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An Alien’s Guide to Earth

2013-03-28 | 🔗
Jon Stewart is the first guest of the new season. He and Neil discuss the Daily Show book, Earth: A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race.

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This is filled with secret, sooner mysteries, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here. For the first time, what woody Recently, the domain the brakes daddy you going to do grandma's have vastly Brenda get lab. Like him?
that will add. Welcome everyone. Maybe our new season of star taught radio in your host astrophysicist. Neil digress, Thyssen and with me is my favorite of occurs, universe, Lynn, couplet! Only You think, the oh so where we ve been on hiatus for awhile. What have you been up to all my guys on the road allied doing giving harmony, and I just got back. I've been gone from New York, pretty much like three months and I've taught my mom like an alien everything changes. The city doesn't stated so it forgot who you were you didn't care who you once were my tears? One is gone. It's been eight years that I went. I beg my point. No wonder you look so pale today. Thank you. So much
then you will yours at some going on tv. What's that got my new shall return. My various commissioners back she's, your body is here and I hope we can do our slogan tat such not Linda, Bastards Jonah wait. I had found Geronimo left this out and who are you to her in the show I'm its reality sow and its on we tv and beyond in January, trifecta premiers and I'm just get friends to turn Melissa you know yourself if the reality, I do, it's really fun. I'm getting paid on the show and on that total just be a occurs, come and be a jacket hall taking time to work on science and bettering themselves. Really don't have that Europe proves that. That's on this item, proof that there have been very well. And the payments. So First STAR talk what we like a deuce begin every show with some review of
current events, because the universe is always flinching, it seems, and so did you catch the new cycle this past week, where I just love versus flinching, like an abuse housewife waltz every week with because we have active people, do an act of things in the universe and it's not a black hole, its life. Planet or maybe- and so does this- this highly hyped NASA announcement last week that something was going to be told that an upcoming press conference, about life in the universe, didn't what were you aware that new saying isn't the monolithic than I have you on my twitter? I now would you follow my tweets and five while your tweets and I followed from the people you follow, but ok, So you might yet do bioethics? I go to the people I like, and I follow. Their people are more people in Europe.
Doktor by examining ok, so you already briefed on the store model. I think that it is in that lake. In California they found evidence of microbes that thrive on arsenic, which is really cool, and it's cool because arsenic, we normally kill us, but apparently there their bacteria do in the backstroke on it and we have because I'm connected this way. We, I have Doktor Mary void tack on the line with a name sounds like it belongs in it and as in our track him, I guess you ask him if I wanted to make sure in so now the you know me I'm allowed to ask these questions. Please don't you can tell us Lynde sounds stupid because that's why I'm here, I'm not here to sound stewpots stupid, but I don't have to be I'm not in astrophysics an ogre. So my question is so these are biologists skip the star,
about a year ago, so how many bags the crap that is already have to dig up like swimming the feet like I'm just guessing, but isn't this like the major? Isn't this a thing use scooping crap up out of the lake for hoping to find a well, I don't know we have to ask Mary voter because she's the programme scientist Further Astro biology program at NASA headquarters in Washington, and she in fact was at the press France, moderating the scientific results, and I think we have on the line Dewey so merry voice tat. Are you there I am highly welcome to stock Let me in your lesson himself completely made up, like you saw it in a star Trek episode, Mary Foy Tech. Wait: where did it come from Some people may remember that Classic STAR Trek episode were the crew. Confronted an organism called the Horta that was made out of silica of life on earth, which is made out of carbon
and we believe that our scientists found a bug in the mud, in Mona Leg, that, instead of being made out of phosphorus, is using arsenic, which you mentioned as poisonous, life? Because let someone you got your name, that's where you got the evil bugs that beats arsenic, but that Mary isn't like, wouldn't that be like the Lotto for that scientists who found that the jackpot, through the jackpot, the leather winning Lotto ticket like like I'm guessing, you have the scoop up a lot of crap. Like before you fine. How are they looking? I'm sorry so how long we re looking for this before this microbe in in Mona Lake in California, is this an easy thing to come upon, or is this the result of many many years of work? IRAN or when one is the investigators has been up at Mano Lake, looking at lots of different unusual organisms, because it's got very high levels of arsenic its bids ah had it has a very high th,
