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A Conversation with Queen Latifah

2016-07-08 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson has an in-depth, one-on-one conversation with recording artist and actress Queen Latifah about the role science has played in her life, being a Trekkie, hip hop, Ice Age 5, and the science fiction martial arts film she wants to make.

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Skip the commercials support star, talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now welcome to start talks, radio, a meal digressed ice in your personal astrophysicist I hail from. New York City. Where I serve as director of the Hayden Planetarium, which is poor the American Museum of Natural history on the upper West Manhattan every now and then I conduct an interview the guest. That is so rich in content and personality and humor and and and and the geek just lose is that we use the entire interview for the
entire show. I think we ve There is no more than two or three times in the six years we ve been recording star talk, and I have to tell you it happened again. This episode features just such interview with a woman. We all know as key whatever his. What she's got a personality to fill three people? Far, as I can tell her she's she's, definitely the queen. The now doubt about it and she's had success in many different ways in her in her professional life, she's a wrapper, songwriter, singer, producer model actress show host I can go on and on and it's not as those
We just experimenting to see if she was good added and then went on to something else, she's actively doing all of this at all times. But what struck me in particular about about my interview with her was just how genuine and passionate she is about science. She is deeply curious about life, the universe and everything and in its I dont think many people know that about her course. That's what we use start as that start at its best finding hidden, geek, underbelly and people. You bet Will you don't even know it existed within them and so clear that Queen Latifah? Is some geek underbelly going on with her sought the first part of our conversation we we can celebrate that the Guinness and we talk about the intercourse Dennis of Science and art and what kind of science fiction
film, she dreams of making who knew who knew and here's a hint whatever that film is she wants to make? Is it's got involve non checks. I think she wants to kick. Some sigh fly ass. So let's go. Let's in right now, my mother Where is a teacher that sheet so art and fastened mission with nature, and things like that was normal, and my household music was big in my house instruments and how they work and radio, and my brother was brother loved size, so he wanted chemistry set immediately and I would like a hole in the living is all about turn things apart, taken it was in a safe radio in my house
My brother would instantly iraqi time when you could take things apart, you could take it. Nobody knows nothing taken. Nothing gets taken apart today, which is not that. I know I have to agree that denies. This was We missed something there. We definitely. Mrs step, I mean I think we did great in terms of moving things forward in fashioning new technology, but there's something about being textile and touching things, and no what they feel like sound like smell like in. Among our grew up in Maryland and Virginia witches were marked grandparents or from so my grandfather. Had you not for us come on down to the Maryland and in the summer's or Christmas time was a big old basement with a lot of tools. Stuff and that's what we did. We went downstairs and we build things and we may things and we measured and customer for network. Deaf enable rapidly and make loading known, no cable mammals. There's a couple channels that you work out what an antenna neat known
moment and foil antennas. I mean you know it was kind of a practical way science soda invaded your life because you had to use it in whatever you don't fear and their people Who saw it as well? That's and I'm not science. So therefore I will shut it, walk around or avoided, and so so what you're not to put words in your mouth, but tell me I have to say that that a person as an adult can embrace science, if only it didn't, leave a bad taste in your mouth right, growing up if it was even just neutral right. That's that's a good thing we started neutral right now, stand me? I come from a christian family, so, of course we do get into creation is versus. Darwin is all I kind of stuff that wasn't me we're really a big topic of discussion. There was by the way, I think
I've got a little homework on this you'd in the traditional black churches. However religious they were, it did not include running to the school board. To haven't change. Curriculum in the biology class was not only in the black churches. Now right right, there was more community in the sort of thing which was fine, which was a good place to be. You know I thinking a kid has to be fascinated about a kid: the kids. I think our fascinated about things and when they really are fascinating? You wanna see that so my mom, the family I came from was one that fed whatever spark they saw in kids, so my mom in my day, Edward cured is curious about us, kids as we were about the world, and so when they saw a spark that kind of FED that thing and encourage tragedy, rather than you know. Guy
in one direction of which will have a good one, because then you end up doing some wasn't even in your own soul of curiosities which parents wanted, for it is no fun no for life, just not following that! Now you are here. Usually talented. Looking at your resume, there was nothing you haven't done. I don't think the sum you haven't done. I've only now. If you know you haven't done so, what's let's talk show host producer hip, hop star. You know movie stars Oscar nominated a performer model. Those interests get along stand on at this stage. We should do sometimes I'm like good, I'm gettin, tired here and about all. This, though, do have you financial having to pick what you do next
