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Conquering the Game, with Tony Gonzalez

2020-01-31 | 🔗

As we gear up for Super Bowl LIV, Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with NFL legend Tony Gonzalez to explore his football career, quantum mechanics, veganism, success, and much more. Featuring co-hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice. 

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Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide startup begin right now our talk deal addressed ice in your personal astrophysicist. This is sports edition of starter every now and then we throw in one of those I've got jackknife. Right, Sir Marhaus, like somebody tweeting Chuck nice car, so yeah yeah really form forebore. Yet we can. We can do this, but to me, can you look a little awkward there, but they must not the Michael other candidate today, during my interview on expurgated straight on, through with Tony Gonzalez football. Great,
Kansas City chief, one of the greatest titans, ever play the game and he played- and by that I mean as position, for Heaven's sake, Happy now. Did you get that you got, you gotta, be ok. I got it out like this that's a great old Joe urges all he's with the cheese from in eighteen, ninety, seven to two thousand and eight, and then he went to the Falcons no, it's an honor analysed for Fox NFL Sunday, yes yoga, but the Chiefs super chiefly in the Superbowl as while fifty four against the forty nine is an guns. I dont believe ever won a play off game in earnest. But the chief Sidney many he is also, but he doesn't have that. One thing that ring
such you above and beyond all doubt that will be the overwhelming majority of NFL players, as I think that you really like he's? He has a unique issue, but he was he's so good that it should have a while he citizens went through the patriots and they would have been able to get that's what everyone that patriots each kind, the landless on their say, and you know it said it- that's what that's what Iraq did that have you was losing teen twice. That's where I stand out my ass on the anchiale. That's at anyone I hadn't and want to champion showcase look forward of two both before nine, as was to do who's your money. I cannot here's the thing don't ask me that Don't bet that look growth rate, but he saw a man home. I liked the chiefs. I also, of course you know, Andy Red Kosovo the Eagles for quite some time, and so I am not being the Eagles van
you know. I got it, I got a roof and equipped with the north reported back, then I'll throw Jimmy, Jimmy grew up alone. I wouldn't want on their rights and here's the thing then, and everybody says this lake grab low, is in doesnt throat above because a day ass, the bar for two under whatever yours. So what he. Why would you want to do? Is it not because it doesnt show because he throws interceptions too? That's one wonders caution, as God we run in this thing now. I think I think rubble will have a good game if he, if he has to throw the boy who brought a ball, but you do what you have to do to win. If the forty come now and you can start the run, guess what that's? What you're gonna do all day long just like they did two to two against the tide that only the strategy must be. Can we keep my homes off the field? in which case we too overnight we eat the clock. If we, the nine, is just
round by run by run by Robin with trying to keep our homes out the field is he only has to be on a feel for twenty two seconds the court scored a stout, that's probably Patrick homes. He allowed. The guy has gone so quickly I really don't see the forty matters when in this game, but you know I mean that in My opinion in two dollars of four thousand ninety sense or gets hook up, look up. He just he only everyone's Philadelphia to being the Ugandan. As last understandable use. I do others use. Yes, I do at I'm living vicariously through Kansas City because of Andy read, so you know, I'm unpretending of my romantic heart says my homes and the Chiefs not affair how
let me ask you, as a former pro bawler, what and of a former yes so to plan for Foot Footballer Footballer footballer yeah. If you don't even have a championship, what you're really good? How does it affect you break your heart, yeah. Well, we saw you wanna get traded or you want up the game of the rest of your players tonight easy like that's, never simple, as you know what I wanna get traded cause the moment be right. The team does want to let you go, the minor, be a team you can go to that. Has a space for you to fill or they might be paying you so much there. You go that way. Now you just changed my whole mind about the whole thing. Now I dont care because you just message how much they they get paid.
Oh crying your money, that's when I take your illusion as well without any further delay right, let's go straight to my exclusive one on one interview: with Tony Gonzalez. California get her so servant all really Orphans Gay Board, an man, what college in California with Berkeley? And thirdly, because how bricklayers cow is cow gaubert? Doubt: Cow Berkeley, Crazy, Berkeley, arrival, orange nipples. It was. I opened a little coleridge, your hair. I decided that a blonde little blonde tips. Oh wow. Ok it the thing. Ok, You are young. You is finding myself to finding herself what sports in high school did you do football in basketball and best of all possible too? I would to Berkeley to play basketball railways.
