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A Conversation with Dan Aykroyd (Part 2)

2013-10-26 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson’s interview with Dan Aykroyd concludes with a scientific discussion about ghosts, aliens, and cars on “a mission from God” with a little help from astrophysicist Chuck Liu.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode. Commercial free this is written in the streets with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time will you please it's easy to mean the brakes daddy glimpse into Grandma South Ass do when they get lab
this is stark talk. I'm your host! the other grass I'm an astrophysicist my day job, I direct the haven. Tell him at the American is even natural history, and for today show where featuring in an interview with Dan across the one, the only and by the museum one day can visited me in my office. I pulled out the microphone and got him nabbed first, our talk and to get to help me here these clips I've got Chuck Lou Charles Who are you start out fans? No one is my friend and colleague, unease professor of astrophysics, at college, Staten Island, see sitting University of New York was out to be Thanks are dynamic, worms and trading places. Driving, Miss Daisy, Blues brothers at one of the original cast members have Saturday night live. He also varies, might be best known for ghostbuster. If you know he wrote the script for
Why? What a wonderful role and is not just an accident! He goes deep with ghosts cited. Neither notice, let's find out with my first clip with Dan accurate at the turn of the century in the late eighteen, hundreds and as if I were century now, that's right, yeah lady can hundreds and early nineteen hundreds. Religions had gone through America, and they had recruited from many people, but some people Mormonism, is among the ashes. Mormonism men Methodism men, the shakers look at a lot of sense calls and religion. In fact, they used to our New York State and Pennsylvania, the burnt over district because the Bible salesmen had been through there and the whole area was burnt over with conventional religion. So there was embrace of spiritual, isn't that took place there and also in Britain, and you had the founding of the british society for psychical research and then the sourcing, psychical, psychical research and then the subsequent founding of the american society for
Research, William James, of course, was the Harvard psychiatrist nor embrace spiritualism. However, the willing during that's right now he was very much a believer in the paranormal and super normal if we might say, and the SB, are still operates here on seventy second street in Manhattan. They have the largest library on Paranormal. I didn't know that circumstances, uneven, there and careless also was its director for many years and of course they were tied in with my money. These dream lab, and- and the role and all of these psychic researchers. So basically the century. You ve got this interesting spiritualism. Well, you! A couple of sisters call the fox sisters. They were not just or New York, and they were too adolescent sisters and they started to hear wrappings and knockings happening in their house and then a voice. Began to speak to them and they don't know what it was. They were being disturbed and they a little digging literal digging in the basement of their House and Rochester, and they found a corpse a body and they did a little too single. They found out that this was a traveling, so
Ozma, who was brought into this house and was murdered by one of the occupants of the house prior when they had purchased it. This was an anti either they called Mister split foot and he travelled with them purportedly and they did psychic reader all around the world with him no way so so the this spirit, presumably of this scale, displays what they what mistress, who has travelled with them. Now, at the time you had them travelling you had other medium surround, lose all right there at the turn of the century, all their newspapers and and and disseminated in the media. The time you had the camp brothers and the bank sisters. They were precipitated painters. What they did was they would sit in front of a hollow four five hundred people. They would put a canvas and further six feet away from their fingers. They wiggle our fingers and all of a sudden there would be a beautiful photo, realistic image that would appear without paint, not err brushing not anything like that, so migration