we have to take. What I do know. Zog is time is the one thing that I'm just not given you know a lot of, and so did you notice that causes for damn sure I am not able to be a eight means, If I could, I work as I get a lot more done. Obviously, but I can't so yeah me equality. Life is important to me. He says it's really about. Am I enjoying what I do in my happy? Does it push me in some sort of way I have to be pushed? because I needed challenge so I get bored very easily from if I'm not gonna do an interesting than unlike or cable, you know it's boring, so it just doesn't feed me very much so yeah do you have to do
I find more Venus on your bucket lunatic, so Irma Buzz is already now you're in this sphere, I wasn't was fair and when I meet reveal some need to be number one on coffee. You know like number: seventy, where animals like you, don't need to actually do so much I was getting kill, unpleasant got killed. Is we're gonna, kill novel Europe, not alone, he didn't kill, was due to good, again kill that could help her claws and materials. I was, I can't, kill themselves no sequel there. You know we're do like dad too good a get that I'm good at it's. Ok, so I told my age and listen: no more dine in these movies never be as equal, so less than Racket Ratner backing on a Monday region. That down. It was his latin and then I guess we went many DEC AIDS without Blackfoot being portrayed in the future that we just we're. Not.
Immense somebody's think about a future when I went with them where the round him up and not I'm not put him up so, but science fiction, films have huge following loyal followings and so you are overdue. Anyway, what do I mean? Let's let the record show yeah in my household it was STAR Trek and you watched track and we were checking and we laid in front of the tv and my brother could perfectly imitate Kirk and Spock in the you know, We still want no words. If Heaven drink, it's called China and we like China. What would a word you know you could make up things. It didn't sound typical! You it could create, in and they then have to be what you read in a book. Even can imagine something that was it the whole imagination of it all and we haven't seen it necessarily so who says it doesn't exist, just make it up. You know which is kind. Of course,
if grounded in southern herself, so real support. Since you didn't dislike science, it meant you are open to science, see thing. That might arise in your life, so one of my good friends of recent years has been I there you go How dare you won't be from a brow and and and bill, mad assize guy have read me you don't you name. You owe me I'm see square matters probably gonna. Give me that, so how? So how do you land bill, my the science guy? How did that, and we had a very rapid frankly it is the same way I found you, I mean I enjoy someone who can pool way more advanced than knowledgeable than I, but translates to you- know someone like Master
awful can understand it and get justice excited about it as they are in step passion. You know it's. The passion you have is the passion he has taken. Something simple in explaining it. You know something Sloan everyday work celebrating the fact I love that Biology was one of my favorite classes as a fresh Gilbert, how many you're already successful hipster. Ok, how does Germany, that will not science got that doesn't stop. I mean I know a few. Around here: Qana Geeks, you know in her out were proud, the other, but we gotta whereby the Carter, I think, we'll Smith, is a pretty big music added. He got it my tea, for all intents and purposes, has not been the huge number one movie star entity is probably would have been an amazing. So this is a very important piece of work in the wrong microbiologists, talented these.
Music in Aberdeen. It all comes from a fascination of curiosity and some of us actually do hit the books on color. You know when I left the room at some point in the clubs got a little more fascinating, semi, hidden work, I'm so heartened to see you're accommodation and sensitivity to just science see things because its every scientist everywhere it's in our lives- and I am- I am hurt when I hear someone say I was never good science and either it's not me. I'm in I'm an artist, not us, It's not a not of that a Bible where's, my smartphone. I have to what for? I have to call you dont, you can't you can't artificially divorce what you think a science from the site is actually touching. Well, it's tat in our lives constantly a mean and thank God
do mean as a lot of things and Levin was then would really be a right right along like then some sort of investigation into something you know and or otherwise so do. Do you have any secret geek belly. Well now, I'm I'm fascinated about a lot of things and you, like the size, friction job I do. Otherwise. Why are you trying to? I level science fiction shower. That's that's! That goes without saying, but I'll say it. I love I want to be in a big giants. I find movie or something that really cool in small loans is good and how about superheroes you do a superhero all that Love superheroes. I still believe I have a karate kung fu sums. The pitcher and me is nowhere group. How much Bruce Lee and STAR Trek to not be able to combine the two as a group. Hello, my levels, this all merit Bernal, who knows
taken together stuff that happened in your life and create a movie role for one Now I'm already operate like this, so you were so you'd. Martial arts, what kind of more thwarted at La La mean a definite love, karate, kung, FU or love- makes martial arts love Judo drifted due to justice. Think about some of it. I can do mean this. My father was a swat officer. He knew karate, so he taught us taught us a lot of stuff is getting kicked for me. I might be able to kick depending on what conditions within the knees and tourism the many family. I have some little joke to home. Loan sharks legislate best, like my after brutally vital new job. We all happened by me to let me have much. We all have the chinese stars in throwing things and we still walk around in chinese Euro shoes, graduation re than just very comfortable impractical, and so those that's that kind of thing, but I have some new checks it at Andrews.
