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Apollo and the Future of Humans in Space

2019-07-19 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 by answering fan-submitted questions on the famous Moon landing and the future of space exploration. Also featuring a conversation with Alyssa Carson, the world’s youngest astronaut in training.

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Photo Credit: NASA.

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode. Commercial free from the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming all is based and start with science. This is a start talking. I'm your host meal digress Thyssen, as always your personal astrophysicist and today is a cosmic queries. Special space addition all space. Why this the fiftieth anniversary year of APOLLO, eleven wanchee from earth and landing on the moon,
a returning safely to earth, not only that we want to look at the future of space exploration, and I have a lot of expertise in that category. So is it's just me in this episode, but I don't do this alone without a go, I got jackknife jerk any honest with me. Can I was absolutely because I got you know I've been a gothic. I got this normally we haven't been another expert. What I am I got this all imo. I think you are the expert on space. I think I'm on the expert on space there now we go. We get lonely totally get all right, so nobody have well. We have questions as we, always do it, I'm our glean from the internet. There are very many incarnations and we always start with the patriarch patron, because they give us money right,
would you like to give us the money you can give us the money region? Quests you'll? Have it you're going to get your questionnaire? They just get their questions asked first priority, and I say so. This is my point. Let me just as introduction to the justice introduction. Just doesn't I've written two books on space? as an exploratory endeavour, as distinct from Ashraf, and I was going to say you ve written more this a little about? Yes? Yes, I thought I'd go, anticipate. Ok, I got two books on that. Ok, so one of them is this one right, Sebaste chronicles space, chronicles facing facing the ultimate friend my frontiers. Now in paper back in its more for it, then the harder. I just want a quick story about it's. Ok. This is not the title that I submitted a manuscript of our right. Oh no,
Are you sure you wrote this bullet swiftly? Somebody came out all night. I actually rights title was the title: was failure to launch the dreams and delusions of space enthusiast I so encouraging encourage that you can have a book with the with the word. Failure Anna in it and they got all upset Anna meetings after meetings at the meetings and they came with her eyes- had fine so as a space chronicles facing the ultimate frontier. But this is an indictment, everyone who said oh here we got to the moon in eighteen, sixty nine. We should be in Mars by nineteen eighty five grand when and how come we're, not because we need we need charisma and it is a lot of sort of misinformation and delusional thinking out there. This book is a full exploration of.
The fact that we have yet to progress a bear. We on the reasons for that really their reasons and the recent people give them not the reasons they think they can be sustained there is. No one here will work. Ok, good is eight point. Given a park he's like a barrier, this is every. You really are a good market. Let me now so this is every thought I've ever had about our past present and future space. For the reasons that does not cause we, we need another candidate to give a stirring speech. Now we were at war with the Russians right and an you know: there's a godless commune, I ran they had beaten us in practically every metric ever winning thank ok. They invented the rocket equation. Yet there was a hundred some years ago, rocket equation. That tells you how much fuel to put in your rocket to put a payload into some destination. You know why that matters, because the fuel, your butt
has to lift the weight of the few happy to come back with a thought about all the other. If You'Re- not here, I have yet to burn right, and so every increment of poundage in your payload has tremendous consequences to how much extra feel you have to carry that's why the sadder five rocket is mostly, who sought where all the stages, all the states, all fields or, if you have largely been section up at the top, were ok the little bit research and so does the rocket equation manifest a Russian came over the rocket equation. The Russians had the first satellite reigned, mousses girl. I forgot about Rocky, involving now Sputnik Horace in endless partisan. The ties that in this house also Sputnik Spruce book scrutiny is due to the edge of the first tat light They are the first nonhuman mammal that was go. Get like right. I don't know the Daphne was like.
