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A Conversation with Dan Aykroyd (Part 1)

2013-10-20 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with Dan Aykroyd on topics as varied as the science of humor, Earth’s molten core and the birth of the Blues, with a little help from Chuck Nice and astrophysicist Charles Liu.

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welcome to start talk. Radio on your hosts, Neil, the grass Thyssen and I'm here with my coat check NICE Neil, you behave like a zillion times north the last month. You know I'm to say I am not complaining argue and whenever we have like an interesting subject where we need like a man about town who knows everything about everything I bring in my four, and colleague Ashraf,
Charles Lou. Yes, it is a pleasure to behave Jack. I worry about well, so so what we ve got here for the show is it's a conversation with an accurate, oh yeah. Z. Dan act is only want Dan. Accurate Dan actually did then lose brother blues brother and lose brother. A founding member of the not ready for plant primetime players right Saturday, night lab in all kinds of movies, is so he came to my office. Visited me without the MIKE and as an island is go by, and I want to talk about putting on startup so adjusted. Remind you he's what are some other movies you, let's see how
spies like us here. I just goes on about my stepmother, is an alien and who can forget trading place, carried in place and Martha rearing fairy godmother and driving Miss Daisy for which he was nominated, aren't academy largely was this time he was a southern india, rather mistake hired in Freeman. So let's go to my first clip in my interview with him because in that clip You talked about and now to me over saturnine live sketching rikers. It has quite you know before. Then you have vaudeville and things well. What is it the anatomy of that and had it will hardly make it work with sea? Can you say that there is a science of sketch comedy, or is it from your good? I think if you want to look at structure in comedy where you're gonna find structure and scientists more in the sitcom round, because its set up delivery punch, set up delivery, punch its formulaic and sketch comedy
less formulae gets more absurdest, you ve, never really sure of an ending, so you're you're, not so conscious of bringing the scene to a peak coming out of an anticlimax on them finishing and on a climax, it's more where the writing collaboration takes you, so is less scientific unless formulaic, really sketch comedies much more ephemeral. I also noticed that so much It is in the set up the humour in just the construct that fair to say the other concept away. You're starting out from offely lead you and in our galaxy I think, sketch companies much more organic than ass, a structured film, comedy origins of reality that the sketch comedy the improbable purist and the poorest farmers. Of course, second city, your roots, yes, The second city is mercury, rolling across the table and splitting up in the little balls and sitcom A film is more of a structured molecular picture where you're actually designing and confining things there no confinement in Improvin, there's no confinement and sketch comedy sometimes
do scenes it ass an hour. They really there was no ending. We could just keep going and going in that we decide what we got ended because it three minutes later. The applause and ended a thing so much more open and free form- and I would say organic so how many comedians get to actually make that transition, because it's not obvious the real problem is gonna sit on a right, a whole movie again, you know what you're doing structure does on television and film. You ve got to have some discipline there, and that means actually structuring and confirm. The only place where it's really freeze and the improved stage at second city and that's really really sore. I was to be a part of that, and I am happy to join people like Betty Thomas, because a lame May Harold Remus, who were high, so they wrote they performed and then went on to take their skills into great movies, like animal house and round her dame projects like that, where he took the best,
the improvisational world and then can find it and structured it in the world of film so that there was a beginning middle linen. Is there any coincidence that one of those children's programmes of all time. Sesame street is based restructured like personnel sketches. Sketches be always know plot. No, it's just a fund for three minutes. The iron don't demand too much. You know your grandchildren they're watching demand too much of them, and you too, you might try to entertain them purely entertain them in that's what the valley sesame Street is entertainment about the We invest. Now is pure entertainment, where you know you're not really looking too sell a lesson like a movie or a sick conference is running our tv show. Those are the three major forms, an hour drama, a half hour, sitcom or There's always some kind of moral lesson that they're trying to put in You are a sort of in the end. You have to come out with some kind of view that all the
