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2014-08-22 | 🔗
Seth Meyers is hosting the Emmy® Awards Monday night, but you can listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s interview with the host of “Late Night” this Sunday.Read more and listen to the entire episode: http://www.startalkradio.net/shows/a-conversation-with-seth-meyers

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Welcome to start talk, radio deal the grass Thyssen, your host astrophysicist and director of New York Cities, Hayden Planetarium at them Can museum of natural history today listening to my interview with Seth Myers form weekend, update anchor for Saturday night alive and host of be sees late night with Seth Myers he's also hosting this year's Emmy award ceremony in this first interview clip we start with the basics where he grew this experience in school and whether he has the interest in science
I was an inside child. I dont know what I mean I didn't like going outside as much so I like doing things were inside when I was a greener. I like reading aloud. It's like people have an inside voice in areas where she went in search of witchcraft. I grubbing Southern Hampshire New Nuclear die alive oh day as for me, like sitting in an air conditioned room. Reading in the summer seems to be like your beating. The system does not heart horse decades, just very comfortable. So here. You know I was it big comment, but I loved search the start of person, geek credential you maps and early yes, very much so just got back from com. Actually we was at the light. Did you have the rare childhood where you go to college in your parents, did not throw away you're comics, they kept them. The cattle
here too, it is very loving parents or your house is big enough when you get out of here. I will you live in New Hampshire. You can have this matter, but I also think they weren't. There has to be a museum of their children rather quickly putting the jacuzzi in your bedroom. They had a great moment. This is years ago. Now, like I guess, would be ninety during their Maguire Sosa hunches, might hear in another moment of thinking. We set has all these baseball cards they went through my baseball car collection and they found out- and you know the idea it always been like these will pay for realising that thing. You know everything was worth dollar dollar twenty five, and at that point they asked the way by various localities because they knew they were worthless. But at least comic book still have stories. You can throw them right. So at the time did you want to be the heroes or do you want to write them? I wanted to be a cartoonist. That was one of the first things I wanted to be. Yes, we college pregnant, Are you having I've? Aren't you can draw a little bit I fear that very gated, knowing when my skill level his peaked when other peoples are passing him. I was a very good. Aren't many people are
no self awareness that our aid is that every state is the greatest get you don't eventually later in life. Had it on us, and now, when I realized, I'm not good at an actor, is the other people who surrounded by I didn't find a job where I d get to say. I have set Myers as opposed to the low on this character. So that explains why I got away too we can up to you to cease admire. There are certain people when they put on wigs its transformative. Fred arms is perfect example. Fred can pay hundreds of different kinds of people, on the wing I look like a guy in awake. I look like a guy who walked into achieving a store and put on a no undue says there, where this year's interact. Like that, I had a cartoonist teacher once a week after school. My mom would drive me to this. Guy is proposing parents once again loving parents, one or two kids are dragged the piano lessons and you get a cartoonist teacher. I got cartoons teaching, we will go and draw and it was really fun and I liked it a great deal, but then I just eventually realised that get at them, but that was a thing I wanted to. Do it really unaids, the great filtering
should go on in everyone's life. Yes right, you do it dynamic able, but I like it still food, but I'm not gonna have only Slovakia, fine and other things, but don't tell me you don't want to be one of the superheroes. That's a good idea to guy thing right dad! I don't have a timetable that had I've gotten one. I thought about this a lot when I was in high school. I would have done Flash lava the flag, the lighting a lightning by that was the one I always wanted. Ok did you know that Slash has atmospheric separators in front of him, so they did was and burn up going through the atmosphere. That's great, was there. I love the flash so much because I remember a very young age. My dad told you think about how it keeps his custom in his ring, which I thought was the greatest thing how about that I didn't know yet so we pumps it out there and just gets into a really fast, because he's cares. Rhythm yeah he's got like sort of grand. That was another thing I why, when I was younger a flash rank, but the problem with flash comics is he could it's more than any other hero has to be here.
