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Cosmic Queries - Climate Change

2017-10-20 | 🔗
Bill Nye is back to lead the fight against climate change and answer questions about the future of climate science. He’s joined by Columbia University climate scientist Dr. Radley Horton, and comic co-host Chuck Nice.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/cosmic-queries-climate-change/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now. Welcome the star talk all star, Sime Eurostar, hosting the evening bill Nigh orb you maybe bill nigh the science guys. Some of you know me: I'm an american science educator, television, prisoner and currency of the planetary society, enjoining joining me as my co host today is a professional comedian. Really and start jog veteran chuck nice thanks for being here today, jock it. So
nice. There we go today show will be all about the future of climate science in the fight against climate change and to help us we brought back, assigns expert who you may remember, from a star talk: radio episode on that GEO Doctor at Horton, Jordan is great. To see rapidly is, as I call on the Golan readily. Climate scientists had sent for climate systems. Research at Columbia, University is research focuses on extreme weather events, the list? petitions of climate models and adaptation to climate change. For joining us on Georgia. Gall stars readily read the man you're climate science expert. We got some issues we have some things coming up that could be troublesome. Ok, so here's a specific question. For me: I've wondered really for years We are now or you rather are now able to tie extreme heat events to a change, and you do
was computer models. Slowly re wrong: that was your ultimate are unaware that reflex from I'm gonna get you back for that. You guys that's quite a commentary, but he was sorry rag, good red, ok, yes, I mean he's a variety of tools. Looking at the historical trends, we ve seen heatwaves becoming much more frequent around the globe more intense events when they're happening with the temperatures higher and longer lasting, but you're right. We also use climate models, that's a key piece. We can use those climate models running them out into the future by model return. My software people writing code. That's absolutely right! Yeah run on super computers. Generally, you can run experiments you put more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, essentially the experiment. There were running on earth right now by burning all these fossil fuels, but
can move into the future with these models, putting an even higher levels of fossil fossil fuels, for example, and see that the frequency of those extreme he'd events will become even more frequent, so that helps us a trip, these heat waves to greenhouse I could live wasted. Wants you to seventy four wheel, closer its numbers, I mean you're, taking numbers you're, putting them into a machine that does more things with numbers and then you're just coming. I likely you get paid for this show is just a number that, as you get paid, no other we're just so other out. So how can we rely on your mom's? Well, there's some important I think we're embedded within their there are some uncertainties right? We can't tell you exactly when or tornado is gonna happen. Two weeks from now, we can necessarily tell you the exact whether two weeks from now, but we can see, is that the statistic of extreme events are changing if you're planning, for the future. Five
from now ten years, five years vows right around the corner selling my high school guidance counselor without work. How well you think he's will better this rise. I think not, I think, I'm I think, he's very bitter around five years from now the statistics Some places already shifting sea levels rising a little bit that baseline as the oceans warm as land based ice, send to the ocean baseline rises, even of course storms don't change at all, just having that higher baseline them higher floor of the sea level is going to mean much more frequent coastal, whether we can t the exact day, but if you're planning interest sure the wind blows. There's it's the waters already high exactly and aren't we seeing that now I mean with just regular storms. We just had a nor here
we was nor an instinct was nor it was easily in one hand, and we saw a great deal of coastal flooding with out a lot of rainfall. And so is that that's what you're talking about right in the region, the oceans rising, is getting bigger right. You warm up that much water, it's swell the combination of two to primary factors, yet it's as it warms it expands also we're having somebody ice that has been locked on land in Greenland and western article, one sway into the oceans exactly I was in Greenland the summer I used it. Summer it's twenty below at noon, the evidence is incontrovertible, and these guys are drawing a new car, the EAST Greenland Eyes CORE research project, their drilling anew hall. You pour the ice, you can count the snow letters you can count neutrons, you can look at the bubbles of the ancient atmosphere assist man. So you guys everybody panel,
How do we deal with this? We have right now the world's most influential country is being weakened, to branches headed by people who are normally in denial of climate nominally You always wonder, I always wondered how serious they are about. Like I mean are they really serious or is it just a matter of money? I tend to think that it is like that echo industry, where foot come on. You know it causes cancer. We just can't say that you know it's that type of tea. I really believe that they are especially because believe it was up until the eighties that Exxon had climate change tendencies as a part of what they were. There are quite documents from nineteen. Seventy seven right, that's a little different, but must be related yeah. That's what I'm saying so it's like, I think they know, I think it's just a matter of money.