No, it's almost like living in in Clorox, so it's very extreme. It's really on inhospitable you'd, never want to swim in it and either Studying the life that lives there, never a natural continuation of the work they ve been doing where they found organism said, can tolerate arsenic. They decided to see if they could find once it actually needed or can use it in in this fundamentally very different, an exciting way, so, in other words, for the life to thrive in this arsenic, heavy lake had to figure out how to use it or in thrive on it. Otherwise it would have been long gone it. Why are you need to happen you're out how to avoid it or use and thrive, and so there is theirs examples of both the bat going on in the lake, and so this So we not so. This adds another element that fundamental list of the elements of life right absolutely for us in Europe. It is really exciting is tat. We are. Is it an understanding, live here on earth, because that
what we know and what we have examples of an understanding where it can live the extremes in temperature, the extremes in chemical concentrations of things and what they need in order to help look for life elsewhere so basically works both ways where you can explore these extremes of life on earth. It allows us to look for alien life in new places, and we look out to the universe to see when inside it gives us to life here on earth absolutely and in this case, by signing this is opened up open up our concepts of where might expect to find it. So the more we learn about things here, as you said, the more possibilities there are four for life to be harboured elsewhere. Thank you. You'd. Do you sound what you're really plugged into the extra biology frontier we'd like to know that you're available to us to call back when Tom another story breaks any time and stayed here? We have the really exciting step going on here.
Look I'd marry thanks thanks for calling him. Thank you very much. So many women, you know what it was a little on one of the little test we gotta show to do here. We got that's just the beginning. Opening up some sort of alien, footnote closet, all I want to know what it in its actor marries holding out on us and you think she told the world if you asked even those sworn to secrets NEA was that organism. I think to ask that a man with If it does have been there the whole time I will have to assume you're here. We have to assume and so to show up for their for their lab experimental knew. I was wondering if maybe some waste or something from us today, the contaminated by other sources. The genius thing didn't. I was time to get to the beginning of our interview with fighting with Johns
John Stewart at our nor Euro, our nor durable victim. First start off. That's great! It's great this! It's it's his book! That's out now earth a visitors guide to the human race and in this book it and its imagined as just something that we leave behind We're extinct in aliens come and find it that's how they learn all about us. The idea that we ve been talking the universe for all this time. So let's, let's begin that interview. In effect, it was I I take it live in his office a few weeks ago and we're slicing it into our programme. We can chat about it, as we interrupted at will to comment on go in and where its common, let's started off again love your book marijuana. What a concept that is, I don't why nobody did it
thirty forty years ago. Is nobody wanted to waste that much time? That's the shell! Everything that's where everything is in that book. It is hilarious, is fun and the full titles earth the the book and the press There is civilizations gone. All that's left us here is the book and they pick up the bill. And this is how they learn about us. This is our record of the entirety of man's existence This is like a voyage. Your record that went out into space and captured culture started. The only difference is it's obviously abbreviated to an authority for peace which it what's your favorite part of that. But I have my favorite personal share them with you in a minute, the fair price for me the smallest jokes that we came up with in pure of delirium like it was never good idea to judge a book by its governance, pictured weathering heights on it,
a picture of a dog or the bad luck in search of some of the most ridiculous little silly jokes, some of my friend and what I like about, it is its breadth of subjects that it covers. For example, in the section on cycle, there's no real psychology listed. Why was the psychology major? So I know just how that's all there is the less took up is really nothing so you have always like pseudoscientific stuff wasted there. That's you just tell me It is tat I can t. I is so it's taken me and since we always in their Peter was, I will not back from PLUTO uses I'm gone over. Can I say something that we did you couldn't keep it out of your book. We did call to transcend obtaining that's good. We did not call it a planet, get the science right, that's good, with enormous when my favorite part, as we about how we all thought everything revolved around us and the evolution of that thought and what remained after it like