Can I use for stress relief, I'll, just stand. They want or need to think about something I'll stand there. While I know taxing them. It's ok, you huge. If our view you are you tell me and you just want to take your mind. All the things you will just play. Look, I grab some new tax and just now an I feel very vigorous efforts to get myself. So is this gotta indication how fast your small autumn. So I remember I'm old enough to remember a pre Bruce Lee and it was it was around, but not yet being movie star. There was this film Billy Jack, all the legend of little village, so he was a half breed. Any measure that here picking up further,
the local tribes that go get an abuse by the thugs right and but heat he wasn't in. He was in the Green raise any message today. You know they met my favorite line, the sum in a redneck sheriff walks out too bad Mouser nieces village actions. You know I'm going do. I would take this for point through paper and other put it that way, your face. Ok, that's bad enough, but it continues and says you know some of training, damn thing. You could do nothing about it, then in slow motion up comes the against his face is cheek There was nothing he could have done, and I saw that- and I said I wanna be- you feel- maybe
It has never go ethical, it does not have a non trucks. Now I see my brother took an issue if I hadn't ones like the ones. I have chasm that you know that that skilful with him. So if you make a mistake, you know Bruges nobody no do not make a mistake after the example given point, I guess I put him. That is why the two way revive our way through a really good, will stop us that our own safety, ok, so sigh fine, come through action soup. Euro drama. That sounds I find me. I don't know it's problems, its advocates, this is a no brain. There was neither can they just introduced. Wonder woman That's an those of a moving moment when she's.
He's gotta. Have him visible plain- and this is what I grew up on- some really excited that so soon reach like I'm really new generation, that they really just go and so hard, but these effects that they have now a days so gives no there's no real refused to be. Can they make the mechanical model right now? reality and I'm really interested in seeing where that's gonna go, because I just shut up from a problem. For this American Hard Association thing and one of the guys he was. His company directed the cove, ok and butter. Also developing those this. Yes, all influential exactly about the dolphins and building, but they develop developing the art and it was he's coming atrocities answer, put these glasses on literally under the ocean and watch Sharks swim by vision, and it's just.
Turning your head in every direction. You moving you're looking up you looking down it's a little disorientation initially once you cannot give in a bit Saddam in an tiredly different world and its very. Bill to your brain, which is kind of cool too, must have one of the right. One yes and offers real just right, Russia's Ryaku, someone. Let you go one probably take those glass symbolic cover network, there's another kind of matrix to live, and it is, it is coming a queen will deepen I discussed Hiphop as a kind of a social movement cannot force of chain in society and also perhaps, You might remember a recent dust up that I have with another Hiphop artist. Regarding what shape the earth has yeah well, we went there will hear all about that and more
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Welcome back to start out radio, your host Neil addressed hasten in this way, episode, we break format from our normal structure of the show and wood featuring my interview with queen whatever, but without. Any interruptions at all just straight through and it's the entire You have this episode and in this segment, we reveal that how she, restart, and ports is as a wrapper and hip hop artists and Chris she's, a damn good one, she's been nominated first, seven Grammy's, seven Grammy's and five of them for her rap albums, so she's she's out there getting the job done, but more than that, her lyric
serve as a kind of a potent source of inspiration for women and back in the day the female wrappers were you they weren't any. I mean they might be one or two, and He was one of those two, so she and especially visible and influential platform from which to be heard, and I wondered how that platform. My be constructed in modern times embrace stimulate women to enter the stem careers sign technology, engineering and math and also I was curious in the arts embrace islands and the sciences embrace the arts than people are no longer so bound did, or contained or box stand by or labelled by saying there this or that, and maybe you can be a scientist.