people were right or they weren't. You have to make a moral judgment with sketch comedy and then maybe lessons incessantly street there were none in Santa Nightlife. I got some important lessons from Saturday night, my Charles Lou, though that was your sesame street, I am who I am your day because of that shows what can I say, I'm not so sure you're that you're the professional in the room here. So, yes, would you agree that science to comedy absolute as he was saying without perhaps he was just deconstructing it all a really did I mean the one thing I would take issue with is the fact that he said Lily taking issue with less inside Dan movies. You been three, that's ok, not forego. The fact is that he said that dumb sketches the purest
I'm sorry, but stand up is the purest stand and with the mirrors, warm accommodate their ears. I'm sorry Dad Croy, because there is nothing there, but you and a microphone. And you have to utilise that to create common. That's all you have talked about prof comics, I'm told access to actual they exist, satchel, full and am and who them, because the one with them, but the puppet, the ventriloquism various requests. Yet at that, listen, you had eventual quit dummy. I do I didn't actually know my wife has been truly. I forget who I am sorry, but the truth is that no to stand up is the purest form, a comedy, because all you have is you wanna stage with your words, you know: And besides there is that he was talking about is, as you know, there are two sides to a joke and what the things that that you're fine and it's a mistake that many young
Alex made the longer to set up the harder it is for you to get the pay off so the shorter the set up, the bigger the pay off. That is, if it's funny and site, otherwise you can fall farther if you have a big set up and it doesnt absolutely because you think of it as climbing the ladder and you gotta get to the pay off and enough and on the other side of the well, I can tell you something about the signs of humor, not comedy, but humor glitter. Well, a few years ago, a University of Michigan Study, a scientist, did some things with various malodorous chemicals and test subjects and proved that farts make. Breathing funnier real. Ok, when we started with a sound over four gonna stay because the actual smell the fight, it doesn't mean anything funnier, that's just with the science says books. I think this guy was a freak. Just like you know, malice. Differs. Send us look. Nice but it is true that, as you know, has avoided a factual and humor. It's all told from what I've seen
as you know, there was no, you don't have to go there, even if it does work, it means you have to be clever to avoid it still get someone to laugh, makes sense to me. Well when we come back on our next segment of star talk more my conversations with Dan ACCA Roy in studio, check, nice, Charles Loom, will be right back. This is starting. The good news is innocent. I've never even done anything vaguely resembling that's really look awful cells. Clothes, though shoes in finding it. Just now, I smell Penelope.
We realise where I being since yesterday, they beat me up and stole my clothes, man, one God sex with me, we're back star talk. Radio featuring my office interview with Dan. I cried. So Jack? I get you here with me because you're a professional comedian- yes, I laugh at everything demand as Ident Ecuador make up about it. So, as I said, is one of the regional cast members have Saturday and live with Chevy Chace and Gilda Radner, an amazing anyone onto star and movies. Like the blues brothers, this one of these movies get. If you cannot surfing,
have to do that. You have to have it, doesn't matter what football game it doesn't matter. You stop there's a lot. There are laws of physics and there are lots of television. Why didn't you come in and cross the blues brothers and stopping is a law of television rights law? Another that training places is up there with me as well. You know: U K. S can argue with late Eddie Murphy. Much had a man with no legs now go back. Let me try to have sex with my mother. I figured love that movie. I feel like every member of Congress should see that movie at least once before they run for office. Don't you think absolute while they were, I think, member Cars need to do much more than us, so we gotta clip so denigrate. Visited me in my office at the hidden, planetarium and MIKE, and I can ask him everything I could could come up with that committee about the science of comedy and in this in this next clip. I'm just talk about the
so the timeliness of humor just to find out. Is there such a thing and what can you do with it? And what can we do about it? Let's find out, I was operated on the premise that, if I could make myself laugh, then that's one human being that laughing over a thousand ten thousand years ago are now twenty thousand years in the future, one human being laughs. Maybe you can get five to laugh and five Ass may be fifteen, maybe fifty, maybe five hundred, maybe five thousand. So I I always just listen and powers of term just got it. Everybody has a sense of humor, every