ok, so we learn were not in the centre of everything, but they still sort of a hold out right. It's like an arrogance and arrogance so, but we nonetheless name the planet after gods, we learned that we want control of our destiny, that there was no real or drought. It was all a series of chemical interaction between the plants ever got just to be sure You just did now, as we think that, at the end of the day, let's they were wrong, looks at our house pattern here. Saturn saddles you'd want to kiss him off to bear as exactly so. We worked out there and the people who think there's is actually a face on Mars. Who are these people? What's your show you I would assume? I would hope that what we know The man in the moon there's always a big thing that there is a face on the moon graders from this distance, but they dont? It was actually a man on the moon, adjusted, look like the people are thinking, there's actual civilizations on Mark or that Lord Mount Rushmore was natural. The car. You people who do not amount Rushmore being actually go is probably because people are confusing mantra
something else. So the hearing Mount Russian. It's a lack of knowledge of what Rushmore is more than you would show them of mountain with President's heads on it, and then they were It's gotta be wind right that is so hopeful. What has come out an ever? That's what it is. That is that I hope will ever they ask us what matters is not Rushmore unnatural. And people are losing like right now, Russia, I would just thinking of a different. I wish I had that much hope. Member on the other, my kids still believed the moon is following an elderly. Twenty times makes up for what they believe than the moon has fallen there, while the daddy is powerless to stop. Why don't they credit and he was the power for having done in the first, but here's what they credit that it with the power to tint our windows, so that we do I do not think that you missed out on it in another on a power opportunity over your kids to say I have. It is by the power that I
over the cosmos that I make the moon follow us and nobody else. Listen. I put the milk, regular Frederick. Believe me. I have the ban There's ve never been out of the man ass if they can't open a juice box. I don't need a Lord it over them anymore. That's the first second don't start, radio, with John Stewart he's great your house near the grass Thyssen Lynn. Would you think of it? I think it's great and I can't wait to hear more about me. I have to tell you the first thing that made me laugh out loud with whom you guys we're talking about planets. Had always he polluter was in there. Like like invited your ex girlfriend to a dinner party- I see you noted blued. You know I think, she's a whore right holders
victim of Oliver ignorance. That's the bride held you she's, not marriage material. I see that you got just which book in front of you usually doggie here and will have to get back to some of the points that you look like you're ready to love to pick some bones when you're gonna equipment. Your listening to start talk, radio on your house near the grass Thyssen, we're gonna, take our first commercial break and we'll be back as fast It will take you to die in a black hole, we are constantly or to start her parents chuck nice here. Do you love listening to our talk well, have you ever listened to start talk lie if you have it or even if you have it you're lucky day, because on March twenty four star talk, light is returning to the historic Count basis centre for the arts in Red Bank, New Jersey and tickets. Our own sale right now join meal to grow.
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right. I live here now, so I won't be there, but Neil will have some other fantastic comic co host, along with some very special guess, to bring the universe down to earth. So once again visit STAR talk, radio dot net slashed. Tickets to get your seats now and will see you at the show. Well, I won't see you at the show, because I live here now, marking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. Start. I've brought them back to the disease. Maverick may start operating on your hosts meal. The graph Thyssen astrophysicist, accompanied
Lynn couplets, not inasmuch as it you're a comedian link cobbler. So let me just we just came out of the first segment of the minor view is with John Stewart from the daily showed the guys guys awesome sitting here and we ve been at the break. I was lucky to earth the buck, a visitor who sky human rights. This is this: is this book and which added a bit about things like the Voyager record, that's giving a signal to the alien to might collect this intrepid spacecraft it's been, for thirty five years. Ok, I have a million questions, would start with and looking at this page now in the book here, that's got all of this step. How we in trying to get a hold. How we ve been stocking any kind of alien life there could be out.
