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Advancing to the Next Level: The Science of Video Games (Part 2)

2013-03-28 | 🔗
There’s more to games than meets the eye in Part 2 of The Science of Video Games, from evolution and economics to artificial intelligence and simulating entire galaxies. With Sims creator Will Wright and author Jeffrey Ryan.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now welcome to start already on your hosting the other grass Thyssen Iman astrophysicist at the american musing natural history here in New York City and thereby also serve as director of the Hayden Planetarium referred to as a kid. It had a big impact on me out your errand, yeah. It's the peanut gallery here is another dream: welcome back to start on radio and I've got with us our special guest, Jeffrey Ryan, oftener of supermarkets. Bro
How Nintendo conquered America Nintendo decline for letting you get away with this, but really our populars nintendo. Now that one of the top three companies is that what you say about Germany, world war? Two is it's got when it's up three european nations conquering like the third one day they seller metal was worked out which the world. Does most Nintendo revenue comes from a comes from here from the? U S, We are the dog, weird detail that prove anything that this proves that most of it comes from here. That's like you could find a restaurant where all its money came from the you're, not one of the USA had conquered New York dwell. You would if it was a japanese company of japanese guys it came over the there's one japanese restaurant, that makes all its money in New York City. There's no way you would describe that is called Gregg do your than just because they said that all backdrop: okay, let s another way, I'll get good! Ok,
The only an important point just because most of the revenue comes from America doesn't mean that most Americans play Nintendo games. Ask that question sure what is the number one video game manufacture in America the number one manufacturer in America, because no one knows what the Americans spend most a video game money on ethnic, probably ex boxes, Xbox Export Xbox. That sounds different from the word Nintendo. No, but there are very close to each other. Their growth in Redman, Washington, two of the three video games, I is born of utter headquarters in like across the straits, numbers gates, houses and probably yeah yeah. It is both of those companies. They actually tried to bind intent, about ten years ago now did the right thing. I want to get back to a point about the computing power I remember when Mighty Julian came out the film, the remake
in the nineties. I think now is a big deal because they were able to show hair. You know the texture of his and so in monsters in came out. You can do the same thing. It right with the solid character, exactly areas Anderson's predictions but is laudable those big? What harry? I remember that remember there. So it is interesting how every next advancing computing there's. Something else then gets included. In the representation of a reality, and I think in the limit you might want to stimulate everything right. Similarly, every phenomenon, every clauses on earth and guess what I've a clip with will write and in this particular clip he talked about the for it took to stimulate the entire planet and were reminded of the Gaia hypothesis, where the planet is itself an organism. We as one thing rises, others fall, but then they rise back again and there is the prevailing equilibrium. Let's find out, what will right has to say about simulating.
All in all hippy actual I don't go. Similar earth. I did after some city of way back and get interested in the entire earth. Is a system busy looking the biology GM g and the interaction of these all these different forces? Yet people are done serious climate models, revolution models, but really these things are all interrelated, sometimes gale in researching that it came across the work of James Lovelock who, in fact being an adviser on the game and oats in and copies, and he would suggest play with his grandson and he's a wonderful man can I be devised. I want to test games, but James Homelike was one of the few people are concerned. The earth is an entire system. He was rich nature of legal basis, long within Margolis. Really, the idea behind the guy, a hypothesis is perhaps the earth as a system is even more complicated than we think it. In fact, is self regulating and,
We have some theories as most people. Think of earth is just this planet right right, not as some place that has an active interaction with forces that go beyond just the rocks. In some sense, the ideas of the earth is a living thing and is composed of millions of other species of living things, but at the earth low, All your interactions and feedback cycles occurring almost like within itself, and this is still somewhat controversial idea, but it was an natural extension of sin and there's an emergent order to the little bits that don't necessarily know the whole picture. There is a general term that scientists used for these systems called complex adaptive systems. These are systems it have internal feedback structures are able to regulate themselves in some way or another. The idea that the earth is a wholly turbine sphere could be a single complex. Adaptive system is still not widely, except in science, but treating idea, certainly enough of an idea to base a game on. Oh yeah yeah evacuees, building little models himself that he called Daisy World show
how the earth my regulated structure and there's some interesting bit out there. You know the sun is something like thirty percent hotter now than when the earth was swarmed yet later on. Earth has remained fairly constant over the entire period, so something seems to be potentially regulating at least a timid for the earth. Just put in science table. Here's my issue with the dire hypothesis, because those who are proponents of an assert that, if some the Ngos slightly out of equilibrium. Forces will bring it back in right, so self regulating that's what winning meaning if the global warming is a thing that eventually they'll be a bunch of mice that happened. Eat me no heat. Emphatically, I really must say that these two thousand makes that's enough to eat up. All the heat is now is scientifically houses that some heat consuming, but there's something on earth will correct the mistakes that are happening exactly that's the premises, however, I'd look it planet Mars, which ones had running liquid water over it.
