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Cosmic Queries: Defending our Planet, with Bill Nye

2017-11-17 | 🔗
The universe is a hostile place. What would we do if a planet-destroying asteroid or comet strike were imminent? Do we have plans in place? Bill Nye and comic co-host Chuck Nice are back to answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries about defending the Earth.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/cosmic-queries-defending-our-planet-with-bill-nye/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch, to listen to every episode, commercial, free Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now. Welcome the star dark. All stars, I'm here all star host of the evening bill Nigh Namibia, my co host. The remark- or an exciting chart nice a bill and on this episode of all stars, Chuck we're talking about planetary d fence ice defending the earth. I didn't I We need, we need a from asteroids. Are they? Are they d? honor, no it's s, no. It's just asked for comets. So the oak and comments in some love or hard to distinguish but universes.
Someplace Denby, So there is no evidence whatsoever that the Jim dinosaurs had a space programme yeah and it was hard on Is it because they didn't have a possible thumbs while their hands in their arms or social is tiny, tiny, tiny arms, some of them do. I would try but again rated zone, but they may here I'm not joking. Maybe they did have a space programme, but it didn't show up in the fossil record right now, when you think about that. We just ask you silly, since we know that that wasn't That happened right cause. You know they look at me. Layers and earth. You God, yes, chalk, such a nerd. I want so aware of already a layer of already atomic number. I dont know seventy seven ego, seventy seven, an odd number, it's not their common. So when you find it and so in its own right, so here's hairs. What are the following?
voluntary that I read that that it basically where we had this cataclysmic collision right then up comes comes all this detritus. Its super heated and then it just rains wire and destroys everything. Is that accurate, oh yeah, so they spent they? We it strong her speculate at the cone of the agenda rejected material is bigger around and the diameter the earth so grand He pulled it into a big ring of firearms sphere of fire right very troublesome, so when you understand things when the only animals that made it through were underground, they were on the ground, animals and orb, mostly underground right,
or maybe descendant of some subterranean geranium little thing they crawled up to the surface after everything we're scurried scurried. Yes, yet in my case, probably sky Spry Riley REACT politically bounded to the surface, or could a bit could have been like Cape Dwelling animals at this area? Those those I am an expert on came to and it could be, is very reasonable category. As I mean it fascinating man, it's amazing. So when I was in second grade Missus MC gonna go reads to us from a big book, while the only the reason engineers died, as they had small brains, Just just went crazy. Came her people sick people still say that today the reason they died off is because they weren't intelligent creatures. They are tiny brains, and so they couldn't adapt so make a joke there about what my old boss right there, but he was alive,
So what I'm saying is is it was in my lifetime that this discovery was made, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, that people too this way of uranium, which is almost certainly from an ancient asteroid, which is almost certainly the ancient asteroid that finished off the ancient dinosaurs. They may have been having trouble with Vault Vulcan ISM, Sir Sulphur being pumped into the sky from volcanoes in what is now India right where these tectonic, sir colliding, but they were finished off by a big rock from the scar. Four blocks from the sky eyes, man got wow, I mean it's, it's it's citing a fascinating and this in terms of a scary? Yes, we don't want to happen again. What we want to do is deflect an asteroid effect that are common to all those because it happened once yes, It turns out the earth there's all sorts of impact creators. If you know what you're looking for, I see
the moon was said, and the moon God, what are your good Mars, so beautiful or snapshot you have their aid or festival right. So It's very reasonable that the same number of impacts per square metre kilometre happened here, but earth has all these processes. We have tectonic plates grainy. We have snow winch, so these craters get a raised over millennia right so What want to do is detect all the earth crossing asteroids that have the potential to hit us and then we find one. It is to be thirty years out and we could see now the right spacecraft and give it a little substances, ace there's? No sound and shouts there were there? that was so there I'm just trying to