Read your shaken your head not in your head yeah, no, I mean, I think that I think that's actually right I mean really most politicians aren't gonna leave in some sense. Now, that's often the case with the public speaks if, We see this issue arising higher in terms of what people are saying they care about, and I think part of thus doing a better job messaging. Talking about the health risks. Climate change, for example, people are realised that heat waves are a leading killer. Today, that's gonna increase in the future. People are realised that their houses the coast are at risk in the lifetime of their mortgages? In some cases, part of it? Is this this campaign, really that you alluded to? There have been powerful interests that, for a variety of reasons, have tried to hide those risks. I think that's part of it part It is, I think, maybe even simpler human nature that some people run away from bad news. So it's a variety of factors, but some of it is definitely what you're talking about this, not disclosing the risks, because
policy implications and maybe because you're worried about longer term getting sue. For some of these damages, like I have two specific questions, so First of all, you able to tie hot weather or heat events. By with computer miles a so called in Recreating the past rubber you'd make your computer model this to predict temperatures that have already happened like we do with Sabre metrics and baseball. That's a great, s door validation of the miles, but what about cold weather events, are they I too about fry, make coin you're either We say that cold weather events can also be attributed to climate change remain just as a couple aspects to this. If we. Look in recent decades across the? U S, we now have a situation where in any given year, there is about twice as many record breaking hot extremes, so for a given city, Brecker breaking temperature for that day, we're seeing the heat events.
Records being broken more than twice as often as the cold event records being broke so that suggests Goldman amount below called record exactly that's right when a typical year now for a typical city the end of the year. If you look back your enough broken twice as many records where your high temperature was higher than had ever been before on that day, then you have situations where was colder than it had ever been, so I think the site. Its clearly supports cold extremes. Also going up a lot in the recent record. Now there is a peace that that new manner if we have time to get into, but there is some evidence suggesting that these really extreme cold air outbreaks right these situations in winter, where we have a really wavy jet stream deeps of cold air. They board tax or vortex exact and, with all our horror, Toller bore terrorism then ordered works or imagine yeah that one's actually less prone these kind of meanders, when we see that these meanders in the northern hemisphere, cold air, can make its way south. Let me ask you this banana then go on
but we see more Maria meandering in the northern power bore tax because there's more land north of the equator at try, and especially the land sea contrast at a given latitude suffered, say at fifty north forty five north halfway between the North pole, the equator? If you're moving as to EAST. You, from ocean to land ocean members in the southern ocean. Iranian Arctic is all water right, which helps basically just a ring armoury of the code. Here too, the sound go out, you're going to say so here we are so there is some evidence that we're seeing a wave your jets stream developing in the northern hemisphere, the jet stream keeps the cold air to the north and the Northern Hemisphere separate from the warm air to the south. When you get this wavy jets, it's easier for cold air say to make itself in some areas and the ideas if that just we get stuck in that location and doesn't sort of move west to EAST, you can get prolonged periods of really call there. Maybe in the short term,
a little more those cold air outbreaks, but the price simultaneously may can be happening it's warm somewhere near by rights is the idea that foreign. You maybe was really warm and some recent winters when the northeast. U S was called longer term, though, is average temperatures go up just a couple degrees? That means the status, shift so much. They almost bound to have more extreme heat events, fewer extreme cold events LAO. So we don't have to look forward to the day after tomorrow that movie, where all of the northern hemisphere, freeze is over and we have to move the Mets hang on before we do that when I was in Greenland all these. These are mostly danish scientists, but there are a couple of evil. Pursued Colorado. The ice were there and golden Colorado and they were talking about abrupt climate change. Have you tender, this read a little bit
Love to hear more uniform, they look at the ice and the temperature or the climate of the Northern hemisphere change radically in, like a weekend, wrote say over ten year ten years yet so the guy said it's a magic wand you're born and you're eating wheat from Iowa, and then by the time you're at a high school. You have to eat weed from Saskatchewan, one or northern, because the climate change the eye in twenty years. After all, just like trying to understand it. Yeah, I mean, I think, that's an important point- that there is this climate variability that sort of Predictable noise in some ways happening at the same time that we have these long term upward trends. We're never gonna be able to perfectly predict everything, but for some edibles, like sea level, there now changing so fast that we know the risk gonna go up, but I think Europe