Be an artist or be one and embrace the other end. Really only bounded by your curiosity. Its rejoined, my interview with Queen, whatever, as we spore the role of performance are as a vehicle to effect change? You're really are hip hop work and I don't know you more recent work, forgive me, but your earlier work it a lot of it was in the service of empowerment of women length and have you ever considered it's a dimension of that to encourage women in the stem fields because of performance has influence right and writer. The power of an artist is is never neutral right right. So so, when it's done with a mission that can be quite potent Right now we have the stab me: no science, technology, engineering, math sort of move, women, yes or no. We do not have fear it minimum and so at everything.
Meaning that way in any viewer output. I would love to. Maybe it s a new idea that you ve given me to really focus on, because whenever been, whenever its sore come pass me or any one has been the weather. They wanted me to do some say some sort of promo or just send a shoutout out to the kids, always done it, but I haven't really driven anything towards it, but I know how important it is because it It's really sad how people are discouraged from doing the things that are capable of doing and at the end of the day. It holds all of us back puts their social forces. You know, is the girl as attractive to boys if she's if she smarter than the boy you know we got to overcome all the way, We have to overcome this, but the haven't the boys overcome at the boys, who were once supposedly unattractive were now be most addressed. Roaming also rightly Sheikh, but this is something that it should be advocating a this in there's a whole myriad of things that kids have to get through
Puberty alone is a challenge you know and everything's in the world, but if you can get em through that to the others out of it? It life begins to take over in things begin to appear in and it gets was acting of freedom ass right I want to see I mean I was one of those girls, so I was, but I wasn't dissuaded from important and ask a different, so yeah at anything after hours. Yes- and it was kind of it was- was fine. You know, article best is called to me. I think is set. I think a set of female scientists, someone discovering someone in the belly it's come see. This would act They must, above all be is running the risk Gripper s. James T care to come unto me with eliminating or germ yes doctor, I'm an actor dammit. We ve got to get these girls in science anyway, but no, I would, I would definitely support so we come up,
Margo you deserve to know. If I could, I have only limited dear generator, thereby right and by some mountain. Ok, maybe I'll do so. That's it idea. I think I'll go back to the lab and figure out how can integrate someone stem supporter there. So I got no pulled into the hypocrisy a few months ago, where the Rapporteur B, O b, we're going off the earth, was flat element. I know about this, so he started so I don't care are thinking. I do know about some say that, but I don't care. Except the most in some overlap in the Van diagram of his twitter followers and my twitter followers could my my twitter, like Starbucks Lighting, up saying please say be obi from himself? Could you correct him? Could you leading to me these were his fans that also followed me, and I well said I can't have time for this with now and then I looked at it.
Twitter streamlet, I use physics and math to show the earth is why now that fine words right, then I say no. I gotta rise up to this. I showed that it was wrong, but then I said, but it's ok for you to think the world is flat. Just don't If influence anyone serious realises eyes and creative lies. Maybe I don't know weighing series and then you around a bed. He sang it sang a district or Have you ever made a slight call? My Miss Stevens Junior rang, who is himself a rap fledgling career. Why would I do now that he's alive We run adamant items, you doesn't work for us, night in he did it, and so he came out to destroy. Then I'll upon sway. We just discussed native
to all sway on research. I can't have it both ways. Now you can't separate science from the creative me just discussed in aid of is actually necessary when it's all little circle is true is full circle. I'm just saying it was. I was like anything looking out. I was pull them briefly quickly said: ok, that's enough for now. Yes, so you have to ask an obligation for Chicago. I saw that film and it was like you were born to play their role. I feel like I was oh, my god. It was like, I cannot imagine anyone else in this role. That's. How I knew there was life while had to fight for all that hard studio, you flatter they're. All efforts at took three audition, get them all out: cyclists Rita. Read out a lot of people that people of of note.