Thought bubbles explaining what he's doing because he's moving so ass. You can never be in conversation with anybody right. You know. There's a Flash show. I couldn't see w coming out of this year and it looks good. I saw the trailer, but that is the problem. We have to figure out. There's nobody banter with this. Maybe they don't know that you're, ok, it's like when I did want to world yeah. You realize you're on border at home, for the people really think this through ok he D comics in that the burden. Credentials here, whether any teachers that singular influence on the teacher, it. Minimalist were always sort of english teachers. I a lot of great teachers who embraced Eddie of reading and reading books that weren't we assign books. But The idea of how important awesome sentence composition. Today. That's great think that I've learned just having
I really have to learn that he's gotten fish and other can be interesting Lee in, yet all round with humor and inside and entertainment value the biggest problem. Nice, but was I always tested really well, but I wasn't a great student and sighing This was something where I was very frustrated by a very young age to the point where you didn't like it as build. We just said not just no good at it in school, but I like to do people have that experience and then they hate size, but I still really love math because was, I felt like I could hear the clicking of right answers. Science. I always felt like it was a puzzle. I couldn't whitefish very uncertain. Yeah, you know our science on the frontier. You don't know where you walk in what you might steppin. You have no idea and groping in the dark until maybe there's a light that appears where's the math you're right, you can see
grew up in the dark on the frontier math, but math as enterprise the other putting right years. Their hope for sure- and I, like answers, fomented, do homeward one as the truth So you want to northwestern idea vertical, but there's no comedy major there right. So you know I had a radio tv, so major dive video store and high school. That was all my sort of filling changed or the added he's back. If you take your wagon got past you'd ran to funding without I always so amazing. Back in the day, women, this new releases that video store they just you'd go for weeks in it would just be out here the movie you wanna, do you have to drive to video store it be out, and then you just drive home without a movie, but I went to bed school and the thing that pushed me away from the production side. A film is just how scientific filming you know writing
Concerning always do your own pace. You can always doing your own space there sort of no rules. When you're writing I mean ultimately guys you get more profession. You find rules and what not bustle departure in front of you visit together. It is your mind. Yes, the paper is a blank page, whereas lighting is lighting, design or light it later. You have to light it now and I added in a particular way, and so I just discovered how patients and knowledge you needed to be a filmmaker, whereas I sort of thought maybe I'll try to focus on writing more. Nonetheless, smarter people than myself, though, is allowed in the major There was a sort of some major for writing. I found my way to that. I'm sorry Myers in here listening to start operator,
welcome back to start or radio meal. The grassroots him in this show. Where featuring my interview with Seth Myers in this next clip seven, I talk about first brought into comedy, and how that to his twelve year ran on Saturday night live. We actually superlatives and our high school year there was a class clown. There was another one called best sense of humor. I got best sense of humour, someone else got class client. I realized the differences. The class clown will stand up in front of the class.