but he s so much so that the federal government of the United States has had to put posters in airport saying do not joke about knives. Our guns are bombs. We know you human haven't propensity to humor. We know you like the job. While this is one thing you cannot joke about is a mom or we will fully. Was I to talk about there's a sort of recognition right there, a federal recognition of the universality of human, so be like sand boy here seen in training places that my wife noticed after the party the party in the in the town house, young guy, that Eddie Murphy was his characters named William Billy right, Billy rang out, ok after the party, and he says, get the F Ok, the very next scene is the bottlers holding all the jackets, because it's the way, Christmas time and one by one as they exit they pulled the top jacket off of the pile
so everyone exited in jacket? the film was written by Wine Groton Harris to my knowledge. They have never written another movie, that's been made or that's been hit and they wrote it on the fax machine. One of them live in L, a modern, Linen Michigan and they wrote one of the greatest american comedies without seeing each other. This is my understanding. I had nothing to do with the writing of the film at all. I did have something to do with the title. I forget what they wasn't called training places originally, but MIKE Eyes Are- and I was sitting in a car in Manhattan, trying to come up with a title for this movie and we're going. Fourth and- and I was saying the trade and he said, training places. I say: that's why you sit where you are, and I say why, when I am everybody liked and cleaner, recycle the out of the air and any Murphy, of course, great young talent at that time, with his vibrancy and intelligence. And secondly, in saying I coming off ass, an owl was there was just superabundant. There has been
How can the sequel watch I would love to pursue, because if you look at where finances are in the world today, all these mechanization peregrinations of derivative financing that goes on airlines or trading the and the bogus sides of trading in all perfidy. That goes on the malfeasance and miss reasons. You can really really do a great Ex mosaic of financial perfidy through their training places. Filter. We have to our interests daddy and that an paramount pictures, yeah and interested because we all remember the scene and coming to America. You ve got the Duke brothers as homeless people Oh yeah yeah, well, that's land is John Land is merely a director who do not involve films. So I'd like what he said, he said he wants. The keys, to be able to laugh at is the joke
where's he. Why would you believe anyone else would like, but that presupposes that he's got some representatives laughed genes forever for what everybody would find funny, you're, absolutely right, I've seen comics who say jokes and nobody laughed so clearly they thought somebody was land, that's exactly how it works, and this is this is why you need- and this is why no one writes a joke and then gives it to somebody says: there's a funny joke man. Just don't do this joke as you need to test the joke out there. You know there is a certain kinship too science and comedy and expense. Temptation science find out which results through experiments and work. It change change the parameters and you just described how comedy works on a on a very base level. That's exactly Is you go out man? I thought that was funny day
you don't go what's wrong with these people. These people know Jack, you don't know from further with known. Did the results were not what you were looking for as as person conducting the experiment and so What you do is you go back and you change the variables so that you can actually get the results, such a desire, which is laughter workers in inside their delusional scientist, who keep trying to think that the experiment is going to work? Yes, we call them alcoholics, we have kinder and enhanced mobility and really check. My question is about timeless. Humor is a really such a thing or is all humor all about timing. That's great great credit. The great question, and it is both there. This time was humor. Ok, because there are certain mademoiselle. Of humour that we get now some of them are tied to culture. Ok, for instance,
it's been deemed that the best joke in the world ever written is Hannah. Young men take my wife, please it works all the time, because you he's told in worse before that women's lives right, but he told the story, he told an entire story. In four words: ok take my wife, please everything you do. You know about that marriage and that's why it's funny you know. So there is a time with this, but timing is everything without the right time and you can't get the funny that others, you can you judge in the present whether something will be funny decades from now, take for example. Yes, you can look at I've. I've looked at the other I am would have. Somebody makes this list of. I am if the film people I've got some add some abbreviation and they make the funniest films of all time, and some like a hot is on that list. Perennially ok man went with Marilyn Monroe ran the two guys Jack would have the toilet.