In order to move now. Did I will show you all? I did not know the dogs, they was like ok and they had no plans to bring like a back alive. You that's not. It seems so cruel, like No plans is like mass best friends. This lay boy like Eddie, so, like a might, have been a girl dog I might have been out of Chechnya, so so people get all upset about that. I thought about. I say you know: ok, yeah, that's that's really bad that they didn't bring like a bachelor. They knew like you would not survive, but there wasn't a point of Emily, but I thought myself. What was like before this alive, I'm gonna go,
with a lie. I guess they live as ours to her distorted, wandering the streets of Moscow homes. Stray dogs give plucked from the streets of Moscow, Gray becomes as famous as Lassie overnight, but she had to die to do I'm say and sometimes forget, famous people died and his team. If I had a choice, albeit dine homeless industry, to Moscow or Diane being the first model in orbit and be remembered forever you don't know the dog name. It is better to burn
I M afraid away the language language actually made a milestone of you, wouldn't have this one of its lines and want it besides. I believe it is better to be made. We, I don't think I would like the so air, so they got the first night. They there, the first human they had traversed based station, rather first female. They had the first There, the first black person in space lab. Yes, it it was a cuban you, a cuban right, doors can Cuban. He went up on the Russians spacecraft, so they did. All of this We said that we lead on the moon and say we win, because we So we re just find the finish line right and said we went right,
went down. Why so now with them that we realise that are really going to the moon and there they couldn't do it, and so we just abandoned the whole thing. You know, that's it. We start going to the moon nineteen, seventy two of you, so we just need a politician with There is mine, political willing and nothing to do with that is we felt threatened when you feel threatened money flows like never, and it's so funny, because in that speech you talk about stirring speeches in that speech, J F K actually talked very much about money by any quality tat. Two big speeches, one right of joint session of Congress right at the Schaffner April, twenty fifth nineteen sixty one nice six weeks after hearing Gagarin had just come back from orbit alive right. We didn't have a spaceship. There could not blow up with carrying people. Yet that's when Kennedy Several put a maximum return him safely to earth it s the Emirates, oh yeah! Let's do it you nobody said too.
Others before that in the same speech, now go ahead. If the events of recent weeks, you couldn't even utter the man's name right, couldn't the events URI Voldemort, if the events of recent weeks or any indication of the impact of adventure on the minds of men everywhere. We need to show the path of freedom over the path of tyranny. Yes, right of battle cry against communism. That's it that's what there was and then the money flowed like river. That's all you need to do is silhouettes brain communism with those who is there, I don't want to die driver. The Sunday night. Ok, all right! Let's give Ginza! Ok! Here we go, there was written question was good stuff Al Qaeda more about safe. I save it, but that's gave left who segment I so. This is Matteo Moon slave. I'm sorry, Matteo months, salary,
Look like me: leave her back outside Matteo months, our mentality. Ok and our bedroom pictures that says this. If we considered the technology used in APOLLO eleven is less than what are smart phones have now computer power. That's right! Yes, what not this mean that the price and facilities to reach the moon is within our reach at this time, with no problem. If so, why has it cause? So ouch to return in a way I see what he said is like it. If the power in com. A bar hands was the same computing power that set apart eleven and they landed why we all just send itself to the moon ourselves right now. That's a great question at the great question, because the cost of the computing power that was on a powerless
and was small relative to the cost of the actual power of the rocket engines and everything else. They went into the design, construction and safety measures. So if most of the cost of their mission was in fact, computing loss, we can say This is going to have to do in a meteorite cleaving. Will you do a re restaurant right on the corner meet me of the media, the bit creator recreate a restaurant. They have good food on the move, but do have no atmosphere What I allowed the glue. Allow me I got, it was well play the hockins. Thank you. Thank you. This is actual physics humor. So so that's not the price they needed to do. That's it. That's all! Well that make sense. It ass, a rule that we're gonna computing powers, so, in other words the computing power didn't play, as
rule, not of course not in the cause of getting yet to build the thing you had to get the vehicle assembly building. You know that the infrastructure that- and this is this is a big gap. I think in our modern thinking of what civilization is and what it has become royal. Anticipating the right. We all love our next by lower than that, but where it's weird are the inventions they give us transportation systems, housing, climate control, energy. These things are not solved by just awaiting the next at this is today require infrastructure, often government as Reseda require government political will yet be us exactly and if it, without that, you just fade relative to everybody else,
I was in China. I was by the way I was a huge use if this plan, why we're losing since I was in China, began airport right, ok and there's a sign up there. I took a picture the sign and it says, ok men's room. This way is in Chinese, but then there are the men's room. This way, a booty shopping. This way maglev. That way, the maglev we'll get the red monitoring the magnetically levitate a train to get you that from the airport back into Shanghai cool going hundreds of miles an hour, not touching the track itself and I'm thinking they just so casual about it. You can the best maglev and I'm looking here just bow and at the maglev, because, as some we ve only ever dreamt of here it's over people, the game like a mad level so a bathroom sign, that's the end that that's it. That's endgame right there, because the endgame man
rob and sang alright. Ok, then came a verb to get shot. That is why, when I arrived in saying I exaggerate, I was saying I'd ok here go. Let's go there. Andy Bracken from Facebook who says what lessons from going to the moon can we apply Putting people on Mars looking forward this young man is a bit difference between land moonlighting on Mars other than distance whatever, and that is the moon. As I described in the restaurants, has no atmosphere, so it means you can exploit the friction between your. Craft and the heir to the latter right, slow, you down exact, so you have to bring fuel with you to fight.