Who would have been great and that will buy at their head fight. Will I know it properly cast when someone else is unthinkable, examine the role and you have to really you know. I think I've sealed maiden matron Mama Morton in people's minds, and I hope that they don't see anybody else other than that way like yeah. That was yet was it was I had an audition for fur, rob Marshal of Director in New York and is tricky because that that when we went Whole thing came up. It was just after nine, eleven broadly was shut down and just people just started perform and again, and I had to go, see the play because I had seen the play so I went. See the play and I made it through intermission- an this was so kind of nervous because it was literally less than two weeks after nine eleven. I was nervous scientist I think. Ok, I got it
We are only too well cares and take a brake on this, and that was that, but still the jitters yeah It was a very tough time in Europe, such as sense It is time any or all of us, but yes holds In addition, once they had to wait for a call back got the call back then had to sing go up there in saying that I got that emphasising that movie yeah and then another fly obliterated. Everybody sign audition with her. I had read in sing with her and ass were, after that they gave me the role as a common, didn't retribution is on every by everybody. Say everybody saying every biomes do their own thing, and you know he was a great director into really. Get that out of everybody and making feel so comfortable enough? People were really done that so I didn't see your film bessie, but I know best I huge mess.
What how would you know might be revamped. You know about the Europe is giving away in a couple hours porch be offers, don't have that all people on the front door. This she was something else Seagrave. Thank you. Look at that faith! You found that medium and NATO How about this something else
he drank thanking them. Think that gave you tell you something stupidly dickie. So I read that you you saying in was New Jersey performing arts Centre, which is right in the middle of Newark. You did a version of a happy day of that sort from the urban Hopkinson. Ok, so that was one of my favorite gospel songs. When I was a kid and One time I was very young and my mother had to go out and for what somebody she didn't take me, but was a little worried about leaving me at home. So she put me on that. I must have been for her something I know if I put me on a couch played o happy day in. Eat mode, which would you could do on the record player in the deck and cause you know? I like the song so I wouldn't leave as always is always plan why I decided to count how many times they said or happy day. That's all
Are you said to this day I have their number, which is fifty nine as no more than you might think, is more than that. Happy day when Jesus you now and then the course, oh yeah, that's all just Heaven, when that's all right, all right: opera thing where you were you end up in Heaven is fifty nine. That's why I didn't know how to get to sixty and was a victim was re. Double check, love. So I had to tell hit the ground and I'm glad you could count almost six like. I said I wonder, maybe I didn't know how to count the sixty and drifting out was re, double check love. So I had to That's what I'm saying! That's all just stay put to stay. Pardon the whole house. He was a nominal. She moved.
Our societies, it doesn't keep an action plan. Also you did you cut an album called travelling light. I did ok, so that's the punchline of a joke, we're having a jug hit me. You had to be driven, can't go look! I'd give. It is a very delicate ogre, so a photo walked into a bar got me, and then I learned ass, this the room, there's a nurse I messed up, I thought and checks into a hotel, ok and the bill. How comes and says hello Jeffrey it has. No. I am travelling light now learn What are the sole that's good as good, and I saw that my son I got there.
But I got the joke that parliament is NEA laughed in before Joe. I will miss the joke amassing lacking to mothers bar, but there here's a couple more programmes will hit with more so what denomination, religion or eurasian gap Christian. Let me put denominational Christine that this step is perhaps band map discovery Romano Prodi's, so do remember the year couple you're a year and a half ago over in Switzerland, they discovered what was called the Higgs, both on which was this particle long sought, and this particle has a field around it. Where, if you had another particle, you go through that field. This part of the Higgs woes on grants that particle mass- it's a bad ass part of what to do
you have the power to give mass to other particles the come through, so it one a Nobel Prize, it was a very very important particle in fact is a book publishing the God particle rain right anticipation of the discovery of important right. Ok, so that's a set up. This is a joke where I know who invented the joke. How often do you know who invented? like hardly law, need to start with lost in the ether right. I know who invented a joke, his name's Brian Mallow. Why and he's got a twitter handle call science comedian so we got right so we got people who to trust, you were right. So this is his job. You ready a Higgs Bowser walks into a church and the pre says: I'm sorry sorry will allow explosions in church
the Hague bothered about without me, you can have mass, all. I'm saying- and I ask you, commissioner, did Joker give my gauges and education is a meal? Can we be here when we like Not so much on this that we got good people. People taken this stuff give hats, ask anyone but to do some pigs, both all excited about give prick about. Look at all the job you know Saxon, relationships in New York versus allay the tired subjects enabling imposes jokes on think of the limitless cosmos.