and maybe Greenland and the North Atlantic Ocean are per hour particular part of the world. That's that's very prone to changes in ocean circulate. Keep going on about the Greenland ICE Sheet is such a significant influence on climate, so speak in a rapidly changing. Yes, significant info This is actually four cosmic query as it is, and, of course that is where we take queries from all over the entire webs. Wherever we found around you're down with cosmic queries, we have all questions are yet and you answer them. Tremendously engage star talk audience as smart as they are. They send us questions. What are you doing here? Ha so the first one we always take, is from a patriotic patron and the term Shaw, wants to know this. What kind of climate change influence, disaster,
It's happened before the majority of the world, takes it seriously and takes action. Climate change- I am optimistic. That the human race possesses everything we need right now to fight climate change effectively, but pests. Must it. When I see the current trend in politics, so women, Well, the majority. The world is concerned about climate change. The United States is the minority where the problem right read, you were going to say yeah. I thought I with the sentiments of this question a lot? I think that we could move fairly quickly right, we're already starting to see someone mobiles pricing around the same level as fossil fuels. The trends are toward solar wind, becoming much cheaper. We may be at the cusp of a real revolution on the green energy side of things. Of course, there are also has a lot of reason for pessimism. We know
The fossil fuels that carbon dioxide already baked into the atmosphere, we're learning that we may have already committed to additional sea level rise because of greenhouse gases. We already put in the air to the specific aspect of the as you. What's it going to take to spur people into action, I think back to back stream. Events in a certain place can have a big effect so in that second hurricane in old, Trina and Rita yeah, something like that could really have a big effect. Another one that I think is interesting to discuss. I'd love your thoughts on this something wrong What about loss of sea I send the arctic right. Most of us think who cares about Arctic Sea ice, but this is, and I contact thing we ve had Arctic Sea ice in the northern hemisphere, for hundreds of thousands are good for the Santa Claus and its lives there. It's gone in the volume of late summer Sea ice in the Arctic is down over fifty percent in the last three or four decades. I think that there are some
He backs under way there. You know, as you lose some of that initialize sunlight It is able to penetrate into the ocean, the dark surface where it can absorb that sunlight instead of reflecting off the white sorts, more ice feedback? You can make the case I know it's a most scientists aren't there, but you can make the case that some time in the next five ten, as we can have that ice free summer in the Arctic. I'm not saying it's a fifty fifty chance, but if it happened Howard? Are you doing years absolutely the upside, is, I can go swimming in the Arctic. Maybe upside is you can drive your boat from Finland to Japan? Well, the unfortunately there's there already fighting over shipping lanes and things of that nature, which is Atticus awful. The fact today of countries, so the United States and Russia right now. There, everybody sticking your claim Today we are friends, everybody's a stake in their claim to the who's gonna. Be to have the right to these open,
lines now, because there's no ice there too weakens we have air traffic that should be out figure but get us another cosmic. Is it not a cosmic Cleary hello Bill Steve from the Netherlands. Here, a country that might one day partially does where do the rising sea water levels that we try very hard to keep the sea where it is, but just in case we fail, which country is least affected by climate change, Red whom, Orton. So the first thing I would say here is that every country is going to be effected in a major way. You can't just immediately at how the climates gonna change in any one place right. If the developed world with its large populations and high temperatures start more and more droughts among these vulnerable communities. That's gonna! Have tax on the whole world. It's gonna impact the price of food everywhere, even if human works, more conflicts, yeah we're all gonna be impacted. If you had danced,
question directly: you you know that locally. Where might climb changes be the least impact full you'd, probably get a place in the mid. The high latitudes, where it's not real, hot right now or winters, are really intense. Norway, maybe the West coast of the? U S West coast of southern southern can't gonna, have droughts on the West coast of the earth, so near railroad. Real risk, absolutely especially further south. Maybe as temperatures rise, I think that no places are gonna, be net win. If we have major climate changes can be, some places may suffer less than others rate rights to make my vacation plans. Now, let's get in one more right here we go hey doctrine. I it's called from spring he'll Florida. Give we seem to be in an anti intellectual movement with the integrity of our new ministration denying climate change. How can we progress and not fall back during these four years of man, MAX sword?