In a retro, far richer. I guess you slow down and have a soft landing rights and whereas Mars, though the atmosphere be thin by one percent, the thickness of our own atmosphere, which is why the scene in the movie, the more whether in this way they try to launch and is a win the store? because I'm a dead, there lay a walk wrapped around our kinda thing and it'll, be like you be like that's refreshing he's gonna soldiers blow and gentle era is most unreasonable, there's probably fast spirilla and I got loved it's big invariably, whereas minded abandoned, I go. Oh he's there author anywhere yet engineering background turn novelist all up in his face as we do, and I really needed some ruse to make dna testing.
Give the excuse to learn what else could be of use, or I don't know I gave it to him, because everything else was good plus he had a very high compliment. You somebody's calculating all the other stuff. In the movie gray and in its story he imagined I was looking over his shoulder and we'll near tweet about this guy. He turns. What's it like a cosmic Boogie may act like that lurch over his shoulder ass sounds a high common. That's a very greatly looking now, that's very good Lastly, they want to make to you anyway, you're not arrest afterwards. I wish morphine Did that a movies? If that's one thing you'd have to bring extra fuel to land? on the moon relatives landing on Mars. That's all could she saw fuel to land, always just use air breaking in parachutes and the right to think right. That's one important thing you're. Another thing is both of them are far away from earth and do you not near any plant? Why, for you, probably don't have a factory yet so yet to figure out how to live on your own,
not. Instead living off the land is no that doesn't exist, the settlers, the early ceta. They live off the land rights while plus from Europe they came here. Do people to greet the racists they breathe. The same air They have a lot of good enough to a couple of centuries. Did it a number on the air, so so out of the ship broke, trees and a new world were made of wood like the old trees in the old and the mother country, so so It's not entirely analogous to say the pilgrims of tomorrow will be. The settlers of Mars is not really the right way to think of
May says: yeah. It's gonna get a hell of a lot more to settle Mars echo. What more so you'd have to in both places you have to set up factories to extract mineral resources or natural resources. You'd have to set up have modules unless you tariffs them in advance, have modules so that you can breathe year without always having spacesuit. So you have to do the same in both places so to learn something. No, although you can tell a lot of things out the moon, which is much closer three days way instead of nine months, so I saw a fan of going back to the moon just to get your back right without that you go to Mars. If something goes wrong, I will dwell save you in nine months right! That's how that, in other words, Was nice? No, that's how not master Mason control
because you have a good run next question right next question: here we go. This is James Thomson from Twitter. He says: what are we going against scientific principle to have a flat earth will come along for the rights of the future. Listen if nothing else, but to squash the notion that the Eve Earth is flat being a myth. So I would say, on the very first mission, the one we have like enough capacity to take Lego bus load, people gather all the world's flatters and stick em on it on their first. All you say: yes, oh yeah, just cinema in just for a moment. Orbit they'll shut him up forever, but here's the real question: why do you bring him back? That's why I'm all appear put me up there. I'm just saying
it's it's late. They also guard hidden right ass. We run out of money to bring Norman educator, so I tried it I'll do whatever I can in order to get someone to understand, objective truths. In the war and what do I do? I get one of them who they elect to be their representative and you give them for a free ride. I have a problem with that's comical as we as it could break. Ok when we come back, it is the fiftieth anniversary of APOLLO eleven and humans. Future in space when start returned a secret for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell. There's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub.