figure out some more weather, related events. I can bring out now sound. If I can get you did you do. The thunder storm is thundered, less thunders, noisy, That's pretty good dead, as rigid so so we ve got our cosmic. Where is the sound of a star talk sound affect shown? Maybe we're that's coming the sound effects best coming the star very soon we ve got our cars, where, of course, we have gleaned these questions from all over the internet the over the cosmos over the cosmos years. You can be on bail juice in orbit around Badal juice. If you can get us, we will onto the internet roughly in anger. We'll do we can't It comes in and build you see in and we can go to, Google translate yeah or in for you man. We are here for you, I say man could be entered in the rain here for you entity or alien, that's for a moment with
Did you hear? Data bases were Paul. Sykes, sir, is my. I guess Paul you don't let's go. Christmas. We are. We always start with a patriotic question and the reason why we start with a patriot questions, because those people support is directly directly. They are their patrons, are patrons star. Talk air infuse, love! You cash does the ass you can buy. Your way onto this show met us. What doktor nicest is exactly right, where you can buy your way on this issue, and you know what speaking the buying our you can also support us or start out all access that can make us subscript and you will be supporting the shell directly that way as well and we ve sulphur. Ever love. You way to go a person out there entity red. Questions here is a chuck here we go bill. Do you believe,
the biggest threat to humanity is from asteroids or is it from humanity or from, right now run in humans, are the big problem there, a lot of us breathing and burning the same atmosphere and right now the world. Influential democracy is run by people who say they do boy, even human cause, climate change. I gotta Doing that One shoving in pushing comes to shove that they'll change but right now, it's very troubling. So, yes, humans are the biggest problem. However, one rock from outer space at eleven cure meters, a second is very low. Probability event but very high, Consequence event. So true seldom get in a car wreck. But when you two sucks exactly Ray Oldham, get it with an asteroid. But when you do man woman, you can't you can't costume farm,
right now all state or an oh yeah, and so you can't Carlos guys, know those guys with iraqi bump bump bump bump comparability. That was it. That is clearly a very effective air campaign heroes, Brittany, men, Caddy and Britain, Did she do to anger? You just make you feel you with passion and carry daddy. Think is primary God. It is man, God name in says this. Hey Bill shock, I'm a psychologist student at the University of Kentucky cats. I was wondering if money was not an issue, what would be the very? there's planetary defence, given our current technology. Two things: vest in a spacecraft. There would be
next to follow on to others. One called me a wise look at what the next step. We have to look for asteroids and, as the saying goes, finding and asteroids like looking for a charcoal burner cat in the dark. I got you a different, I got it, you can do it or a lifeline insert nice at night when he's not smiling I what you make that joke as it were, that I love it bill was this light keg and good live. Well, I'm not going there. I'm not going to go with you now, you're not going to drag me down that rabbit home. So you can do that. You guys you can make that such a joke that you can't. I was brought up in Washington DC many years ago when it really was a nice, racist down. I've heard a lot of that, but I right I do my best.
But see that's what you're my wife, that's because you are a great human being okay, and you know that you know the difference between a joke and the fact that okay, I know he's joking and a joke and what, if I say it's still Pensive, because I'm saying it see so you know, get what you say and I have a great deal of respect for you for that plan and I'm dealt here or more alike than they are different. This is true of the other part of the planetary D. This thing that we have to deal with come up with the first one is detestation asteroids as suspects. The second thing is the spaceship ok. So the first thing is detected action is probably best done with a spacecraft, that's about three quarters of an astronomical unit from the sun It's about the same distance from the sun is Venus. Ok, however, what would be style and is, if you had it.
