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9/11 Memorial

2013-03-28 | 🔗
On this ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, StarTalk Radio takes a look at the event and how it changed our lives.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode commercial free is stored. Reports this morning that a plain has crashed into one of the towers. Weltering laws are really going to use the words you are working to start HAWK radio on your host kneeled grass tracing astrophysicist with the American Museum of Natural history here
New York City, which is where I also serve as director. For this episode of STAR Talk, radio going to commemorate the events of ten years ago September, eleven two thousand and one then- and now I live three and a half blocks from what would you're be known as ground zero. I was home that morning and the entire series of events unfolded outside my dining room window: I'm going to go through those details here now, but you can find them their online. Just Google Thyssen, W Tc that'll get you there. You'll see photos you'll get my first hand account of my effort to escape lower Manhattan with my family. It's all there. Like I said, I want to retail that now what to do is try to measure the magnitude of the events that morning consider, for example, One of the buildings of the World Trade Center Complex World Trade center seven
is forty seven stories later that morning it would catch fire and that afternoon it would collapse. Most people have even heard of this event. It didn't make it to the headlines because far worse, things happened that day, but consent If that were the only thing that happened, that would have been headlines in every newspaper of the world. You can see it now forty seven story, building catches fire and lapses in lower Manhattan? That would have been across every newspaper headline the next morning. It wasn't even a footnote, because more tragic things will happen that day.
Plain hits the north tower. That's bad enough, killing everyone on board killing people in the offices of the force that it hit. Now that's on fire, that's bad! Now! A second plain hits the South tower. Killing all on board of that plane and people in the office space of those forces that it hit. That's tragic enough, not one plain, but to then a sound, the likes of which I have never heard or experienced. Before came upon my ears, it was the sound of the South Tower collapsing. A mixture of acoustic frequencies that the likes of which I have never experienced low frequency. Sounds that rumbles your chest high You can see, sounds the four shoot it pushed your head in reaction to it. Oddly minutes later
another sound would unfold, and I would say to myself: I've heard that before I'm fine, www with that sound. That's the sound a hundred and ten story building collapsing. The that I could even have their thought these one of the most depressed, in moments of my life, buildings down each one hundred and ten stories. Each an acre of office space per floor in up I'm not the same person. I was before nine eleven. I don't think any of us are. Now my different, I hug people more often are used to just be content and shaking hands. I hug people, perhaps not that's my effort to embrace life more deeply I also feel the full range of my emotions more deeply. These are sort of permanent.
And who and what I am as a person, but also in maybe more importantly, as a scientist and as an edge I've redoubled. My efforts to try to bring sanity to an insane world are we just? We simply do not know who has been heard and what casualties might have occurred, which is the information that we are? I wanted to take a look at what is happening right now that, as they live picture, that's what it's alive virtual to Israel. Tracer was just collapse as the second all my eye to collapse, We are now looking at and then collapse me. So
the World trade center towers again. This is something that we never dreamed. We would witness in our lifetime. Let us tell you that to come into this sitting right now, you will not be able to the bridges the tunnels, shutdown, subway lines trained, pretty much closed. The New York Stock Exchange no just a moment ago, the entire compatibility collapse, because the ambassador most smoke, running away from the area, your powerful there? Is no police want evacuated error as quickly as possible? This is done. We have with mean studio, undermine readily he's director of the National Centre for disaster preparedness at Columbia University. He's a medical doctor and adviser to governments and other municipalities and the responses merchants who support in the face of catastrophic failure of the grid of the electrical system of transportation of food distribution. Erwin welcome to start operating
we are glad to be here, and this centre is in the middle of what school, with Colombia, while where the escort the mailman school of Public Health at Columbia, University and we ve been added since about two thousand. So how does September eleventh effect your profession? Maybe too profession, disaster preparedness, idol of it even existed. Interesting that you mention that, because the fact of the matter is there a lot of people that were working on disaster planning in response and so forth, and most though People were in the community at first responders, so firefighters please self service and mercy manages to people who run too, where everyone else's running away from exactly those people who put themselves in harm's way, no matter what the situation that we depend on, typically to help us and protect us in the face of cash traffic events, there were few centres prior to two thousand and one that in fact studied disasters. Limited way, including one at the ears of Delaware, another one Colorado, and after nine eleven there was
