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A Conversation with Alan Rickman (Part 1)

2013-03-28 | 🔗
In Part 1, Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with Alan Rickman about the craft of acting, the problems with the education system, and how he chooses and prepares for roles.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, sequencing the mysteries. This with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time all worry will you please it's easier to mean the brakes. Tat goes into, Graham all South Stream Brenda get lab, applying pressure.
Back to start operating on your host meal, the grass station ass, the physicist, using the gradual history right here in New York City, and I also serve as director of the Haven planetary contracts out, with me in studio the one the only the inimitable checking
yes, what combat we love, love, love me here and you ginger into all kinds of stuff for tweeting chuck. Nice comic acts at nice, come by the tribulations were taken up a gear, their school arrested. I was you just saw comical, ending, also checking your bio and progress. You do not show where you just invading
Holmes sounds creeping s, amazing, that a black man holidays and what is most recent mandatory arranged hold me going around system the weariness and most homes american call amount and call them now and what would never hdtv Home Garden television gardens as my sister's favorite network, I love her every speed down. One goes to bed now, I'm sure I don't tell us you can find your by accident ants ass, you there. I go with me also my friend and colleague Charles Lou, great, to see Professor Lou Excellent, much for having the excellent actual physicist to pay at the City University of New York and stem, and I've got you here because we're featuring my interview clips with Alan yes I'll make me by Grand Tars hammer you shall be available.
God, I started noticing suitable person. I would recommend you bet you may known from his role in Harry Potter. He was sneak creepy, define the word creepy visa? Is it Harry Potter, of course? die hard when the greatest Gillian roles, for ass, using Galaxy Quest. How says it can't be a movie if there ever was in dogma, many other films, and he was also in bulk polish I'll, show media wine film. A big fan of that and you know for folks or sort of soda, Alias guests, like I always like, knowing what real science might play in their lives is not always good sized like now. I just I don't want to deal with the interviews. That's why now with our it tells us about his life. Experience, luring science So I have to ask
because you ve been in some intriguing science fiction: films like gallop The I always wonder, do people who end up those rules that they have some sign background that leads them to it? How science slavery in your life in year, in school, where this way, when I did my very last physics, exam Michael four percent, or marks out of one hundred and ninety six, because she was formed. I go for marks for internet they may be used to give you one mark for getting your name right. Bobo, each of hysterical paper. He didn't mean that it was funny was the corresponding here and school in America that that would be only when I was about fifteen so the on, as before, Are you choose which subjects you're gonna do what we call
level when you're, seventeen and eighteen and then you go to university. Serve physics was no son. Was never ever gonna, be parliament's that when you said they buy we started an option which we would have liked Petru done. Well in physics, we would have never had you as an actor. I don't know what these for help. Forces operate, but actually there was somebody in my ear music that was a good school. In that sense, they didn't content trying to trap. You type here and somebody in my ear. What is very UK thing to do right by UK its world over a label on people's lives, my you did for his three level subjects leading up to university. Did physics, maths and art anymore, being out teacher and I'm sure all the better having had science in ITALY
So here we got four percent on his fears. I'm going to ask you what percent chalk on turning to you on this one? That's when he says that, because I remember now, we had physics in, the ninth grade school that I went to was a private school was there was a prep school was academically advance. I was now academically advance as I failed physics outcomes. But what is the solution? I think I'll be a community of physics, radio show I love science and I really felt like me. I can't believe I'm I feel this clause, and blame the teacher, but I had his own life really to blame. The teachers you're an educator as a matter of course, when you you, you think a lot about this so
I'm entreat that he could fail a class. Yes. But still embrace the meaning of science, has how, when our ringlets ETA got four percent, he wasn't bad mouthing sign. That's right! I've got four percent from its only one thing that he said that was so telling said that most places in the world you get tracking Play so you must be the science guy, oh, you must be the art gallery, but the bottom line is especially in this modern world. You can love anything and be anything at the same time. The information without his rhetoric, sovereign, exactly you will lose your driver. The information that used to have to be forced into as training for something is no longer that constrained in the classroom. You can get it anywhere, but all over the world on line. So we live in a time where the teachers are the sole source examined. Might so the teachers role becomes whether or not you learn how to think about things in a positive light with you understand things in a way that makes sense for you in your life, if the teacher fails