I think that this guiding Jason kid. I heard a raise players of all time, India. He was the big guy on campus there. So I took my trip up therein used my host really how narrow programme when he was an undergraduate death agony, and another on coming to Berkeley. That was desperate. The biggest reason I want to break this. Could scarce Jason Kin at a basketball? That's what you six were six five six five within that. Could that works in college? Yes, I did good, but good, but I also play football. I could I could. I was better football tellers to it: So I could. I went to school I wanted to in the country to play football. By does but I wanted to school that wanted me to bypass was welcome. That was where my heart was at every I loved and both got you gotta. Do you gotta? Do you don't follow the heart and so the vestibule and football or so completely different with regard to human contact body contacts? So why does you can see you
good at football, but are you you are also good it not getting injured at football or let us look at some of these numbers is like this is crazy. We you ever injured ever at how many games did you not play? Eighteen years of a ball? I, Mr Games, you meant to game The games and I was pretty early superhero stuff way, this is. What are you? What are you, Meda? This is, I guess, my Mamma Mamma love to take credit for that. You made a bad identity aims. Are you? Are you made of some superhero material? How do you? How do you mean? two games in seventeen years. I have a hub. Intolerance, honest? What first, however, will wait what happened to mitigate where I can show you Cameron, but I gotta abounds taken about my shoulder, nay idea, that I knew you were constructed in a laboratory. Pieces. Are you the point in the wrong direction, Means you're not really human
I got lucky lucky and then I also played. I tried to both the sense one game, although it together I'm is one game as possible. Three weeks before weeks, they said and then- and I the one week and then, after that they put like a needle into every week we're way- and you say, shooting up way way way. You're saying you got your older busted out and you miss one game, because it is now again They pulled down it on there and then a needle, and we can rebuild, have you gotta get out there. I wanted to get out there and meaning you want planting and other other game was worth tor money up in a precision, something in practice. Somebody fell into money. I missed the one game. I try to play that game and I could have but coach was, I know, you're, not the what the first came to see us first embassies and then after that, a playwright. Ok, what's this other thing?
had a bells palsy. What was at tat bills? I've heard of this, but I don't know it's. I don't know anything about. It is known as policy, so I don't know where it comes from. It just happens to people, but it's where, like your cranial nerve number, eight or something like that, gets frozen or ought to know what it gets numb paralyzed sometime It's all your whole right side of your face goes goes paralyzed and numb, and you have to take your eyes shut and keep put in Beijing in it to keep it flew. Go in there, but you didn't miss again because of that that was during our seas. Luckily, we turned out of sight. I got lucky lots of stuff, ok, ok, so that's so! Let's and ass, my wife to marry me with that bells, possibly my still I got down on one knee and I like half my base Melton, why cause modal style laughed at me as he's taken. What did she say? Yes, she said that's varies greatly, that idle case.
We know that everything, but the hunchback. You got the whole Charles long face go on land Mary so but more than anything I just mentioned is the number of times you have touched the ball and of those times how many you drop the ball, and It was one thousand Agatha numbing crack team researchers. Here it was their number one thousand three to twenty seven touches of the ball and you dropped at how many times Well, I don't know about fumbled from mobile fumbled I fumbled twice twice twice. Now was a terrible one thousand three hundred and twenty the aftermath most likely poxy on your hands. What you know what it is is minded to secret. Ok, there's a good. There is no secret that most lenient and honest lenient on this one, because this is this is but it happened twice. I fail
under the ball, my junior year at college against Stamford that was rival and we lost again because of me before going into brainy ex cools down at Berkeley and Stanford right out, ok- and they picked up all her loose to stand To that end, we lies at any cost me after the game I was crying uncontrollably as it did killed me did to let my team down like that us forward to my second year in a league- I was in the middle of this ITALY and Arafat Interval Zinnia Nobel, my second season. People know the story I dropped. Sixteen balls led the NFL in dropped passes that year and I fumbled twice that you and I lost the ball for us, and it was what it like. There's pictures of me, Simon, hitting the the ground earth the field, because I'm so frustrated and pissed off at myself and that that's kind of the best thing to ever happen. To me. That's that's where I said to myself