splurge literally so to speak, probably bad words here. My approach, preparation of academic centres that were beginning now to take a different kind of interest in disasters and try. Figure out. What is the information most needed to guide responsible policies in force teachers to make sure that we could survive as well as we possibly could any kind of disaster that we might confront into question. I have September timber. Almost everyone who was injured was killed, correct and so Oh there's a disaster where the hospitals that we're gearing up once they need the towers had collapsed couple of dozen, people needed to be hospitalized. So what kind of a disaster Is this relative, the others that you see? I was very, very bizarre in many many respects, but the fact that matters exactly as you say, the hospitals were completely geared up throughout New York City. There were discharging patients that could be discharge to make room for what was anticipated, be hundreds, if not thousands and thousands of India
individuals and down in lower Manhattan in the peers. They had set up three our centres, my other man, used to be very active port for ship. And so we have these peers that are their left over from the Spirit. Exactly these large quantities type buildings in all sorts of people were gathered therein and literally hospitals were. Socially set up inside these peer buildings. My other Innovation is an example of yea residents through exactly the children's health fund has more Oh pediatric clinics we sent to them down appears to us, Then the in the tree, algae once again was expected to be just hordes of of injured people being brought out. Those places were absolutely empty. It was amazing and there's another point that I wonder- and I wonder if you address this in your studies here, you have a place. The tray tower com
next there is this underground veritable city of shopping in transportation. The buildings collapse into this big mound, the emergency responders, are all trying to help. There are trying to go to this one spot. How do you organize from a sort of in municipal sense of the rescue effort. When but has to go to the same spot. Well, first of all I what happened and nine eleven probably will never happen again, which is that we got thousands and fast. People rushing to what then I'll do virtuous. As you said, ground zero the people there were the organizers, the professionals as our fire fighters are immersed. Managers, are police, force, etc, and eventually, state and federal officials as well, where actually accompanied by them tears were coming in from all over the place and it was quickly apparent and you
more from other guess. I think about how this was actually done, but quickly apparent that a more control. There are three exercise over who is coming was doing, white rikers you arrive at the police, you got the fire department, you maybe have structural engineers trying to advise of national tsars officials who decides who's in charge, was gonna, be some party or study the unknown as it now is somehow or study about nine eleven, but at some part of our ongoing studies, because the problem is for very large scale disasters. This question that you just very Let's put your finger on the oil, which is who was asked in charge of large scale disasters these that are a good answer for that, because there's no resolution does no precedent so young so long, but even when we think about a disaster in the future, we still don't have a good mechanism for to figure out in charge, because this political jurists She is the city and charges the state in charge. What happens when federal assets get onto the scene is a very calm. Get a reality so we'll equipped for such a thing, that's what you're saying I live with
terribly ill equipped for such a thing as I was an adjective fortunately I was more or son with variables, you got some better ones. I'm sure I do some for broke ass purposes, but, yes, Kay, and so it's a brilliant idea crossed regarding when you have the Interpol of multiple first response agencies, as well as others who try after all, agencies that try to make a difference on the scene were not ready for that, and then you take it into a step further in your business. You talk about major disasters where the grid is out, transportation is out, you don't even have hospitals for my profession. An asteroid strike. This is the kind of stuff you're? Well last year, for example, we held a conference on what would happen in the aftermath of a nuclear detonation, not a dirty bombs, but the actual detonation only ordinary nuclear bomb, traditional nuclear power, which is unfortunately, a choir of all by we just to clarify his eyes. A journey bomb is a body that is primarily radiation
Narrative are dirty, man would be a conventional explosive that has been laced. Something radioactive? It could be something as simple as medical. Materialised. So most of the damage is a secondary effect of the bomb exactly and then the radiation. Even if its minimal causing tremendous amount of panic, but the radiation itself is not the issue in an actual nuclear detonation out what we saw in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which is now doable by somebody within our first scientific education and the wherewithal to get the radioactive material and education get on the internet based education get on the internet? I am sorry to say that commissioner, is one of the fifteen planning scenarios. The federal government thinks that major cities should be playing for, except it's just been well known to most of our cities. Here in the United States, in your planning, you ve got all the whole tree of decision making and responds functions. Cried have two then come to some coherent plan. One would help