And just clan around for everyone at and disrupt everywhere the best? And he was in the back of the class and sort of says something slightly about the class class. They split the category splendid splitting best director best picture exact. It was a very progressive hastened to think that we need to work to different kinds of humor and then my freshman year in North Western, I saw the improv troop perform. New student, weak impracticable. For call me out. It's very famous. I insulin you, that's what I want to do more than everything, but I already before it three times without getting in that Otherwise we have people who said knew not gonna make an absolute majority. Unita Michael Journey didn't make haste combats gualtieri, but I've got it. My senior and- and I started going up to Chicago to study Improv like take us embrace that my see quite the legacy of the city. Yes, absolutely elbows, lucky that my mother was a theatre major, my father,
engineering, major northwestern they both went to northwestern economic bread, but pretty Jeffrey tuition. Now definitely not every tuition. As I was often reminded me, I have free and open up my parents paid for it. So essence, I read holy cow, you debuted, the first live show after September last year, Remember that was opened by Giuliani, Giuliani and pulse. I know You know you need the genetic ran to the city into the show. Other many the alarm is great. At my Michael's, you learn Michael's. One of the things he passed out is whenever the show has to be important, which warrant is low for the show to be important. The always wants remind you, weren't, entertainment show. Our job is to make people laugh when Peter, try to get to self important in their writing. He always tells you to back off, but he does know their arms. Where the show has to play this role importance by the way, like I moved to New York August twentieth, it's crazy
That's it! I'm moving here just to be on its now living my dream: nine eleven happens. You know, we don't even know we're gonna do the show, there's always talk about it and your first. I'm your on us and I was crazy enough just if it your first time with all this other stuff on top of it was in no one remembers. That is my first, that's not the night that crazy but yeah, Giuliani was on stage with morn, they threw Nepal, Simon play the boxer, and then they came back and there was filled with first responders on stage, and this seems and it was in a movie. You would think it was a little too on the nose, but I was getting ready for my last ass. An owl might well have here is an issue which is a very long time, and it was this Saturday morning and I was getting really my apartment and my wife had the radio on an pulse
the boxer play and I started. Jake cable is a perfect book end. My runner also title corrupt yesterday. Together. I got the pole Simon thing. I guess I've got an idea. You cannot ever been attributed for them through. Ok, ok, there's a lyric in one of their songs April. She will We might, I remember the site, you heard it you'll get it, but, starting with April he analogies is the name of the month of each month. With his seat girlfriend awhile Gabriel. She will she, you started happy makes you sad when it rains or something and may show major. Yes, there is, reckon that's one that is it three global warming work. Really. Yes, you ready
The autumn winds blow chilean cold September. I'll. Remember it's like now no one is thinking september- is autumn winds, blowing Chilean call yeah that is long gone concept and that lyrical not have been written today, that's just a little bit of data. Three global warming. That's really one of the worst things about global warming is how its dating songs. I became a really bad, so not to get sentimental, but will you sad to leave as soon as we get your next job? And I was really sad, and that was one of the reasons why I came back into the first half of the last season. Was I wasn't emotionally ready to leave with that said, you couldn't have had a better the situation moving all of you now nine floors,
officers go and working on the same for all right, you're, just thirty rock the very values, and the great thing was the part of that. Now that I'm was so worried even today, as you didn't have to move to our say. Oh, I did not like that was a real prerequisite in this job. I did not. I can't you know my brother loves Ellie, so much my wife love thy, and it's just. For me, as I am convinced that to be noted as things stand of comics, if the We need to compare with one another actually like the start: again: airplanes anti cities, in the guise of UK paths, airport area of security at airports. The idea that Europe, that the starter kit, the based that's started, get if you can't make somebody laugh talking about the differences between Albania and get out of the business get out yes, so has been good but it's nice. Another thing I was worried by missing was working with the reigning staff and, of course, the upside of many shows I ever adding staff there and then till you just find a new family. So you became head writer. S know how much of a show They had better right
some weeks you write a lot of it just because you have a hot weak but you're just competing with all the other writers where the head right or jobs or starts a beating and a happy where you just wanted us to address your writing in unison. You're right, two or three things, and if you have a high week, maybe all them going to dress rehearsal but had writer is definitely does not mean best. Raider, head writer, sort of means on wines, after you read everything that embodies written there. Sir holes in the show oftentimes a whole, be a monologue or the whole will be. We don't have anything political to open the show and his head Writer- is too fast. Latane into just make sure those things get done. And the other thing is after we do, that shows a leadership role. They just don't yeah you're bridging the gap between learn Michael's in rank staff true you wrote most of the syrup It would be ideal harangue idea- and I was really lucky- I mean when you write anything for someone like Tina Faye, the She adds to it like on the floor? She comes.