couple things from spring Florida, that's not Stephen Hughes, that's coltan called greetings. A couple of things what's happening. The deniers are doubling down. On their denial on this is not good or bad. It just is its human nature for those. Their who love your pop psychology. This is called cognitive dissonance leading to the backfire effect, so you have the situation where you just can't believe you are. Person, and you can't believe that humankind creature is a climate of an entire planet. The north. The earth is enormous. How can possibly be affecting the entire earth. Well, why we are so what happens is as the as more evidence is presented to you as a dinner, you deny it that much more strongly you double down in your denial. That's the backfire
So apparently, the way to influence people who are in this state of mind is to be partners with them we are all in this together. Let us learn about climate change together. Let us I'll, find out why there are more extreme he'd events why the ocean seems to be showing up in spring he'll Florida, both from over the land and through the limestone from below. Why that happening. We're all buddies, we're all gonna learn about this. And we're going to learn more about this chalk, really doktor readily Horton. When we come back to cosmic queries here, our own cosmic, queer, call Channel now right up before you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one
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have further cosmic queries for the doktor, and maybe me that's right inquiring minds, one and no bill, and this is this: is cited. Forty two from Instagram were everywhere bill Your thoughts on making sustainability a mandatory. Ray class in high school, some of the key lights in this subject include better waste management and climate change. So it is a good idea to make this mandatory a curriculum, be there'll, be but a it ain't. Gonna happen, you know everybody worry you can't solve all problems, schools. What we want is people to get out of high school With the beginnings of what I would call a liberal arts education. We have a worldview, that embraces science, the best idea, humans, overhead full. A survey, how we know what we know
we trust what we know Joe Murphy, a rudimentary understanding of where everything is everywhere, mathematics, people, let alone physics, chemistry and biology. So these are all things we want from high school asking high schools to solve all these. With a course called sustainability, I think, is a scam. Your hearts and we can't even so evolution and illusions the main idea at all biology. We can't even sell that, however, Doktor Warren Are you familiar with the solutions project? Now? So this is a guy, a bunch of guys in California, guys and girls in California, the solutions, project, dot. Org. Encourage everybody to check it out its. Bunch of civil engineers, a group of civil engineers who done an analysis, did they claim shows that we could power of the whole United States, Canada, Mexico hundred thirty countries around the world, renewables right now, one hundred per
No just decided to do it. If you just said, does what we're gonna do? so what we want. I guess to ask your question about high school courses we want to teach people about. The cost of utilities. The cost of electricity this being a history class was being social studies. This would be in a hurry, certainly be in physics, glass or chemistry, glass, we people learn about resource else, learn about wind turbines, one about learn about the bets limit. If you're into the bets limit, there's a Emma damage energy can get out of the wind right, but I mean it's, not you it's just there's just to limit, and so when you know about it, you know how many turbans you need to provide for a city or so and so and don't forget clean coal, There's no such thing as clean coal. Now work, don't get me wrong. People love at first cousins,
are the sons and daughters of my beloved mothers brother. My uncle. And they ve so explosives and most and what they saw. Explosives to coal mining people I mean these are my. These are blood people. But we can't mind, call anymore everybody. We need mines who doesn't run platinum and european. And Erby am and all these fabulous medals. You got a mind it just you can't be. We can't be burning coal anymore. Thank you, all right. Its move onto Hunter utterly ardor, Lester, Ardour, Holly there you go hunter ardour. Holly from Facebook says what state could the climate be in? Twenty thirty if things do not change? So I guess have you guys? Definitely models Archer Horton, take it yeah, so
the worst case scenario for the climate by twenty thirty? You know, I think, that fortunate if you, if there's fortunate here, were still, in the phase where the changes are not radically fast, we're locked in a more warming by twenty thirty, but the out of warming that we get in a sense, a sort of already been determined by the emission so far, so in the next decade problem we were going to see, see levels, rising, something like two or three inches but we are see more frequent heatwaves. As I said more, the should fewer cold air out. Ranches doesn't sound like much. It doesn't, but because it is shifting statistics we talked about earlier, it has an impact. For example, New York has had A at sea level rise in the past century, most of it due to climate change, but not all of it. Thousands it due to the land