would help, and then you have a plan and in somebody says well, that's your plan. Reader plan and do something different While writing it's, it's almost impossible in the large scale disaster plan for every possible contingency. Part of the planning benefit is for the people who have to work together to get know each other to know what skills and one assets they can bring to the table and to try to establish some order in terms of who's in charge, who's, running the murky operation centres? Who gets to make the final decision who says where we're going? please say you know a mobile hospital provided by the armed forces and so forth. So a lot of complicated decisions and good leadership is absolutely essential to their. So all these are lessons Is there a hope for the future was always how we suppose this area since saying ass, you say earlier now: I'm looking at you know, signifies a father and a grandfather and is a pediatrician. I you know, yes, is always hope for the future. You know I've been at this kind of public health workforce. Decades now and I would like
to say that I wish this hope will materialise sooner than it seems to be right now. But we are again, better were learning more, but it's awfully slow and were spending billions and billions of dollars and far as not getting our money worth just yet these, The words of Doktor Urban redlined he's director of the national sent for disaster preparedness, Colombia, your listening to our talk on your host Neil, the Thyssen. When we come back, I will bring into this conversation firemen, who was in the north tower when it collapsed. Joyce
That's a good return on Tuesday morning in the dream. Man is no one knows raved flamed. Ninety three mark and I'm why I think in the air I'm calling the air the airplane secret. For you I'm gonna, consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me sing if you support us at Patria. Dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying This is a start, I welcome back to start or radio and your hosting you'll dressed. I suppose this is a special event pursuing addition commemorate September, eleventh in New York and how it is affected the nation in the world for this pregnant. I want introduce Lieutenant Mickey Cross. He was a member, the New York City, fire department and one of the first responders on September eleven, to the World Trade center site, he was inside the north tower when it collapsed, making cross welcome to start hungry?
thanks for having me, I don't even know people survive that collapse. What's your summary of what happened to you this morning I was working my firehouse, it was just a typical morning of a couple of miles away on my fires. Four miles from the site for miles: yes, I was you officer on duty I think I was in my office is always a lot of paperwork and fight the pomp, and I heard on the radio that plane it at the north tower, but the chief dead the transmission. He wasn't excited, or was he said very Conway and I didn't It was gonna, be what it was. I thought it was a small playing everyday terrible situation, but I don't even think we be fact, because his dozens and dozens of fires is from where we ought to take so, but then to Minister we got. The along came in on our firehouse to respond to the north tower. So we jumped on the engine and we got downtown and I saw the north tower for the first time
when doing out there was a huge hole wooden black smoke. So I know when I saw it as this is gonna be a really bad day, and then we got down by church Street as right next to the South tower and viable overhead. That was the second plan. I did not see the point, this guy just exploded, and now we got the nautilus burning second tower. So we just followed the procedure we party didn't we headed into the lobby of the nor tower I get wanted to the twenty third floor. We walked the stairs and we got to twenty train fireflies, exhausted caring about eighty pounds of equipment. Yummy, you officer, I carry a lot less recently become return, has carry less so I told a guy see that take a break and I did a search and then building shook really
should bear the aid she fell over and that was the south how collapsing, but I could not see tat. You had evidence for this October twenty without knowing that no, I didn't know, I did not know it collapse only knows nor tat. We should remain with something and having denied. I got in evacuation. What do I dont remember how I got it and I got back to my guys to get them out, but they already self evacuated second in command. The patrol very experienced guy got two guys out, and so I started down the stairs and mom. I started out from twenty three I got down to about three and the building started: vibrating the staircase with just vibrating and true this war, and that was the building pancakes down and those something's happening very bad. I dont know what it is and basically tell down in on top of me and I was buried for about three hours so pocket the little pocket I was fourteen of it said it was simply be between secondly, fourth floor and after about three.
