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Cosmic Queries: A Powerful Potpourri

2014-02-08 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice tackle an eclectic mix of your questions that take us from the boiling surface of the Sun to the dark side of the moon and Earth’s distant past to the last moments of the universe.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free. Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now this is star talk, I'm your hosting the other guy. Station. Your personal astrophysicist my day, job, I'm, the director of the hidden planet, I am at the American Museum of Natural history right here in New York City. This is the cosmic queries addition which I do not do alone. Ninety hell, I've got check nice a nail track. Nice comic right here with me in the studio, that's right calling from the internet question. This is not a themed cosmic where this is our popery
hope Perennial: how to spell the Avery. A veritable grab back bag. Smelly grab Popery smells yeah, yeah yeah, so this is whatever was left over in the bag. Athlete pulled out. The questions have smelly grab bag of his dark talk, radiography famed, let's get right into yeah. I've seen these questions right about, although some up would tell you there, you go guess what that's one of the best things is that you're gonna shoot from the hip? this one by totally, but you never really shoot from the hip now, because at that you know what you talk all right. So here we got this. Remember Harry. Does sorry, subject matter, dark matter, dark matter, get ready for this. There is a chapter of my of my more right called dark matters. Yes, there's a chapter of my life tat matters.
We each have whereby gets done. That is going on around here we go. Let me finish before you free gotta, look out. I've witness goes At several experiences they have made me a believer in the supernatural or what some would call spiritual existence might whose question this is from Harry Desiree Heritage are get my question to you. Meal is, can the expansion of That matter in the universe, be the Cumuli asian of souls of all the planet, in the cosmos, some speculate, that sole has weight or a value of weight. Impossible to prove okay. Well, so where shall we begin? Yes, I don't know he was a connect. His personal experiences with ghosts, yes with the dark matter in the universe,
So what are you saying as these apparitions that he has experience? Clearly they must have some type of mass or wait could dark matter, would be the accumulation of all such apparitions as the ones that he's its bearing all the souls of the soil. A couple of things with less tackle souls for the moment I pray back when x rays were invented, were discovered by we'll him run kin. There is a german physicist heap. In fact he won the first Nobel Prize in Physics, in nineteen hundred for his discovery of X rays, peep soulful people of the day said x rays can see through matter and through the human body, maybe if we x Ray a body that was dying, we'd be able to see the sole leave the body and so they attempted these experiments and nothing seen nothing. Thank God
The person was already dying, exposing them to all those x rays, like there s a rare moment, we're thinking God for someone die so so. First, there is bad. Second, the instant you die, which is causing fuzzy. We don't really, I tweeted recently the next person who who is brought back to life after being pronounced clinically dead. It seems like we need to start reading meaning what debt is. Have you keep coming back because you are clinically dead right, maybe clearly there really isn't dead retrial right. So other point is
but some movie called twenty three whatever member this move. Yes, I know to time twenty three outsail ourselves, I'm crazy. It's only three grams, twenty one gram, twenty one grams right, that's bs! If you, if you're alive and then you're dead and you're on a scale, your weight doesn't change right it. Unless you evacuated bowels in its spills off the scale onto the floor, rancor puts most people, don't know how much twenty one grams actually is do how much it it's like the weight of a nickel em. It's not very much! Now it's not a lot about not a lot at all right, so you know because of my past use of cocaine, because,
here is where the metric long before any American than guy grams. Whatever me somebody who knows the Mets, like you, ve done a lot of drugs Amity I sold, and so the point is when you die, you have it way more than that. I have just left over left over urine and great bow content so and your your sphincters relax and that's all comes out of you right. But if you are careful by how you make those measurement, you can lead to think that you weigh less death. Right it alive, but so anyhow, so if its soul in terms of the mass of the soul, if you want to believe there is one there's, no evidence that it has mass reckless, that's another guy. We know approximately how many people there have been ever born this about a hundred billion plus or minus so a hundred billion times. Any number is really no
What number you multiply it by its gonna be small compared with the mass equivalent of the dark matter of the universe. When I say the souls of all the planets, so you're gonna have to believe that there is life on other planets, that has souls correct, and so is the sum of all the souls, and I'm just there's no evidence for that. Now, one of the things. My answer is that nothing before science did was establish something that is objectively true. So if I say I saw what its real well was it in your or was it actually real right? They let it but qualifiers of seeing eye exactly science allows us to distinguish something is happening in your head from something that is objective. We true that everybody can agree with as well as Apple Radice, that we have built to make the measurement correct. So what you need to do is find the ghosts grab. Some put him in