sinking, doo doo doo store responding to the last ice age. Sporting goes back, they sort you think I mind unscrewing now word unscrewing sort, could there if there's a plate, one side of the plate sits by the great lakes where the heaviest ice was. I was dead ice circle. Glacier went down and stopped the exact. Well, actually did it stop closer to New York, but the sort of the heavy as to the way would have been more further back towards Canada. So if you think that is a play- even though the rice has been gone for what ten thousand years, or so the land where, where the ice was thickest is still rebounding, the sponge is still rising up because it's a plate that so the other side of the played in a sense has to swing down. That's what's happening your New York exactly so that's three or four inches of effective sea level rises, really Lansing for nine inches. Exactly exactly so with that but again, which is in the past century. Mostly due to climate change. You saw the floodwaters of Hurricane Sandy me
their way and affect roughly eighty thousand more people in their homes than would have been affected if the ocean was was afoot lower. So you can see that three inches and additional three inches would really matter, and it also means more frequent flooding of out of a certain percentage, huge, it's another, twenty five percent and slowly and of course, can have extreme events. Today you can have that drought, drought, your California had a few very recent drought years. If you ramp temperatures, up just a little bit. That means even less snow accumulating in winter, meaning less water available in summer. It means higher temperatures in summer. You need to irrigate more. You evaporate more water, though the bigger drought stress in the world of twenty third, more floods, one it's raining in the winter months, instead of snowy, tries all bad is all bad. You gonna take questions, but I just our determined as it is important to highlight that the worst impacts are four where we are already seeing impacts. But if we act now to reduce emissions later than
Thirdly, we can, we can really get onto some better trajectories. We who s we can all be driving electric cars after drive an electric car. You will never go back if you and get rich, and I know you're out there better battery Even just incremental improvements in existing batteries would be huge. And the other problem we gotta solve in the biggest picture. Is air transportation We need something like hide JANET Turbans instead of fossil fuel turbans or get that done, everybody could recite the question and we golf Arabs. This is live and let live twenty ten as this you hear one say: ninety eight percent of scientists agree that we need to combat climate change, how's that percentage, quantifiable, what are the scientists credentials? What type of scientists are there and is it eighty eight percent of scientists around the world. Or is it just? U S? Scientists who
these people- dont your word But what of whereas we actually look? We got a real love when right here you may, I guess I'm not. The two percent are really maybe one percent whatever you're. Not. The fifth is interested the four out of five that a survey or a false fact pun intended that, most of the denial papers or by the same half dozen people handful of people. I think it is a very small group also out of it now papers. Maybe people who don't actually have a background in climate science go have what what is what? What are your credentials? Man? What are you doing here? Man, does it mean? How does you so I mean? How do you get Be a client scientists like at the door some validity to that. What makes you a client, a climate scientists, Oh, it implies that you ve studied Atmospheric, cushioned you ve, studied land surface processes, you look
a lot of historical data, youth, understood the limitations of climate miles, the benefits of models which your background sure what was your thesis abounds or I looked at climate variability at Columbia, use climate models to look at things like Al Nino. A computer dry or a fluid mechanics guys, I'm really more on the side. Look at the outputs from the climate models, little less under the hood, comparing the outputs from climate models to observations, and then working with cities, decision makers to to sort of plan based on what it looks like the impacts are going to be of a change in climate. So I would say, among this ninety eight percent, you ought to know about particular survey, but there are social science experts, for example, who have served aid, broad groups of climate scientists and other communities, in general, the numbers near ninety eight percent, sometimes a little higher even in terms of a climate change, is happening and be a big part of it, not all of it, but a big part of
can be attributed to human activities that we talked about earlier? The burning of fossil fuels, the land use changes for example, so it's not you can't be like well, you know I was once in a hurricane, and I saw the movie twister, I said: that's, not that's not good at. Viewed the credentials necessary to call you, so you can wish papers and the people published papers think the problem is very serious. Ok, so now I'm going to follow up this question with. How is it that you can have such a divergent finding from the two percent, these people who say that that is on. Your side are wrong that this, not having. How can that be if it is Indeed, science and you have quantifiable. Results that you are looking at