With a solar sale. So it could go around slowly. We would be pretty styling and then you'd. Look for all these asteroids that in the infrared? So here's the thing, even if it's a charcoal roquette in the dark, Chuck NICE we are concerned here it still glows in the infrared rye, as do you by the way. Yes, yes, it's like I can. I can distinguish you as asteroids why I saw the movie predator, so you can see the destroyed in the infrared they glow it about a hundred and fifty caverns It's a hundred fifty celsius degrees above absolute zero. So with the right detector you can detect and then that spacecraft would a or keep track of all these asteroids and then we build a spacecraft. You have one of them, a nudge in that. Be this is all kind of existing technology avenant ready, but she said Britney's. Unlimited CAS dynamic,
difference. We can. We can ever meanwhile for foreign fifty million five million. We could do the spacecraft, the detector, and then, for gimme another number, five billion. We could build the deflector spacecraft. I you know I have to tell you with as much money as we waste on other things. That is not a saving the earth from death of everyone control or delete for all humankind. Yeah. That's where we're not less kind, aware that I've been at that fancy thing. The TED Talk and I mention this asteroid problem and people were hit with an, but if it happened here, really sock chalk ass, it would be a bad all thing and the funny thing is people do laugh and theirs. Several major motion pictures made about it and people the day. They look at it as folly. But what I always say is already happened, Dude cry wet.
Why don't you get about an hour or so this is it's already operate and by the way in general, there is a business case for a camera show company to make an asteroid, deflector yeah there's just There isn't a reason to do it. I unanimously alot of profit in that, however peep do try to raise money too, observe asteroids, but that's different from building a spacecraft with no one to sell it to write What? If you were yes, but a few entrepreneurs. Wealthy that you built here on craft and then you threatened not. Who's it. Unless a paid you were so delightfully evil, but it's just unlikely, because what is the guy
it's a little now want hidden itself. To get herself to get destroyed. Do well know. That's because you don't! You know you have an evil layer, that's also sad, also Orban, and we re orbiting the orbiting the earth. Your way you can escape to your body here, we're thinking I let's go to Nelson saw nothing saw says: what's this: but we can contact, I detect a likely collision and what can we do in that time frame where everybody wants thirty years. That's what people want woe. That long, so you deflect the asteroid menu detect the asteroid. And then you have ten years to build a spacecraft and then twenty years out there with the spacecraft is gently. Ships and space. There's no sir on the asteroids, cutting a little merge, little knights and so astronaut at low runs the Beast Extra foundation, which is named after the asteroid that the law
prince lives on and isn't acquaints of mine and is a Cornell lion, has a patent these space tractor the spacecraft that is so massive. How massive is it? gravity would mean, would pull the asteroid, just to ever so slightly That's all you ever so that's all you need doesn't cross the earth orbit when we're there right. Last year's orbit. Just now, all the earth is not with their right exactly be exactly it's rocket science people ice nice that excellent. You highs. Let's go to show Harris John Sean says what policies or plans are currently in place to detect incoming threats from asteroids? Is there a foolproof plan to eliminate those threats and avoid death and destruction? Here? when the earth's surface
caution you Sean against anybody ever who tells you it's foolproof who with this, but I know what you're driving No there's we have this neo. Why spacecraft diys to that are measuring asteroids, there are trajectories, but it's not foolproof and do the morgue We do the better. This area the question that more you could do more, but either way all the money that spent in space is spent on earth to be a worthy use of our intellect and treasure. People, don't drew me come over their captive friend. Swan says: how do you? How do you purpose to educate the masses on the importance. We propose you, I know you're looking up and looking down her. I was right there. What did I say? Purpose messy purposes must be related to propose, but I'm not a right watch. How do you propose to Katy S? Do you propose to edit
The masses on an important issue such as this I mean STAR talk, is an amazing podcast, but everyone best it's totally. Ok, Not everyone wants to listen or learn, which is a leader. Not everyone wants a listener, learn. How can we help spread the news to those who are less passionate about science? You know this is a problem. I think what what what these says here I think is for so many science related issues, which is, if you mode evade a mass awareness, then you can actually create a pain to get those in charge to do chuck. Why do you do this podcast? you're trying to change the world. This is true. We must try to make the world a scientifically literate my own little way. Yes, he's. Oh, I would, I would say Cathy, who is it Cathy Francoise
this is what we're doing years we're trying to change the world. We are trying to influence people. If you can spread the word about listening to start tart podcast having the time of your life, then it'll be in the end, Kate Fashion. So this is why jack- and I do this job- or this with this- is that this activity activity it is to get people excited about science, so the we'll have scientific illiterate people specially scientifically literate, voters which, it is to be hoped will lead to scientifically literate politicians s we'll make scientifically literally in fort literally scientifically informed decisions about our in our use of intellect and treasure so that we can dare I sat. Save the world. This is
our talk all start addition, I'm your host build. I will check nice we'll be right back after this comes before you. I'm gonna to consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and sub, where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying.