But then they ran out of the its mice, but then they ran out of the heat eating but were on Mars they're all dead. Now ideas mark could not regulate itself. Mars is far out of today, whatever equilibrium it might have been in the past and take a look of Venus and as a runaway greenhouse effect, nine hundred degrees Fahrenheit and I was coming- Maybe you can cook at sixteen into pepperoni pizza on the window, sill and nine seconds. Suddenly you think you could build a window sill Why would you open the window enough outside would be a bad idea and so the guy profits it won't triggering, should surely it's interrogates intriguing enough to base a video game on and to watch? Where was he actual alatri actual house flood it'll work over some period? I don't think it's a the mental truth of the cosmos right away? I know what happened to Mars. Well, what happened? What happened to Mars was chronicle the video game, doom, where demons from Hell
Invaded Mars, that's what happened! That's all it takes is due to take place before right now it takes place in the future. In the future. When you said, I know what happened, not what will happen are you saying they resume? Isn't true? No, I'm saying that it has not happened yet. Yes, ok, this test, the youth so that was always wear my going here which interesting he didn't stop with the guy hypothesis. Will write, went on to write the video games before and after the break one another clip from my interview with no right just hear what he says about we back in about.
What exactly are cooperating gear with you dream tweeting at mutual moment, gets my our him tan. Yet you got it, you ve got it in a jiffy. Why, thanks for coming onto STAR talk radio nobody's supermarkets and how Nintendo I have heard conquered conquer, that's that there's a battle words there, where we left off before the break with We had a clip from my interview with, will write and greater of salmon other decorator video games and we're just gonna get him to talk about spore sport mean nothing is out of his reach. Apparently now first try to create all of earth and replicating the guy, a hypothesis,
You have this sort of system of self regulating, interconnected forces and spore. This is based on the site of Astro biology. What life might look like some place other than right! This is cool anyone here here, I'm sissy I'll get his fantastic. I mean sports stars but the angstrom level and then goes in angstrom, not bad. That means that when I learned that from empty because its areas and extra bit one ten billionth of a meter really very small national, so the size of viruses and thing yes and it ends sport. The game ends with new conquering entire galaxies night, with large. Forms of life that evolved from these, and these are alien life that take on features that are unfamiliar to Earthlit. Soon says in my clip from his office:
San Francisco most people. They can imagine the earthen our solar system, surrounded by stars nuts about words. They have a very dim idea. What a galaxy is, how big a galaxy is our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies. Those peoples minded that point there is actually being done back in the sixties by some designers named trolls. My eames call the powers of ten and it was a way of looking at our universe. It all these different scales, might have seen films were a book of this were basically they start with a guy singing apart and they zoo Man whose hand lazy minute cells, lazy, Molly, John Adams and subatomic particles and seems always check out like because the powers of tanking go both directions ready in an outright, and so it actually goes through about forty powers of ten all the way down to subatomic level parks and all the way. To the extra blacking level. We are seeing a blackened filaments in voids may at every level. Their interesting structures and trojans range.