I was, we saw a little white and we actually crawled out by your move either to light and life, but who would expect act as you got a hundred and ten story building falling down and he actually saw sunlight momentarily and we crawled out. I know even lower Manhattan on September, eleventh, not because the towers collapsed, but because the fires that we're very high up were now at ground level and I found it very hard to breathe, and so I was really looking for better air. Your been the collapsed tower where the smoke is burned, well, actually air was probably cleaner, where I was than outside, because the smokers headed out newsroom, yeah, ok, but none the less over the days. The weeks and even months they followed. Many firefighters were on site I was one of digging through their accurately. I was one of them. What are they Sequences of the air that was out I didn't think about it at the time it just didn't into my mind.
But do they had amassed scored? You think they gave us the medical field in where too often to tell you the truth I would put in on when I saw the great smoke smoke. Free movement has to be a technical, because you know you were to smell. We found body parts by odor if you had your face totally slow, you can't smelling, so you remove from the environment we eyes. Yes, you know we are in an area with somebody is they had doors there too? I per day had helping us must have a tough and towards because it was sharp edges and steal every right, one of the little town inside one of the guys that was trapped with me. I was a police officer. He was historic. Cyrus it's a little monument to Cyrus, really nor the sergeant live, but is to have died, and he really was broken up after that now the fire went on for months. I remember it wasn't out until February or Joel knew enough for quite a while yeah yeah. Is it because it's smoulders deep down and as you open up a new layer, oxygen goes in and in flames and well yes
it pretty much say that yeah was so high that had just kept Berne and every time you open up a new air as Russia, as we would peeled material off oxygen would seeping. I remember walking around and seen it like. A little tiny, meaning, earthquake and scheme would come out like a little levy to feed along a fisher in itself. Why what's going on down they scare, he like some alien landscape rise very year. It is a real. What kind of protector you did, you have gone into the World Trade Center, wise choice, is dramatically? I came on a job and seventy seven, we pray much war, raincoats, indigo, reason or of the boats were just to keep water off of you. Basically, that's what it was now they came out with something called bunker geared is very thick insulated, completely calculated your trousers and yet jacket, and then you have a put off your head, and then you put your mask over. That's a you actually have no skin expose now which, in a way, some guys a little troubled. Why? Because you will feel that he does.
Peter rescue efforts to feel what it is. Your tell you get used to wearing it. Let me go back to her when remnant or so or is there a science of pretending? Surely the military has something to Georgia, and I think that what may decide about is the result of a lot of study, of what people need to be protecting themselves from not just fire but chemicals and other kinds of noxious materials, and maybe in the environment the threat either because of that I have a dirty bomb or because of a fuel tank or chemical. Whenever and as we found out from nine eleven, there were a lot of people. There were exposed to or inhaled materials of, really unknown substances. This combined explosion, in fact and everything else that was going on there and we see quite a few health effects specially pulmonary and some deaths that have been attributed to women, are much more so glaringly lungs. Right like I was just talking to a fine and the other day. He was an old time guy and he said in the old days they put out would fires bearing this way? How it's mostly plastics and chemicals so changed
but U S additional questions. Does it impede their ability to do with after the work they have to do at a fire? And these guys are fantastic the best in the world they get used to working in it On the other hand, the EMS Ii mercy, medical responders and docks might be seen, try to treat people. It is very, very awkward to Fritz, as you can imagine, trying to start intravenous drip. A baby with a small needle nightmare actually right. I heard a rumour that the communication- agenda for the walkie talkie had problems is an right. There was a problem years is a repair which boosts the signal and for some reason it wasn't turned on so not just or you equipped these commands central equipped and are there repeaters working? I see entire pyramid if I can call it. That's a big issue to looking at the communications, like that, with the nine Eleven commission recommended that they make changes a dramatic changes in the way we communicate relocation is everything here, communications truly everything and unfortunately, and sadly, communication pro