or something bring into the lab or get more than himself as witness to these ghosts. Then we can start making measurements until then we kind of have to sort it out. I'm gonna left saying that is going on in his head is therefore we don't have to explain cosmic forces that affect the the birth the universe based on what he sees out of his own head right. So, basically in the corporeal world it Harry you are added, in other words, its just to be fair to his question here. Surely been seeing ghosts right, that doesn't mean the ghost or objectively real. That's all I'm saying The human mind is a complex place. We stood on understated unnoticed, a whole new field, called neuroscience is being born as we speak. To determines why we see the Strata Hanover trying right, I'm I'm not saying he's not telling the truth about what he believes he saw exactly, but whether it's an objectively true,
is a whole other than it could be true. It could just be his truth, based upon his drinking of mushroom take the hours days. What the true or if he hasn't, and he does, that would take it a whole other notch. Exactly you're. Listening to the cosmic queries. In addition of our talk, radio, I'm here Chuck nice Comic, tweeting chuck most common, that's correct, they got, it starts we treat as well add star, taught radio Finally, on the web start what radio doc net we'll be back in a moment.
We're back toward radio cosmic worries addition drug. You just reached the bottom the barrel and you got what I was left over from communist potpourri potpourri, her eyelids papa. You put it so eloquently the smell. A grab bag woke up. Talk. What I think I'm properties are stuff that smells nice and you put it in the bathroom, we're stuff, otherwise, doesn't smell nets? Writer, you don't put popery and rose garden. South trail right you sound like a philosopher that Madame astrophysicist is never put Pope. No one puts potpourri in a guy nice. Here chinese times. You know what I mean just like us, Nestor Pepper from might have grass upper, but go that's also go are here. We go idea a data portal. Is not to say you the worst pronounced or of names. I've ever had almost immunity by jail. I am
listen meal, I'm not when somebody has to courtiers. Listen, I'm glad you do it because I am awful, I gotta admit a terrible eyes, but I'd I'd, Deja, ok, whatever Edina Patel, as by the way she wants you to another. She was sixteen years old and she also wants you to note that she is from India. So we are world I buddy we are world, Ok, we're does, the energy go when it's all over their subject matter. You said Mr Thyssen adopted I sent in many episodes that the universe is going from chaos, to order. I would finally reach a state of zero Kelvin. My question is: where does all the energy go, all the kinetic energy that is present now? What happens to it? Ok, I don't think I've ever said we're from chaos. To order, I don't I don't, I don't have ever said that either I think you've always said that the universe is in a state of extreme disorder.
Sworder and becoming more disorder, but she knows that we're temperatures dropping in the universe to an approaching at at. Does the mathematical term approaching absolute zero when you ask them tote to something, it means you get ever closer to it. But will never actually rigidity and until you reach infinity kind of like fractals, yeah, there's, always detail. All the way down. Ruined has never been a star. Gonna, stop right right, so chosen exactly like fractals, but the idea that you're hitting some infinity point right and then it stops That's the only thing I could related to my tiny little mind up at the so say: where's, the energy of the energy. Still, there is just more and more and more diluted until a so diluted that it's a its effectively zero energy density in the universe tat. So we turned my energy density is not normally used. The word density we think of matter density, so so lead is more dense than paper right. So it's easy. It makes good paperweight, although we don't use let anymore, and nor do we even have paperweight
you know I want to Paypal it now, because we don't have fans inside of offices, because we have central Airconditioning, yes, which is exactly why the register love. My desk keeps blowing the papers on my desk. Sorry this is seriously, but whenever it is less than what a fan would have done back in the day, so so here we have. The universe. Expands temperature dropped ass until we approaches absolute zero. That's a density Dennis the energy too. Continues to drop, so the energy doesn't go anywhere in the total energy agencies. The same rights diluted to the place where it is a fact fifthly, zero energy too so dilute just go home? That's what's going on there, the girl that makes ambiguity
thus it would be true in it in an inner collapsing university energy density would be going universal, beginning hotter and hotter and hotter overtime. Ok, you're that be a bit of a bad thing. They re I've per. I rather end an ice than in fire. I could well there you go data, that's a great great great answer, good question art this is from Mark Fenimore calls himself the chemistry nerd who ok here it s, Doktor Thyssen, in a freshly brute cup of coffee, if I'm sorry, if a freshly brute cup of coffee was placed into pressurize, help me out here at a by adding a diabetic, idiomatic eighty about a container and exposure so the vacuum of space while being shielded from the sun or starlight. How long would it take for said coffee to freeze what does the mechanism for energy transfer in this case? If there's not give its not exposed to the outdoors right, what would you have to do is expand.