Its jack, Lemon Jack, lemons and you're gonna get bigger, Marilyn Monroe, Jack women as a main characteristic, so twenty Curtis, of course it took them. So that's always put back at the list or matter who's making. The way is now. These aren't just people old enough to remember at their peoples scene it afresh. So what did that? The real? there's, because if you are dealing with anything that is human, human nature is timeless, Carmody? Ok, why then comedians who talk about their families and their choice, Children Bill Cosby when one of them
beloved comics of our time whenever Seleucus we're never gonna cost. Where does I didn't have to because he's using subject matter that we all relate to you know it's my kids, you see that's now one of the children, s wife. I declare it may gain a dad. He's great he gave us the junk like you get your real him feel it view you feel, and anybody who has been a child has a child abuse, her sister Anne uncle. You get and so human,
Each year makes for a time was covered with one of my favorite lines of his report about the who's. The stupidest person is, how is the Father rail, yours, you don't know anything it s gone no way ahead here kid cook. It goes down the list as too and believe it or not. He gave rise to the office dad which is become a sitcom. Stable, is aware that there is complete and total, oh well, that came out bill cars, we going. You know the that'll know any of you can't find massage Charles. How long is big bang theory gonna be funny where think. It's funny anymore, ok and then sorry, not only where it is necessary to have something I funny, even if you don't know the science behind the humor, it still funny to see that the characters and for that
I am willing to give it that yes, but it is a little long and the two. Don't you think it's a whole timing timeless, except that is number one, should come on television and I long to you gonna describe it. If that's what you're gonna say it, it cannot do that when you don't have to come back to my interview that accurate start talk on the science of whom have secret for you I'm gonna considers singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying Hey this is done, I cried, and you are rightly properly list, to start talk, radio with doktor the grass Thyssen hey come on, learn something
for a change, we're back startled radio near the grass tastes and your personal astrophysicist today we're featuring my in office interview with the inaccurate, and I got in studio, check, nice and Charles lose any sometimes knows. Chuckle area to checks and rhythmic. Do that's right to check bunch are there was always a little more than to wait before we went to break Charles. I just wanted to get your reactions on on the big bang theory. We number one. Nine com on time to caricature is geeky. It is basically so so I want to ask you: what do you think about? jokes that require that the wholesome chuck spoke earlier.
The set up right and we have a big set up. You gotta have a big pay off, otherwise appears people all right. So there's a lot of humour in science that I think is untapped. So then you got a prick people for its. They find out why it's funny yeah it's a matter of hitting close enough to home. That's all revile leading some safe zone. So it's like funny. It makes you laugh, but at the same time you not going too far trials which are scientific safes back where there is an episode of the Big Bang theory where Stand Lee was featured in it, the commited grant comically asteroid or now it turns out that I collected comic books for a large portion of my childhood, as in your parents through them out when you went to call no, I had them all in my office, so you'll be so you're worth a zillion dollars in most of the stuff isn't worth the paper. It's printed on that, yes, there are a few. Nevertheless, I just remembered watching that episode or towards the end of that at the sudden, saying, ok, but for some isn't it didn't get through my safe zone didn't get through my comfort zone? I wasn't able to
say: hey while that was something unusual and made me I live every time so to some wrong with you. I think I think he eyed- and this is a completely unrelated, but I have a scientific, safe word and its Higgs both not that stops the beating when it gets a little sounds like the punchline of a job. I thought he was it. He exposure will dare networks, not only humour. He is a huge interest in the blues, as do I accept mine is more just listen to stuff, I like it turns into it and he wasn't just a passing interest with the with the blues brothers, as whose brother, so it is finally ready to talk. I just think about accurate and blue somebody says I love the blues and if it comes on the radio Just got a whole blue station on serious acts, of course, but in the old days, if
the blue song came on the radio I'd have to pull over to the side of the road and just stop american emotion and my boots accelerator when I area of loose doom. If you will look at one America's given the world of science and even local culture an art in books and the movies. I think, thing. That really can act to everybody is the roots of rock and roll on the roots of all music today, and that is blues music. Deriving directly from the slave ships coming over the southern delta in the United States, the field hollers onto the front porches harmonic is cigar by Van Josie Anatomy and the instrumentality of the washed up and into church, where the organ was put into it and then back out to the joints were now the piano and the organ join with drums and then But the Spanish invented the electric pick up for the guitar. So you had all of a sudden now blues players, plugging in in all the migration of black labour up through Memphis and to Chicago?