I will never ever ever ever. Let this happen again and at any time I had the ball. It was like your carrion everybody's hopes and aspirations. Where you do not have. That was I that's it you're not getting this boy ever come in Canada cut because you need you to turn over in football. That is the worst thing you can do that. Yes, the number one status for both in making it and it's on the on the highlight real, hereby NOS two and you walk to the sidelines, nobody real people, real. Nobody was saying to me: do you this eyeliner by just look at you like the game for us, but in and so I was it hurt me so much that I would follow the ball, that I really made extra special care. Not you know, I think, there's not enough written about the value of lessons learned and failure, because kids, that I mean I think about it there, people who think that if they fail that
that's the end of something, whereas it's just a man of your mindset for it to be the beginning of something. That's where it starts. That's where I tell people s or the gold is that's where that's where the growth is and that I think harder? Your failure is first, what it means you're, putting it out there to like if you go for big dreams when you fail now it's on a map, a brand skyrocketing notice. It too can hurt even more, but I think that's where you make your bones: that's how you that's, how you get better every body that I've ever sat down with, whose achieved greatness, has usually gone through some terrible times. Some really putting us at Orient. They got stories. Ok, so then, what about the hell? Do you might have on forty three, forty three, almost old enough to have grown up at a time where kids were not coddled the way they are today. You gonna playground today, there's like sawdust on thing and rubber eyes things. When I went
kid you plan that monkey boy is cement on the ground. It is cement is rough cement, ok, and so you fell you Didn't you never fell again because of the would be trees you sustained for having done at the first time. So of any lessons you can hand forward to parents who don't ever want their kids to fail, because that might affect them emotionally and then they'll give up. I think that's like I said that's for kids and that aid we have an eighteen year old. We have eleven nine and for ok, and so one thing I'm plan. I play catch my nine year old in the back yard. You must play on the grass, because every time we catch this boy falls down in an end like in football. Post fall down, my trusty undermining all so now we'll play on the summit because you fought what now glad, but now you you got it.
And not to fall, doesn't fall down at all. Now, no longer now knew them lesson lessons in life, but I think I think it's important for four kids to like I said I know from me that that's been the biggest opportunity for growth and so for my children. I'd try to put them in situations where they can. They can thrive, but at the same time were the failure is right there with them too, and they will fail because That is where now I can sit him down and give him a nice little extra. I don't look at me in the eyes and I can tell him okay. This is why this happened in this is how you can make it better and improve, and this is how you're going to improve and Byfield. We have a similar saying it's the day. You stop making mistakes. Is the day you have confirmed you're no longer on the frontier got in this and that this is a thing. So what did you major in college? Ah psychology so cow this year- that major educated there are. These? Does the premise the title of the schools has just they do I left school worthy of note
I notice that a year early hours on the five year you college drop out. Did you ever go back and get the degree they're trying to get some is here I should like to make it ignore his either to do some great things and then a virtue button giving an honorary doc. I need like colonial had. Then you, then you leap frog into the other degrees and you're fine question for you. What is the when you played cause? You haven't. You know: you're, an academic environment, Cow Berkeley. I mean the brilliant people, Nobel laureates among the faculty, this sort of thing we ever thinking about your performance, analytically. But the physics of it or the master, or were you just doing what felt right? How do I thought back then? I was neanderthal it was just real involvement. All that's gonna score,
I don't really doll where's the finnish president if we really want, but that was it in really hardly did that of either the anyway studying the play book. I wasn't, good at it all this time. It was just talent back then, for me, Primal Tryon and, as I got older, that's fit to tell me, but you did go to the gym. You did do you know when's friends, you did workout yeah, but it wasn't that concentrated effort that I approached the game with later in my career that was kind of forced them after I drop those balls by the way. That's where my love of reading camp- I never. I never bought a book before that that year, that devastating it was devastating to me to to lead the NFL in dropped, passes my second year in the league and got benched twice and