We're designers, they were designers, your peeps given credit for the concept, but in fact there was a dutch schoolteacher. Ok spoken that actually came up. The idea did of innovating. Fifty Asia have had that book. Yes, cosmic, you may. I was in trade with the idea I built a game that allows you to traverse through a lot of these levels centred on the idea of life, because I feel this amazing thing in that it started out microscopically this very small scale. Slow. Its becoming more more organised, building, more elaborate structures, including shows brains, cities, spaceships, and now it has the potential to have a huge impact on the universe. We potentially could I'm calling the Galaxy Start building self replicating robots, and I thought I was a great tour guide through these scales, so the goal of the person interacting with spore. What is the objective? We start sport as a single celled organisms. You are the single self working. You are a little tiny, microbe living the ocean and you have to
when you go see many generations you get more elaborate, eventually creature can become intelligent. They can start forming. Try structures, social structures using tools, eventual advancing up the cities and then eventually going into space and at that point, you're actually flying around and seem like a galaxy with millions of stars in Iraq. With other alien races. It's a crazy idea means great brilliant. How did you do commercially very well I mean it wasn't is because the sums I think it was a little more esoteric than the sums for a lot of people. This is a very personal score. Had some amazed creativity tools that, because the player is annoying design, the creatures, but there's any billings spaceships all sorts, individually planets. You know, you start her form your own planet, and these things, whenever you design of the games, are unlikely shared with all the other players and that's how we populate the galaxy. Suppose I run across your creature and I say oh you're, good food for me and I eat you than what you will
You can find out who I am you know, maybe like the creature I made like because you taste good like because I want to be your friend. Well, maybe like aesthetically, you think I'm a design really nice features. On the other hand, if you like the way they take sneaking in abducted in your spatial, bring about your homeworld using depopulating you planet, you can in fact build the alarm planet to serve man exactly so. At the bottom of this isn't assent in scale, and I like that concept because, as we said, Angstrom is named after banked angstrom, who, who studied very small Lebanon, so huge starts? Most energy is bigger and bigger and bigger many many powers of ten. When I think of that, from a video game programming perspective, these are scales that have to be in their somehow built into the fabric of the software they found when it actually makes separate and so, when you're, actually as a cell, they don't need to make eight hundred million cells, make one person and then eight hundred million people to make a planet that would be stupid programming. Yes, yes, they found
it makes it invisible when they switch from one state to another. But you can't tell when you pull out. Ok, that's just the clever graphics to make that happen, because you go on all these skills on earth. There's life virus scale and the biggest life there ever was you know. Yet turtles space, I don't. I was three what yet ITALY where we start drink or so I right right would save the whale there was yet, but you can imagine in principle skills greater than that, and so nothing stops. Willoughby name design will get double wailed. The biggest imagined animal! So nothing would stop that imagination. And now, when you look at how that his influence other forms of imagination, I think of some great adventure- Phil about Warcraft? Yet I would later learned that that was a video game right, because I want just to see
actually no jolie than if we wait wait, wait a minute shoot. This is a visual. Just like a video story is a video games ways it was but a control in Indiana Jones, except they realized when their moment what an Indian jumped pitfall with Indian Jones knock off. Aren't you tired, but they'd stated since isn't gonna be three d in there's gonna, be a shoulder camera hovering over some TED invisibly, the whole time you're just looking at their bought the entire time they figured. Why not make it a nice looking, but that was the origin of lower across what does the game which I've maybe played for but I don't remember that money is having a proven in it. It's attached to a person but Well, your view is you're, always seeing her back. Oh, I see right nervous your front well when she, too, the, but then the camera reorient itself behind her so that to invent what she looks like from the front in the movie
so they figured. Why not go with ITALY? They have sooner than they really lovely lady heard back and then Brad Pitt Front drugs and other for violent I've, insurer, resident, evil mortal combat. These are there's this terrible blue interplay between what they their videogame origin or the August the love money mortal combat was fighting game. Resin evil was called a survival horror game where you are very limited, control over your character. There's a zombie coming. You can't just pick up a gun and shoot them a hundred times. U verse, Lou we rejected pick up the gun very slowly come up, and then you would like a fifty fifty chance of missing, and that makes it really scared, because the game isn't letting you play that well and a bat duplicates the fee that you would make a mistake said nothing the gate, the gives a very fun you know I love my that we have a word for the undead. That's just what I said.