and finally, sitting down and chest studios where you had it all coalesce, together with muddy waters and the things he was producing, where you had happened three organ. The electric pick up the Elect Monica all the things from the joints and from the fields coming in and being plugged in american story and it's an american story- that's went out to the world that produce british blues lads apple and the animals the Beatles, the stones, everything, that's come out of Britain came out of it Chicago melting pot, that's do a blues music and it is distinctly american. There are nor regions who can play the blues and I've jam with them their job in these nano. Nor can play the blues. I've not another way and the blues just those two words. I've never seen. Auditors, just as a sign of manners, Osborne he's a swedish born player. He lives in New Orleans Louisiana. He is a. A player, the animal What did you say as a raw croatian player and boy? Can she play? But you see those countries where they come from
They did not originate. Yellows music imitated have on it happened here and it spread to the world and it gave all of these from Sweden and Norway and Japan pleasure that they still lived, and that's distinctly from the american Delta and from the african American cultural experience. But I have to tell you that when I heard sailors, steamroller blues. I couldn't shield That's all you not! There are moments when I love me some James Taylor Burden, I'm sorry. I can't turn James Taylor for the blues now my turn to him for for other things, but you can turn Eric laughed and for the blossom and there's a guy from stab me. He was not a slave and he was not a factory worker, but yet he is one of the greatest blues men of all time. It's in him, it's in him and it came through his embrace of the blues culture that we get a gift today, so you don't feel James, tailors blooms. Nea I'm sorry I
What he wants like me in banks now now where we should be very disappointed meal as a black man if he actually fell James Taylor for them. I hate to say it: I hate to break it down upon those lines were Charles, if your scientists and going straight to get feel the blues removed if you are going to blow. I love the blues, my experiment at work and a common theme. We can start to radio more of my interview with Dan. Accurate is studio check nice and my friend and colleague, Charles Lou will be right back
the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal. This is start. I Rebecca radio interview with and I cried, I think Is it as it american combo crises, Canadian, just when you thought we was one of us is an honorary than a certain well so he's into a lot of stuff, and one of them is like keys, liquor, distributor reason to vodka, world yeah, yeah yeah, I like a more and more now. I love me some signs of alcohol, but let's find out what what he's all about here. I learned that you're responsible for this skull of liquor in every bar that I've been in the last two years It's not enough bar
the citizens of a skull, let's go based on that thirteen crystal heads, thirteen of them. We're supposed to have been ascribe to origins in aboriginal culture, the Mayans, the Navajo the Aztec, were said to have had these crystal skulls, which were screaming devices, they were crystal ball. They looked into to predict the future of the tribe and, and one of the Indiana Jones Relics was a skull. Yes, it was a dimensional had just skull and analyses we had an excuse me. A name Mitchell had just was the explorer whose granddaughter discovered the skull. Now the women of the Smithsonian who has to crystal heads. I believe she has a cloudy white one in a cloud of green one. She says they're all thanks, but Some claim that they really are. Of average origins and the Navajo and then Aztecan in the mine said they came from the star children given to us too guidance, and in this billboard movie of course, there was an extra terrestrial origin to them. The legend did for us one serving our vodka. It help