between even than your police department and the fire department was not functional, so warnings that could have gone to have some of the fire fighters exit didn't get to them. One of the saddest stays in New York history was the loss of fire fighters and just a thought that they might have been if they got the message to evacuate sooner gives me the chills, even now, ten years later. Thinking about that, I can't even imagine what kind of impact at hand the brethren of those we I was called for federal inquiry into this communication is an issue and I dont remember my radio worked or not cause. They ask me that in a casino I was already to evacuate, but I should have a vague memory of a chief telling me to evacuate face to face order, but other people so be handed over to radio, but I don't have clear memory of that. No Mickey down at very port city, this array, sullen and very beautiful memorial to fallen firefighters and also to foreign police officers all getting better epoxy. I am so there as I looked at the names of all the firefighters that New York City had lost. I can,
to myself. I bet for ever a situation where many, our farmers were lost, there's some new. Analogy or new rule that might have been put into play. So after September, eleven are the firefighters, do anything different today than they might have back then. Well they do. I'm more training and terrorism. Basically our equipment very much to say we get new stuff periodically for what is the science of fire fighting so well that when it comes down to happiness, very, very new which, in its infancy fact one? the pioneers of fires. Science. He worked right down the street here and in third division chief. He done, and I was his driver for awhile, very brilliant guy and he actually pie
he had fine sides is indeed let it alone to dangerous. Goods are now because the old fashion run with the whole was exactly like put it at the base of the fire. I think there might be other ways by now suffocating the fire or no no valid coming out with a lot of different techniques and how to fight fires just say, but it is not just that neon as you point out before. It's like the communication equipment, its so called you're operability, meaning the ability of one unit, one frequency to speak to another and so forth, say police. In fact, an immense work. Interesting because you can't everybody on the same frequency the same time, you can have their hands, but you need to have a way, that's infallible, so that the police, for instance, communicate, a message to the firefighters or vice versa, so that the situation awareness is consistent and its predictable and we still haven't quite implemented a system that is sound.
Problem, Mickey correctly from Robert I'm sure they into problems still exist to some degree. I hesitated his eyes as an issue, but this is rampant throughout the science of disaster response, even in the technical feel, so, for instance, radio detection to see whether we are there smuggling radioactive materials into the city that has and a major struggle. We still haven't, figured out a way of setting up radiation. Genetic, reliable and that's really scary. So Erwin implication here is that part of why we're so behind is that we ve actually been really safe over the, Here's what you gonna Europe, the cure, you gonna Israel, yearning, especially Israel right there are countries that are thinking about this law more than we are, but on the other hand, we view these events, whether its Katrina or nine, eleven and so called wake up Calls and then my book I said well in that- are really wake of calls cos Zuzu, snooze alarms we get all aroused and agitated there's a lot of courage and attention when the thing is happening.
Our attention span. However, it expires shortly, and we like hit this newsman and we're back into sensitive and place. The bulk of terrorism prior to nine live a little bit. Ninety ninety three people forget about it very very quickly. We have toward break your listening to start talk, radio more on our special edition. Nine eleven show you come back inside
is still low dreams, lonely between the various areas. I don't know what a verse, because they are genuinely something you want to remember, and I was very interested in our planet from Japan. Gigs only about brother law called me more It may in watching them ass. If one Tell me
When somebody, I mean it, I'm sure I'm not a bright people in charge of ideal. It is easy. Give you a shot. Fundamentally go down to Florida. Learn how to fly in nobody wanted some is, then they got the terror learning material Urban is on its way. Protecting the skills that was deal glee, giving his comedic reflections on nine eleven. When I think of comedy. Sometimes it's in good taste, sometimes it in bad taste