Decided literally, the enable women have an ever expanding. We ask in returns We do not have to hear any more of my corny geeky jokes, but if you want to tweet your own at start, talk radio. We love to see what you ve got start talk returned. He will not, bigger any more of my corny geeky jokes, but if you want a tweet, your own at start radio, we'd love to see what you got up your sleeve coming up queen coming up the tv, and I talk about the new film ice age, five collision course did. She plays a woolly mammoth named Ellie and I have my all carry out its work.
It's it's. My animated movie, debut I played kneel to buck. Weasel sixth stated get more in. Welcome back to stop radio, I'm neatly grass Thyssen tonight we you know every now and again we have an episode. Then, every now and again it's every couple years. Maybe episode is so full and so rich and content that we just run my interview, just as it happened, and that's what you're getting tonight with my conversation with quick
the teeth there, and you can hear the whole thing basically in this next part of the conversation we talk about her latest movie ice age, five collision course, you, you heard me ice age. Five. This almost as many of these things as the first, in furious SIRI it caught me by surprise. Do you not alone, if you say five them in five of these She plays the woolly mammoth named Ellie I even have my own cameo in the field. I play Neil debacle. Which are not roaming with the rest of the mammals. I've exist in the head of buck. The weasel helping him make important decisions was check it out, so you are maps Ellie you get there. Without her. I guess. I'm really moment
I thought she was a person is clear about this. We dispense it's like the most successful animated series ever or something huge. Yes, that's crazy, your eyes. Huge now is not a mystery to even the producers, and farmers are those who argue that it wasn't a fund subject, but I'm betting they didn't This we're gonna be a worldwide phenomenon. In its day. You all have almost as many episode of the fast and furious series, since these are fit one, that's crazy! Ok, I mean I've been a hero in my household to my nieces nephews. Rather they went. They didn't call me they aren't Dana's Marilla. We call me Ellie four months, Ellie Anti Ellie I want to is going to fall. You know that
Willie Mammon. They exist anymore, I'm still decided so do that doesn't have. Does that sensitize you to any? This is the obvious cliche question, I would ask actors, so you now sensitize too, climate or extinct animals have they been sensitized that alcohol laces where's, that in you Cosmo's man, you know what I saw you. I think I am because not so much because of a vice age, which I think is gonna, be here funny and exciting all over again and I loved. When it every time, but just travel, the world, a light, love in different places on this planet. And when you to see some of the beauty and harshness of as well. It is kind of one wanted.
To be a mean. I want the Damn planet to live, harshness and powers you to appreciate the beautiful It really does make makes him. You know you realize it more here we're all here together. We need to share this one planet, so the what just disturbs me. Animals, I guess, is the fact that we have the power to that. Much power to be to harm our own planet that we could actually have me capable of capable reiterating what better call the new geologic era where the earth is now influenced by the conduct of one of its species, human beings, I think the earth is gonna win eventually in every single Lesabre now heard on earth is no mean feat was not be fat is don't you get this done this week,
I've gotta be time for you to hurry. Readily locking record shows that you lose this fight every time the earth, and then you know, natures, always gonna. Take over so little have its way, but so do they tell you ve told me told me why I ever cameo. You do. Do highly aren't you aren't you mark, will tell you in. I know you are exactly I'm just a little too long. I got there aren't you in your in an amendment in this than the thought process here in a good place that we also good place? That's great Let's I get to be-
I wouldn't agree if it was just completely if it rather, I don't. I don't mind people having fun with science in a movie, provided they they have fun in a in a. I don't know if, in the right moment, himself to seriously when it is having fun. Then everybody has fun and then I am all for it and if an artist tat to me on the shoulder says, can you bring some of your science expertise to my art project and and if an artist is reaching for me, I gotta go. I gotta come on call Of course you do. I do ask me the pact's reality, and that is really just a little bit. You know, God bless them every time they have to figure out. They have to figure out some way. Some plausible way to create. Thanks? You in love, I gotta figure that is going down the avenues
what it could be. Playfully plausible in a squirrel did. Well, we don't worry, we'll that's where we're releasing square scrap the rats. Well, whatever rise. Are these the here favouring case everybody's, very recurrent movies, like oh, my god? It's not long, grat ripe, doesn't even speak a word. It get it addressing going to pay They think I love kind enough to imitate were so. I could do this now, but I do so in an interloper. It was just fun when thanks, I did my lines and then they set ok. Now this is the part where we just need you like noises from when you're doing things, so I need you to grant. I need you to a case, your climbing some right. It was a whole just suited that sound effects. Experience shows that it was. It was surreal I enjoyed it, but because then I was learning how the sausage gets made. That then, if any of the other person