All you it's in a cavity and if you expand that cavity, the energy has to now dilute and they'll, be a point where dilute so low that you stand. You freeze what's there so so that eighty a bad is. It is a physics term, a chemistry, physics term that refers to whether you keep pressure, constant and change. The temperature will keep the temperature constant and change the pressure when you doing these experiments guys. So by the way, if you just had a canister, there was completely insulated. The temperature would never change right, but it's hot. You cannot completely insulate something because there's always a What you're some attached connect communicating with one adjacent to it and either with with light energy or vibrational energy. So it's gonna call down no matter what ok, so that the fact is that, even if it were completely insulated, the fact is:
you can never completely insulate? So the idea is that which try to tell me that Iceland, so yes, then as well as if you want to sort of expand the volume because will be pressure in there, because it too warm cup of coffee I'll catch. You try to expand the volume. What will currently happen is the energy density will drop and then at some point it will actually freeze. Yet the if you keep doing that yeah right yeah, you can drop it so low. Maybe you'd have to vat rate, all of the coffee before that happen, and then its gashes in then, the concept of freezing no longer matters. So yet so that's it material changes. State is a fascinating thing. Actually it we don't spend. Time on in school. I think that just think about it. Here's is water and then you drop it Should it become solid right, a liquid becomes, a man if you had never seen ice, just a that. There are people group in the tropics
Nevertheless, I sinner life, that's right and then you just take water. Put it in some vest some cavity and you pull it out and it so but they're not believe you. He has magic If physicists, never told people how we do stuff, we would just be the people we would. We would be the gods of our culture true, because we would have powers that they would have bet they think would define. That you know what it's so funny. As a quick aside, there is a great show for kids and it's really trippy but caught adventure time and there's a character she's. A scientist and she is constantly railing against the people of the kingdom because they believe in magic, its awesome. That's great right! There look! Let's move on to a Jeremy, Zoo Carol. I got that one right, Germany's apparel, please try to pull the Germans. The care of the UK
Ok, we got the most interesting man in the world and, as is the cattle go, ok, could intelligent life have evolved on earth in the distant past? There seems to be little evidence to support this idea, but would there be, but would there be what are the odds that this would be missed in fossil evidence and is their physical reason why this could not have happened. I think about this all the time dear. Oh yes, I lay awake at night. I lay awake at night thinking about this question: ok cool, because what I do is I asked if, if civilization ended today, how long would it take given the earthquakes and volcanoes and other other
Gee logic forces on earth. How long would it take for every trace of our civilization to be took on completely gone being sucked into the magma of a volcano? Coming out is a fresh rock right jumps, starting the geologic record, and I've spoken with some geologist about this issue. It would be billions of years. It's not you! It's it's a while because you have to get every bit we're everywhere on earth, but not basically, we have to get every bit of landmass deep enough, so that is completely completely wiped out, right and and and melted down and reshaped into the next, because, earth is literally re making itself. It is re over time right. Yes, it is, and it has to be sought a uniform enough to that there is no trace, so I said: could there been an intelligent civilization in the past and I think not up for Sarah, for not, I think, not first, because we take a long time to completely wiped off the map. Second, compound
life is a is an evolutionary trajectory tat. You would not have had single cell lifeforms through billion years ago. Popping to a multi cellular, intelligent life form right overnight, making a civilization than disappearing again. You you'd have to track it through the growth of complexity in the evolutionary chain and Can you do that? You only get sort a big brained if intelligence derives from being great you'll start getting big grain mammals after the dinosaurs those are taken out of the picture got you in that was Eighty five million years ago, our Madeleine such a scurrying underfoot trying to not be orders for T Rex. Only when T Rex got taken away, did our mammal brains target and big and become a thing that we call intelligence today, gotcha. So now, what's yours that trajectory. What is what you're saying that the earth has not been here? long enough for that trajectory to have taken place in the past and then been wiped away record wise so that we
finding ourselves in that place again today, its combination of not only that I would not expect complex neurological organ organisms- organisms with complex neurology to have been around long enough go given the time it would have taken to create such a creature got as the evidence of the fossil record. Fantastic that you haven't. They they'll man, that's a great answered when we come back more cosmic worries. Potpourri addition here, listening to start off have guns before you, I'm gonna, considers singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free,