it, is the teachers for it is allowed to do so. I tell you, I thought I might teach astronomy. I say: look if you don't like math and science by the end of this class. Don't blame The signs by me, and I'm totally and when you live here and legitimately those words were burning effigy recently, do any site most double. I just really. I don't know what it was that we had a communication thing, but then another my chemistry, teacher Gay is made a book called introduction to astronomy? but your teacher, like chemistry, teacher for your husband, couch chemistry, teacher, said there's. No, where you can be doing this well in chemistry and failing physics,
When I started this book was fast as a teacher for your son. Mills must be operating and I found a boat so fascinating. Inspired me to continue this written, you became a comedian. Less astronomy is often a gateway son. When we come back with a more my interview with now and recommend the actor extraordinaire, I've got in studio, Chart nice Charles, we'll be back free space and science down to earth. You're listening to start
our talk ready for the way you could find us three way. First, work just simply on the web Start talk radio, given our All of our old shows check it out, but very close. Download us as a pocket. As you can on Itunes, we're also in video form the nourished network, if you do so find us. There not only that, where an broadcast, radio and so Chuck, yet with a lot of routes and broadcast radio, I did so great to have you participate in this adventure. I feel the same way in my room
deepen broadcasts, radio yeah. We also thank data and Jack. You knew you a ring of working from college. Yes, our excellent, so we we put our radio voices related process allows those I got no rock. So in this addition of Sarka, we beg my interview clear our written, whose actor extra their waste- You can only just be silent and listen to the words as they come out of his mouth. It forces got the british acts at the, as he has access to vocabulary that Americans can only dream of, and just rolls he's play so compelling and so absorbing and in its next clicked. I came off of our discussion of his, suppose you to science and what about science might intriguing heat into well on their physics, classing at four percent out of a hundred, I thought it was four percent off four percent
so yes, that's bad doesn't have minus line is so does eight influence. What role do my plane is a good or a bad is still curious, turns out he's quite interested in human physiology who isn't, but you know that an actor is brings in it. Dimension to let's find out what he tells us about that about watching somebody play the piano. I dont know how that physically possible. How today for a the information how'd you. Then not look at what their hands are doing and how how's that message going from the brain to ten fingers and dividing that information and those operations now, where the edges get blood whereby people operate with a tiny camera inside people's bodies and a pair,
The way they train themselves to do that is by getting really good at computer again yachting that that's it fascinates frontier sort. I'm curious than me your intelligent. You wealth knew your deep thinker. We have spoken earlier. You even think Phyllis, ethically about the world is to me that that could and would play some role in what drives the rolls you select in Europe, in career I mean why, wouldn't I have is someone someone had an idea. They say we're. Gonna cast doctors, consider within the mating sixties. That movie as regards my story, fantastic voyage, where the the I saw the Proteus, I think it was called shrunk. Do something important diplomats and has a brain tumor and he might die, but that they have found a laser that could fix it, but have to shrink down the laser get inside and do it so they take this vessel, put people and shrink it down to the size of the consideration. Syringe and then you go inside the body,
then, the whole movie is what isn't by the body with AC in the in the red blood cells, in the ventricle of the heart, in the veins in the arteries, and they get to the brain and the pull out their laser, which is a big thing back in the sixties and and I'm just curious sound like intriguing rolls and if it, if you, if you feel that just means background no less and less able to like, like ambiguity in rows, cause that's interesting as it means that new rules and means you can pull people in to private storytelling space and are not being manipulated by outside forces there, Imaginations are allowed to work along with mine turn I did actually from playing a heart surgeon- and I was really big catch up there because, as enough
to try to understand how the heart even works and then to mine, doing how to it was about Alphabet Blaylock. Did the first blue baby operation, So when you an actor, you don't know what you're gonna be called to do and there he is foresees a train driver, MOTO, Neuro this? Is another area where, who isn't you play the piano? Try do play the course, which will do no longer no longer idea, that's lessons for little while, but I sat there, my daughter's way, then. Ok but the reality is that indeed, when the hue, Body programme to solve the practice is that world able to train our bodies to do things beyond our ability to think consciously same for playing piano as it is for safer ballplayer