it's also Brits brought me here, like I don't think I'd be sitting here. If I didn't start educate myself search it just to be clear, so a drop Patsy's you should accorded, and you didn't, I sent a kind of Islam bullies you're running in full possession of the ball and pops out. You're more helps out. They may not get out a knock it off. We just embarrassing. Embarrassing and you can get bench for do about which I did. I got best got your last word. I was yet coaches Lycos it on the bench. You're not good enough right now, and we will see what happens next week, which is devastates gotta. Her get booed by the home crowd, get written up in the papers that that is devastating humberts criticism. You had to get rid of the papers, it doesn't reveal good, especially emotionally. I was twenty two at this point. I was ready that- and I am I took heart, especially always tell people the worst thing. I think I was in a bad situation, because I was doing everything good to be great. I will I mean I was not drink and I was not party and I was I was
the Jim. I was approached no study in film. I was doing everything gray and it's still wasn't working for me. That was so frustrating for me and that really hurt. May I go home and I would cry about it. And is that culture, diamonds, Renee yeah yeah? I think it's gotta be so painful that you ve gotta rectify it in whatever way you can. So let me ask your you're to be physically fit, is not just muscular scantily, but Nutrition. What's this with your relationship to be egotism, Maya, real, quick start, my things about material on the internet. We do a hand or fell out of seventeen task that that's crazy, long number. If I would, if I'd look, if I looked up at my right, all that's it's. It's observed this outcome. A reasonably has out of control by both sides. Materially
In the end, I am out there in Kansas City which regulate for the chiefs and get my annual physical and we give blood and it's the off season in song, drive and back to the airport to go back to a lake. That's why I stayed there now said, just flew and they get the physical and so on the way to the airport, the the phone rings and it's my train, from from from the chief Annie's I gotta hey, we got your blood back and we need to when you talk to you about it, got enough sewed up like ok, ok, I don't even have it the cambric eddies, all hey, why we need you to come in, because I can't I'm not gonna. Tell you over the phone and, oh, my god, You tom it tell me any goes. Why hold onto now have the doktor calling the doktor calls me to two minutes later the doctor says hey tone. We found some stuff in their needs to come. In talking about it and all my screw, you I'm going to the airport. You can tell me over the phone. If anything, then it goes well without your white blood cell count is really low like extremely low
and he gave me the number of twelve out of whatever it was and he goes. It looks like leukemia and my heart is just dropped and it was like. I am an appeal for my first question. Was so was made about football, any Hosni because don't don't worry buffer and our Tony. This is this is something very different and these tests. We're going to come in. We can run some more tests and we can come up with a plan for you. Don't worry about it, hangs up the phone. Niagara falls. I start crying, I'm like oh shit, like my life is, is I don't you know it's not what I thought it was going to be now and so I get back. I go in and I give blood and they're talking to me and I'm down in about and they go to the lab and it comes back if it's switched. The blood out for somebody else was an accident which happens a lot They said this has not happened, common and so based goes healthy and I'm fine and I feel bad for the guy who got the clean blood.
We told it hey you! Actually you do have this now, but on, but it kind of like a light bulb went off. It was. I was reading this book called the China study written by doktor camel, and it was a plant plant based pull foods, play a special study, yeah greatest already diet and all the different provinces of China guessing compared them could strike. To obtain that kind of data on their citizens that they have not done in the United States is China Study, but yeah go on yes, So so I read a book I was thinking about. Maybe ok, all these different changes, my left and before that I you name it I ate it. I was a chicken wings, you don't chugging beer pizza, all that of all the time I eat in healthy was not part of my vocabulary, like I just eight when I got it we need better and so on, and so then I just skirt almoner. This is a sign in some
he's telling me that I need to make some changed my life and so that we might have shot across your bell. S, and I start devouring books on health and nutrition started. Meeting with dietician started. Go that's usually when I have a passion for some I'll, throw itself into an hour read every book I can, and I ll start on all may cause, and I gave you my meat. I met doktor gamble out of it when we were not met with him in his seat, saw what he learned and then from their I've, evolved back somewhat vague and for about two and a half months or whatever it was. I didn't like it by the way. It wasn't especially back then, that the meat, now you have beyond meat which takes good but the fig me product back then we're just portable to me, and so anyway, they incur relevant me back into my son, I'll eat. Pretty eighty percent of the time is vague, and twenty percent of time is is is pretty how they will fifteen percent, and then five percent of the time is its time.