and Father SAM Act Ride was these psychic reviewer in his home town of kings and Ontario counter. If one of these acts would come through town and they were acts, it was a presentation was an hour and a half show media or tv for tv and before a radio before any kind of entertainment other than show a vaudeville. You would have these psychic acts comes the town, so my great grandfather was the reviewer. He saw the separated painters he saw mediums, he saw trance mediums and, in fact, had a great interest and was known in the town, for this gentleman walked up to him and the uniting thirties and said my name is Walter Ash. First, I believe I have a gift, doktor, Android and Walter. I first became the accrued family trance medium for about ten years. Meaning that he would come over to the house and sit, and there was a very presentation of thing. People would come in black cars suits them come on Sunday. My great grandfather SAM was the impresario. They would sit down at the same stable. They would form the home circle, hold hands
Walter Asher should go into a trance and would channel spiritual entities? Now you can believe this are not at one point. He got up on a chair and he was kneeling over any was all crumpled already was talking in this strange viennese dialect they figured and during a trance during the tracks, and they know what he was doing until one of the family began to research of physics. So we're from Austria and Doktor Stein. That's you ve heard statements. The trolls Proteus statements, YAP gazing, realities it like an engineering physiognomy while he was a hunchback. Yes, I knew that we used to work on. The battle will share, in fact, this programme a shelf right behind us he's too kneeling. On the back of a chair, no Walter Ashura said a great twelve education was a locomotive mechanic, probably nothing of stainless, and so we believe that They have been a genuine channeling anyway. This was passed on to my grandfather, that same answers Father as a young boy, witnessing Since my uncle said, he walked into the room once and there was a trap. Flying around the room. Speaking
voices and when he came into the room the trumpet hit the ground. Ok, now you gotta the background of why my great grandfather was researching all this at the time you had crooks and you had four Conan Doyle I don't get it looks. Was there was a physicist at the time these were people who are seriously interested in spiritualism, and my great grandfather was a part of this movement, so they get to Ghostbusters when I was a kid, instead, at the summer, cottage reading, National Geographic and all life magazines. I was reading the journals of the american society for psychical research and I picked up a journal one day and talked about quantum physics in Paris, psychology and I while one of the great to use the science of Paris illogical interests, real scientific inquiry and Mary it with the concept of the gold ghost com These authorities, the Bowery Boys Bob Hope and that's where ghostbusters came from from my family's interest and justly attainment industry always having an interest in ghosts but powered Carrington. Oliver crooks are
Conan Doyle, William James. These were scientific interests and the time, but a serious interest in what is that matter. That makes up a ghost. I mean what was that Where does seeing the ghost of light for one when they crash of a lock you ten, eleven enough swamp in Florida. The crashed your four hundred people. They took the wreck, they put it to a warehouse and then they had an alpine eleven. Then elevator failed, so they took the elevator from the wreck, and I put it in this new plain about a week after that stewardesses. Pilots were starting to see the operation of the flight here from the wreck who died. His name was Don report. We unready ere, they saw the stripes, they saw the uniform. They saw him. Eastern airlines had to put out a blanket directive. Don't talk about this? We don't want people to think there are ghosts lying on our airlines. I want to know physically, and I want scientists to begin to inquire. What is the particulate matter what's going on molecular early? What's acting here? Is it oxygen, nitrogen, what's in the air that can produce apparition where people can actually manifest in their vision,
the apparition of someone who is dead. That's where I think spiritual Some should go right into the scientific, and so we ve got to entice serious scientific interests to look into this and so far no one's interested except me start on radio returns. I've more. My interview with Dan Aykroyd I thought I saw it. I thought it right here: it's looking he's an ugly little spot. Isn't it? I think I can hear you right it hurt me slightly. That's great actual physical plant This is stored.