you, can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never. We're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying The ban on startup cosmic winnings addition satellite you'd, want to dug deep devil. These questions at the bottom of the barrel can sit any other category. I there's a question about whether this past life on earth. I want to add something to that guy at others. A lot of stuff science fiction story, that has sorted aliens, helping out our civilization. Yes, you not like stars. Eight, for example, and I gave you know the pyramids from some while aliens who came to
I hope this building and then left for some strange reason. Just like we need to build some pyramids wonder on earth in that spot I remember our here. That's therefore purpose accompany these humans, look like they re pyramid and then not mechanical or anything else, not stone buildings that we are going to because went that technologically advanced. Let's give these people so stone, try angles to drop in the middle of the desert and then we're out here so that that I couldn't that's what I'm going to love. So the urge to think that ancient people's could not have actually done these great structures. The fact, as they have the same brain lead with you right into they have less technology but they're, not any less smart right. That's what some could argue that their smart,
as I have always upset when we want to credit some intelligent aliens for stuff that our own species did here on earth and examine, give us some credit man, it's funny, because you know my son, his seven years old and he said well, how come you know if they didn't have anything technical back in the day, they can act create these great buildings and things, but yet we don't seem to be as smart as they are and I went because they didn't have cable, television, son, Coy, that's why and they had a hundred years to build, expects that none of this work. We gotta regretted get this done by October. It right now. Pyramids like take whatever our longer term life knives and nobody cared a number tat rate while you're here we got. This is our very own somebody, New York City, Andrew Word, Andrew worse than you pronounces name correctly. Yes,
Thank you, Andrew for having a very easily easily to pronounce. May we have several impact creators on earth. From media rights. My question is this: we have, we had the big holes, but where did the bid? Freaking Rock disappear tell I will not be able to sleep until I know I'd like people can't sleep, because science. If you have them awake, radical good. So a couple of things Polly most famous hole in the ground as it is in media, all in the ground is in Arizona right, near Winslow, Arizona of ECHO's just their filming for cosmos. Ok, yeah cool guy can't not goaded until you have greater it's almost a mile across.
Now is this? The created it they say, may have wiped out everyday system, no normal, nor this one was a bad day in Arizona when this thing hit whatever was called back then fifty thousand years. There's then there's another creator that was found submerged under the gulls found primarily by the efforts of oil drilling is trying to find out with gravity anomalies because you want with it or is it sand as it sediment and they found this ridge, and this ridge is the rim of the crater and that's the one we trace I'll get to the dead dinosaur, gotcha and that hit near in new Yucatan Peninsula near what is now Mexico once gave a talk lights, but I said near what is now Mexico I said, but that's not what the dinosaurs called it and some of the front Rosa
they called it, make assessments spanish, fluent Redonda source. So, yes, we do have is created in the chest. A peak bay area we now know from space is a meteor impact, so meteor impact creed Chesapeake Bay, look at their right there in Maryland height, so I so there you have But what happened to the rock and what I said that if the speed of the asteroid, which is true in every case, is higher, if you have a speeding calculate how much energy has four motion, we collect kinetic energy Connecticut most to write down that number. You can count late that, right now you say: what's this thing made a visit rock is it metal what's holding together is other bonds, their chemical by and from one atom to another? There's a crystal ladders. There's some forces holding the thing together right right at that right down that number. If the
at energy number is bigger than the number that holding it together and the thing hits waited all the kinetic energy go back into the jack and it explodes vaporize is goes to smithereens, and so in fact, most of it essentially vaporized got it and that's called a high speed collision and they that's what happens at why you have fragments scattered, but the moat, the bulk. Ass of the asteroid is gone, who think came and slowly just hidden bounce and then you could get along. The rock will be sitting around. In fact, meteor crater was purchased by a bye, bye, ay, a metal speculator because he presumed that the huge object that made. The creator is still very silly tariff. Yes, and metal did he bought the land border, has metal detectors, drill, more old, didn't find a damn thing, oh the airport, does he didn't? Have your your formula
If it was your father, you want to say that this is just like every. Do you see what black Saxon Sab zone, the big? What is law within robe has meant that actor. So it's that is its the Baron Griffin, Molly, and they actually still on the land and send out a tourist attraction and they make money for sure, ok, well he's got his money back, some somehow so yes, so that's what happens in a high speed impact and of his if those two numbers were different, the object would basically stay in one piece right: so there's your answer, MR, would look for the rock in the law. End of smithereens. Listening to start off radio, cosmic earnings addition will be right back.