This communication on my biology and we're gonna drunken dialing. All these people just wondering if you're out their aliens when trying to send signals the case throughout their what you got a problem with a vague idea, because in nineteen seventy three has we send the pioneer black. Yes is applied to tells aliens who collect the black, where we came from a plank that anyone listening please go online. Look for this plan pioneer black and I want you to look at the picture, looks coming my nieces. Could it on eleven and eighteen and their white people for his well? This is what we want and what I d like it had: the girl s kind of chunky, but she's my size in ways that gets you little get restricts their it's an earlier standard for female body, illustrated there, because the plaque, if you ve, never seen it, contains sort of joy rhetoric information about where we came from information about molecules, and I see it and this woman who obviously have the brazilian and ninety seven illustrations line drawings of
man and a woman and you're at the woman is, is not doesn't have the body of a of a supermarket and long rooms, but should you don't have any even extra seventies kind of body? That's what do you think? That's, because we're trying to tell the aliens were fertile can breathe Thus come here. My favorite response to that was, I forget where I saw it was a comic with two millions collect this black dress and took cedars, and they looking at the pictures of the humans and said, like us, simply don't we're in a cloth summer wearing weight. But what is it what's? A bra thing at the top of it was not brought to its through its the hydrogen. Adam, but now they know that Well, we're assuming their intelligent, or at least as intelligent as we are released as knowledgeable as our scientists are interesting and since then, and then they made
record the adjustment and put some of that on upon a record that one or two, the Voyager spacecraft, which followed the pioneer spacecraft as the only spacecraft to ever have enough energy to leave the solar system. That's why we're trying to talk to the aliens on it anything now? No offense! I think that this crap, I don't think it's real. I ain't. That's crazy! Those pictures or did I think, they're made to look like there's Somethin Anderson Press as a whole. Action in John Stewart Book about ways that we try to communicate with aliens and what then, what effect that might have had won the radio transmissions. Is that supposed to be like that's icon? act like listen to read it and radio waves because they travel thickened cut through the galaxy. Without leaving a mark. I mean there. He listened to your laundry water that what happened in contact. Listening to the wash she's she's got the headphones on trying to hear hear the aliens talk to her. I mean that and she did they finally told her about prime numbers in the movie. Yet we have more to talk about that, because I like the idea to that that was in that situation. It was like that,
kind of lead you to a religious, Austria and the other actually will religion brought? No topic is left on untouched and John Stewart Book, including religion, and I do know that he's ever been charitable too. We thinking I shall ever. He is definitely a comical has a point of view. I am I like it so our next segment that we get to talk to him about the religious card content of the book and see where he, where his points of view, take US interests. So what ran on it and find out which so in this book it touches all parts of culture and people on time made an airline's religious, what you say about religion, and they remember we just
it is being a one hundred percent purely positive thing and nothing ever going wrong? I sank back in reading, not I'll. Tell you what it says that there was a religion provide a great comfort to a world torn apart by religion. Ending that period, that's all that and address now. Here's the thing here is a good question here. Where are we going with side? What if science is just leading us to a religious epiphany, Deborah wonder about that, while some people say he waited about it like we find the God particle or that Syria, everything or a big bang or science. Has it sort of God like figures in your book, you This science, gods, Newton and Einstein. You had Edison in their Marie Curie yeah yeah, Science has its idols and
has it martyrs, and this has its idols. Its martyrs and its faith to some extent, isn't a hypothesis to some extent they fear the differences when you finally have pomegranate when you found a hypothesis is wrong, you stop believing and so that the different the differences you will, but no one knows yet if religion is wrong, no one has yet to figure. They may figure out that the books that man created for the wrong, but they have yet to prove religion itself as cause it's hard to prove it. Yeah. That's it set up the obvious, I'm just saying: ok, didn't scientists have just pure faith and methodology well its work before so we keep at it. I mean you need to face
you try to perform. It never work, but you keep trying to that would require faith. But if its work before you want to call that face, I call it paid work before you genetic, that's experience yet scientific method, reactive! Doesn't I love the centre of its awesome and people over define it? People over defined the site you noted, is it do whatever it takes to national yourself period as the scientific method. I was that it was to create something we creatable yeah, but to know that then it successfully you have to make sure your biased didn't affect your measurement. So so you write it down instead of just trying to remember cause. Your brain of that brings to other things and theoretical physics. Other theoretical physics is that you are uncomfortable with there relying on scientific method and do they ever and way veer into the lane of faith dogma.