How does somebody else come along and say, nodded sorry wrong? I think there's no one piece. You already alluded to bill which, as we have sort of powerful premium, sanctions all of us to some extent and people don't like change their world. Views of people are surrounded by a community of people who may not believe in climate change, it's very hard to to sort of speak out and go against your neighbors. If people have a perception that climate change is something that's going to be really scary, some people don't want to face that if people have a perception that it's going to rain a change in their behaviour right that that maybe we won't be able to live the exact same way. We lived in the past. That scares some people, even if really, as you said earlier bill, there are opportunities associated with their right: cheaper energy, better air quality to name a few chain scary to some people. Independence having to have a military, the of world protecting oil interests,
goes on and on yes, but I think so so it's weeds, not everybody what can explain? I don't think it's the science in the end, the facts at explain that that two percent- basically but to varying degrees? People are impacted by other factors as well that sort of social human component, and I think, that's part of what can explain it it gets the science in the end, the facts that explain that that two percent. Basically, if you want believe, climate changes and a problem. There's always gonna, be some thread. Some piece of evidence that you can cling to one city that seen a cooling trend, that one really cold and cherry pick your data or the idea that there is a piece of you know. We can't say with wood Who can say for sure that clouds might not change in a way that could slowed global warming or even stop it. No science suggest that that could happen that we could see a sort of magical bail out of some kind. But if you want, to believe it you'd cling to the idea that what we don't know exactly what's going to happen to clouds somehow
plus or minus two percent- is the same as possible. Amazon represent exactly I'm gonna go. With that they all work for excise. So here I soon found it and wrote those papers in nineteen. Seventy seven no longer work for Ex that's. How has the exile interrupted you as always the worries, this system by trade too, wants to know this bill and chalk when scientists study climate change on the wise ask me like. I know something What's your community combers, that's true! When scientists study climate change, have we reach the point where the research inherently seeks preventative measures, or is it still research of strictly observational? An analytical in nature also seriously how much public funding would it take for you to run for president. That's to you So let me start with the present question. Normally
All my experience, all my life and over sixty years on that, so you hire to run for president to work is present or people with some government experience. That's how we used to do it, think we will again I've never been a government official I've never run for office. So I may not be the most qualified for this. However, chalk I'll tell you right now: Doktor Horton, if they asked me to be a science advise early offs of science and technology policy, or something like that. I would certainly embrace that, talk about me, me me me now: where were we a preventative measures, start your Horton prevented. Measures. Yes, I think, as the pointing towards some of the exciting research that's happening around reducing greenhouse gas emissions, capturing carbon from the atmosphere that really practical
I mean it's, others are molecules easier, hard, all things he had a lot of something to react with that right now is that what you're talking about would like algae farms in that kind? very, very easily. Things of that nature I think certainly nothing is to scale yet we're going to cost wise you can pull anything out of that was for the challenge is always with new technologies. What might be possible a few decades from now more maybe fifty years now I tend to agree that its very risky for us to go down this route of saying, oh, we can admit Now- will get it out of the atmosphere later. There's no evidence that were able to do it to extract that additional carbon from the atmosphere, but there important research, around renewables, billions of tons of something, but as research on adapting to climate change. Also right, we're not can be able to prepare for all of these climate changes, but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't do. You know we're locked into some more sea level rise and we bring stilts
yeah I'm in Miami Beach is an interesting one right that says. If you alluded to the limestone earlier, you may not be possible long term too, to protect my reach, but maybe there are some cities where at least for a few decades you can hold the water while we come up with others to another ones, they have see walls and lessen. They do yeah and your seeing some interesting in a smaller scale. Experiments in cities right now, green infrastructure, right, where you're putting in these parks and things with drainage, underneath captures water during Ray it's gonna be exciting. Stay to start to star talk, all stars we'll be back right after this. Welcome back, welcome back to start talk, all stars, I'm bill now, your host this week, along with my comedic inside, for co host, Chuck NICE, yes, and this week's exciting guest really is really good climate scientists.