Go: have some chicken wings in her house meares and get after I get life Polly among all sports out there. The the game that needs the most recovery from its participants would be a single game and, if so, what is your recovery like after a game eyes its brutal? I mean it's tough, sit football stuff on your body. Let's make no mistake about people. Seeing the movie? The wealth mebbe rose? Concussion stuff? It does your brain to stop it. Does your body to Tufts it's a gladiator sport and a lot of people like it or not a lot of people. There are people out there that say their naysayers. You shouldn't be plain foot and maybe may right, we should be doing a lot of stuff there dangers
and win, and I knew that get into it and if I could do it again, I would do it again, but for me, after game your body is, is especially if you had a game where you catch a lot balls, you get tackled a lot. You you're just melting, let's move it got, but that the trick is that I found over the years. You don't sit with that. That pain. You actually go to the gym. You work out. You can work out your flesh, your system. To use a lot of ice in I'm very into like the Bible? Hacking now looks all using infrared son, I'm wondering hours. I do all this stuff now today is much more technology brought to bear on the on the repair and sustenance of your body relative to the old days ten years ago? Have you track this watch? What have you visited the rooms now amended the training rooms to see
but have any that's chain eyes it evolved over the when I first came in ninety seven back ninety ninety seven, it was like that it was very that old school you I mean put it there on Thursday. After practice, which is our heart is practised full pads heart, especially back in that it footballs chain they don't that they change. One of the rules is not as fast a day was tough back. That's true that was so my ever. It is out, isn't astrophysical game now to help he'll. Both way is ok. So on this I know what you sound like I'd that guy, but I will be like I've been so that guy, but it was so much fun to back. There was more, it was more funnier incorrect, my love, but the you had on Thursday. You come in, they have pieces after practice, force that you grab thereby would rather own pizza, and they give you
the six pack beer and is after your heart of progress on Thursday, even after the games, they give their two beers on each seat, knowledge of results, gold school. You know guys they had cigarette dispensers in our laws and our lockers that guy's back and you can see benighted, ninety seven, but you know back and eightys guys with smoke at their locker room, imbue not half time and stumbling gun fast to now or back when I was getting out of the game, which has just been five years ago. Now they got like whirlpools, they got massage therapists, they have dietician, they have nutrient timing, they have high duration, techniques. They have this. These little lasers and infrared saunas in all these different things to help you get us out of them, honor you on the on the practice feel tat. They had the chips for your mother, your heart rate. They have concussion, go to call where you do this whole programme together season to see where your baseline is. So, if you do take a shot in the head, if you could take this test on the site, that's how they could be honest, bogged down right now on the spot on the spot that,
some guys believe in the back. I'm fine, I'm fine, and they are fine. They there they feel normal, but then, when they take the test violent or whatever they go back in the large room and they see their base on Cuba. The based on like now you're done and give your home so, making the game a lot safer world. Trying to you'll, never make it ultimately the safest thing, but it has not fallen in star talk. It's not. There aren't many astrophysicist in the world. In fact you can do them, It's actually literally about one in a million or so To give my guests a chance to ask me one question that they may have harboured their whole life in ever. Had the chance to ask now I was delighted to have the battered on here on your podcast, so you asked me of half thousand milk
questions on that, for any one wants to see those go to his podcast out right now. Is there some other question about anything that you you ve been harbouring? Why asked you on my show a little bit about it and I'm success was quantum physics and they like the double slit experiment, you're, looking at certain molecules are neurons are where we want to call and our protons right in and though you look away and they'll be in a different place, and where do you think that cork or whatever, where does it oh when I look away and is now in a different place? Where did he go you're asking very rational, sensible questions, so nothing wrong with where you're coming from the problem is the quantum
right. Quantum physics are rules of the universe that manifest most visibly at the atomic level and the nuclear level, and at that level you have no life experience, seeing it thinking about it. Knowing about it, what does not six macroscopic objects? We didn't evolved to understand the quantum, because it is not accessible to our senses. What is accessible if a lion is chasing Yeah, you gonna run the other direction you their funding things about your survival that we are good at, but thinking creatively about the quantum is not among them, and so we have come to learn. That the experiment is the reality, not your perception of reality. The x
an experiment says the particle. Does this that's what the particle does period, but how did it get there? You could ask that, but All that matters is the result of that experiment, and you know something. We know how particles behave under the influence of the quantum theory, and that is what has enabled the creation, storage and retrieval of information in the modern eighty error. There is no computing without an understanding and exploitation of the quantum Do we understand why a particle jumps from one place to another materializes out? No, but we can predict it. We know exactly what's going on in that experiment, but you want to ask why
and I don't want a fault you for that, but I'm gonna tell you that it's not clear. If the, why is even the right question to begin with? Just because you can ask a question, doesn't mean its legitimate in the exploration of the universe. Some things It just is now with looking at something and have it being in another state that that's not is weird, as it sounds outs We're in a studio your illuminated by these lights, you're a strapping full grown adult. Lights, are hitting you and bouncing off review, enabling us to take pictures there. You are you're still there when I turn on the lights are not, let's make you smaller, In fact, let's make you the size of a particle. Well, how do I know that the particles there? I gotta turn on the lights
I turn on the lights. The photon pits the particle sit over there. My very act of trying to observe Particle change is the state of the particle. I cannot photograph it Unless I shine light on it after shining light on a change is what it is I had intended to photograph that is. Fundamental reality in quantum physics and it's why the quantum so much weirdness manifest at the quantum small level that doesn't manifest at the big level, you're, not gonna pop into existence in another room, because I turn on the lights the energy of that right isn't high enough to do anything with you at all, but it is when it gets a particle. So when people say oh, how is it that if you see something it does one thing, but You don't see it. Doesnt have. Did your consciousness affect s, got Jack shit to do with your conscience. The just has
do with your ability to detect it with some light on it. If there's no light on it. You cannot know what its doing that's what's interesting about this. It limits your access to information. So how does it move then It feels the energy and kicks it into another place. Energy of the photon obscures all steady slot there any because the energy of the light is commensurate with the energy of what can move the particle a double slid. Experimentally like saying that be like saying: I've got six, seven linebacker, ok, three hundred pounds and in order or you. I have to shine him, so he says: ok, I'm ready. We have to do. Then why back comes Knox you out into the next room- and I say: where is he.