No we'd, like a million words from the undead. We have your revenant Rafe undead. Omby Amby Zombie, I'm always walkers elephants have nowhere to really under those dummies. Tron was a recent film give out it did I mean it came out and that one in every three across many generations of the original trawlers from nineteen eighty two and then the A sequel took place, like thirty years later, but they found a way to make Jeff Bridges when he's like thirty one they had a did, Bridges that look thirty one next to his sixty year old self. How do they do their computers, computer? They use the technology from avatar. They actually had one of those things plugin to a ports the horse going backwards for their readers and avatar are real Sunday. They will learn of the innovation for our failed movies. Closing up this segment about war games, Matthew, bridle workings is Ex, isn't it
twisting thorbiorn, I sought recently and it held up. You know I mean it was yes, there was data about Citizen Kane WAR Games actually stand that it doesn't have died. So again in the sled, sober that then, into the we could be. Of our own creativity. Yes, the idea thinking that you could work in a nuclear war that you get out. Think the other side, and the video game Missile command speaks of that really well also because there's five cities on the California coast you're trying to defend them against an incoming reign of missiles, you're jobs to shoot down the missiles, but now that's not the cold war. Have those games evaporated. Yes, but that was one of the reasons. I think that the Cold war went away. People pay your man and they realized, for I can't ever win The only way to win is not to play
title cited by the Gandhi, a video disease review of passive or with where we come back out of this break. We're gonna bring up other subjects that have been fertile. Ideas, video games, like part of their own secret, for you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there, go to patriarch arms last star talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying: The battle of lady author, video analysis, Jeffrey Jeffrey, for beyond start up thanks? I hadn't you know we're folding into this. This conversation and of your head with will write the creator of and my latest clip. We talked about artificial intelligence, which is kind of been with us, programming and video industry for so long. Let's find out what has taken on this because he comes out it from an interesting direction. Is designers and architect, as as it can be, a programmer
She wouldn't let you it has taken is built. Think of aliases giant, piled technology that we saw in building up in building up a really is more of a bag of tricks. We can combine those tricks and interesting ways- the turing test, Alan Turing came up with is really still on the best definitions that, if you can fool human into thickets, intelligent than for all practical purposes, it is a matter what's under the hood, but is slowly advancing, not nearly as fast as we thought back in the sixties. People thought that machine translation would be something that we have worked perfectly in ten years. Even If you go and do something with no light translator, you guys they really dont get it. Give you a rough sense of it, but there are nothing like the perfect translator that, without would be still the simple Fundamentally I getting a computer to recruit. Human intelligence is turning out to be a little bit of a non issue, but we're funding. The computers are great at is harvesting human intelligence. This it down into usable, forming redistributing it. In fact, really. What makes Lugal useful there's no
supercomputer Google really analyzing the web inciting purpose search results. All its doing is looking at millions and millions of human decisions about what pages to link to harvest instilling those human intelligent decisions and reflecting a backwards what do you think a watch him? What's a news very impressive: does the IBM system the play jeopardy, it was very brute. Force is terabytes of data, but the references it made were quite remarkable, so you saved Reforest, almost proactively though the human mind doesn't use before us. I guess you're trying to distinguish law calculation power from. Intuition or inside demon raise actually slow but highly parallel compared to moderate computers, which are typically more cereal, one stream it incredibly fast. They re different forms a process is actually a remarkable that a computer and even brain seem even similar all given how differently processes are internally so example of apparel processing. The goes on the human mind, a contrast
with a cereal prices. In I'm going to take up you talk about aramean human line is composed of over one hundred million or so near. Carburetor operating intellectual chemicals speeds. The term takes a signal to move across your brain, is many workers magnitude slower than the time it takes a single to move across computer. You decide. Our brain well not really take the time which is kind of slow, but at the same time you have a hundred billion and he sells each one. These neurons is amazingly complexity. Computer unto itself brain is probably the most complex thing we know of an entire universe and Actually, I'm going to find anything more complex. The human brain is able to make interesting associations, creative insights connection. That we don't even know how does it that's important, where we, if we don't know how it does it will never be able to programme a computer to duplicate that right looks like one more promising fields of computer intelligence is not one in which we engineer the intelligence, but one which we allowed to naturally evolve. I thought that's what the chest programmes did. They would learn from every game they played. Some of them