We'd, better jobs than the ones you have. Two thousand eight elections are such exceptions. I know we're gonna show the entire erratic staff with shipping, and but those were found the right. So we heard rumoured that this when there were just pulled out a whole claw that you can actually go to your speeches and common she's made. Is that pure comic? can't do it so well, there were, I waited six sketches with her and the, How can one was right after she did that famous Katy Kirk Interview and He has written a script with jokes and what not- and I remember teen out on that week- that one specifically I think we should just transcriber and just do it exists when she said so, there was a huge chunk of ass catch. That was just transcription and I think in the bay way of when you're sort of of any sort political writing and I feel this is something that comparison: I show and John Oliver now do really well. Is they sort of use the subjects one
some against them. It's like Judo, as opposed to karate, when I think when you do that it seems very fair and I think it makes point better than when you do something that could be perceived a sort of an ant hominem attack on someone. I never thought about it, but that's exactly what is going on there and it, like you said especially the daily show, will get clips and huge play declared the iron bear. It is, then, you think the clothes out, a country and then they play more of that same clear right now, you had it right what that means. Meaning worse, you don't you go back ten fifteen years you were watching someone say like this presents an idiot and without sort of that proof I think people then think it's just the political position of pressing saying that cell therapies really fine, although it went the other way as well, because I remember one of the things we one of the last ones, was her. Turning to another gammon saying I'm going robe and then was the title of her books borrowed from each other. So do you have a moral true responsibility. I really thank you. First
that's no anyone you doing. This is remembering that you're entertainers Saturday we're talking about you know eleven thirty at night, even more now, when you do, we make shows at twelve thirty huge after remember, like water people tuning and for what is your responsibility and we want to have a showed its both smart silly and one laugh, I guess yeah. I wanna make people ass like that sort of, therefore, but far as any time I feel like you can call out people in power. The those elected officials who have this possibility to us any time. You think so to call them out for not feeling it responsibility said that the funding, it's fun and good and could have a purpose. Yes is achievable. But in a really good way, learn Michael's costly reminds us. You know this. Is your entertainers itchy of your goals in your entire? Don't let it get to muster what I take each of our absolute. You can't even write your own power. Yes, yes, I do. I salute we will override, because I do feel sometimes mechanic
if, when you're influencing people and when by trying to influence them, you're pushing in another way like that, will never really no seven secret for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and sub where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free, you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just said
in space inside it down to earth you're listening to start welcome back to start or radio. I e mail address tracing. Featuring my interview with Seth Myers and in this Clip Weed about his new job hosting late night, safe Myers on NBC, so I've been you're getting ass, they were gray played along. You talked to pollute and I talk you block Pino in only was raised. There was a great, but may I tell my threephase You ve been diagrams. Oh my gosh and Every time I see a Venn diagram of any kind that is so brilliant and so simple. Yes, yes,
but he had to invented some do name then strategy. I want in my life to invent something that simple and I don't know that takes that is the definition we talk about math earlier of the sound of a click. Also always found, and I don't know if you found this is well, but a lot of my best ideas happen immediately this is where my father, I get a thing, I've always had a writers to is a common area should write, easy patient right. Downhill If you have an idea, you ve been working on it for a ten hours. It might not be a good idea, because there's something about comedy that if the audience can tell if its tortured writing. If it's over constructed soared over construct yes ever built, and then diagrams is a perfect example of I bet one day he thought of it so fast and any scientist is a math pursing of it, but we can numbers. Yes said it
I don't know that's go stolen. The rotation incorrect, while you haven't been some doubt were won't. You have to generate so many of these death pieces. Top ten list and David Letterman is divan diagrams of late night S. Peace is the fact that they ve been doing it every night. For all these little tune in just four that just for that, so you try to That was something that eventually we want to say and now it's time prevent I remsen have everybody applaud with excitement knowing? Oh, I like them lies right and I should like that we can numbers. I don't think, there's enough want translation of life we shouldn't have too much of it, but we need more than what we do have people think that life is just something I don't feel gurus theatres, thereby measure that he doesn't count tat you can know how big that is. Well, I member sports fan and I think one of the things I like most about sports, even as a kid is all the statistics of sports and now
There's been an explosion in recent years and even deeper statistics, specifically in baseball. I didn't Facebook, you have the time to about it between extra credit by started before the reality. As I watch less baseball than I am read about it later, and I agree, I think, there's something very nice and very comforting about being able to quantify the whole category sports tweets. He added I put out in some of them are baseboard and so do one. I think if you get hit by a pitch on both for you should go to second base great absolutely because, as we punishment you hit my picture, get frustration before you get for a reason to get hit by the jump over Yoda. Secondly, great I sign off. Ok, now a basketball, yes, I ve ever seen, point line, could you rewarded for being far away? I think, Dunk should be one point. Ok I like that to date.