just to underwrite our message of purity, because many less expensive vodkas add the following things: mention names, but many vodkas on the bar. If you open them, they smell like Chanel number five, and why is that? Because they had pulling glycol. Would you know it's a preservative in an anti freeze? They do that to produce an extra viscosity. We do not need that Scotland Michael left like in every sick liquid, you buy you gotta cosmetics. We asked we took that out of our body at the next thing. They add is lemonade, which is a central soil. Which is a bug exterminator or caustic cancer. They do that freeze, the sweetness. What we don't need that, because we have peaches and corn and our imagine that produces a natural sweetness and then other thing, the oddest sugar will all we have is age to Owen and then see to age, five or six. That's it. That's the formula Fort Bristol Head Water plus alcohol. Yes, and if you look simplest knock, it is simpler staff and I can only support yes now, if you look at the militia
our equation for, like all which I just mentioned, and citrus soil and then sugar. You see a string that just goes way way up to the end of the page, and I tell our tenders? Why do you want that crap in there a long island, Barker Martini it doesnt call for central soil, dont use a zero out of vodka and that's what we have crystal had his cleanest vodka on the planet is a wellness product. That is one quadruple metals. What did I just? you say we have a wellness vodka, yes, why I can get it rather than the yoga had. Of course crystal then is the right word for it still spheres, for we understood, gravity planets, worse, said to be orbiting. In crystal spheres and the reason why the crystal is because they knew so farther way than the others, and if there are embedded in a sphere can yet be able to see through their sphere to get to the other spheres right so that it had to be made of something transparent. Hence the crystal
there are security and clarity, clarity resolutely! Now at the heart of our planet we know there's the mantle and there's another magma. Is there a crystal not not increased, there's no, What's that just take up there's an iron sphere, it mouth but its molten, its molten, but it is a perfect iron sphere right there in the centre of our planet right right, but it's not magic that it's a scam, big eyes back on earth entirely molten, if you're heavy you go to the Middle yard, you light you flow to the top, and so they have stuff in town, the iron platinum, but there's a symmetry a total do not let it all goes to the centre. S object, giant gravity comes from every direction. We also gravity likes spheres in and, if your above, a certain size where the gravity stronger than the strength of the rock gravity will turn you into a sphere now and that's why all little things in the solar system look like Idaho, potatoes, not big enough right for their own gravitated turn. Them
Of course none of our planet there's just that more near its fear and the multiplicity of it is what gives us our magnetic field and in the centre of that there's nothing. It's just a molten. Much is still more multi more more, namely. Oh, you want some diamond crystals habit. We just walked into the museum today and we saw the strip night down in their communist nets, as might have been at home. I want that to be down about in Mexico, this crystal Cave, where the structures are three to forty five feet across some fifty feet high, because you need the empty space for the Christmas to go out right right, so caves are great and now the Tories arsenals centre. The earth is too much weight above to think they were going to empty space by boys. Talk about everything, ok, here's! I just got to say this: I get off my chest. I just love the fact that Neil kind of pointed out when you open up crystal heads
It smells just a tiny bit like we bs upward, absorb pyramids and starts work. Greater, we'll be back with my interview with Dan Aquila, just a multimedia mediaeval like lightning. Green space and sat down to earth you're listening to start, radio sacred future, my interview with Dan, accurate, so Jack. I wasn't
Yes, I mean heat he's quite proud of what he does not put in his broad. Listen, I'm cool with that. We all want the inaccurate accolades vodka, but here's that they were incredulous, and rightly so late. Are you trying to tell you have a well miss vodka? Has a lovely on this in the same sense of Roger. Ok, mainly come on we'll. Have you tried it yet? No one knows how to try fly and put up pretty soon. I can't let me point something out also. You can't have just sure, ethanol and pure water is a black hole is like any. I called it.