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If you go on demand, you say: ok, you guys go to go down a playground away for you. Man, Yes, I want now, under by myself I'm trying to figure out like if, they got to to shew right right. Now is a complicated thing as the Americas answer an algorithm, yet so about the fiftieth anniversary of a power plus our future and space. We solicitor questions. This is cosmic queries. And I'm the in house expert from this day you I had a second book on space, so this myself with a base came at last year. I came two thousand cannot yet it does not guarantee accessory to war. Yes, the unspoken alliance between astrophysics and the military. So we all know pretty much. There is no military without asked. If the other is that there is no history any of it, I don't get it that they don't get to do anything you, don't you get right basic,
and if you have spoken, because you think we're just on mountaintops waiting for the four tons of light to come from stars to grace detectors, and that is most of what we do. However, we have a lot of common thematic overlap things we care about. The military also cares and like detecting, dim things that are moving in the sky. Multi spectral imaging ray of things that might otherwise be hard to detect. Yet, like the timings precision, timing of phenomenon in the universe, so so in fact this sextant right behind you didn't each having read pull down I'll get. It is an authentic sexton from century
passed, so so Jack you're young take here. So this is an early Jp S help people figured up with where the hell on earth. They were with a sextant there's an authentic sextant, which has got the filters contribution in the daytime with the sun rises, solar filter. But my point is time: location coordinates, monitoring things in the sky, right that for us there harmless unless it's an asteroid but for the military could be lethal. This is an entire exploration that, and this is for this is basically astrophysics, if not in a hurry, because it's the graph and a little bit more and more Lamotta Timor has opened So what do I have? A co author, obviously longtime editor of mine from natural History magazine over going to finish this and in any sense I figured it would take me several life expectancies. To finish this really s, I needed a colony
We are very hardworking co. Author obviously has very magnanimous of YO can cause. I would have been lay our roads as well as at the end of it, but it says yeah. I know what to say I quit here we go here. We know our John layered from Twitter once and others. How do you see humanity dealing with the concept of ownership in space and american flax? It but we came in peace for all mankind. What happens when you as astronauts? and Chinese take him out land at the same spot with potentially here's the real point. Highly valuable assets see it. There is nothing on the moon worth anything, ok! Well, there is actually there's helium three, oh yes, this is an isotope of helium witches key ingredient in thermonuclear fusion, correct, what's created when infusion in the sun?
I guess and does that in every moment avis life pushes out helium right while human is a by product of it. But you know William three, as an intermediate products before you get helium for and human for is the final byproduct. Ah here so so to end and healing three or particles it come from the sun get lodged in the in the this quote: soils of the moon, so you need of some three device, some ploughing device to sift through, so you could. Actually you can mind the reason you may remind for helium. Wearing my there be you'll, be bulldozing bulldozer. Yes, we want What are these remaining strip? Might you're gonna save at the top of its neighbours? If an animal shaved animated do first is amount there is no matter the moon in the complete but you will have to be greatly that once again we see the effects of human kind of moon. Cuba so anyway apply his
boy ba if there is a highly valuable asset, so watch so I dont have a good answer to this, but I can tell you that if humans go into space in a big way, it's not just the astronauts and engineers participating it's the artist who want new vistas. It's the lawyers who have new frontiers of legal precedent I'd. If, if let's say you meet an intelligent, alien and kill it is that murder wars. Don't talk about space aliens? Ok! So if you add what he's not married, if we really are going to suffer so their leader the Tire legal frontier and was already made some inroads and that I think something that was successful in the United States was homesteader hosting. If you have enough money time and resources,