Welcome back welcome back silver. You was about to start on the cosmic worries, I'm here with my co. Most be remarkable, unexciting chart nice, and this is where we take your inquiries. Anywhere in the cosmos anywhere in the car, and we do our best to provide you with the thoughtful insightful insightful thought about the cosmos and your query: the package This had a better myself. Some trouble, you know levy Just read this one from Laurel Laurel Rifle here's what here's to here's what she says. I don't have a question for you. I just want to thank you for aspiring my general and indirectly so
spiralling subsequent generations. Oh, I love you Laurel, man, morals, judge children once you get that out of the way I was you may is really no place in a show for that's a list, just stood up brightened do is put a point I had to make a place for that. It's a great great says, thank you, and you know when she is not alone. I have to say here is the best thing guy's going out with bill nigh and being on the street and then watching people go but I got so mean is oh my entity I presume deity, deity might and all that side. No, it is very, very eyes better than I hate you use your once in a while. You, hey just encodes, wants to know this. What level of international cooperation would be required in order to defend the planet from an asteroid com? It is impossible to days climate of conflict when the world can't even come together to combat climate change, to get them to come together and combat this threat? Wow, that's a
pretty deep question man over the answer is yes, how do you get the International space station, on a russian rocket it's for more with the inner, with cooperation from japanese Aerospace Exploration, Ross, Cosmos and European Space Agency. That's how who do things so there's a lot of intricate international cooperation when it comes to space right, ok declaration the answer, is yes we do about this, but right now, I gotta speculated that the sea, Four asteroids will still be led by the? U S and national and Myspace Administration or get ESA within the actual deflecting that'll, be team effort. I think so so once we identify the problem which it will be easier to get people to get on board once you, and if a man, if they had a real asteroid, really come again, we really taking a meeting. You don't want to send Bruce well as music, fine guy, but on a blow it up when you give it a nerd because of you blow it up, there's a chance yoke make it worse. Right said just give it a night, but
do you want an Aerosmith soundtrack while it's happening You provide that not really do have to pay role. If I was now now- and I know it was due- looks like a lady to not bad, you did what I could J. William boss wants to know this. What is the probability that what ever we do make matters worse. It's funny. You should bring that up right after that. Little commendation that I commented yeah. You don't want to make it but did you accidentally? You have a piece of it. That's go even faster and gonna hit the earth earlier in its orbit, which is apparently a possibility if the ashoored is really close, and there really is in time to give it a nudge than you'd blow it up. That's when you thought up Bobby just don't want to do that. Everybody implicit takes tremendous amount of energy trying to blow up a rock planet right, it's
We now know about in science fiction, but in real life it's a real space. It's our hard thing, in an what. But this would have to be an asteroid, because now some comments are like marshmallow rights even worse. How do you blow up or marshmallow yet more martian, Miller or Mars and more mellow you're? Not really gonna change, anything? Ok! So there you go. Ok, your weight. He was ready, then these stopped himself. I stopped him size. You start me because your name was on a different page, J D, Provost Jane What is Judy's inquiry? J D says this to the great one: Bill now happens: tongue a few stories about ground, based lasers, being used to hit asteroids millions of miles away to change their trajectory. Is this tech realistic, or is it even possible Oh, it's really hard so lightly
one of the things we are considering is putting a rough active surface on an asteroid. So sunlight would hit it give it a little nudge, the pressure of photons, the momentum of photons, even though they have no mass right. They have momentum and would nurture the asteroid ever so neurologically nudging. We, I believe you, you have a little thing caught a solar sale, they always say on, has been asked. Yes, so trying to keep the beam of a laser army. Asteroids, shooting from the earth or the far side of the moon is not trivial. I'm not saying, couldn't be done, and you could do it lets say every month The moon goes around the earth and you'd zap it for a few earth days or weeks and then the moon. We go on the other side. You'd wait, that's possible but more likely is to go out there and change the reflectivity of the asteroid.