No, we measure you no matter what was about this dark energy. This matter, the string theory yeah well there's some branches of science that are not really susceptible to experiment, and so these folks are out there on the day. Leading edge of inquiry, but that's a pencil and paper. Maybe a laptop they're not expensive to keep. Business? So I don't. I don't lose sleep over that that these are there that the climate stuff is that the climate staff may people here's the problem becomes a political here's. The problem people think that the criterion for believing something is whether or not it feels good the best, a measure of truth. If made, you feel good and there's something wrong about that. That's address If a disaster, this the ostrich with a head this anti, I don't want to know about because it made me feel bad. I will only believe living and listen to the stuff. That makes me feel good, and if I have this investment in the world, three. I believe what makes me feel good about that. Let me go the other way, though,
Is it also, though, people have become calloused the dire warnings that no longer valid. Is it ostrich head in the sand or boycott because there is also a sky falling here. We got all the media, we got all them trying to discern between those can be very difficult. I so I guess when the science has fuzzy end where we can say this might happen in the next fifty years. People the people know how to deal with that that, on The pressure to summarize also its difficult now because there is organization that has earned certain credibility anymore. There is no Walter Cronkite of Science fiction. Yeah someone where everyone turns to, and so this is the man who tells it like it is, and I believe that, even if its announced right and who will also tell us the things that are uncomfortable, that are not so, we need of water Cronkite of Science I have a nomination
What are your banal, vanadium version over the oh, no heavy sigh, and that's the way it will be noted. You are the Walter That's not why ones, even if I remember correctly from our last season, you're you're, actually a bit spiritual yourself right. So why do you think it s a kind of religious religious? Here I mean for Emmy, unlike at found mouth em like a merry Magdalen went on where's my years advice. Jesus is my here, I'm that person, but here's my question on when you were talking out. We get away you're talking about religion, and you said that you think people want you want to believe only what makes them feel good, but you know the Bible of you read it. It doesn't make you feel good, there's a lot of negative stuff in there and you feel guilty allotted time. Don't you feel
every Catholic here he did you get the girl jewish people get in, and Lebanon is gonna, get my meaning of anything. You read in their lives in it. You can't limit, and you see that if wouldn't have to be religious, it just ideas that make people feel good. With a more likely to want to believe whether or not I think we're just easy. I think it's lazy. If having people did not want to do anything, I think la violence, yet I am not going to be about it. You're listening STAR talk, radio, your hosts, astrophysicist, Neil digress Thyssen. I am also the director, the hidden planetarium in New York City here with Lynn Couplets professional comedian, hoot deign to spend an hour
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breathing space inside it down to earth yours listening to start we're back our talk. Radio on your hosting the other draft hasten have revisited when problems my men welcome back to pay. You knew you had to think how big is the idea that brain. What do you mean? There's gotta be Gathercole, I'm leaving you are one Euro, Europe, where your first love
in doing this? Rather avatar listeners we're we're alive and for cities, Boston, Seattle, Detroit in Pittsburgh, you can get the station ideas on our website. Star talk, radio dot net and in this program I've been interviewing John Stewart. I interviewed him in his office like becoming takes on a show. It was. It was very, very kind to give us the time that he had, and I asked him about his book. It's it's. It's an extraordinary collection of comedic reflections on human culture, earth it sell Gray, Beth Hanukkah, get visitors guide to the human race and in their. If you never thought, had a look at yourself from a different perspective. This book will do it because it's so it what's left over of our culture, its imagined to be the book that aliens would find in
how they would think about the extinct species that once rule the world at such a clever way of discussing pop culture and mixing with science in history is just gray and humor and humor. Oh, it's Larry We just came out of a segment with John, where he talked about what role religion has played in the world and has not always been charitable. In this particular case he was outcomes are buried in the average is very diplomatic would have been very clear. I'm working and probably is I am going to go up. One of my great worries is people's urge to believe things that just make them feel good rather than what might be the truth, it would make him feel bad. That's my worry. When I'm dating from
one of the Algarve, look at me has sometimes gonna take the bad with the guiding the eating the enemies we'll get there. You gotta look at the real stuff you got to you got to end, but although I mean consider that in our lives today we're doing things that are not necessarily good for a long term survival is all this talk about you for global warming and polluting. I atmosphere uninvited with my mother and I said Monday recycled people do. I said you doubt me now I find it annoying all really have not people really. Are you find an annoying? Ok, so Europe geared up your helpless to convince her that this is good to do. I think I think she's coming around, because I am starting to this kind of person who have pointed out that it was the
very least chickens, have woken up to what happens. If you don't, then what happens? Is the we become our survival is at peril? Given the resources the earth has so graciously given of itself to us over all these years. There's a point when I could run out, we could poison ourselves, we could kill ourselves and, in fact, the entire appendix a big part of the appendix Re John Stewart Book explores ways that we might have gone extinct and I wanted to find out what inventive ways he came. He and his staff of writers came up with to explore. Just talk about that now. Just that possibility, let's check it out to me that the appendix of your book, but does it actually say how humans dire? You know you hate me. Now do we know that the only to come into the earth with no people, so some are still happen. You want them to get to the end. The book you don't they dont know why were dawn.