with some comedy has no taste it all but when it's done well, it offers you a new perspective on the world, probably anyone can make you laugh it happy things, but in due course, and at the right time, comedy at its best can get you to laugh at even sad things as well and when it accomplishes that its as a kind of an emotional therapy, a drug lists therapy to help us I'll make sense of the world next an interview with Seth Macfarlane creator. The hit tv show family guy. We talked his personal nine eleven experience and how that is influenced how comedies presented on his shirt. So TAT S, what we do in the morning of September eleven I was on my way to Logan International Airport. I was doing lectured my college road. I was good design and was the fly out of Boston and and was running late can add a the night before,
my driver was racing to get at the airport on time I got two Logan walked up to the council, and the late, I'm a counterfeit you're too late. They disclosed the gate, and I hope that I will listen while I just take the eleven o clock Those in the lounge woke up about forty minutes later to a commotion and into the next room and saw the image of the tower after the first planet. It tat is They are the tv and the second plain it, and at that point they announced what flight both light had been. I realize, oh, my god, that was a plan that I was supposed to be on the island. Missed by seconds essential, yeah yeah. My merits really, first, that extraordinary How often you even know someone for whom that's the case. Second, that's the kind of life experience that makes people religious. You know, and so what went through your head dodge. That bullet is watching what was your state of mind? Well, I,
will the delighted to find that on that day, but much later delighted to find that my rational convictions were free tat after that Avenant. When I really sat down and thought about it, I well, you know: I've missed flights before I've missed a lot of light before for being and had what may drinks before they are now. And when also anything about him in his people who miss every flight that takes off sure it's rather flight takes off with everybody on board their people in their late for one reason or another cancel so Not me a woman. Somebody else Those things up, point to a rational processing of what happened, then there's no need for a radical alteration of my life I think that extra well, because many people use circumstances just such as that
as a life altering mission statement that they must do good in the world when you think about it. How often does not happen on a daily basis, and we don't know about it. I'm the only thing different about this, for me, is that it was a national incident. You know the day before I could have been an instance whereby, across the street, Five minutes later, I would have been hit by a car and killed and I didn't have a newer or if you are on the freeway, a little earlier that might have been you in the car wreck instead of yeah, whoever you so So here's something I'm curious about you know you're, not only a professional either of comedic lines and comedic storytelling. But surely irc and observer of the committee community, you posted or EAST organised, comedic roasts, for example, I remember distinctly in the months that followed the evening com. Talk shows did not have their shows. Neither did Saturday night live as though they free to try to be funny in this tragic aftermath of September. Eleventh nobody but you're take on that
wealth? Part of it was network choice and any political choice in part, it was just genuine shock when I got back to family guy, a few days after September, eleven coming back to the routine of what year, inaccurately arriving, showing an instance where You know we are. Writing shows that wouldn't here for a year, but even that group of comedy writers sitting in the room staring Trying to come up with jokes, didn't really feel funny at all everyone who, just in front of a state of shock, or even in that space, that outside the public eye there was Sherman inability to write comedy your own logistical throne for a loop. You have to be done. Better than you do. You have to be in a mental where we able to throw out, opened it being a good bit funny mood. Ok, do two sides to this: one is just: can you be funny another one is either things about the incident itself that could serve comedic fodder much later down the line either, or about the response
to the event President Bush religion yeah you do. Start to wade into that territory and allow really interesting conversations when a few years had passed and we were starting to be able to make their very carefully constructed jokes about certain, Rwanda jokes ways: there was a gag on family guy about We challenge terrorists who write a tent. Bicycle in the World Trade Center and now with a visual slapstick gag that was funny. There was also somewhat justified The terrorists was the source of the comedy and no one was making fun of the victims. The victims, I think now enough I'm has passed it. You are starting to see people get a little older, the US out like a title, where you can say whatever you want by religion tat? You describe and got her or you don't know, there's something that were ready to joke about, or not I mean it.