The sign off is we have to remember. This is entertainment? Yes, ok you don't want to do anything that makes less dunks bead ought to make us less rewarding, less rewarding or have fewer of them. Yes, I will give you that, but I'm fully on the Baltimore and big there back in my day, I think about it. All tiana give talks I try to old in something that puts finance recent past year and I have kids, we know just married your kids, not just my wife. I don't know what that means is that there is an obvious danger like Yahoo. She wants them so much, let its only because we're just married that I dont have no gotcha, so the kids. To be in the mind of someone who takes everything for granted saw discovered. Yes right, there's a whole other realm. Material waiting for you to tap the that happens is wanna. Tell you so can you imagine anything such as a science of comedy? Were methods
it's a comedy? Is there- and here I think, be so formulae that is normal refunding well, this is really good book. Cod SAM I'm dying up here, and it was about comedy, store and delay and the greater the yes, it is it's sort. I wanna stay late, seventies bit Leno Letterman and one of the meetings in the books. He believed he figured out the sides calmly and of course he had like any. You think they ve gone down to ones and zeros has lost what call me great with that said: the other had writer job. Is you know when you re right sketches just by trial and error, you can sort of say hey, as somebody who seem five hundred sketches. I will just tell They were too invoking a life experience force rather than a mathematical force. Yes, but I know you think, there's a little bit, as you know, as with experimentation and finding results and sort of dragging Kameido, but they're, not absolute rules, so you'll like it
various gives you inside as to whether somebody's ideas, somebody skid somebody's joke, might fail, An let's assume, you're right. Most of the time is anything all about it. You just poured out starting. Glass in no, you can fix it. You don't example of something I sort of learned at us now, which I think is different, because this can work and other commie shows, and I'm people pull it off with great aplomb, but at Essen I always found like when people are paying characters. If the character knows there a loser, it's less fun, whereas if the character It's just the loving there like a good example for me, is Kristen Wigs Target lady had no idea. She was where she was so happy with whom she was the audience knew she was a weirdo, whereas I think phone you have the character popping up about who they are the audience back in the day. I, especially with live television, and I live studio audience, but the audiences empathy for the characters. So you try very hard to make sure that they are set up
my God, the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal. Star die, I still think we all remember that inauguration day. The first lady was there, and may I say for his beautiful you look that day, you look even more beautiful tonight, Now you on the other is already at age little. What happened when you were sworn in, you look like the guy from the old space commercials,
Now you look like Louis gas. It senior. I never said this anyone before, but maybe you should start smoking again to change. You were talking about Mr Prodi. Look at your hair if your hair gets any wider, the tea. Party is going to endorse it. Welcome back to start or radio Neil digress Thyssen, Death Myers was the keynote speaker at the old. His entertaining Whitehouse Correspondence Association dinner in two thousand and eleven, the team but he had to say about that experience. When I stood at the podium you realize that the podium is sized for the president. And the president is torn than I am, and I felt like a little kid and gives a thing you can pull out like sort of a three step.