Were bad start on radio. Here with my friend and colleague, Charles Lou, page thanks would be an austrian all. It is my honour and a mighty glad you have on the slightest inkling. How much I enjoy coming? He will thank you. Thank you and we're featuring my interview with an accurate visit that he gave at my office and we'd hit. Not all the stuff that interested him and this amount to chew on Spain and the show we're talking about his you know he dabble The paranormal that's kind of intriguing now has an artist. I dont care where they get their inspiration from as a site I can say, don't do that, but if that prompted him to write, ghostbusters show, which was a fun romp who might have
whatever he wants to do it now remember as he rode ghostbusters. He wrote himself in as the nerdy scientist Doktor Raymond stance by, but also the paranormal elements of that movie were almost caricature scares comical. They were not there. I'm serious, and here is the funny movie. The whole thing was a was a ramp. The fascinating take on it and he has family history in the. How could he not write a movie about That's exactly what he explained right right. We ve got a whole clipper just haven't talked, about goes sure I find out, because you want science to investigate ghosts, he's not say the real, no matter what you say he sang look. Science has tools and methods, so go for it s good for him. For doing I ought to be able to investigate anything right. So, let's see what else he tells us about ghosts. Another movie that dealt with ghost was ghost yeah right
and that one survival of the consciously after that it certainly had committed moments with working homer getting in. I think, a well deserved Academy award, but after that movie the person, There are people who believed Ngos went up because that was it was so compelling rapier and one wouldn't necessarily expected after ghostbusters stay puffed now believe yes right allow, but with a tells me that, in spite of your strong feelings about this, you are not. On some crusade to everyone to think this way by no means, I think that's gonna happen. Anyway. Anybody was a personal experience with the survival of consciousness after death or seen an apparition or felt spell in a room or seen something of that at that? You know get on their bad You know I have a friend is a very well known comedian. You dated a girl, her father died. He went to the funeral Father came back and basically said, don't die,
my daughter and his brother was in bed next to him. They both about to go to sleep and both of them saw this operation. Now you cannot take away their from this guy. He knows that happens all this is real and Israel is anything to him whatever it was worth, some electrochemical here's the thing you know, here's the thing I'm of two minds here, so the one mind is you: start off by asserting that goes to real and then say what scientific experiment would you bring to bear on this? I don't have a problem with that. However, there are cases where people We ve done extraordinary experiments and they didn't, for example, Second, cousin of mine, her father died, ok, open casket in the room, She goes into the room, she's alone, with him sitting. As close as I am to you right now, she then tells me in sheep, otherwise of complete rational mine, she's, a real estate, age, she's, majored and accounting she tells me she had occurred, precision with him. While you
The casket my said were the words out of nothing. No, he sat up and spoke to her. Now curious, I saw what did he say, but you talk about way as how are you are you find in? He said: don't worry, I'm fine, I'm in a better place, and that was I know the extent of the conversation and I grabbed her, and I said if you're talking dead person gets some good questions like where Are you? Are you wearing clothes? Is it hot? Is it called else's there. What are the sites like? Are their clap, get some information? I don't see anybody doing it so valuable suggestions that there would be if you have an account with a ghost, get some real data employees, while Henry Durrant Watson and in an ancient tax called the Knights plain directly approaches that for medium, see. Ask those questions. Where are you? Do you see? Can you come back to us? I am not sure whether the body set up or not, I more interested in X,
France's where there are these theory sort of residual apparitions that kind of repeat on a loop. Where are you come on a Wednesday afternoon at three p m and see the same spirit again and again, as I have heard from some real estate contact with properties in an ally, for instance, probably say, probably can't self. In fact, you know that when we solar house, in LOS Angeles, there was a disclosure form that said we had to disclose any unused. Well, activity in the house. We are actually say that early on when we move down. There was activity that could not be explained rationally or physically. That's alike Let me put it, but you know again comes down to the individual. What they're going to see what they're going to experience, what they take away from the experience, and we can explain away rationally that she was dreaming to have you ever seen an avaricious, not ok, I so we now that the human mind can do extraordinary things in itself. Why isn't it?
easier for you to just explain it all away. Stop is going on in somebody's head, because I'm a simplistic, I go back to the ghost of light for one which has had several books written on advance. You had multiple witnesses there by the way when they took the elevator out of the new plain and put it back in them. I want to do that, but that's a separate question: well, they there they were looking for spare parts. The apparitions stopped you you and empirical. You're, a pilot scheme than you had stewardesses. You had people of the real world scene. Apparition of someone that they knew, and you had a corporate reaction to what that was quite extreme, even break Borman was really upset by women of APOLLO astronaut. Yes, he was really upset about, goes became had awakened, who became head of eastern nice right and in the end it was under his admit, duration, that the other the psychologist were telling people? Maybe you saw something, but don't talk about that to me as one of the greatest stories, whether its true or not again, they were mould witnesses and I like it, because its associated with the world of aviation, which has
an empirical base because you gotta know what you're doing when you're up their data from multinational. Why don't I physics matter? Yeah! That's right exactly so. I want you to promise me here and now on start up radio that every year in the world. If you see a goes, you gonna call me and I will come and try to find it with you. I would love to my mind I'll call one could see a ghost what's happening, they call me. I say I want you to commit that right now near while they don't hang out that's, but there are looked, gonna sit and there are residual votes that we hear about. All of the ghost Luke goes that you, gentlemen, heirloom, goes yeah, I'd, love to freeze it. I think hi. Freon might do it, so he really wants to be the ghostbuster. How do they know raised and the Catholic Church and actually incurred that they become a priest until the age of seventeen. That's my records show now considers them of a spiritual still can whether, as are many people, it's one of the largest growing community sharing the country or people who, don't aside, with a religion. Sorry, sorry, spiritual right, don't sign with it.