And by the way one of the things that makes asteroids hard to track. Is this Caskey effect? Where you reflect sunlight and why their spinning, so some sides of the asteroids are shiny. Other sides are darker. Some sides of the asteroid have park? Potholes and dont reflect very well. Other sides of an asteroid might be smoother and more reflective, so there's meaning we re? slowly in space and so they change their directory directories trajectories. Depending on how white is hitting them and how the rotating. So it's one more that's it just makes it a limit for a little more tricky inside you gotta track, and we got a track and try and well Everything was so drag them good for comedic effect, alright, Marion's out there. I don't it's right, Amre! I would, though Natalie Wilcox as high bill. Have you the common research group do you believe, as they
do that? We need to be paying more attention to the toward a meteor stream and that it poses a threat to us annually. Also, what do you think about their research regarding the cataclysmic impact events that potentially took place twelve thousand eight hundred years ago? Q? Somebody be concerned about Europe whether or not that disputes Pacific meet specific comment trail that in since that specific meteor shower whether that, Big concerned, I'm not an expert on. I don't know. Booker was their rights, substantial meteoric impact thousand entered years ago. Sure ok show you been. There could have been a big deal. We had one into Gaza which could have meaning, the term Gus Governor nineteen awaited landed on Paris. There would be the end Paris, sort of Indiana Pact mean that set or the U Arden Poughkeepsie, I mentioned earlier Kansas City. It would be done so it
there's? Nobody and control this right now. If these one of these objects comes in their very hard to see happen, the moment. So now the There was the object. Tat came in just recently arguments and in Russia, our survey, people say twenty five meters, thirty metres not big enough. I guess biggest you're, smarter than how he has got to say, that's not a bit meet our apartment, meteors thing it is their going so fast they have how much energy that they're going at least eleven kilometres the second, which is escaped velocities now as another question, because I haven't I've gone through all
these, and so I dont see anybody asked this. I'm just gonna jack you're the hosted as the co host to the show psyche. I could lay at honest myself: is there the ito win? This asteroid hits ok, of course, the impact. We know what that does redo, where the first impact is actually what the atmosphere is right so. What exactly does that do? You're such a nerd? I love you met. So in the case of child you been Skinner, there was a sonic boom or series of sonic booms hit the ground people here, Johnny bombs. They work up. They see the street in the sky, Rather they see the secret dog They see the streak in the sky first rate, and they all there's a streak in the sky was not You heard me all relax
three minutes later. The sonic boom hit the ground and blows out all the windows. That's why there were so many apparently a thousand injuries s, natural, sutures and stuff. Standing near glass, window and glass, airy strong sonic boom hit round and blue all the windows and everybody's face, it was surprising resolve that you just wouldn't think of great, this time. It happened really interesting, so if you see a streak, it miss you better, get some a couple minutes they get out of the glass, as the old saying goes by analogy to earthquakes, earthquakes, don't kill people, buildings, copyright, greater so meteorites that that car sonic booms don't hurt people Windows hurt people. Is this analogy every right right or not, soon an aphorism? It's not good, going to direct your entire life,
and to think about see the big streak there. Three minutes there might be a big sonic bomb. There could blow the windows. I did blow the windows out I'll lead on our right. Nathan, Emily Sir says hello doctrine. I. What are the plans to put? into orbit a satellite whose sole job is to watch the skies twenty four hours a day in all directions in all directions is a tough part, but near wise is essentially the does that we want to build, follow ones. Do more awning following, but watching twenty four seven does watch twenty four seven, but not the entire sky. It points to different places, and is that because There is no limitations, this little things. So there is, are you you can't work in every direction at once. Now, though, your wife has eyes in the back of her head there, you go values it on. I was gone with my mom, but