He's not here anymore, because some energy came into the picture commensurate with what can you out of your chair. Ok, that's, but we don't exist. Areas that in everyday life I don't need the six or seven person to tackle you to photograph you I can do with light and life Not gonna knock you into another state, but it will do it for a particle. That's important feature of quantum physics and we try to exploit their others like this particle is sometimes wave, sometimes a particle, which is it the only asked that because your senses can and your abroad things are not wired to be comfortable with that ambiguity effect whole commercial advertising campaigns are based on this. Is it light or less filling. Maybe it's both can you live with that? Apparently not. We have to be one or the other right, so the particles are sometimes waves, sometimes party.
When it's a wave. Where is it it's we, the wave, is how big is the wave it's everywhere wait a minute you're over there and you have a wave. Our wave see away in the same place? No, but our waves overlap lets me the waves resonate with each other. We are now entangled. Now we move together. Now, if I get observed and become a particle, We become disentangled and you immediately drop and become a particle as well. That's quantum entanglement if we would stuff, but it's been said at the dawn of Quantum physics. No one ever actually understands quantum physics. You only ever grow accustomed.
To what it is somewhat loosely over ass movement of us, like real, quick girl, correct in is the universe: does the universe keep expanding and as because he s now, does it the universe is expanding and as far as we can tell it'll, never stop it'll, never stop in that realm of possibility how many earth are in this expanding universe, so expanding doesn't like the same situation as earth were expanded doesn't mean were adding more material to it where experts like a city expands, while people are moving in and they're moving in. So the border expands- that's not what's going on here, versus stretching so spaces increasing between the galaxies and so the fact
we're expanding, doesn't add more earth. It's the same number of earth we just farther apart from each other. So will we ve got experiments to look for earth like planets, orbiting sunlike stars on the possibility that maybe there's something like earth like life thriving in such places? So yeah we can wait, wait. We we ve done the x governments and in our small region of four galaxies, this big. We have looked in a region about this size, the thousands of planets the Catholics now four thousand planets in them. And so will catalogue those we ever get to go. Interstellar travel we might rank, which ones we visit. First I'll see that happening anytime soon, lieutenant stuck here on earth. We need warp drive. We need that, I'm waitin for it. So is there any possibility of our southern
oh yeah sure out most what we would say to ourselves. One on I've got one here when I have another one somewhere else, and maybe it doesn't require earth, maybe other kinds of lifeforms thrive and a different kind of planted. So the search for earths, you might miss other plans instead of other kinds of life, thriving watching was a world we hear. No, I'm looking for like oceans and and clouds, and this so part of what it is to explore, is to not be too constrained for what it is you're. Looking for this cause, you might miss the saying that you're not looking for and then therein are problematic The discoveries ever made its. What shows up when you didn't even order it will. That was my interview exclusive with Tony Gonzalez. Fine guy, I love him. I loved you. Gotta know he was ass. It grew out who know and when we come back, we're gonna explore
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In my view, with Tony Gonzalez, the Superbowl be the football great yes spent a book of his career. There with the indefinitely behind a safer? And maybe he already has. He has already asked the apparent that there's a guy would seventeen years career and fourteen pro bolt? Ok, the additives, as are the first one, seventeen years in the NFL, and that's amazing what I'm a technical question here if you good enough to be in the probable, but you don't play the probable, because your team went to the soup, all right do still count as a problem or yes, even allowing was already made the even if you didn't play even in play, you're still a problem or ok to have a good. We try to me that I can get away from fears in baseball. If you don't play in their game, you don't count as an. Why are you if you got injured you if you voted end, but you haven't get injured or you don't wanna play, but you pretend you're into it. Does
it doesnt at last. I knew of the rules. It doesn't allow of house. That's tough here. You know who some like Tony Gonzalez would be so obsessed with quantum physics. Don't tell me, and I think People than you know tat have a soft geek underbelly. What is more, this mean he's, become like the poster boy for Wegg, geeks and jocks collapse, and I'm saying only one person, Lebanon on level it will more than we do. We wanted to normalize what it is to be a geek in that way, geeks can hide among us without you, knowing elsewhere. Like vampires, is vampires of Israeli come out at night, so they say what I found really interesting was he says you just the neanderthal talent. You just give me the ball. I get me a tv.