to go to some and quote developed spot and it'll be allowed to read the land and turn it into some proper. Whatever, then you keep the when you get to keep you got to keep it brief. So listen Tom deserves to do that and ass. I was about to say no right has natural resource life so that we get a zillion asteroids rights as they are going to launch a mission to an asteroid. These minerals I go. There is asteroids all? Who does that brought us well government or another or a private person? A private company gentle gets there. Generally governments do expensive things that have no return. First,. Then, when you figure out how to make a buck on it than private enterprise comes afterwards. That's why the first European, so the new world we're not the Duchess India Trading Company. It was Columbus right who was sent sent by countries like Spain, not even by ITALY, which was busy do and other things right. Ok
should have been his thing, but wasn't Spain so ask me angry at Columbus day. Ok, without caused a parade who comes out for the converse day, parade above time: China, America's bees, spanish reader, Spaniards, re act like climate, a bloodless flagpoles. Go, you can pay. It is my voyage did to you though his voyage Sidra maybe the Spaniards, cheer, this man then how do we know that that matter, because Queen Isabella King Ferdinand set his satchel spanish flags right take and put him wherever you fine land. That's right and that's why most of the new world speak Spanish and not italian, What do you have a university to time in the world? I tell you tat italian towards China. I think I don't know what patina was, as part of the issue Ok, that an vatican city that consent,
and maybe one other place in the world. The time is one of the multiple official language. Does it and we cannot list how many places speak. Spanish it was queen, Isabella, said we'd all around the world and we go get people who do this re have little care flags with them so in space this. This is the exploration attitude that they had so once when you're in space this, by the way, not always good for who gives explored right now, what s a place where no one is their rights. But what people there to greet you? the new plant Flags F, the quickly now owns this as they wait a minute man, I'm already here, I'm already here right here. You discover nothing. How does your plan of flag in my bedroom gonna? Kick your ass, you care, because now they got bigger guns and bigger everything that reminds we were very quickly. I once found twenty dollars in a couch cushion in my home as a kid, and I went, and I
without Vanessa, dad found twenty hours is that you can find in my house, for a very good, some treasure, lady of uncharted, lay out ok out so so the question was well. So hosting is a model that has worked right. I think that the best plan there is not to imagine China going to the same asteroid. We go and plant the flagging that we fight about it. I think that The plan is to come to peace on earth before this exercise begins, that's a good one, and then we see this exploration as something that is a sort of an earth activity right in the service of the future of the earth, not for the betterment of one nation relative to others. For ourselves? Combine that really did I'd like a yes,
Actually, I still have that enough, I'm all about it that that's beautiful! That's really was very Jean Rawdon barrier like thank you leave runway our creator of STAR Trek. Yes, and I should have just for the non geek solidarity. Ok, so it would go MAC work once you know this very quick. That quick good name Quick, quick means in the Bible alive you just before we begin the day, just the the alive in the dead right here in the old west. It was you know. Can you shoe fast if you can't, but as you know where you were alive and if you you what and we know the next likely Mars, but after we Bland Mars, where would you like to see humans set foot net? Ok, interesting, something worse than all quote from the space community
we landed on Mars. Where would you like to see humans set foot net interesting zoning, where can I quote from the space community? If God wanted us to have a space programme, he would have given us a much needed in his career, easy it has given us a good, that's good. I like that.