We're back startled cosmic queries, overregulation, nice between media question. I haven't seen or heard any that's right. That's right! You have not read or heard them, but I haven't right here: go for! Ok, let's go to John Lights, got right! Scott! Ok! You know it's John Upside, John, so ok, subjects at the time This is kind of something that we ve touched on me. A tight go way here, you'll die they just you either. You are the veritable per some time now that they are able to get their ok. My foes, the king of time, ok, I've heard
don't mention in multiple as episodes that the gravitational forces of both the moon and the sun combined during a full moon to create the highest tides. Why on earth? It seems to me that they should cancel each other out being that the masses are on opposite sides, The earth. It also seems that the highest I'd should be during the new moon, because the moon and the sun are on the same side of the earth. I could look up the answer, but I just love here: chuck. Nice is take on the questions. He really say that it be so listen. I actually when saying, is without windows here this is on the same side. Is their greater pool? That's so here we go ready. Guy have the rest time. So, let's forget the sun. For the moment we should have
the moon, the moon raises tides on earth got and their only two things that affect that. The mass of the moon, which isn't changing. And the distance. The moon is from earth, rather than only two things that can affect the tie that the moon raises on earth and now the moons orbit is not an exact circle. It's like this flattened circle, Ellipse official I think it is an awful, and so occasionally the moon is closer to the earth. It'll have re slightly higher tides, skasely moved far, they re slightly lower tides, and that has nothing to do with what phase the moon is. The moon, is tides on earth are the same for every phase from New Moon Crescent, first quarter, gibbous, the sun is trying to raise tied to end its function of how far we from the sun and how much mass the sun is its trying to bring in the sun I'll get. This is trying to raise tides two and its function. Far we from the sun and how much mass the sun is. Its trials
do this on us too, but it turns out its strength of tides, is only about a third of strong is that of the moon could you so far away. A farmer distance makes a big deal with. It makes a big difference with tied, because the title strength varies as the cube of the distance guys. If you it's the math. When you get to know our eye, so your aid, it is directly and proportionally tied to the distance, yes to the third power, their power so far away its way less than if your nearby that's an I watch. If the man whose tides a lie with the sun's tied. You have high tide, better than at any other time. That's if they move tide is at right angles to this
ties that each China bulge at right angles to one another. They dig that's where they cancel out: gotcha, ok them at right angles, and that, I think, are the neat tied right. You still get a slightly high time is not as high as at full moon or at noon, and here's how the tide works rating. Ok, so you have the moon and you have earth the moon is pulling harder on the side of the earth closer to the moon than it is at the middle of the earth. It is pulling harder at the middle of the earth, then it is pulling. The far side of the earth right, ok, farther and farther away like we set this out that its distance it. This is a distance. They thank you, and so now you are a squishy pool of water. The side of you six to the moon, is being pulled most side of you farthest from the pope. Moon is being pulled least. So all gets stretched out. That's all it is a big stretching game gotcha
By the way, the solid earth has tides as well, but you do it. We don't that doesn't manifest as because its It's a solid thing, that's changing with what we seek and tides are never come in and out the bulges always there in space and its earth turning inside the bulge. So in fact may sound, so dirty. So when you you're on the beach you stay here comes the type know that I was there in space and you are on earth being turned on and is to enter into the bulk of the time. I know I know I know when I watch so now, so that the the moon, she's out the water near side force. I write the sun stretches out the water near his eyes. I saw a new moon or full moon everybody's lined up anybody stretching out there. You have it it's all, just Sargeus. Obviously it's, basically a love triangle between the sun,
the moon and the water. However, when the triangle is at its finest, it makes a story ah that's where you want your high is trying to be the highest ball is the straight line triangle. That's right! That's hot! The UK we are still listening to start on radio. Cosmic queries. Hey Richard NICE be right back. You're back startle cosmic worth in addition, but we are in the final saying that which means what lying around lightning root cause. I take so long answering the question that we got a problem all the ones I can get to the last segment and I'll blow through him. Sound bite style. Ok,