yeah, but even then you're learning, subset of rules and patterns, their pre programmed they don't have the insight to say. Oh here's a whole new thing. I need to learn the programme work. We tell them. Ok, these are the five things and then allow you learn, but even then it can be organised, understand the concepts release the computer framework that is going to allow the computer to learn, it could be the concept framework, you need for certain problem solving as something that you don't even know. It's a subset of computer science, which is focused on systems that evolved to become more intelligent without human design. And It's actually forgot. It's probably the most hopeful pass the two more intelligent computers among the computer games that you know which one pressed invokes: artificial intelligence or at least adaptive intelligence based on learning, but it just happened. There was something about ten years ago called starship Titanic now. This was not the world's greatest ay I programme, but it was
I'm having a free flowing conversation with you, so you type in anything you want and they will come back and Douglas Adam Cigar from HIV. Skype made this game, so basically DR wrote Hitchhikers God. Yes, you are sit down and talk with two or three Douglas Adams: characters, no matter what you against the wall. They confer something back against you. That's what it would set actor makes sense, because I get bigger thing that just goes like becomes boring right, so you visit. Yes, it passed the turing test for a little bit. Then you realize that it was to have enough of God was added Adamses personality, so you can say yeah. This is like Douglas Adams right. Nobody, in fact, they had money, Python, guys coming to work on it to make sure that the humour was like wow. That was left feel pretty good them. Ok, so it's not just what you said but how you say it and what kind of clever twisted phrase you might bring in it when it was it was that you say it's audio, not tabling. It was mostly
being, but nobody felt I felt very english sure English entirely. A british videogame talk, English as an english humor, yet Monty Python, this doctor, who the area as a whole is a whole world that some Americans, just caning related both can, I mean other than Churchill, so so what I wonder, is people always imagined a future where computer just replaced humans in decision making and intuition we ve got computer. Replacing raw computing power. Calculate pie. Go home come back there. It is right in so. How far way do you think we are from a true artificial intelligence world, and how will we know if it's really
television or just mimicking like that. What is it that the turing test for years? It is that, like the chinese rumour, something that change bucks, you know what I know never month, maybe they'll say, but maybe we'll right was pulling something I knew. Maybe those actual will write robot with artificial intelligent. If I don't know a wooden matter to me, yes, yes, he's somewhere in Ireland in South this if it going how in the Bahamas as well, would finish up this secular put this much more about the science of video games to come here. Listening to start Grady violence on the web, welcome back, do not grant Astro physicist the American using the natural history, Eugene, allow professionals and a comic and Jeff right thanks for coming in to do this, author of
The tender will Guttmacher America and has already taken over the world have apparently you know for me, one of most intriguing things about so modern internet game playing is the fact that you can play with people who you ve never met in another country. And be cursed out at them. But in a foreign language not in this, but guess what a tone in Spirit levels then, what does its homework to bleed massively? Malta they are online role playing games or just embryos or online games are just while, because wow is world of Warcraft most popular world of Warcraft? So what are these people finding people or countries fighting country? It started off people fighting other, like monsters, you'd have to team up to fight a big money. Because with cooperation, yes, no matter how big you are no matter how high up you are. You need to band up with a bunch of people at your level to fight the monster. Was a masters better ass than you are? Yes, ok, that's how began what is it now now it's a way of life.
Now they're playing forever. They manage even fight anyone because it just talking to people about upcoming events. There is different ways you can trade there's a whole internet. Craig was gods, goods and services, is global trade. What food prostitutes and where there is a growing economies, Edward Castra, Novo, who realise that there is in tire economy going on in these games. There are people called gold farmers at a working poor like China and India, where they're making up. A dollar an hour, just fighting getting gold and then selling it to people who buying it because I didn't want to play the game. They just want to say this virtual space? Yes, there the dollar in real life or virtual. Go yes repaying real money in their getting fake gold back with suitable rights, says about just this kind of video games. Nowadays.