So they re there. They have had so I'm not into sequencing destinations right. I'm a more unorthodox perspective. I want to have a suite of launch vehicles that could take me anyway. I want whatever my needs happen to be sweet. You wanna go, might asteroids that certain combination of rockets and right you want to look for a life. Your scientists went to look for life on Mars, different combination. You won't have a tourist jaunt on the moon. That's a different commission. You wanna sail the back of a com. It is a different combination. You want to visit. No you don't have a Venus. Is nine hundred degrees? Fahrenheit sweet? You cook anything gray, put it out as one window sill at sick about my pocket. Light switches. Consider that you get could, at the same rate the chicken that part of the problem as utterly
so I support that many nearby destinations with a surface upon which to walk right so Mars, the Moon and Mars are kind of it nearby beyond mercury's, too hot ran well, how about it? How about a moon of another planet amounts available would be than that's where we're gonna write, video, more life support, but definitely definitely core. Maybe the goal is not to land and walk around on a surface. Maybe is to hang space itself. One of the things we learn is we know how to build stuff in space right. This very emissaries days, sit on a surface area now. Have I asked ass, there was mere before that here, the russian one wrenched with, and so so maybe we're not looking for service we're looking for habitats that are free floating in space. Who I like that idea. That's kind of cool lacks liner right who knew who needs a planetary and plus we had. The twin brother had just been a year and space we
what can be done? What can be minimised times? Yeah yeah, you know, what's my gaze name forgot, his name was his name scar. Yes, yes got Kelly. Scott colleague, the handsome of the two were dismissed called me. That is a message about its way was ready study as a friend a bald have someone, but I'm a breadth of ever from Brian Scotland. Families of community does exultingly says have a twin brother, but my parents, that they love him more okay, so problem here we will look at this hash battery wants to know this was an impact. Fact refer you to pass racked by hasn't how she's like her. She, maybe exactly now they could about, has is no one and why was he law came out? What's quest arrow green for twenty six from Youtube says? What do you think changed arson? by a tea when we landed on the moon
absolutely wonderful. Due to reap great question. My answer will come at a moment when we take this final break of our three part. Star talk cosmic queries on our future in space, unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. Historic ties, start off, we're back track Knight set right, tweeting actual my scarlet. Thank you, sir. Yes, very good, I followed. I follow you, how many people have a go
I am. I am honoured good. I am honoured, so retorted, the fiftieth anniversary of APOLLO. We talk about the future of space exploration and we figured this show would not be complete re without a one on one exclusive interview with Alyssa Carson wow. You know this Carson. She is the few to see is that they did not just think about. She is the future year, eighteen year old, right who everybody thanks is gonna, be the first next person to walk on Mars LA and so that we get it Louis online Alyssa. Hello. Thank you for asking in your in Germany. Right now Berlin, so when travelling during the summer, would would you call him Ah, Ha Bearers Louisiana, soon Florida all over the world right now in transit zones in college, and also you ok, you just graduated high school circular.
I got on you here so so you'd you're starting college soon, what he? What will you be studying now I am planning on studying, Asher biology. You learn that super similar ass physics is overwhelming. Somalian Resigns is mandatory let's be doing that and say you just gotta get outweigh the highest obeys, actually handling spatially classroom luxury. So I'm really it works that Israel is own courses. Recent asked rob I was a harder than astrophysics well, Have you that's? Why does it matter to her? She wanted to let the woman teasing easily Ella listed outside, so you are you're, not thinking about the moon, we're about to have a fifty that diversity. The moon landing, and you ain't you even that you're like the sulphur,
Mars generation top tell us what what's all phobias, what that is? doesn't really. No definitely with a video happened. Even all right now super razor billion everything that we may come so far within the space programme, and I don't think you know, depending on you know what our ideas are. Even though we may we may go back, the moon has kindly idea, but I think ass, the moon kind of star rolling ones Mars, but I think if we are going ass, the moon Asian began in the very soon Where is Mars, we saw several years in getting there, but I never going back there the Martian arranged in this region is. People. Who will be there? Where seems hordes emissions Mars, witnessing a mission are Mars or be part of that mission on Mars because we will actually see first person, Mars en masse to build our region. For so you you,
I haven't our notes here. You are one of the ambassadors for the Mars one plan. We had the founder Mars one on startup. And what was your role in the whole exercise? as one who is based on the Netherlands, and they also have their idea of wanting to those those Mars. I welcome the idea of kindly Mars us away. I met with them actually in the Netherlands you know I've actually becoming a master and time when we went over there. You know super re, especially in just promoting the idea of going Mars in General, because you know it was. I have an idea of a lot of the general public generally. Have that idea that we were planning?
Why is there was an idea lines Lars, emphasising thousands of farming in helping them became for their mission, also hoping. I would, however, going to my general and signs over ninety muscling colonizing Mars and a future where you left out the port. Where you go to Mars and don't come back, that out of that explanation, sir, would you have consider going to Mars on a one way trip just part of what Mars one? meant? Wasn't it re? Read the idea of Mars. One was, you know one way shrill they once led by colonizing. You go in there. You learned Rembang so familiar I worry me now talking about giving Mars one way or another, and I thought that you know so many, we come from emissions Mars and I know that was the route that was the plan I window happening. Now is my only option.