I have a lot of us when we started to make little jokes here and there and received by the audience, and then I think people had started to turn up. This behind them, but the reach a point where able to see a lighter side of certain things and while at the same time during the tragedy that was he's. There are lying between what's therapeutic for people and the perennial question it doesn't cross the line, and obviously really great. Comedy has to tread the line if not glued every now now. Otherwise, you will just play Patty cake and your homepage. I got something Can I get a sensor? What's the mood of the country are able to handle humor about this yet and Eurasia point with anything it took a while with nine eleven and are so many things about nine. Eleven EU can't joke about it all on television, certainly, but we have over the years made several
jokes on the show that are nine eleven related and they ve gone over just five. It's really just being careful about what the substance of the joke is, and committee you're, not wholly insensitive to happen, but at the same time, an event. History that happened then we'd make jokes about parliamentary history had good or bad planning, nazi jobs, for example younger in the family. I series yeah a lot of times the world, I'm too, that if it stirred in that line, the idea that line and you're gonna upset some people. It better be variously funny and clever. Trickier barrier to jogging about with regard to the next, tragedies and what not funny or the joke has to be now. I would point out to you: Indeed, the individual terrorist versus the religion that they represent is there a trade off because, obviously the terrorists? physical, that's an individual right, a billion people, it's a person. So when do you say well now, for the entire community. Again, it depends on the job
I'm Corolla. The pretty funny remark in his book that says: is there that much difference between religions and adults and recalled starts with he's in love and harmony and eventually ends will bring me all the teenage girls. You do have to blame the institution of religion to some degree the most religious people on those plans, while the guys I'm an end of the building, family. I certainly been pretty both about making an observation. But there are a lot of Asia Schooner around you that, but I could be wrong. So what do you mean? The September eleventh on the tenth anniversary, anything special you're, just gonna show, I guess: to commemorate I'll. Do what I was doing. I'm getting ground successfully dies every time there was my phone call with Seth Macfarlane Creator of family guy getting his reaction to nine eleven We come back more of our start. Talk commemorative show of nine eleven, but first, let's find out what Louis Black has to say about that
everything from September eleventh, he pushed it. I survive trauma through my sense of humour. That's how I deal with a lot of people are lucky because they have religion but I had a dreadful. So that was our course. This patriotism, which I think it is good in a lot of ways, except for three and a half Our chunk before the ship, but patriotism and religion are only good in only in balance when they have a sense of humour and when they don't think grew. Rather, all we have to do is look at our and that's a group that does not ever since
That's a group that it's just now and that's what happens when you don't laugh. You can all round up than what you're believing in nobody's going. And your ears, which you cannot deny the face of these people, that we fight each absolute. They believed that if they kill themselves, they will be met and haven't by seventy some convergence. Imagine that kind of thing to think that that will happen. When I haven't met one
start. I am back just real finest on the web snort for radio darkness or like us on Facebook, where else, but STAR talk radio no show on September, eleventh would be complete without some comments and reflections from an architect for, and I chose whenever Riley leaned rallying associates she's in New York City architect, that's not all kinds of buildings here and she's. Learn is quite opinionated about building codes. And what effect they have and don't have on the safety of building
New York allows something called scissors stairs, which means they or to means of grass or three or four means of egress, which is what the world trade terror had can be back to lined up All of your steers room, one location, so it happened in world Trade Tower one. The plane hid went right the dry wall of all four stairs. So not one person survived above the impact for I remembered discussions about how they would do things differently, given the challenges of getting people out of the towers. One of them, I think, was the wider stairs. Yes, someone somewhere said people are twenty two inches wide. Other bodies that their shoulders. I think it must have been after the depression or something they have needed a lot. But if you take a standard person, a woman with a purse you're much larger now you take a fireman. Who's got equipment and a belt and carrying seventy pounds of stuff. They are not twenty inches wide. So
They ve changed the code in there now requiring forty four inches minimum with wealthy divide. Forty four by two you back to twenty two It's silly red matters because in the trade hours through people coming down, while rescue workers were going on one of the important things to think about it, all of these codes were based on the fact that you would evacuate one floor above and below a fire floor. There was never taken into consideration the code, a complete and total evacuation of a building. You'll notice in New York: there not a lot to steer towers sort of outside of the building like you'll, see in other parts of the country, and that is I'm gonna be allowed more but my fears have a lot of exterior stairs, rapid access right and die It is designed knowing that the entire theatres gonna be evacuating either after the performance or in an emergency all at the same time, which is not how high rises have been typically. Does