In line with their religion but still feel like something out. There rather than wanted by telling them what's out there. Yes, I hear this concept of spiritualism, I think we're in trusting that he brought up the goes to fly for a one which is indeed a famous story. But you know it, I do not feel that current cycle ethical. Research shows the reality group hallucinations they didn't even have to happen. At the same time. All you need is a little bit of suggestions here. They're unused circumstances or usually can happen all the time. So I think you are a very good point that the simplest explanation is much easier than what he's trying to find, but he's going the right where he admitted that he has
never seen one himself, which is a great thing and very very important for people to be honest about that. So more power do him for trying to find out some scientific aspect to this, and I think we might be bias by courtroom dramas where the lawyer stands up and says I need a witness, as any of you have two witnesses that seals the case right where's. That psychologist know that group think can mess up two witnesses just as well as the brain chemist one would that's right? It is very easy for all of a sudden people who supposedly don't have. The same mind to see the same thing: that's actually not. There is actually very possible right as well. Study phenomenon is what you're saying yes and so, and that so it takes that person to have written ghostbusters is one of the most popular comedies ever written, and I love my mother's grave, where it's ok, I gotta Rita, quote from it don't cross the streams be bad. Try them out,
all life is, you know, what's stopping instantaneously in every molecule, in your body exploding at the speed of the speed of light. As you know, I was there was a character play by Howard. Raymond Cigars, awesome, begone, Spangler and, as you know, there is a way where every Molly, why don't you know miss neighbours? Have you gone? Who knows that Ghostbusters was a very important part of I use trust but, as you know, you can reach the speed of light with every molecule in your body. If you land on the event horizon of a black hole or an amendment whereby one I just fall through the rising of a black hole, gets complicated. From that point, I don't know I'm sorry when we come back to start talk, radio trawls Tell me why you exploded the speed of light at the edge of a black hole. Is that the escape philosophy at the black holes event horizon is the speed of light. So, if you fall naturally down onto when you reach the event horizon, you are travelling at the speed of light. All of your molecules, if you are
a body are moving at the speed of light, and so you know exploding or anything you just are, Mr President, I should just be right back some. You don't see every day try to think of the most harmless think something I love from my childhood, something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr state of nice thinking, right where's, the rogue states marshmallows by the fire Cavalcanti RE has gone by What have you got? One sorry amendment five beyond the capacity for rational thought secret for you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell. There's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free
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Chuck L. I? U money snakes and we're talking where route, where we ve got clips for my interview with Dan Accurate who visited me at the heat, planetarium, very good ex then he's a science barf he's a blues. Barf he's a ghost above us, ol man he's a soul. Man any can't help it be a ghost buff, because his whole family lineage is about ghost, has really interests here earlier we heard we. We heard that, and it's not only the there's. Some There are some trivia during the filming of Ghostbuster Isaac Asimov, whose was a friend of the museum in the times, and we have whole series, a whole lecture series in his honor called Isaac S more panel to bend. My youngest son is named Isaac in honour of Isaac, asthma, not Isaac Newton. Now