ready. Let's do it and that's a sound you'll hear at the end of the question that an end to the answer, amputees in space from Jeff Low, wants to know, hey just curious, to hear your thoughts about whether amputees and space would do well. Since there is less muscles to atrophy, I'm also curious to hear if there would be a fax from zero g on organs after The heart is a muscle, but its costly working even in space, yet so amputees in space there you're not walk in anywhere. So in fact, the space walk. You got what you this critical space floating. It's been right, loading so in a way you don't really need your legs. So amputees, I think, would do very well space walking your organs are sort of suspended in your body. Do not lose to float around and get out of alignment if you go into zero g plus, when you down horizontally your heart does not work against gravity pumps, blood horizontally and that's like it not working against gravity. So your heart to be just fine and space Coquette. But
What's it was not obvious in the early days we didn't know whether you could swallow in space. Don't you alive or no to go down. Your throat turns out. The body had does a good job, pushing liquids wherever they gotta go. Next, go here's! What about costs be your biggest Brandon Israel, that's what he said. Ok, ok from my limited understanding, nothing can travel above the speed of light. Why does light travel at exactly that speed? I understand that it can that account travel. Esther, but why not slower even a small amount like two meters per second light, does travel slower when it goes through anything other than a vacuum else lower when it enters our atmosphere, which is why, when you see sunrise, it's not actually risen. Yet it is still below that's horizon, because when it changes medium, this light slows down and it refractory
showing you, the sun before it is actually risen. Light is at its lowest through diamond. It only goes forty percent as fast as its speed in a vacuum through die, that's. Why does all this internal reflection in your ring and it looks radiant, because the light internally reflected multiple times report came out. Lookin like the diamond itself is given you light, there you go here that was, there was hot that was yeah aren't even though this one from Luke Swan again yes, go. Look at me, on your aliens episode. You said aliens, the size of a solar system couldn't exists because it would take too long for signal to travel from one point of the brain to another and for the began to react, but what, if it did not have a centralized brain what if the decision making capabilities were spread throughout, in other words cup a little bit in around that alien head, not I'd I'd, say: life could not exist. I just
thought it would be really clumsy form of life got if it stops at toe its tone. It would take ten hours to respond to that fact. Orbits. If something starts eating it, it won't know until its way too late it just not an effective size to be life. Your competing against the speed of light for you to communicate signals a quarter body if it has regionally country, old centres, brain centres. Right then, one organism all insist ago. I question whether it is in fact one organism. Look, there's your answer Next Cody and I were wants to know. I'm streamline likely scenario if you were to be touching or right next to a micro black hole at the moment of its formation. What would happen bad for you,
the black hole in any part of you start to enter the black hole at the black all just eat. Whatever party, you would touches that. That's all should eventually you are gone, your guy and a buckle. Burps no Dunning Bert, like all one human Zira acts. I write Cody, you are delicious. Two black holes are this from map holes like the sun, how loud with the sun be from the earth? If there was a way to transmit the sound through space. I don't know the hell. That means look! That's why couldn't read the question? Ok, so if you ever heard of a pot of what a boiling on so yes, I have a k, this water and it s- okay, the sun is boiling as well. Ok, it's royal The boiling convicting convention is the scientific word for boiling right. The sun is boiling, like is nobody's business. On its surface it would be the loudest boiling pot of order you ever heard. If somehow you can, you can
You can deliver that sound through the vacuum of space to us, gonna be kind of cool to listen to what the I was a boy boiling oatmeal boiling I mean really really lack answer. Thank God. We can't hear that real, quick, ten. Second, ok we're on a ten seconds land. Here it is we're a civilization that lived only on the far side of the moon. How hard would it be for it to detect the existence of the earth? Oh they would. They would never see earth because earth has never in their sky, but they would know somebody was up there. Then, because we shall spacecraft in orbit around the moon, the most famous photo earth rise was a spaceship coming around the backside of them who they were We are not alone in a universe, sweet. So, with the far side, moon dwellers say you ve been listening to start talk, cosmic queries, Jack thanks for Vienna always applies I'd
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