and during other buildings, freedom tower and it looks like it struck truly different from other buildings. I've seen constructed is theirs code now that says that the beings have to be at an angle or some kind of Kant delivering there's a whole series. One of the problems of world trade Tower is that it was a bundle to which met all the structure was on the outside and they had very long spans back to the centre of the building where those class instead of drivers and supported in the center of the building right and then there were long webbed tresses going too exterior of the building as weak connect melted in the fire, and the buildings collapsed when the problems is that there was a pancake effect the entire buildings collapsed. I think under ten seconds I dont know precisely what's going on it, the freedom terror, but I believe that they are trying intermittent stopping of that pancake effect. And there are also no longer allowing open web structural first structural members are anything
actually blow bearing right the frame of the building One of the beautiful elements of the twin towers was how open the door floor was today. Would you tell me if you can build a building that all that could be that open eyed? eve that you can, but one of the problems is, for instance, at world trade. Our seven is, they have two hundred feet of clay. Concrete around the perimeter of that building to stop car bombs in intact. Developer said: oh, we went to the police department and they advised this money. Three bonnet was a car in the garage. I just don't think that depletion dictating the visual looks of a building, and I think that that was what I Extreme reaction to an event, and that was already preceded by a more extreme event, so I think architects will always try and find ways to create beautiful buildings. Despite the codes but there are certain codes that you just can't compromise. After nine eleven
I presume some codes are added to the New York City Building code and with ease across the country the kinds of codes we're in stated after nine eleven, some of them are, as minors pudding photo luminescence markings in the stairwell dark and there's no electricity. You can actually find your way out. It's not that attractive, but it's with an inexpensive fix. The other thing its major is the requirement of sprinklers in every building by two thousand nineteen, even existing buildings should go. Forward. Is there any way of building can protect itself from airplane what point are we going to say, we're gonna, be plain proof in the architecture. Why I think that we should be airplane proof. Stuff happens. More people were killed on the roads driving their cars, so I think There is a certain amount of risk. I dont want to turn into a police state whereby we can't go anywhere without showing our idea in going through Magda Trans and doing all these things. I think world trade terrors! We're not that pretty! I don't
I find that we're doing new buildings. I wish they were prettier, but it's the loss of life, that's important, so we can keep that to a minimum. Then I think we have done our job where's my interview with renewed Reilly net rally in associates and architectural firm here in New York City an engineer and an architect speculates here that he'd above the crash like on the twin trade towers, may Heaven the cause. The building above to melt, simply collapsing in itself and putting enormous weight on the rest of the building below which could not possibly stand, and the steel columns which go out through the building built to code at best would only be able he believed, to have been able to stand an hour in an hour and a half of intense fire like this pressing down on the rest of the building. Until you finally was able to give way the World Trade center twin towers rose a quarter of a mile into the sky. I live three four blocks from them:
I saw them on fire. I saw them for all for my dining room window with seconds of each towers collapse, I had no more than one inch of visibility outside my window as the opaque thick dust cloud of over eyes, concrete rolled by right. Now You look at those same windows. Blue sky, sits where the towers once more, the World Trade Center was a veritable vertical universe, and I think about it often think about the people who work there, that tourists to visit the observation deck, the diners it windows to the world ivy near many times that one of the world's best wine lists I think of those who lost their lives. I tried it a peaceful way to remember the towers when I do. I think of them observatories top floor out on a few new, but you can type greetings onto a computer that would trains that message into space by
they are the north towers, radio antenna who would listen anything dropping extraterrestrials, who happened looking our way. The towers were so tall that for someone at the top, the horizon was forty five miles away that foreign of along earths surface so that? In fact, the sunset too its later for that person, then For someone on the ground floor so another, if you could have run up the stairs ones like per second, you could literally has stopped the sunset you keep running always at the time, and I did you run out of breath or run out of floors in either case. At that moment, you'd lose the sun for the night Secondly, below you guys are take comfort in knowing that even though we lost the towers. TAT the sun will rise again each day and if you do the math that something is done a trillion times,
This is neither the grass Thyssen signing or start aren't we as always, but especially to keep looking up. We should listen to start talking free joint star talk on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriotic dot com last star talk, radio,
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