So you want to give them a different possible. It was the top scenario shock, be hybrid genetic shot, We kill a shark is tat. What is that? It's a fly? You killer shop, so the geneticists gone wild, geneticist, unwelcome what nobody you know in the meetings they said he. What have we combined a killer, be with a killer? nobody raise their hands. Had you know, I'm not sure so the one I have indicated and no one said: let's not do that and wouldn't you know it imagine, killer sharks that live in giant hives and just come out.
And they can wait. You fly and swim natural, the git you no matter what you're doing it gathers knowing in London who can set the number one. That's the number one likelihood, unlike a random, but yeah. Ok, really scared! That's pretty, like that's a scary thing, really like shocks that hang out in hives. That's why they're not shocks necessarily sharply shark piece, of course, of course, majority hybrid and they ve been bred. Bread to render us extinct. That's right! Yes, okay! So what else is analysed? Obviously, technology overtaking us accepted now as in the past, while no itself towards the future, not history, a stupors. His comments on my part, yes, example! Now I'm not guessing that in the future you won't be able to send yourself back to the past to stop the robots to kill the grandmother of the robot Xilai doesn't come back naked. That's right! Thank God! This is radio, others that
obviously super bug. You know, I'm not gonna, aligning like a like a virus care about like a drama restrain their yokels call disorder dust, but those who are not old enough and dropped a strain the. What are the virus? Renders women's led into powder bear here and if you like instantaneously we're, like you and the street and you're like cars, would still be there everything everything yeah you're in any, but we're just frozen in situ death. What a great movie there! Oh debt, by black hole, I dont collider the guys like Oh, I'm, not gonna go right bank at the wrong, we're not going to create a molecule. The Eads all other molecules it wrong if the world ends. In that scenario, the last words uttered on earth by man will be pay. It worked Stewart. Thank you for being our inaugural guess. Stop I enjoyed worth much our talk, radio don't do it.
The guy you gotta love the guy. The appendix is my favorite part of this, but the end and what s interesting is how glibly he goes in and out of real science and pseudoscience and poked fun it pseudoscientific concepts. This is not a good, but for an idiot, because it really does speak like its truth and someone. Is really I mean you're. Reading like oh, I was filling up the form the alien questionnaires unanimity it and then I realized tat. This is a complete. What concerns me as a scientist and has an educator we found. Cells spending a lot of time undoing people's misconceptions about the world, among them the my encounter and twenty twelve, the other. Since this has been going on adults, kids, even some educated people are totally wrapped up in the belief that somehow the world is gonna come to an end
and this one people felt I thought about the millennium. I know every ten years be alike that they seem like they're only happy when their sad about hey I'll, tell you what it's gonna make were at. Don't laugh at me: Thou Mayst Zalm, not zombies, say but my point, as is I'm in watching the shell walking dead, and I think it's going to be some sort of incurable disease like something more pain, so much attention in the other stuff, like, I think some weird things going to have. So some people will be like walking down the street infected. There were now I don't know, I don't think it's gonna be tough guy, some ahead, but I think that so is like a metaphor for what happens when when it, when the thing you didn't plan for happens, a group of plans for ASEAN Well here's a signal that there be a different kind of life and of the world and what has preoccupied people for so long. We people look up to the sky and think this guy's gonna kill us. Now it's odd because I've gotta, you know I wrote a book called death by black,
Also, I am no stranger to the same with plans to the way the universe wants to kill us. I'm just saying throughout and so called again death, my black, but there in the Bio tapestry linkup. You know the bio tapestry with with that that retail the enormous conquest me ass, a kind next to my bed, a comment in this guy. It's actually turned out to be how we comment by the way they didn't. We ourselves have made a note at the time. Of course, they too much later. It turns out to be the same comment, but it's what the what I found interesting that people always say that a comic portends disaster. Yet whatever disaster happens, whatever leader steps down from power, someone else ascends to power, so you could just as easily say a comment. Is the sign that someone ascends to greatness, saying I'm just saying now? There are real real life disaster scenarios you heard about office
That's my favorite asteroid out there I love em, you had best back street. Like a boy, I would say that you know I don't know who a pop up office three is purposes the asteroid. That's the size of the rose ball. That's when you had the movie with the wind deep impact. Ok. Well, yet it so they had that our this one is littler than the one in deep impact that the size of the rose, but this one would only take out the West Coast, the United States, it wouldn't written necessarily render Emily. I hope that this has happened, but we have privileged gonna. Come is going to give us a buzz cut on April thirteenth, twenty, twenty nine. Why these monies? We have a lake. How can people not believe things that weaken? That's a thank you for that question because that puzzled by that all the time people do it all the time we know that didn't happen, but but there's its wears a brown. Taking the bone at year. We know these people weren't. You know.