I never thought about it. I never had to do this. I did the GMO did this, he said, but I never over analyze and all of a sudden, the failure of things made him sit back and take account of himself that I found the gross repined the gross through failure. Why we mention that the point, as are the people who succeed, did always succeed or did they overcome? Failure and other are the greatest of anything in this world of express talent is what fed that talent fact that at some one or more times in their lives, they have failed. A regrouped. They took stock remind my sister, ok, my sister left college write them till she was Ok, that she went home. I got a job, but point out was at the bar with her friends and she looked around his head. Is this my feet These people are losing what the
to now. You can't tell her that right right yet like figure that out and then it becomes completely internal to you. To hear his epiphany I can't even imagine your is widely rights websites. His ship fell business. She slowly so low point law, heritage executive with them Motorcoat were now yes and I'm taking a drink and but yeah. So I was. I was reaffirmed what I already knew, but it's good to hear to hear someone who can speak first hand about, How great he became from how low he once was. Say comedians: it doesn't work that way there. There were too arrogant to know that we failed seriously comedians go up, embalm right
On the one hand we don't come when they come our states and you look at them like awry like you cause. You know what to say good set. As you know, it wasn't rises, a re, you know and they look at you mega. Yet I went well There isn't very well what was but to you, while you were up there, you son, but an eye that one What I found also interesting when you asked me about what it was like, then to what it was like now, and he started to reel off. You know what they were high just pools have lasers therapy. We have an infrared, saw, no, not all that all narrow railways, not that long retired, I'm thinking, what's an informal sooner no, but I want one could have you said he I want one year, it's so what? What is it? What far as it gone now in terms of what is used for Rick recital I don't know the infrared someone is, but I can imagine that you can target he is always. Is
beams of light man you can target exactly where you need to go otherwise, you're sitting your whole body is subjected to it right when, in fact, football players or most F, when his pain is usually begin. One right went out and I see that he, the pitcher after the game with the giant eyes, Papua elbow is its yeah. So if it's a whole body saunter, it may feel good, but that's not really. Most efficient way to target, because he was talking about doing I spots enemy there's this research now to say Osborne ice bots are as effective as people once thought. They were. But it's how you just certain how ice ex it's that point When you look at a seventeen year, career tonnage, Gonzalez hadn't, you say we're Hamley games. Did you miss any justice too?