not new. You kidding me Sir Isaac S. I think one of his claims to fame was I, but I was told this was completely believable, even though it was incredible, unbelievable at the same time that even of those are technically opposite there, he won't so many books that he had enough books too at least one in every category of the Duodecimo system. Why remark of yeah yeah just quite the pollyanna. Well anyhow, he lived on the block near the block where they film the final scenes of goes, but why can't complain that they interrupted his pathway back home, so there we'd like to dance feel about them. It is probably a book that was not written because of these, but let's find out what would just then he just he's he's a think about everything and he likes being on the fringe, because I think that's excites him, let's see what he talks about. Millions. Remember he's these debts,
It has not been well, let's see what he Tipperary, Texas, soon appeared up, ghostbusters and the ghost one was a serious attempt at this topic. Another was completely comedic the out another pairing that I found in my search through the movies comrades, of course, are visiting aliens in your close encounters of the third kind, and that is portrayed as a real governmental reaction to it. Valet. Alan Heinrich we're both physicist agenda is an actual physicist jail and how he wasn't. I was hired by the air force. Why was he hired by the air force? He was hired by the air force because there was a lot of stuff going on in the skies that people could not explain and a lot of stuff Force was very, very interested in from a defensive point of view on this planet. Another turn in view of that is that it was better to tell everyone they were I saucers so that they wouldn't get involved in
our spying on russian technologies during the cold war right right. Well, perhaps that been part of the agenda. Ultimately, I think climate concluded that eighty percent of the sightings are so work explainable and then twenty percent were really a little, MR unknown Sullivan Asturias. So you might be the, spiritual medium counterpart to you, I would highlight because he d, having never seen Why are you have something he cannot explain here yet he was intensely interested in investing it yeah. I don't but that I'll see a ghost in my time, but I know people who sat down with me and told me stories that I believe are true and then go beyond just galvanic or electric chemical thing. It's happening in the break. They really have seen something that cannot be explained. In the physical rational world. What I mean We have really good confidence.
In the eye. Witness testimony of your friends I do. I do because of an awesome friend got friends. They tell me so I say you know, go get a good night's sleep and come back tomorrow. Well, anecdotal evidence, of course, is not really evidence, but it does have some way to few can accept the conviction of witnesses. For a moment what they saw and empathize with them. You come out of it, certainly, concluding that they saw something for sure, but you'd come out of it, also not concluding that they didn't. The jury is still out Of course the jury allowed until mass apparition of some kind, a mean us the way to becoming a ragged alien out spacecraft and bring it into times square you may not have to wait long. So you ve never seen an alien. I guess Orton Argos. Have you heard me? No, I have not we'll have you seen something that you thought someone else
I'd have interpreted as a ghost, oh sure, every once in a while something sneaks around the corner of your consciousness. Ports in the dark- and you suddenly see, may be something going by your eye. You wonder well what was that now? I of course be, sceptical. Scientist know that there are probably ten thousand much more easily justifiable expo. Patients for what I just experience than a ghost, so I do not ascribe it as Ghostliness. So you don't rule it out entirely. You just put it low down on the lid, sets the nature of science right. Why would I like doing people talk about the window? opening or doors closing and any time I'm in a house, and I see that that happens. Much less.
Apartment? I don't have your subconscious doesn't department doesn't have as many sides open to dress right doesn't really work. That is, as it were. In the house we have an attic abasement in windows on every side and doors and an honour and a shudder door and shuddered at fangs, whites and away everything and wiki everything squeaks, so apartment people just have less experience with house ghosts, tech think. But in any event, when I'm in a house- and I see a shudder move- I just look at so did the air pressure that's going on. There was a gust of wind up this side and moving air is lower pressure than static air. So that will open the shudder and if you know it, air pressure you might be able to get through this?