Here they were so so what you have is this asteroid that'll come so close to earth. It'll come closer than our orbiting communication. Satellites it'll be the biggest closest thing we ve ever seen and recorded history, and it's not gonna hit us on April thirteenth, twenty twenty nine, which, by the way, Friday. In case you were wondering I ever sweat. May I put you know, I was wondering how we get someone in outer space to get on top of the asteroid and put a drawback in it or whenever, like me, I think we would easily volunteers to do there. If parliament had the option of saving the world, I think they would take it. Take it up there, people who dangle off airplanes and bungee jump in Iraq, client for fun, and if you can say here, put your life at risk and you might be saving the world. You know that the latter will be around the block. You know I'll have to think about it.
I'm kidding. So so you have ideas. I have ideas on how I think the world is going to be ok. What do you think? I got a few ideas, so I think what will happen. Is we right between the time when we have an act of space programme, but we could have defended us against an extra nutshells against in Estonia and before other countries have built up their space program to do it? That's when an asterisk gonna come in, they were all go extinct. Just like the dinosaurs. I find it but see in? I don't know about that. The I'm telling you listen to my zombie came from it. The austrian authorities are now because the thing I like it just a metaphor for other things with the thing I like about is, if you watch it show it also shows that they have no technology anymore. Big. They can't all men going computer, so they have to learn other ways to communicate and deal with things and Did they always get the this the upper edge on regular people if they have no technology at all and ITALY will have no end zombies, don't how to run
I mean the regular people. They were still alive We are listening to start radio radio violence on a net at talk, radio dot net. I'm your hosts, Neil, the grass Thyssen, we're Infra last break combat, the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal back to start out radio. I have your me when my cover medium,
I'm your Yom, your hosting the other grass Thyssen, I'm an extra physicists and my day job is as director of the hidden planetarium in New York City. We endeavoured day job. You only work at night I'll think of me. I hope you do out of sight, and now I dont have a data. I mean I'm right indeed you, but you work at your you're, like you do not clear. Only. I got off at three o clock in the morning. Ok, ok! Now, in the show, we review John Stuart and three segments- and we have is latest book sitting right front of us on this table- Earth visitors, guide to the human race and when you have copy the book is dying, They are completely. You might get you been hanging out in the appendix I have this job now that where I have science definitions, funny science, that's my id combined you and me honey and violence is a civilian
Yet I have a question I want to now see. This is what people people send me. Always it is fun because thing with me all my gear. Are you kidding it's great to have and asked a physicist right by your side? What about this? What does this mean on what I want? I want to go through my own private genius. I want to go through the things that John, it's some jokingly in some seriously that he said could be the end of the world and just quickly. I want you to tell me on a scale of one to ten what the chances are. Gotta, ecology catastrophe for render. Yes extinct. Gale want the likelihood we're one is unlikely. Ten is likely one to ten. I would seek a logical disaster. Five of all this we do go extinct, the chances of it being economical disaster. I'd, say: five put on a nuclear heart. Have five came robot
I do know you be giving a test of the had I known on his writing. Another thing I want to know about that. I have to focus on robot rebellion. Zero am I got some people's peeled Spock that's right now and cried ok, given that one could get my one black hole black hole. That would be if you had to go, that's a fun way to go. So just I didn't ask you what you think of the fun: what's the tenth half a half that can happen and Rapture Rapture nine Rapture out from the Bible? Does it isn't there a blunder? called rapture. Now it's, but there is a big trumpet and then me in a bunch of other questions. We movement- and you say he Amr. While I much less convinced of Christians, I gotta go lower, need not give a negative one, even heathen, even below the shark, be me book over short pre mutation,
I know your people in the labs mutating Jean pulls. So what about patent that, pending a pandemic upon them a pandemic, so state of an epidemic a pandemic? You know panda X, Ray before we had airplanes, moving people back and forth transporting the germs with them. You had to go like caught Estonia to take to take a shot. You know someone who was germ infested from one place to another, and even then they can give everything don't gotta wherever they got malaria right. So nowadays you we can any disease above that shows up in one it could be all around the world is much faster than it otherwise would have been taken to get there. So I put by put a pandemic very high. I go seven, seven or eight here I'll Pangaea yea. Think about that back and bible time. The bed had planes, everyone have lepers, everybody, everybody.