You watch, I actually look a little taller than the present because he spoke and then he can. Somebody pulled my thing an extended. So this is the speakers version of a phone book than absolutely backing out, at least to walk out with a phone book in the various areas that were younger listeners. A phone book is how up back in the day back in the day back in the day, and let me say it used to be the president, when, second at the White S, correspondent, Obama, flipped, its Obama gets to open in the present you re opening he murdered matters, we can do it and you have to follow the President. The great timing. In there he has only elapsed time at a stand up style you make matters worse, even and with a joke, he ends with a spare a thought for the troops like he brings the room all the way that he ices the room and then you, ladies and gentlemen, sat up killer, killer,
but he's great. He isn't your ear when he said, as always talk about my birth certificate, but we did some research and we produce something better than that. We have my birth video. The line should stand a bus, because right now and again, I'm sending them thinking the fallen trees again he's also the president I give you good and he's good the Tiber Ankara's who's, the president, and the crazy thing about the year. I did it was the next day he announced seal team six. You killed them I spent three weeks leading up to that. All I did was think about that before I re use one hundred percent of my brain, how it full Lucy Foley's. These are a hundred percent and I couldn't dinner plans, and here he is outstanding. Working on them demanding and perfect timing. So some comedy you just turn in entertaining comedy is politically barbed shore, I believe lead that
raid here, oh yeah, I don't know if I let it, but I think it's been a good era of people have been doing it. Does it influence party? don't you elected and begin its. Is it just the scenery along the way towards going inevitably well, thanks to some degree? You know everyone sort of said after the two thousand and eight election that a lot of the comedy shows how the big influence on it. That would claim that was claimed. But then, of course, in two thousand, for I think, there's coming shows reassured me. The same points didn't have the same influence so INA will see. Is timeless warrant. I think to some degree, when you look at two thousand. Eight, I think comedians, as it out included for were pointing out the shortcomings of appeared like Sarah Palin, but the reality is. I do think most Americans would have come to that conclusion, in their own time, or it would not a matter to them next. Over for regular any Latvia, I dont know who the fence people where that money and were thanks. Why there more liberal comedians, then conservative meetings
just an illusion that I have. I think it's no, I think you're right. I think the best comedy comes from going after the favourite is opposed to going after the underdog. I feel like a lot of conservative politics. They seem too be piling on the underdog and are no less than four me for people who are going after The head of the dragon and I take a lot of conservatives right now would say that the comedians don't go after, Obama, but I think there is a lot of examples that we need to do but it also you know, liberal communities, aren't I go after Obama, fur nothing servant and nothing to go after him. From having liberal and out you know, my disappointment with President Obama has been that he's more I really know about it, not because yours highways to genes like that's great when he doesn't like out when it gives us a little civil, let us that we can make it so you do the army's this year. I'm, not gonna, see you this year, no you're not going no cosmos. He asked nominee for,
Well, twelve, are they a documentary category gotcha and your night? You don't The document out writers it s now I've heard referred to the creative Artemis is the ponytail armies. Because there are so many sound engineers and why there is a lot of guys with pony to the great Artemis, though I have a very special place, my heart, because the only time I wanted Emmy was for writing song lyrics and that was a great white that smoker It feels a little bit less dynamic market allowing better than irregularities in less human, because he he's the same, and when you're holding that any you don't care which enemies are falling and Amy everything is outstanding for it again airplane with an m everybody's really excited to see it. You ve been waiting here alive to society as a person, smile and win any figure it out, and I opened my one encounter with the tears a person with a completely odd thing. I brought a meteorite a very heavy. Hence meteorite and through security, and this is an opaque rejected
X, Ray right. What is in There- and I kept thinking coming into play this- the media is. How do we really just school, you know? Did you get these all the time and I showed him in an old downright touched. It was good, Well, I'm not gonna. Let down! I'm not gonna, do I'm not gonna, think you're gonna. Do that? unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around. It starts we're back on start or radio Neil the Grass Thyssen. In this final part, Interview with set Myers. We talk about,