Can. I call you said that it was these simplest alcohol. It turns out that guy said Ozma Methanol. Now you did say it was ethanol which throws ethanol Sars. He was correct, but then you said it was these, since it was an alcohol which it is not the simplest. Alcoholic molecule is called methanol label that our core correctly. I just didn't say that it was the simplest want resembles. One is method methanol which, if you drink, you will go blind so dont drinking ethanol is the stuff we can tolerate in small amounts. Cause liver can deal with it before we also try I'm the whole list of things that will make it go blind amount about levels. Are you now air? I shall come on its way down on the anatomy of humor. You remember until they are Neil, I was all implies, guess what that's part of the science of human? We all know what makes you go blind. So if you don't mention it, it's funny when you do So now tat
I've just impress just the breadth of the stuff. I could talk about that he's deeply curious. About the World plus Emmy got a passion for science as well good for him, and you know what that makes sense, though I had about it. What, when I first Madame cause, he's an especial family membership at the American Museum and natural history and the family members there's a special family night and he comes in with the came in with this kid you every comedian, that I mean that's good at doing this You bring up science and they live and they want to start talk at every meeting. I mean not care who they are. What club I met, you bring up science and there, like oh yeah, and their almost a little embarrassed about it, but they start talking to you about it. So it makes sense. Wonderful why I asked just how does he feel about the science? We know the science we don't know just where does he land Landscape. Let's find out what he told me down in this interview, you been wiped out chemical terms, geological terms, biological terms, Festa, come on
What are you doing you free time? Tell me while I'm listening to you, professor, and always following what you have to say and all was interested in income obligations like popular science and scientific American, and you know My dad was a highway engineer and saw geology was a big part of his background and physics, tangents and curves in Europe through a coast no problem what remains of Mercosur? I love my papa built. A beautiful highway in Canada called the Gatt no part way, and he, the this side way and blasted through a granite mountain and has always been interested in the geophysical world. So you know I kind of got a little bit from him, but I'm always learning and always want to learn, and I think that the model of a star talk is that so
is a new rock and roll. We delete the weak, the tweet bronze that our great or Gill that statement science producers have we can. We can keep that, although you know sciences older than rock and roll, so although the new science lenders doesn't don't try to bottom nobody's going for that down. You know Charlotte S. Web author III b White, yes, said Anne rising humor is like dissecting a frog. Not a lot of people are interested in the frog dies.
Lost me again, a pretty set out at the white references are never going to leave the comedy to stick with the science and humor and wonder whether I had any funny it's getting back to a point that the best comedians you seen the embrace science, even if they necessarily understand. They understand that its somethin to to want to know about you know what, because in order to be a good community, you have to be intellectually curious. I don't care there, as all. Scientists are right and that's like part ups like, like you, said to me one time all children are scientists here, we just beat it out that year teach them to walk and talk about it. I've told you shut up. I sit out exactly so. You know the fact is what has to be a good standard comic. You have to be intellectual, curious, you, you read everything, because what you are looking for is an angle you're looking for
efforts to look at things differently by other you'd need enough people to know enough science to make any reference to that are or otherwise it will fall flat. Well see. This is the thing like as when you go out and do humor. Ok, with talk about reading room. When I walk into a room, I have to be able to read that room within five descent. Seconds to figure out who am I talking about eight or to whom I talk about AIDS from five to seven, this college trade, business, Edmund Arabs and you didn't six- may the x x x, secondary you can't give them a survey in advance right. You got a feeling, you gotta feel that out and if that, if the crowd is a dumb crowd, you
the problem is so easy way. Comments aside, there is actually hope for me even say that I won't quit my day job. Gentlemen. Listen you been listening to start or radio find us on the web start or radio that net and we tweet start talk. Radio of course Jack. You tweet! Do your beard at Chuck, blue at Chuck, loo and truck nice reach. A czech nice com at nice got it. I tweet to one who mentioned this meal times on the web site. It starts out. Radio brought you in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation, I'm near the grass Thyssen signing off, as always by bidding you to keep looking
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