as you know, and so you can literally pass out China do that. I mean that some other voiceover studio, some studios have this sort of almost ballet by its like a bar, that's a horizontal and vertical coneshaped, and you can lean on it to run so that you may. The right without making too much noise with your clothes, but breath out to sound like you are running in chasing cause. You can, I mean people of power stout doing these effects. You know, make the sound of running or reasons like without parents. Historians three years about people like not themselves out my just one other video. I was asked ok in this senior falling into a black hole, so give me the anguish and pain that that is, and you said,
why does the headline goal? Will you get extra routed through the fabric of spaces? You get ripped head to toe, so its quota yeah. It's We have this good excuse to excuse, You have to feel like your band was really like innocent faces new boys. I really feel, like you got extra digit that I miss you. I miss you, but I'll see you next lifetime. Last part of the show Queen Latifah a burning question for me. In my experience, interviewing artists and celebrities and folks,
who you may know, for other reasons on start talk, it's often that I'm, the first astrophysicist they ve ever met. Or at least the first, when they had a chance to sit down with and being this curious folks, they tend to be there lists are not only a curious about how to find new ways to portray the world the curious but the world itself. Some people may be prize to learn that, and I am delighted to have found that out here and start and so usually when, given the chance to just tell me with questions about the universe when I if there have any questions and sure enough, I asked of queen whatever and she charmed me with hers. Let's see what it was. Ok get too many questions on it, ask you. I want to know just one thing than so you you have and asked for it in your desk is echoed through my duskier, it's mine,
my daughter office in my lower left draw right in your lower level. At a meteorite was once an asteroid, but we're right. I'm sorry now asteroid by a meteorite. So what is it like to actually touch something that was in outer space for the first time a means to have studied this, but to actually fist we have something in your hands. That was there and that's now. Here there is a beautiful question and I will you be slightly long answer I'll. Take it ok at the Aerospace museum,
she didn t, see Smithsonian Aerospace, deadly regional, APOLLO, eleven capsule that went to the moon, occasionally have tourists coming through and they say oh so this is the capital that went to the moon and came back and is it? Is it a replica knowest, the actual caps? And when you tell them that, then they take higher interest and we live in a time when you can make an exact replica. If you wanted to every detail, but the knowledge that its real matters, I could have perfect knowledge of what an asteroid is and how enters earth's atmosphere. You find it and I can know it- entails
but until you hold it in your hand, it is never as real as it can possibly be, and so this asteroid, which is this this piece of an asteroid this relic from the early solar system four and a half billion years old sitting in my desk, draw every time. I pull it out. If you are heavy, it is how dense how on commonly dense it is, and it's got its craggy and magnet stick to it in its you realize that it contains iron forged in stars from long ago it manufactured iron that is also in the hemoglobin of your blood, so the iron of this,
Droid of this meteorite and the iron in your blood have a common origin. So there's a there's, a there's, a cosmic connectivity that has no equal, as I hold that meteorite in my hand, and by the way I I collect old science books written in the day of when this disc these were made, so they go back several centuries. My wife is always telling me: what did you get that get it online? Why you paying for this? It will just you can read the count. Google scanned the book find the page, and I say no, I can hold the book. It's been hailed by generations of people before There there's margin, notes of people trying to work HU, the equations.
When no one before had ever seen these equation. In that way, I communal through time with those who struggled mightily to understand our place in the universe. You mean thank you so much. You're right. We got a wrap up. This episode of Stock I hope you haven't much fun. Listening to this conversation, as I did having it, and you know you can not be enchanted by queen. Whatever I M an even bigger fan of her now then I was before because she's warm and smart and talented in kind, giving all the things that I think most people aspire to be the people aspire to be the the bits
peace is that she is, and yet she has all those bits and pieces and one person, and so I did. I had no. I I bow to the queen to queen whatever Ladies and gentlemen, do you ve been listening to start radio and I've been your host Neil. That's nice and, as I did to keep wish you can listen. The star talk commercial free joy, start talking on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio,
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