Black than the plague and everything everything? Ok and then the last one was alien invasion. Alien invasion with aliens coming a sucker blood. They always make amounts be bad. What if aliens just came in wanted you needn't where's. The dragoon hawking gave the warning that aliens are probably be evil and, like one ethnic group enslave us, I think he is concept of that is a fee. It's a mirror held up to the human race, because this is how we know we have had it's what we ve done, it's what we normally we ve been doing if in their been doing it, and it's right any mismatch, eleven, that the bigger step when prohibit the stick at wealth or more in speaking, more our incense. Whoever who's got the best. The more advanced technology wins and so any alien whose crossing the galaxy to visit earth fish in japanese people? So
the same aliens that come to earth that if they came to earth across legality, thereby more technology than us so there's a fear, factor that they will all be evil and my mind. What I think will save us is that they'll, take a thorough study, earth really hard look at the species that calls itself dominant and they will conclude based on all the evidence available them that there is no sign of intent, life on earth and thereby leave us alone. You think we're gonna be so stupid. You're gonna leave to them. If they added leave Amphilochia lists on you. You are passing a pile of words. Is it any wonder what their thinking I wanna make make peace with that? I have also seen people stop
just because they were their workers. They were in the way, yes, sir. This is that this is how I think about about this at the end of the world, and I think some are more likely than others. I think, were more likely to kill ourselves that they have something in the universe that we then blame it on, because I just see our behaviour just look at our past behaviour. It looks it's it's it's it, Human behavior scares me yet it scares maintain and in your right, because if the aliens dig him here and they don't want to fight we'd be like oh, can we go back to your planet and take everything, but where there's gonna do it cherry picking and see. If this evening we why there are sort of science fiction, natural sites which radio play one time where the aliens came to earth because they wanted the hydrogen in our water and they had run out of hydrogen where they were. They were sucking our water supply, and so they were not fighting us. They were taking our natural resources, and that was a sufficient orchid interest rate. Interesting, but they'd know that sufficient I've never had Astro one or one, because they would have learned that name
a two percent of the entire universe, is made a package. You look out of them to earth, so everyone TAT get it somewhere else: pay hygiene and Astro one or one cause. That's what old? With that's what work for you there. You could get it closer to your planet. STAR talk, radio on your hosts, Neil digress, Thyssen, Iman Astro physicist and I'm accompanied by my intrepid CO host Lynn, complex land and Youtube. You you're, you ve got a tv show with that. We open the hour that way, but let me hear again with the ads can be its with John Invalidism every continent, Jonas Beth and we d be in it
here's January twenty fifth and the genuine okay, so many of you did on my website which it is unwilling, couplets comedy dot com. You can see all my schedule where I am on the road and in New York with I'll do the deserted in New York of in particular. I want to hear so we you guys should note. I tweet the Universe daily and my twitter handle is Neil Thyssen and I'd love to have yours a follower. If your curious about the universe, I dont tweet, what I had for breakfast and must have something cosmic policing forget about their effect without sweet, you're, gonna learn about the universe, if you want to know is that whenever breakfast follow my dream and in fact Mama We had three that so many other and each each star talk radio with the cosmic perspective that lands in a way
between that's your near nitrate. Minnesota fats are gonna like move onto their interesting it'll, be real, quick as I think of humans as our greatest enemy. We are It is an enemy, unlike the dinosaurs, where the universe was their greatest enemy, right now, I send into the twitter verse my tweet other we most extinct. Life blame natural forces beyond its control. But when we go extinct all we get to blame- is our stupidity. Lime, Neil the Grass Thyssen signing off for start talk, radio approach, I am hearing weekly but partially funded by the national science. We will see you in a week. I am Why Fires like Galileo job, the orange.
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