somebody is coming in and trying to sacking was the core of our view run the other way than trade either. That's what you literally don't have enough time to think to think to move body has to know to move. When all was somebody's gonna, come hit me so your training yourself, all those years. You think I can play quarterback or all I can say the court about the reality is your body has to react faster than you can think in commander, if we act in order to be successful. So that's why I'm so your training, yes, three train, so so in the same way as a source of wars. Failure you only good thing you ve done is this has happened so off your model, neuro response. You would think that would appear to me just not to go to their sources of ours. Thousands of ours that kind of practice, but
is very cool. Is that the human brain, even with a few hours, can make it's so that other humans. Looking at that person suspected there appearance of ability. Even True ability is not yet really also, the actor doesn't have to then be the twenty thousand. Our export recited can just nobody our expert, Ray and again that take us economic. Exactly now, itself has its own brain, not enumerate brominated things, so different people are good at different things. That could be, for example, that the Maestro piano player particularly can arrange his or her fingers too, become very good at playing the piano, whereas the actor or the comedian has the modern euro ability to find a way to reach those specific aspects that appear to be excellent to others in the community You don't want us what has hosting Knowest ice now PBS segment on your brain learning while you're sleep of something
who had done the day before I saw you do a task that you never done before and you it's hard. Can you get a little better at it and you keep getting better the point where you just not getting better your yes, it's how you we would normally describe Yugoslav wake up the next morning kickin. You start at a higher level than left off the day before, because your brain debris, the information to go, sit as much as knowledge, it was adding kinetic of memory of what doing and so when they say sleep on it, it actually has meaning- and I was able to confirm that this with multiple did with a video game that required can am I did it with it? I think sequence. I did it with a member. Likewise the next. Better, and so the brain is working So is a brain like making new neural pathways so that you are better at the job, but it's just mean
when a growing nor on the right is the rearrangement of the chemical pieces that we picked up, you: don't wanna settles in and during that time, when you're not doing anything else, soldiers, sector, chemistry's what you're chemistry alchemy as well? You know, Neil all scientists throughout history who have we intractable things have at first obscure, ascribed then to perhaps magic or divinity, but knowing That's just a gap until we fill it with more knowledge was interesting. Is that work that way darkly and there's a famous edict or adage from or through she Clark where a sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
So so an Iphone. That's a colonial marital back ten years ago, it early bird in his day so went for an actor to learn to be another whole person, I'm intrigue an important work courts it because we see real actors who are good pick it up. The capture. The essence of it to the point where you, the viewer, even if you are expert in what do you think that What that is to be the strain on the her hand? I regret very uncertain. Those actors are experts at all. You talk about it on the other, Doesn't it wrangle you when Romania Chuckie notice when you're?
King somebody pretending that play the piano in the movie and your hands are over here, and you know that the south forget on switching to take a view on the next day. He had. Some actors will actually want to learn this year so that they might be that real, although gave way to lose no you're right. I was simply from the player and learn the finger of blame. Trumpet eventually checked achieved to see who are you to view without regret that we can react to startle the secret
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SK vanish started. Three. We featuring my interview with our really was a guy. I know, there's not a good imitation sounds a little smiled when they talk about them. Then you bill you. We want that during his last line in the last mothers such papers should achieve with this year, for the impression is right. This minute he was one of the characters in limbo, ball shock, which chronicles episode in the history of american or knowledge we were. I knew I hope it's ok, that I revealed to the world how much of the file you are. This man, folks, is one of the maybe two or three most knowledgeable people about wine in the whole. Not that I note that together we finish myself. Why said about good? I was just saying so too. I am to go see that movie that Saddam Hussein to talk in the same city sideways, interferes diaries, another Goodwin, so to impress authorities because a why movie out their chronicle the history.