it's the same thing and whether there is a very long enough that it's the same thing they got may have slide shows on Tuesday really talk about how to mess with you right. So let me ask pardon squeaky situation is: is there a likelihood of any other direction from which an asteroid will come or or will we just be blindsided, I'm not an expert, but I would speculate no cept, it's probably going the same direction. We are around the Sun Harmon right right as the cosmic disk. Primordial disk of dust that formed us would have it particular net direction, so thing everybody. You have a big by a bunch of cosmic dust, four and a half billion years ago, and it has even if its dusted has gravity. In fact, if you ve ever dust on a bookshelf one of the little insights that Isaac Newton had real. Ok,
That not only does the earth have gravity. That's pulling the dust down. The dust must needs have adverse side, that of gravity this pulling the earth up or mutually attracted resurrected? Cosmic dust comes to other it's gonna. Have it will not be perfectly balanced. It's like a cloud they'll be bulges in bubbles. And so it ends up with a net. As we say, anger momentum. It ends up with a net spin, and here we are with that resolves itself into a big disk. People do mathematical models of this and little swirl pools and that becomes like the planet earth and here We asked whirling and pooling now. You know your history of of You got here of the solar system. George. This is an amazing insight, so we are made of cosmic die. We are made of star dust so You are in charge you and I
are one of the ways the cosmos knows itself he had to me is just gives me shaky wake makes me feel like I have purpose or shark unilaterally fire Elijah Does not get carried away? Kids? Are your purpose? That's what you do. Man I'll, never see them wants to know this. If the earth was it. Danger of an asteroid strike to day. Yes We protect ourselves in ok. Afternoon can well no not like we find out to day asteroid is when's it on the way I don't know- that's so I'll- put its thirty years from now. We will discover it today that is gonna hit us in thirty years. Let's get to work, so now, I'm going to say I'm good at I'm, going modify Steve's question what is
this is absolutely amendment. What is the area of friendly remember? What is the absolute show? but his window, that we could. As in alert lurch. It gets worse thing ten year. I think it's about ten years in Europe, people I've been in meetings in seeing scientific papers presented on this? It's about ten years of ten years of thirty is way better already is better but tat we might be able to try to have a shot. I have not so maybe maybe Meanwhile means may ten years is not along tat. Oh yes, I think about it right now. We cannot build a high where you can build a big dig in Boston and ten years, let alone building spacecraft, no one's ever thought of and go out and fight an asteroid in deep space and get it. Everybody in the world to take your word for it that you are really doing it at wicked hash. When you put some experts I Savannah to give it some pressure wave in space and
everybody's taking your word for it that you're putting this enormous nuclear weapon on top of a rocket for the good of all humankind rather than for some nefarious weapon. Easing of space can see where you might have a problem here, you'd say be leading international treaties with no are more people who consists conducts state crime. In traditional ways and very quickly. On top of that, just thinking out loud do we have in place any international protocol in case something like this happens, where we have the International space treaty from nineteen sixty seven k, which mumbles this when it's really time, that's one! We're really gonna have to look haven't agreements and who's gonna build the rocket, and who's, gonna watch it and who's going to track it and who's gonna take responsibility for it. It's all so exciting. As is all of all STAR Star Talk,