I guess I'm based on living on Mars was why are you so desperate to go to Mars as a young person? I'm interested, I mean. Why do you hate us so much Are you running away from earth messages Mars beckons because or both when I was little. I was avoid just curious about Mars and about space and on you know I was just curious to know what I've been there before his interest would be there. I think, guy older and learn more about the importance of going liars and other benefits. We can get in terms of no Billy, less acknowledges actually gives Mars and those helping everyone else here on earth or the idea signs learn more things are seen. You know development using all of us who travel by air travel further in continuing on that role, and so I dont really the more learn about all the more I've. I realise it is. You know there
Does that mean that crew? So I've always been interested in going to say, of course, just like so many? and so Mars is told that next place, though we're planning on going so you now, We saw what I like. The fact is that in Europe or the recitation there, you, including the fact that there is not only the astronauts but there's the engineering that goes, it there's a lot of pieces. They have to come together and not many people think about it. In that context, a more sort of step holistically stem right, I construction there. But let me ask you, I'm old enough to remember all the lore most have a true about the original set of astronauts being the right stuff. So in for the Mars generation, are you the right stuff, and what does it even mean too yeah. I know it's definitely super, maybe we're living in terms of becoming an astronaut alarm. Things have changed since those person ass Nancy. No, we went wrong. Just knows
guys so anymore, who will now in European Space Programme and funding as we continue to have even more variety people in the space programme- and we just heard in terms of me having the re stop amines like do best- is really what I'm working on trying to do. I don't really think I'd be ready to areas. Perfectly on Mars. Now that moving just doing the best, I can and must billing as major, mostly imply an really wholesome ass, to be able to translate everything setting they learned here on earth and translate that into emissions Mars. You tell me, the right stuff is: did you barf in centrifuge that's a good idea. If you don't bother this interview the rice relationship to NASA does not know you exist
Are you on their on their radars literally and figuratively, to be the first to be plucked to put on that on that first mission to me, I would, by the way I'm going to be somewhere else amounts. People, who are the words spoken, training and sat down There are times those I was fifteen Israel s and Science organization comprising possible answer, are there any study. Is clouds me Abram S fear. However, there all my goal as a programme is to subordinate flakes, cleanse a sample of this file, and so with them. I do some more brutal spaceflight training such as wire survival training for signing the impression that there are things actually are. Very similar to these, Well, obviously, how? In a bind one's going to space, no dream horse trading,
I had a g g g g unit training. So so do you get frustrated, I mean I do actually by how much attention backwards attention The space, is getting old. Look at what we used to do isn't that great at five in the APOLLO I've. A dessert frustrates you are you saying? Well, that's, ok trying to ask is how do you? What does your confidence that we will make this happen according to your dreams, rather than just reminisce about the old days on the front porch in a rocking chair wow, right now pay than you know, It is time to celebrate what we have done, but I think these are just ass. Well, ass, in emissions Myers,
use a bit more intention. As far as you walk up to someone on the street and you ask and value they were really have an idea ass. What is going on with the plan is way, the time in view of looking mass, I do It is interesting that the amount of media and so on, like an OECD, shows all efforts. Now you know surfacing about Mars something to do with me commercials, whatever might be I think that the lead towards ass, you know ingesting everyone like magic, always Mars, awakens at national marks So I repeat, Mr Bosnia: integrated grow poop potatoes on Mars really I think, about opening arrest,
recently potato- and so we only have two minutes left is something you want to. You know we have some reach in the show, but not that you need a cause like you're all over the internet, with your ambitions. But is there some message you want us to carry forward that we can try to make Europe. The dream of so many myself included more real use and giving his realise that they are working for a century or their goal in their pass in earlier age. Here you don't have to wait college, a star research me what you want to do. Don't there's someone I or my passion about that voice are ways are doing here. You know a science museum, we're going to whatever it is. You are asking me to find someone in your area has for your ass them when they didn T live that jump start because
