. You know put it out of here and see if he has wanted to earlier additional baby I'll cook also what they come on. Pay related the lonely planet. Guy too, Japan has always praise job his phrases,
stuff for every situation, when we do the tour in own drive from sicilian sand and I would sit in the back and try to learn phrases in the bid to her to jail. These guys that were taking us around if they whipped their heads around and looked at me. I knew I pronounced it right because they would be saying like some inappropriate thing or whatever, and I would memorize all these phrases- say them on stage a night. Pronunciation is totally long share by fedora gotta go through a my destiny. if you are a fantastic dancer coco, oh so one day touch me here, castle, cookie baby. Do you know what happened was gibson guitars gave us guitars for the tour and so we go back to drop them off at the end of the tour,
and I remember just barely come on. Let's drop the guitars off and get out of here, and we got from the outset as nice as woman, whose, like the most beer, folder I've ever seen in my life, and then I ll send us like rang out gibson all day, so the sign is kind of like my fancy staying in japan and falling in love with this girl. That, probably, will you really crept out here. The story there's a little lyric phrase I can tell you tiny inside ginza skins is a neighborhood in tokyo, and that's where this is. Sad and pathetic. A grown man down That's where that's where the gibson offices in Tokyo side, like three of in as a reference but really the lyrics, are all from the perspective of like a lothario with a head injury or fifteen year old. Basically, my mental capacity.
So I think that in reality like that, it is a good example of me using, Too many tracks to do one thing: I really like to record, like seven guitar parts, that there really is one guitar part like I, like my shoe stuff, alot of guitars and river herbs and things together for a tiny little part that no one can even a year and thus their headphones on ground wanted to add some dimension to the drums will mean a building up so he's playing instead of a highly is playing, and you know it the stand,
Actually, I don't always do them back there, but you know and it's it's cool and it works out. You know I get really nervous when drummers do stuff like that cause. You were worried that the rock party might end, but he managed to keep it going. The you know I always think of the ban is on many different from other stuff. I do certainly from comedy where I feel like it's really. me, I think valley lodge as like a fan, I see band like a fictitious banned there, it'd be in my record collection like so. It's really just me as a fan of music, going like what would be cool like there is some ban that sounded like this, the class, thing is really. I was told this fantasy world, but I have where everyone loves the song and wants to be a parliament clap along people. Just being
palm twin, the sun comes on. They will start clapping on and then there's the like. That's my tribute to Friends, teams on sand rembrandt's. I think that's really great. So I wanted to do something like that. Oh wow. I don't think I heard that I've heard that before and is awful, but I don't even know the name of the guy who played it cuz. It was at paul, green studio house. This house is so cool. It's like basically, kids. holidays are just like living in this house like sleep, like we would be recorded and then be like a kid they're asleep on the couch. Am I really going to crank up this half step tat is over. There there are some kids, and I can only you think, kids now you're trying to record I deem it? They were. So
into an attentive encountered, but one these guys, an organ player, He played that part in it, how to track down you know about it and we finish. The sun was like two years later from the point where he and recorded that so its credit it on the record as like us, thanks sylvia s folks, but I dont know that guy's name it. I feel awful My friend alessi lauren mark just this haunting weird british voice eyes. Just her stuff and she required in her bedroom in london beautiful the earth is due in every word and tell her what to do and socially. Picks out these weird things that she's gonna do.
I don't know how she managed to do this and sound british even then, but she does that's my favorite part of the song that were freely but initially the some kind of all start together I'm glad we did sign that way, because now, when you see the opening credit, Sir John Oliver show am I we didn't start with that last. Maybe they wouldn't have chosen it There was a show on hbo called reverb, I training the theme song that show in doing on bumpers, for that That's how I met last stand. Who is leave the show runner? it's and then I'm the co p for last week tonight with John oliver,
start of the show we were going to create an opening titles. You know the idea was to have like a lot of different moving images, and you know a lot of times. You'll hire a composer to make an entitled packaging music. Am I wanted something oh cooler than she is email me, sir Kay You know we want to use one songs, maybe so reluctantly agreed now now. I love it. I'm thrilled and now this girl by valley lodge in its entirety.
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