After in the history of american wine, making we're California is trying to make a name for itself right. It's got the grapes of the classic wine growing regions of France from border, especially the Bordeaux, in this particular case, and answer they grow their cabernet solely in, but also the most expensive wines ever at auction from France. Are this great? You put the plantings here in Amerika and China compete and there's a contest in eighteen. Seventy six bicentennial year was all up with America and the fresh air. Let's have a contest, you guys are celebrity less polluting, some of your wines against some of our wines, and some people were little sceptical that maybe the french we're trying to embarrass us on our biggest by the way going way you can conduct that experiment is, if you take the wine blonde right right, you can't know in advance, because then you don't trust the judges, especially the frank. We thought. That's what you bring just you gotta work that in bed play right, and so so outbreak plays was one of the joint. I forget the exact role, but he was their part of this. This contest that would be conducted and so on. They check out this and will talk more about one. When we get back
I'd, say you study. Eurostat has as any good actor does, which tells me then in bottle shock. You had to do a lot of wine tastes. Making business to do your homework for bottles are the real problem with that was shooting in Sonoma, and so when we came to the scene, where those it's about a blind wine testing between French and a true story to infringe and American, why we take the wine and you don't do not told in advance out at the end- and this was set up in Paris thirty odd years ago, by the current,
I was playing to publicize is one kind of this all happened in his judges were very eminent, french, all friendships and one expert and slobs, basically due to horror of horrors, the american lines, one nets, extraordinary orange for the growth of departure for moving to do with reality is when we shot that scene of the actual one tasting it wasn't about. Ninety degrees of heat outdoors in cinema were, of course, you could also be done because it would ruin rice, Ryan Dry, but it was. It was visually. Riah look look good, so so very well, so he was. These are the british merchant who organise this tasting in France miracle, one? In fact, I tasted the line that one that contest nineteen. Seventy three stags leap steadily cast twenty three years and ass. The rest was sacks dangling faction. Seventy three now now back in
still Californy wines tend to mature. Sooner than the French myself, when the French lost this contest, they would then say: oh well, the American, because of eighteen. Seventy six was, the contest is american way to the other account french ones were in the early seventy right, so they would say: oh AUS hasn't shown. Well, yes, come back, you see the same zeal and it was too late. Genie was out of the bottle. Time magazine was present at the tasting. The writing about no other american press was interested in covering you know. There is a California line called rockets. This fact I have someone at yesterday s criticising their common law. Actually soccer for wine label that has cosmic this law? I think constantly theme wine labels Second behind like nature
like our include animal, just check it out you there's someone moons planets and stars in its work, so I am quite sure that cause we seem to have infuse the one making people might well ask for one or one. When we come back more of my interview.
Unlocking the secrets of U world and everything orbiting around it start eyes we're back start out real featuring. My interviews with our written in both you guys can imitate the man and the right of mushrooms as its opposite. Does that you try, and we just came also that segment with bottle shock weird american wine one. This prestigious french competition set up to
to showcase where how far California had come. And the size of wine is fascinating in university. California, Davis, tyres their specialised in the signs of wine, and so what I want is that the Americans we're safe. Whatever you guys do in France because you want to raise it to an art before you to saying we're: gonna break down to we will kick. Your life cycle has really been only blue balls. Rocky also did, but one of the camp is funny movies ever gallop, the questioner. Lazarus saw the film was like a number one in charge, but didn't Certainly like a rentable film. And it's about a chibi characters from a science fiction show,
aliens came who dared to protect their civilization, so they want them to help pay, for it was real. Could they got to television signals from big whenever the space we do, as has the keys fantasy to every star trek, Sandstones wines real and the aliens thought it was real. So how can we played Doktor Lazarus rate? Is a gouty quayside fires, hammer you shall be ice, Let's go straight, and I asked him what has into your you're acting repertoires find out what is it Well, I mean, of course, can in galaxy caress I'm trying to think about done any others, but that was very
particularly about a bunch of actors what's with world trapped in a really tv show you ain't, retraining and actor on then I just did occur to me to think seriously about who aims of having been Shakespeare and found himself in a cypher show which then, finish twelve years ago, and now these I just just go to conventions. Rikers acts and the real alien showed up right? Re learning showed up unnoticed in the crowd of firm people wearing my costume, the premises just so crazy. I mean really fun crazy, Brennus, I'm glad you did it because it was there.
So this is his portfolio acting roles life. I'm just remember my nice for demanded reference, my nose, the aliens and legal certainty in this point, all creatures right humanoid, whenever interacting with us, you saw them while they were asking for completely now there ass closely for gas so out our native that interesting point that their actors there, who may have trained in Shakespeare and find themselves on a tv show, has nothing to do with Shakespeare. Ritalin played that parts of perfection innocence, because suitable grumpy role is simplicity. Sir Alexander DE undistinguished Shakespearean had the wines it on tv, and now that looks like a war in one scene in the movie he had to go stand in front of a WAL Mart like Box store with his friends and say by grabs eyes, have what has saving store of it is that you can take a role and play with it as much as you want bore. You can disdain it and say that's not part of the writing in Modern STAR Trek, lower people still going around doing exactly the same thing in my area on the Big bang theory, I shouted with Raj characterising right profusely astrophysicist on the show, and they should also what is your backup peace classically trained in England, and he studied study Shakespeare. I flatter myself. Did he ever imagine that it would be best known for lady geeky science can tv sicken, and so I guess
Surely all folds in maybe he's gonna go where the footwear that you can always do you hate? Having met you get it just makes everything is really selling. I saw this as there is. No art is still wore view, but we come back to start.