and I'm your hosting my along with Jack nice. You- and I Welcome back, walk about to start talk all star additional year olds host we all know I'm here with the remarkable charming chalk. Nice. Thank you bill in the two of us. Are going to do our best to address your cosmic queries the enquiries from any where Chuck anywhere anywhere in the cosmos. That's right, you can be out there. You can in the icy north, polar region of Mercury wow, and if you can transmit to us a question that, possible in English or under the electric internet. Yet we will do our We are right here for right here, your curious and we will not be able to provide you with thermal underwear oh yeah figure of your there within
access, you probably have a good on their own closely good on them. Something to bring up the breathe and some thermals to keep you still it s worth of today by the way, if you just rejoining us we're talking about planetary defence. Yes, using the earth from getting hit with a cosmic impact Tor, fascinating subject. It really is in itself. An important year dear to us at the planetary society, the world's largest non governmental space Interest Organisation, which Embassy YO, because this is our old mission, Carl Sagan when I was in his class in the school era. We talk about the tongue. Let's go event where nineteen June thirtieth in the modern calendar. Nineteen o eight tongue, Gaskell region of Siberia, was hit with something a blue down all the trees in a moment, if that happened in a big city that would be the end of the big city air yet and
since then, a long after Carl Sagan Class, Joe also in Russia, with a big sparky thing, and a much smaller event, but nevertheless recorded on countless cameras and so on to think about, don't want to get it with an asteroid aid out. That said Jack then end, don't come back to the show, regular Those two events make me think that maybe Russia should be a little more involved in this thing. Keep in mind about Russia. First of all, say we take the earth and divided and half by hemispheres had one hemisphere, the ok as one into than Russia takes up now. In timezone. Yes, that's a third of the it's more than a third of the world right, so that former Soviet in itself is gonna head someplace, it's likely to limit their there or the Pacific. It is, in fact not if you stay true
that's a joke- everybody let's go to an umbrella, Anna Bacon, the doomsday shows shows, but about us, Let me just start this you're, just without that there be a breaks between every word that I saw talkers of America exactly. Ok, so at a says, this the doomsday shows about asteroids, always have it hitting the planet, but what and if the asteroid passed between the earth or the moon or if it tomorrow instead of the earth. Are we ve? We photographed asteroids healing the moon Ah, I mean small ones. Yes, it's a manageable ones. There asteroids of past closer to earth in moons orbit. That's happened right. Twenty twelve, I believe, is the last one, so like to worry about. Things is a great. This is great for you, right cells
far the ones it appears that close have been relatively small slots, and now this is, let's take a look. Extinction level size object Listen to your fluency extinction level says how extinction web site. That lets less. Let's go with something like a pompous wishes. The Greek would named for the greek God of anxiety, which is perfect. And the the keyhole barrels towards earth. Instead, ed allows into the moon yes the troublesome moon was, but I don't think Do anything to us. I don't think so. I m sure I m sure people have run this computer model. Ok but I dont know it so I imagine it would just Sturbed, the orbit of the moon
other than it's almost certainly would not be catastrophic life ending on the moon, because the moon seem to be lifeless, but that's a great question. I'm sure people have run that test and then what it did the moon is slowly spiralling away from us? Yes good, be hit hard enough to start slowly spiralling toward us who, who answer like a bull table, the Abbe, not awesome. What am I talking about that and of all of us, while not right away. You'd probably have ziobro millennia to give it some thought, and you know what you need to have some really beautiful nights in the meantime ended. I shudder to think of all the baby's that would by just can't even just be right here we go. This is common in says this hey bill. You huge span here.