With a military deploying drones that are controlled essentially by Joystick Yahkuk at the military base Dc Video games Enhancing the ability of those soldiers to perform in that way, without a completely different kind of function in operation, promotion of soldiers that are going to the army, applying these drones Grover the aims and its very natural interface. It some since we have taken a step back and say that is hard remove humans from our technology. We shouting all the round is always unclose, we where the cars we drive the buildings we live in and in some sense that's the Eagles, on that. We learn in an adapted and so these soldiers have grown up in our environment where they have screens even for devices. They are controlling, complex things there doing symbolic reasoning. Sometimes we forget that soldiers stay in their bid. Eighteen years old, nineteen, twenty him at the age of earlier and even in Iraq and after the gun and under control, they come back to their ten play, counterstrike an xbox, so these guys are seen as argued by them games as again when the army there still playing. Is it now
using them for teamwork, exercises one things about these games: This will shooters, it is come under appreciated. Is it there wasn't a team based require amazing levels of coordination, teamwork, etc. What is the biggest team videogame other while he is hard to say depends. We mean my biggest. I mean they're games of world of Warcraft, where it's very long term gainful for months or years, and he dropped characters in ITALY have guilds or groups you out with, and these are the actual people in the actual worry us they're ready printed developing these games occupying meeting getting married, but in the we're getting married. After both I mean I mean real marriages, they needed the gaming know each other for months or years, as someone said, to meet up for the first time they belong in real life turns out. Every Kallas number if you'll have got married for meeting these online world has the opposite happened this summer, We ve been hunting your whole life. Then you mean want to shoot him
on the other, have been some bad result of. This is true of any given interaction nor building together in it. He had good and bad. He had all the reflection community people have been killed because of things that happen in games and color life. How well? There was a case Korea several years ago, where guy in online game scalesome illegal sword. It was like some special sorting rapist, often so pissed off it even in the factory. I gonna kill him I need to get the sword back. There was a real sorted, was a virtual sorties bits and computer. That's what this is crazy and I've got a list here February, two thousand and two. Raising a woman sued Nintendo, because our sun died after having seizures, which she accused nintendo of it being caused by him playing Nintendo Sixty four for eight hours a day, six days, weak lieutenant
denied any responsibility. Well, first of all, that and unreasonable amount of playing with a view to be eaten that many grapes he might be raised for that period by August, two thousand and twenty a Euro south korean lethal soup died after playing stark Raffer fifty hours straight September, two thousand seven chinese man died after playing bitterness, video game for three consecutive days. It an internet, Kevin Benwick. Today, nine killed so wrong a three month. All korean child died from malnutrition, after both her parents spent. Hours each day. Internet cafe raising a virtual job, in an online game. Ok, that's crazy, but a lot of what you think. I regret to say things like you, don't what we radio continues? We'll talk, some more positive aspects now we'll talk about how people in Asia are dying
they don't know whence come inside every breakfast for their catches Welcome back to a final seconds knocked off radio. We were talking about the science of videos. They ve got with me, helping out this conversation is Eugene, murmured, Eugene very go and justify, and right I got a couple questions. Why should because professionally you critique video right, you judge them further value. We spent so much of the show talking about what could be harmful. About video games are weird about them, but surely there's some redeeming features. They can get you pregnant. I've got it I stand here. This came in and our facebook page of it Video games be included on a long term mission to Mars. They'll take about a year to get there. If NASA ask them to design at what might that game B,
Oh, I, a video got absolutely design of design for the trip. Be a video game where you go out. The restaurants, under known exactly right, the video games should give you what you are missing, the lasting you want in a video games if you're cooped up in Mars in the lady any leads on Mars, you want is to be let go. I feel so nervous about this date. You wanna field, you just want to run through a field and that's your video game switch. So you want the opposite of what you're doing there. Yes, when an escape in tatters, for instance, you get to finally put locks in the right order, which you never get real, so I'm on my way to Mars. That's not my video game. Is back on Youtube? Video game is going to enable these and sitting down you're getting bad service until you a better served by the restaurant and rebuild it. I said now tell me so. Nintendo has the Big Brain Academy. I confess I own,