Unlocking the secrets of U world and everything orbiting around it. Systematized
we're back and start or real vision, where your views with our chinese nicer trick or treating it. Nice comic. That's right! You're! Twenty two! I just as I am sure you just see agency came, the Czech looms education, things of young cosmic things work due to find you there and we talk about some of the rules of play, and so is role in the ball shock. Get to know something about wine. So to do some wonderful work about that. In fact, that film feature chemical changes in wine because, as they portrayed actually happened, this way real life. But he added to the drama
the wine waiting we shift overseas went through a chemical change for having been so jostle could have to move the ones where the tasters arms and why doesn't like being moved any more than you like, being bottled up so so the whitest recover from this and sometimes limited chemistry, the films well, and if you don't know the chemistry we handle feeling for you can't embracing actor, trying to say convincing chemistry, words, it doesn't play and an hour. It may seem to pull this off each time. We talk about what is to learn science and what might prevent you from learning signs. So the question you you you scored so poorly under physics is? Am I don't have that scarred you often in America when people say they get scarred, it's not from an exam score is from a really bad teacher, but in their case. Their turn off. First from science like for life You ve had several occasions for science to work its way back in your life, not only
in some film roles, but in your role as a heart, surgeon in the little bit of chemistry and bottle shock or thinking about, but goes on inside the wine. So I'm curious did. Did those forces help you re. Gain and appreciation for science or the role of scientists, intellectually or even in society. Absolutely and you're right. I wish I d want to criticise the teachers I had to go for it assists clearly. There are other ways to teach it, and maybe you have to figure out what kind of child you have to find out how to get listen,
motion inside the heads or body is the key for the individual individualise teaching at ten percent comes down to the ear and maybe in I've, I've stood on a platform and I've been zapped by computers for from every direction. So they can. We form me in a computer you talking about earlier about. We won't need to act anymore. They did get enough information from me to them Put me into the background of a shot and without me having to show our own so it can be done. So why can you take a child in the shade and zip it from every angle and figure out, which would be the best way to teach about
I love that finds difficult. That's the modern actors version of what we all set in the seventies and eighties. We could put a man on the moon we to salt put to fill in the rest of this ends. Why is this person dyslexic what's going on? If we digitize inaccurate, put him in a scene, why can't we train people to understand the world? I love it like that. I find it. Fascinating is just something in my brain that refuses to accept The information doesnt know what to do with it as soon as you, to him, but ok, but its debts wanting to turn it off. But that doesn't mean I don't think you're saying that you hold still
and in our appreciation of the site, I like the fact that he still was oppressed with websites can do so. If you go in America, they they had signed for our right to command science. We try to prevent them from the classic thinking. There's some really interesting. Punching we talked about computer mapping and trying to get people learn size. Different he's right are, in fact, in the universe, new central Florida. There is a project called a meeting project where a key year has a meteor attempt to teach people about gravity science using computer simulations put electrodes and sensors on a kid bringing into a room, and or she pretends to be an asteroid. Trying to go through and said
into orbit, for example, around the planet, so ashen their use in their body is a kinesthetic solution, similar from from similar from nearly magic right round the magic type stuff in their scores and trying to find different ways to get people to not just learn on paper. How to write asteroids reassured him out of the sky. Me asteroid cares about nineteen face the National Science Foundation and they're going to fund, but this is legitimate science education, research as well as just having a good time. Isn't that was important. We all learn best when we're having a good time. Overdoing it doesn't have to be something it's easy, it's hard to make a joke shot.
Hard to do a mute grab on your board, but people will work on every hour after hour day, because you haven't got time when he described his role as a surgeon who knows he was operating on a planet child it had a condition, was a call them, maybe maybe condition, and so you have to think about our work and almost wrap up this. Our great haven't you guys you're like such a disease. This wasn't a human wishing to start heart rate finest on the website or radio network and we're watching from the National Science Foundation, shouting for the flowing through the river shells and by extension, the world and by a radio signals, as always, keep look at Grass Thyssen. I didn't go by only one percent believe that Galileo job the organs which you can listen to start talking, regional free, joint start talking
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