that's rare. I mean they're, a backup quarterbacks who don't matter that wrong yeah, let's say, but then I took it may just carry on clipboard what'd. You do what you retire. I got a splinter, repetitive strain injury, currently clinical carpal tunnel, leaving all the only way forward, and then you will you look at em anything. Will Euro guide the and got here. That's basically. The job on the way to a touchdown, and you must have had to go through some serious recovery, but only miss two games. That's outrageous, madam! I mean he's it is the product. Was he six votes? Six? Something like that? Two hundred and fifty pounds speed strength. Is he like the pro type for what you would look? Well yeah? I knowed seriously. He was because of the way you look at twenty Gonzalez in his career. Titans were always big, but
He was the guy that only after we overcame the you know a period where he wasn't catching the ball. He was the guy, That was the big huge tied in that could catch the ball, and so is party office titles for the most part were blocked, or just a guy that blocked you know and now are there? Many of you think you think his excellence in that role help reshape the expectation of that all? Without a doubt, oh yeah, there's no way you would have a Zack urged saw was a guy in Dallas. I forget his name it because I'm gonna see now, who is also one greatest titans of all time to say that you know these guys that whose on forty nine was his name kettle or what would you think of this ass? He advanced Chelsea cheese. These guys are all in the vein of twenty Gonzales, all of them, now also heed three. He he created. I would have a Dell now without a doubt, this guy, reasonable so going through. The failure find himself and,
his ability to catch a bull then set the template for all of the rights to follow, in that position, that you would imagine that rising just how greater compliment you can get as an athlete yeah too, to set a new standard and a new expectation for everyone, of our law without it there I mean because you that guy's that do follow and they do it better. So grown Caskey, like is definite, one of the greatest titans of all time didn't help yet Brady behind him. Well, I was gonna, say bye. He did it with a guy that out of God, I hate that say I say it again. He did it with a guarantee of your chair. He did about the greatest quarterback ever drawing on the ball. So, like you know, how do you know it's weird to get that kind of comparison you know so, but but still there there's someone mould of Tuna Gonzales which, as you know, I hadn't when, while sitting down with him a little bit me just reflecting on the movie unbreakable, oh yeah, you know where,
If there are superheroes among us, they might just be another person sitting there. Because in the movie unbreakable d, the unbreakable character played by a boost, Willis Rank in Brussels was In a train wreck people die. He walked off without scratch. Of course, ok, nice, and so it's like why well, who are you watch and these the people who are unbreakable. So I use a little you won't. You will find a superpower goes unbreakable, tony pathology. Nobody has also, if you, if you, if you only mister games- and you that's my point, fit that, then you don't oh, if your unbreakable, until you're in a total disaster and you walk away Scot free while thinking about the interview now, that's why they're the same, Jackson Character wanted to find the breakable person. So we set up all these disasters plane crashes, so there
the one personal walks away. That's that's a perceptible extreme awful movie, he's crazy. What is tackled plaid a plain to see who survived? As you know, one must have been wrongly went. What do you think on somebody got a little that during the Europe we want concerning said the, but that dog So the mercury is pick up. I have a high pain threshold now, that's a size, speed strength. How'd. You know my there and you know what you can hit me. They don't heard that much. Well, that's the guy! it's gonna be a tied aid. Them no rise. Athletes will say that, though honour not all of it. So I've seen like you know you it's on our guys, guys, We that's my town, Brady Guys does what guys, but what's anybody gettin clip whereby in short, look at me a bad, how they die. They fall over a poor holder.
Nobody touch the ankle or you are not worth adding one here from you. I get tweet Christian, a flop right. The weight of your lab touch me twisting. So you need treatment, broken eyelash. That is it better least. Three games out. Ok I'll act, so yeah, then, when you look at the guy- and he said well, if it is your body make up, is you ve got this threshold for piously wow? That's our right! or that Ray I mean you're gonna be look at the unit in the semi alone, Jackson, I wanna be looking for the guys who suffer pine arise because there, the guy's a one. Oh my team cause, I'm gonna worry about them now being ready for the next game you ever was the is the ever really a professional football players could I heard a ray. I don't wanna play. I don't think, that's what I think I have too much. That's not a painting. That's hall that is their own self gonna put a name to anyone. Just progress that I know, as I look a guys like
Lincoln's, Alice and grown cows key and you know all of these huge men, that playing this game- and I thank God for football, because without this sport they would be criminals stop the blinds, adaptable criminals. Ok, in a lawless lair. These were the guys that were riding around on horses, pillaging villages. They would, on the contrary, that this was the guys. So I'm just happy with these dudes this programme of that no football players. Thank God for football. Don't ever ban this support because we're off with them on the field. They are just one point of view this modern day gladiators. That's what I was unable to give a final thought. Totally for Tony Gonzalez to have a career that long and be a problem. So many times
and I'm so envious of his yes, I have no idea what she had a pot cast and I was invited to be honest. What did you do? The outrage total? Is this here's what I say about this guy he's good. Looking he's got personality he's a superpower. Actually athlete he seems you know about average authentic. Like a juveniles during his package that I was here, mama was sitting no really hate now that art, art sports addition think Tony forgiveness, that interview Judge Gary we get Neither grass station your personal astrophysicist, didn't you
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