It's ok right, attest to on various cognitive, intuitive operations of your brain, and what would you think of it? The the is that a keeps here in your brain, well, lubricated visits making you do math and different calculate normally dont do in your regular everyday life, but unless you're in astrophysics. Yes, his lightly grain of anatomy. All right, I did well you didn't want any way. Is that their way to make up for the fact that maybe parents were complaining that their kids we spend too much time in supermarkets brothers? That was actually mean. Those attempt to find an audience outside of twelve year old boys. That was an attempt to find adults senior. Trickled abnormally, don't play video games astrophysicist the buying they don't care, what parents living they want theirs, they hated. The kids want more outward appearance, looking so art so, but what? What else does it do? This positive do video
improve hand. I coordination or are there they make you more alert. I seen my kids play this and there is kind of like an addiction. You know you pull time for dinner. Kid, not ready, wait! A minute. I have those of you in writing. Look somewhat away from go. It's the same thing that it is not perfect. It is that you ve, never put them away in the supermarket, will teach kids about Astro biology. You see this thing here. This is not just a regular pipe. This is a wormhole think about it. You know, here he pop out anywhere else in the world. This is some sort of intergalactic transit system, which explains why the mushroom kingdom has sentient fungus and sentient plants as well as sentient animals. You a whole other part of the galaxy. There's no way to just read that in a paragraph, new need to explore as Europeans to understand a worm all and how much fun it with visual. Do some learning there's what you're saying, but that's not the tactic of operating the game? That's information in the game! You carry way. Leaving a little more light and then, when you started
What would you say was the most educational video game there ever was. There was, educational videogame. It ever was wait a minute, something like the sims not going on. Now because think about how often you talk to other people in life can actually have the same sort of interactions than you do, ok, so in those terms than its training you to be more socially aware. Yes, Europe, what he called the emotional quotient: as opposed to your key EU. Yet everyone dot, com, you may be getting your be skills, bettering a duck huntings that it doesn't transformed everything else, but you have long as it's better than is making an important point and have a skilled. It's not just that skill that has applicability elsewhere. Yes, and would you that an entire generation of kids were now playing video games, as adults will be running. The country will they run the country better than is being run now
I think they're gonna run it very differently. They're gonna see things as a team based approach differently differently. People we're gonna, let out a time machine to destroy the world closely. Anyone saw weren't, unwanted, haven't you been race, it's gonna, be like the teams and work crap like the guild. Instead of you have your job, I have mine and maybe we'll have some meetings. Everyone will work together for an accomplished goal and then disband and go do something of the world started as worrying tribes that sort of Roma. Calm down a little than through work, rapid return to arrives and light glad of a puzzle solve inability to solve a problem you never seen before. Who gives us that all of them, from possible game, starting with us terrorism, so the pure puzzle games and obviously puzzled. Yes, and what's the future three d you brought to this sad, this is a past of three dishes. Treaty from my caveman use this treaty devices as its huge visor that you put on your head and it's gotta joy.
With a wire coded alternatives on your head. The best part of this is it doesnt, strap on bigger, say best part, I mean the word I will, and that is the issue that neither you nor Loran. We are running short on time. We are coming to the end of this episode of STAR talk. This has been great a great conversation Jeanne! Thanks for come ashore, things were heavy and Jonathan. Good luck with the book was by penguin. You have been out for about a year the area and the future, begins in one word: holograms holograms, that's very exact, radiology rooms like the holodeck, we'll guys, that's our show, started radios brought you in part, the National Science Foundation. You can find us on the web. Star talk, radio dot net like us on Facebook, where else, but STAR talk, radio and Actually, you can find us in our new location on the web, on the nervous Channel Youtube, followed by Guph when they don't want. All. As always,
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