Rarely Horton from Colombia part of the ninety eight percent our so that are very concerned about climate change based on the facts, so we have to do with people that are not fact based but Doktor Warren! Have you heard about the science march? I'm sorry, into here not on Twitter, about on Facebook. Up a little bit bids is late March this year truck. He said I'm not on Twitter, I'm not on food even stumbled with the names on the agenda, and I am on Twitter thy misspoke. Actually, I'm on Twitter, I'm not on phenomenon. Faced with anyway forbear things on facebook- this is, eight March in late March March, is that right allaying results. So there was a red it conversation, which is another one of the electric social media, things on the computer machines, the kids use and a guy suggested having a science march that would be akin to or March of scientists, are scientifically inclined people
akin to the women's March of a couple weeks ago. To raise awareness of science and new there's a lot of concern at. Environmental protection agency that they have been instructed that's better than a rumour they ve been instructed not to So I, yes, you do really suppress Rosa or or report anything more about climate change in I guess that the model for that is Governor Scott, from Florida who thinks by keeping. People from using the phrase climate change? Somehow Florida will not be affected by climate change like its voldemort or something you mentioned. You can't say his name o readily red. Do you think? That's a good idea haven't climate march. I do I think it's very important Tina we talked earlier about. Ultimately, the public has to lead. In some sense, this needs to be an issue,
climate science that the public cares about. They need to understand the vulnerabilities they need to understand. The science is clear and that their Our huge risks, whether we're talking about our military, the very young people who live along the coast, climate change is going to affect everybody, and I think, if abroad, group of scientists, not just climate scientists but scientists, more generally advocated in some sense for the need for continued funding for content. The ability to speak public, publicly, unpublished, promote their research on star talk all stars We have examples that sooner that's the way to help get those messages out and you dont want scientists feeling stifled. You do want diversity of opinions. You want everybody to be able to speak you don't wanna. You dont want to muzzle. I think that's the key to to also have a part of the problem. Right now. Is that everybody, is given an opportunity to speak. I mean there was a time when
you were dumb ass. You had to shut up. Ok, nobody wants to hear what you had to say were hot freaking podcast, I'm sorry, nice, three hours, free to speak as it gets, are part of the problem, not to argue about quote over and over there, how you guys, conservative, cable news networks, but think that sends that Bill Niger said unjust, Craig knock you, but I'm just saying that is enough. The problem, like you know, you have people who get too muddy the waters because We now gets to have an opinion about this and truth is there was a time when you were a dumb ass. You had to shut up now you can get on social media. You get on the internet and you can spend All this nonsense and you will find some traction with some people, whereas in times past you didn't have that people didn't have that ability Dodo see what happens because the current administration is being so as record
so aggressive towards a media to suppress it's gotta, backfired can't just call all the power people idiots or evil or unfair or dishonest, and expect the press, mainstream people and especially the cable people. Not too rebound with equally rapid naughtiness, and so I remember you guys were Richard Nixon resigned it was extraordinary, but not the world kept spinning say goodbye. I said so long. So I so I don't know if the modern world everybody loves. I don't know if the current approach of the administration is sustainable, Everybody knows that word, but so who would participate in March yeah here I would do, I guess I should be there now. I M beholden to my board of directors at the planetary society.
But we all we have a thing we can ask ourselves. What would Carl Sagan do? Carl we can start the planetary society and the earth he would waste. In my experience with them a little time with him. He would common unglued at this, so in everybody respects that guy, because he was such a good communicator. Everyone expect October specs, Doctor Sagan's opinions, even though, is no longer living, maybe most especially so. Well, what happens in the coming weeks, but I hope We can show the deniers that reacting in a very normal, predictable human way, together. We must move forward by examining the facts and embracing the common good You have another query: let's go back to our resources and a cosmic medical man. Here we are
This is Adam Sweeney. Twitter says how can people that openly ignore change. Evidence beacon, best, convinced that investing in Renewables is worthwhile anyway, so Is there an argument to be made aside from climate change that might bring more p? to the side of renewable energy, I think, is very good question Gaza, so forget: let's climate change, entertainment screw! You! Ok, you! You don't believe in climate change, that's great! Ok! What now? What Here's, which is why you should go to renewables already. You have price parity in many parts of the Eu S, solar and wind. At the same, just as traditional fastened, yet everyone you get down to work, in point, eight cents per kilowatt, then you're in the game.