his animated series, the items which is streamed on Hulu. My pretty said at last night, my shoemaker and I used to be a pretty sir it s. Now we have this idea for a superior shout back in two thousand six and it kicked around. However, it was in development side. Why MTV wrong? I got a quantified. I fervently will, but your forever. I got bud. It has been a great place for it and the animation we're always such a different world, because you do have to sort of lock your idea in months before he said finished product, where, everything else I've ever done? in our own. Absolutely you can change it on the fly and we work with a bent of access is great admiration, company and every patient with us, but every now and then somebody has caused and say this
about thirty. Stranger, Graham they're not actually flow Japan. Ok, so you have a superpower yanking but time yes for ten seconds, yes, but I'd kill they slowly kills me, so they have to be very light. It kills you so no sounding the time put so much pressure and my brain power. How much does it Emu starts to have nose, bleed and I've been told by my doktor and the show today careful about using it as they don't. Quite know there have been able, as scientifically tested too much stress on you to my stress one, any seeing the stopping time on the show which is based on me. Personally, I am over thinker, so
I need you live in a world where I can't procrastinate, which I live and now with late night, which I lived and without an hour if, given extra time, I just spin out everything so every sign this character proch stops time that you think realises that you're in the character of a doctor, Broadway's a shortening of professor doktor, so you feel free to use that. Ok, you owe not. Are you have another two titles gotcha of title employ is that you should believe me because I'm a title rises how good of an argument I offered you think I'd, have you really is entitled to more? My fair things is when I meet somebody renown and they ask silent business card should like I'm late, why would have been so it hasn't, which the fees and one was last year and I'm sorry I'll know where he's no worries and then these forthwith communities into ok vote. Right there. So you have written, Hulu and hopefully were helping people go back and watch as also you know, because we came from comic books. We try to do in Indonesia. Where does tell one story and you do have to watch the previous episode to be able to follow the plot.
The excuse for short of a kind of her yes, that was why, when I got to be laying down rules, they ve been some shows. All of these are great honest wishes, go, they know United Comics Yosemite Super anything and now so your belong there. So many shows a double on completely. Oh, my gosh, I mean and the Good NEWS is, it doesn't seem like the populace. Is that upset about it when you have a real show this man come upon you to get a little upset with your hall placement. Yet we got cosmos was featured economy because we have information job within each of us. Ass most fits in COMECON, whether you had animation and William Peeps, I mean there's a lonely ecosphere, yes, and you and a couple movies. Just think? Literally two of the cuban people to forgive me,
I've seen these movies you are in, but I don't remember you agree that a good thing or bathing. I think it's a good who will end in a good. We have such a good actor. You know like it's a very good thing that I'm talk show and I had to be married. I most scientists movie journey. The senator by Jules Verne story of journalists earlier and try to since I was a scientist useless, I was dean. Alan kittens was my name and I have a trading card which is Larry because they did three trading cards, but I'm in no action scenes. So my train I suggest that just a windows animated the life you are professor, yes, journey cellular you're academic. Yet, as far as I know there is, but I had to scenes at first he was right, the beginning, the Navy and I basically said to parent and prayer for aid requirements set of renovation. You can't go to the centre of the earth and then let us see the end of the movie where I basically set wow Neither is it is about
What do you think you're? They won't? You are what you aware following the centre. No, actually, I am disappointed that that's the best disputed for you, in response to someone going to the centre, for you now now, just gotta guttural utterance yeah that was about is that I will say it was three d enemies using a new treaty technology at the time and the first see The director said: if there's anything, you think, I'm too do you don't just because its reading, and so the first thing I did because basically I was measuring Brendan Frazier Office because he was about to lose his job. In the end he didn't cousin, the Senator Durham and let the fracture kindly give your tenure jobs. The first three moment in the film is me turning be attained, measure to camera and that snapping at back something something that new rebels don't do in real life. And then we read up on this. In Korea. The meeting Forty wasn't real it. Yes,
yeah, so they could in other effect, when the sound smells spray and so your other senses are now we're engaging it, so they man and then just so they did be cool. A few men like five years later with Iraq. Brain drain. Doing the right answer- and I am I instantly texted director who spoke I'm so excited we're doing another one. This is, great. I can't I can't wait to see if they did not pick up sarcasm integrity. Oh I don't know of your character is back in the second line, you been listening to start talk. Radio Roberti went by a grant from the Sloan Foundation Neil the Grass Thyssen, as always compelling you to keep looking up
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