you go nowhere, injure certain changes after that and that's fine, so we can see weren't lean and pursuing your dream and never really away from what I can tell you is that whether or not the next mission is to Mars. Whatever next mission we were sent in humans to a destination, I want to listen and absolutely Alyssa. Definitely to be yes, yes, so little we gotta caught. We gotta call acquits there, but thank you. Being on start talk and will, I hope, like reach for you again. We do another space show just to find out. What's the late, right in the Mars generation, rather than we could really apologetically exactly the next time we talk, you'll probably be on Mars. You know about it because I think you're gonna get there much sooner than you think. I really do you seem like sets driven young woman in its wonderful wake up. It gives us all hope
in the next generation absent. May not like all the extra ruin everything dragonettes fix everything array and take us to take civilization to the next youve restored my fee, in people your age, I actually start liking? My children again right illicit thanks rejected. I will find you again, ok, dagger, so Chuck at last question. What do we get that answered in this? We did not, and it was what do you think chains for our society when we land turn on the moon from Arrow Green four hundred and twenty six and one of the things probably would be someone like Alyssa. Let's see what happen we landed on the moon, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, witnessed it in their early to mid teens and they transform the world in which we now live right, so that the power of space exploration isn't just
tough, one reward velcro, but whatever others, this very high other great Tang Tang, would have this that the big trinity tat love them in tackling. Not all of them were space derive. That's that's! That's the the troll ran right, so I think its impact on a civilization goes beyond just. What is the economic return right is. How do you feel? How do you think and the fact that when we went to the moon to explore the moon and we discovered earth for the first time Reilly, modern conservation, movement, wool and while we were on them are very varied. Environmental Protection Agency, founded nineteen semi swept by Republicans body.
Of sign into law by the Congress? Was Democratic republic dress? I ran you just look at this list. The you know leaded gas was banned, led was banned in paint a comprehensive, clean AIR Act, a comprehensive, clean water, TAT surrender earlier versions what they weren't fully incorporating everything and the needs of the day. There was a DDT was banned or that occurred between nineteen sixty nine and one thousand. Seventy three right. And are we gonna say, or we just figured out, that's what we should do now. We were still at war and a cold war with Russia on a hot war in Southeast Asia and just over some we're gonna save as clean up the earth. I claim I assert that we did that because we saw earth floating adrift in space, spaceship her right and said. Oh my gosh, no one is going to come, save us. We have to save ourselves and thus began a modern understand,
of our relationship to nature. That's the kind of stuff space gives you and now we're like yell. We got a move to Mars because we don't really messed this place up, I left the went on having got another, we gotta call my westport areas if we organised ship a billion people to Mars right. So so that's appointed plan be re case case it. Some bad happens on earth right. Some humans will survive. The species continues Ray. I remnant it's it's a nice idea. It makes a good headline. Elon musk was a fan of that, as was Stephen Hawking, but I think it's it's. It's not how it's gonna go down, because to do that, you want a terror for Mars by way of a coffee, mug from Spacex mortars, nice, ok and its Mars, but you put hot liquidated, becomes a tariff warned Mars through a cool
really is green and blue is really cool. You know it's one of those times for making me jack lessons that you have what it is now finds a tariff warming coffee. My that's area. I got it on on property at Spacex, so if you have another planet and you'd tariff form it from the current state of Mars to some earth like planet- and you do that to save us from. Earth because were destroying the environment, I'm just simply saying whatever it takes to tariff. Mars and ship a billion people, their gotta, be more effort than fixing worse problems? If you could tell for Mars into earth, you would tell from earth back into earth. Can you not so true? Thank you right. That's what I'm saying I'm just a realistic, not Israel! we have. We got a call quits here right there chuck any final word Mars. I think you'd struck Chuck matters most.
Are you gonna arrest? I've been and will continue to be near the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist. This has been start hawk. Cosmic queries addition, the Fiftyth anniversary of Nepal. I remember- I was there not there, but what I was going to have one small step for a man to is that neither the class sizes over us, I was on earth. Anyhow, we got it. We got a call acquits there, thanks Rutulian, losing it We should listen to start talking free joint star talk on paper for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio,
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