totally with you on that window, where we come back more my interview with an accurate on start up, radio, green space inside is down to earth. You're. Listening to start on my desk Rebecca betray my interview, it was an accurate, the guys
interested in so much staff, and I've got Charles Lou here to help me just interpret and understand. We lead studies talking about common air and electronics he's like a man about everything and if I'm incomplete, he complete some safer, be an answer, my pleasure, so that my next clip with Withstand Aquareine recorded in my office, the hidden planetarium here in New York City. He talks about his sort of alien interest now, whatever is actual interest they manifest in his comedic writings and movies. Stepmother is an aid, for example. Our heroine have the least what I right right, and so let's find this final, where he goes with this check it out so coarse, Dakota we're aliens and how much you know to this day. My sister and I refer to our parents as Apparently I asked you will be spared
my species, our tax measure of our planet. You will be placed on the protective role we still referred. Even abbreviated. So what are the units doing this? We can neither on vacation they're, all that was Tom Davis, and I love day the earth stood still and earth versus the flying saucers and all of that Great Declassify speaking movies of the time you know. So we took that India and develop that an end of the cone heads and why they had tall heads. I don't we just wanted to fill that three or four inches on the little tv screen that wasn't filled with ads for good ring toss, so you weren't my stepmother. An alien is related wage. We just one the acting job for that. That was just you know, Richard Benjamin Kim Basinger. That was a package that was put together in Hollywood. It was a nice little movie, they didn't sell. It correctly oppose any time, there's a flop
actors, career Ios, as they didn't, sell up and running by die region in the world to resign attitude and market is, of course that's right. It was a masterpiece, but that was really about the search for extraterrestrial life. That's going on. It was about searching the skies for radio signals from other planets, and now said he is an ongoing programme. I guess it's gonna mothballed now, but I suppose it's this ex communities, small stir legitimate recognition of alien life out there, and if that's the way we get to an acceptance of it. That's fine with me and the premises awesome that experiments got remove the gravity of our planet and yeah becoming find out. What's going on right now, with the things we ve been doing on this planet in the last seven, years may be interested to know what we're doing to the planet, the
spear and the neighbouring the whole thing will actually to say these people are not intelligent through stupid, passed off. We can't be that interesting to anyone who has the power to fly through space to reach us on this. My outlook on the mouth, on the other hand, is not this planet, one of the most beautiful beautiful or in the multi sphere and the mother. I think it's beautiful because it kind of has to be beautiful because we ve evolved in this environment. It has to be beautiful. If it wasn't that we would hate it, Yeah I tell you are, we would have devolve down into early summer yeah right, but I think this planet would be of great interest to an alien species just because they don't have the rockies. They don't haven't. They don't have New York city than I have the great trenches of the oceans. Without knowing how John Lennon they don't have to keep riches and satisfaction right there. You know just if they came in and just money,
the other sound waves and heard that song they want to hang around just another year: satisfaction by Keith, Richards, that's a little human mystically. Hubris stick because may, there is something yet to be granted by an alien species that is beyond our capacity now to judge beauty, for example, a hundred million years ago. Flowers would not yet invented in the tree of life a world without flowers in the world, without fruit. If you were alive back then, Could you have imagined a flower? I don't think so so you could not have. Could you imagine fruit now so today we can look at a bouquet of flowers and admire and so what a beautiful world this is, but one other thing has yet to evolve. That would make sense.
Our is look like something that you would just dispose of industry, while maybe some in all crystalline magma, like structure that you can hold in your hands and mould and that will levitate and gloves and good work work on a MAC Ass, my goodness thousand fun warmth area had with him now. He did have a good point that may be art made by humans, unique in the universe, because we humans are only here and art is highly subjective and highly As far as we know, no other species on earth creates art ass, far ass. We six months and we would call art right and I've seen some human. No other species? Attacks on your back? I am. How would he passes for art right? I'm happy to say that the Seti search restaurateurs
Intelligence is not completely mothball, gave it up to a quick uptown. Individual projects are mothball temporarily, but the Seti Institute itself, a scientific research institute still alive and well in California, in California, Northern California, so good stuff is to happen. Restored people among us thinking about the problem. Yes, indeed, when we come back to start radio more. My interview with panic. The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal star tie.