That's a quick or why you're almost him again? Ok, air quality. You don't have any these other particulates that are associated with burning of fossil fuels, combustion engine, separate from the greenhouse gas issue, and then we are too energy independence early in so do. If you want to have. Tariffs on things about imported oil, if you dare than when sore began, geothermal, become competitive in an instant tariffs on oil. We might hurt. I best these feelings, MR too, Oh, I see you are being especially political today of. What's all I m just a short sharp, so I was in stand in Texas, which is the zip code adjacent to meddle in Texas. Where I used to work as a young man as an engineer and the all patch and their wind turbines above the oil pumps and begin the same picture.
Wind turbines, casting shadows and oil palms, and they're doing that, because a wind is free and when the price of oil got extremely low, because the success of racking. Well then it's not competitive anymore, but the winds always blowing for free, that's cool. I thought I actually thought that you met their running the oil palms with winter beds, would be awesome, actually might be happening. Rib level, think of your web browser electric right, lotta there are a lot of convulsions or one more engines. And they all feel, but there's a lot of electricity or the place to get. That is an interesting point out into the gray should be investigated. Mary thinking, thoughts, a Texas now leading and in wind energy is unethical and Iowa has gets twenty five percent of its electricity from the wind, a quarter of it
Any subsidies as such without the enormous subsidies that oil companies get oil production gets So we have five minutes left Joam. Yes, we do think you know that me ass, it does. It means had it's time for the lightning round. All I can feel the excitement take a job we go. Let's get to it. This is our p or I'm sorry, rip rats from Instagram says: hey. We used to have no days where we will miss school or work, because it was too dangerous to travel in the snow. How long will it take before we start having heat days? I think we'll start seeing at the gear already starting to see heat days, really days in June, no stay home from school, they gonna hustled school words are conditioned well
lot of schools, probably aren't air conditioners, certainly since when I was grown for maybe there won't be heat days, but I bet zombie impacting learning as we see higher temperatures harder for kids to focus the school. Here we go. This is Nick or love ski says is coming to us from Twitter is well says: is it feasible to start a Molly, solar farm. What would it take to become profitable with it quickly? actually it's it's something that you can scale down so that you can make a little cabin mama far for solar energy. When you guys we use the word farm goes, it takes up a lot of land, but you don't grow solar, not yet people of talking carbon based or organic solar panels, as we gotta as far as home grown electricity. I have solar panels on my house and studio city, which is like totally in the valley Sonny Alot. And so I get electric bills for ten bucks every sixty days. Am I a solar farmer. I guess
and I harvest rainwater. I ll grain tanks, so you don't have to rely on rainfall every time you need water, the garden they go. This is serene Twitter says to approach creating sustainable fashion industry in terms of eco fabrics and energy consumption. Do you ever think about fashion and when you're doing your climate models, I'm ready so are going to be a lot of fibres made from sustainable crops. Big when everybody loves us bamboo, you may have heard of re on. Anyway. So already we can recycle jesting text textiles and up cycle them, but the other opportunity is what I would call three d weaving could return. I just coin so in other words, traditionally you have
lots of cloth and you cut out the fabric scarred a lot of the cloth; ideal, you'd grind it up and make it into insulation treated with something you keep rats from enjoying it and then you have all this waste There are shoes now made by the big Shoe company Nike that are made in a sort of. Native manufacture way where you only weave as much shoe material as you need to make an individual shoe smaller sizes, useless material and so on. So this could be the future of. Additive, shoe manufacture, additive, textile manufacture and then have more amazing fashions with more amazing people wearing them cool. And may be down the line. We could also have solar Nan up articles embedded, including how far out? Is that thing? Yes, love it? Ok is driven
Let us cautious could be. This is Rob Hutton says: should we use bioengineering other than active steps to lower seal to rather than passively scaling back activity? All the actions have to be on the table. We need to highlight that it's not clear how we could do this today. This would be an investment. We know we're going have to reduce emissions, the green energy when organ after adapt that's along, term possibility? We should also explore resins. Do take carbon dioxide of year a tricky business, but perhaps unfortunately we are out of time. Eurostar talk all source. Thank you to check nice for coasting today pleasant, so our special guest redly Orton froze inside on today's topic, build I until next time change the World loud wish: you'd, listen, the star, talkers commercial, free, joint start, talking
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