Rebecca store, talk, radio, Charles, yes, I remain with me my sure thank you for having me and so with an interesting. We both have common expertise in astrophysics, yes and complimentary expertise, because we don't always follow this pop culture things true. So when we come together, we make a huge, then diagram. That's why I bring while we ingest consumable so in this we ve been featuring my interview with Dan Accurate and what am I I love me some blues brothers and I got to talk about a particular part of the blues brothers movie, that you would otherwise, no about if we just saw the the centre release, let's find out what that is not enough, whose brothers. Why was it that
I believed the car could do all that is at risk of saying this movie is over the top, I can go there, but somehow yeah you. Add me because I was what was about their car and all it had divine power. Once we undertook the mission from God, we had the power of the God had behind us. We had. I'm power behind us. We had the power of belief. We had the power. Or of a universal senses of the word is a shared purpose and the good doing gas rights. I think the card took on you know divine attributes and it became a wholly relic. At that point, I saw the dvd extras there's a scene where you park the car in a power plant yeah, but what is going on there? Well, I felt that, in order to imbue the car with these special powers that we needed some kind of a scientific or physical basis for all spiritual power, in my mind, in the end they were spiritual but tat. Yes, that was a scene where we partner the generator for the electric train in Chicago, and that was supposed to give the car and extra power
They show that the light suitable young young on this bar had a special quality, but also ourselves The great mechanic and I dont know if you ve ever seen some hell driver shows what the things that they put those cars to really in the physical world are quite fantastic. They make him do flips, monygham new turns and full corkscrews in all this, a little extra if you'd be fought the suspension of the extra the power in the course of motor. Was punched outwards, a great mechanic you can see where it might have been. Do some of those shock cop engine can't talk Africa, levies on blues brown, so interesting Charles over the break? You were talking about the distinction between something that is for all the world. Magic to you. Yes, something to a higher civilization is just better technology right go in for that's right, Arthur See, Clark headed way. One of these laws are what are called any sufficiently advanced technologies
indistinguishable from magic. That's right! If you think about the olden days, even Benjamin Franklin Time, lightning was still considered divine intervention and it was until he did those experiments with kites and other kinds of Bell jar, and things like that that we realise that it was just a very common manifestation of static electricity. But what s interesting is that Ben Franklin? As you know, he invented the lightning rod, that's right and then offered it to anybody who especially one of the biggest structures in every town. What what are they? The steeples? Is it a church? Jason was right, and so now churches were not being destroyed by lightning. That might have otherwise been that's right and he was accused of blasphemy by it. Interfering with the will of God. I was not aware of that. Yes, yes, and what art is that some parishioners of whatever was the denomination would turn to ban and say you are preventing our God from too
visitors and why they worship, yeah, that's how they live in zoos. Strength is true and that I think that that extra seen described here, would have very much interested in the deleted saint yeah yeah. What about really interesting to put in the movie? And then people could do that same kind of transfer for themselves. We all, as you know, NEO fill our sense of the unknown with either the desire to find out where the desired just be satisfied with what somebody else's told us what we believe in some sort of faith idea- and I guess under these circumstances, when you bridge the two you create some really interesting results and actually make a point of view. Britain it makes for good storytelling rights. Actually, Stephen King has as rich storytelling where he blamed
real lives, phenomena with spiritual forces. That's really look at what happened. Carry no one knows what to carry and said all that would never happens like yet. This is happening while yet it is a real is all get out and as far as real and faker concern right now, there's a viral video company. That's act. Using science fiction movie technology to create scenes like technical teller, kinetic work that carry is doing a night, blasting people, yes, walls and throwing books off shells and freaking out the ADI. What you mean, they're, really doing what you say, but we ran out What do you mean they were doing for movies, yes on in order to find what you say, but more is real life in order to promote the next iteration of carry these workers at the movies coming out of x ray is viral. Video company is creating in coffee shops, fake movie, magic versions of carry like where a lady.
Suddenly develops talk like powers and starts blowing people away, and then people are in, the joke or just freaked out in the audience inside these coffee shop. So this is still. Also he's creating real life, things that to an uninitiated person, look like actual magic is happening, spiritual man right, and so how do we distinguish that between magic. You can't. If you don't know, that's right. That's Arthur, see, clocks, point exactly you got it. I think we're out of time. Arturo already, even listening to start talk, radio free trade Interview with an accurate and with Charles Lou help me out here. My friend and colleague. This is start, radio, and will you can find us on? The web start talk radio that now and between.
Talk radio. Of course it would be back. Where else are we find us, and we have a new you to channel get clips of virtue and aids, and so we're all over the place messing around as always meal the grass tastes and signing off bidding you to keep looking eyes like Galileo job the organs which you can listen. The star talk commercial, free, joint start. Talking patria for as little as five dollars per month, and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot coms. Last star talk, radio
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