Is wondering about the possibility of NASA's, controversial e M, DR being something that could actually work apparent It leaks, have confirmed that this is the least moving. It's at least moving along well and very Mozilla, and that it may work could we use this in planetary divergence? I don't know what an M drivers electromagnetic what's up It's now others I am drives, and Is this nuclear weapon idea or your explode a nuclear weapon behind your spacecraft? Every few seconds forward, while today then get these pressure waves of particles that push through space, but I don't know what he means by Dr. Every means electromagnetic now I think it's supposed to be some kind of new rocket ended that's right. I mentioned Morocco, your thing, then, the other one there were all hot for is I saw or electric propulsion,
dp sore electric module. So this, where you have something rising on in would form who put it a big scuba tank. You're on your spacecraft. Ah use solar power from from photovoltaic panels, make elect, the city ionize Strip, the electrons off the Xenon, have a grid akin to a window screen in few design on out the back of a spacecraft really really really fast, and we do we have, I drives drives right now, just everybody wants to build a big one, big one, and it takes a lot of, but the other thing take lot of electricity, and when you get things that big in space, it's just getting. Everything in alignment is tricky, but here's. The idea, although each of Xenon or Argon or whatever in camera gas, you're gonna. U or but you're gonna use. Although
what is very low mass, each individual, Adam they're, going so fast, twenty four seven out the back of the space. Graph tat you can go really really fast. Much faster is generally presumed than you can with just a regular chemical rocket cause. It's never stops rights, on all the time? That's what happened and we use I android. What we want to people want to build a really big one. Ok, all right, ices is Jason. Elaborate. Jason says this using asteroids to destroy asteroids oh, that's like so out their act, one asteroid, so its gravity merges and answered another asteroid at my friend shark. That would be to words markets rocky sides, harnessing s
where's the planetary like orbit, keeping the proverbial lease until we need to grasp them into an uncommon ass? That's that's! Pretty are another idea for you for you, asteroid buffs is good. An asteroid with a big enough solar panel and yet to be figured out system did dig the ice off the asteroid or comment Terry Body comet like body, volatile zap the ice into liquid water and then into hydrogen and oxygen html. Electricity over months or years. I then, when you need to deflect an asteroid, you recombine those into rocket and now the right, the asteroid heads it has its own rocket. For you take your rocket from one icy asteroid to the one you want to deflect all out there and deep orbital space. That is
market science people, it's cool to speculate, but quite difficult thing to do now. You know what is it somewhere difficult but another level so much one but said the widening: in the waiting room now has a rubber chicken with pneumatic system that makes it grow. We took this rising use of that verb, makes a chicken roost makes it is about makes it make a sound. Yes, let's try your question and the lightning round shown whose Emily charm, by I don't know the chicken to Vienna and I'm such it. I'm such a juvenile person. What can I say are we're we're guys, let's get right to the lightning rod, with NASA more likely losing funding, which will likely year, which will likely happy which agents,
of defence? Will we see an increased budget for four like Seti, or will Russia or Japan increase funding to their knees? The programme. Now here's the thing freaking out about? Are we going to have enough workers in the future Us Cosmo's, the russian space Agency doesn't have as many rockets to sell There are as many rockets other agency goes down. Japan is work and all the time to maintain its space agency because they have other concerns there in Japan. Populaces shrinking and people. There are freaking out about our will have enough workers in the future, and so you're gonna have to allow immigration while such crises, but with that said Talk is takings earth science out of mass and putting it into Noah, and if the, if it was zero sum. It is to see if they really took just transferred money rather than slashings risings lashing. Everything would be ok.
What do you think the chances are of everything being ok in the next four years? I must tell you another one: let's take another. One here We go Alan. Ass GO says: Mister nigh. How deep should I build my bunker and how much food water should I store, since the only other option is to try to get a front rose seat out an asteroid impact asteroid impasse. Much as you want carry out there, you go. Chris Murchison says this, which is more feasible trying to fit how to stop the impact or learning how to survive. One surviving, I think, is a stone drag just that's upon I don't think you can survive a catastrophic asteroid impact. Were there your system around the world has been completely upset. A small one. Just makes soon just makes your name ass ever states a few coastal cities. Ok, maybe
a dinosaur, killing ancient asteroid type thing no nope carry on get about it. Now they go so you re, prevention, is it or words I said? Was your class, it's a low probability, high consequences bent and man well down partial, We shook him up, as you did say. We have them. John Parker says this, MR, nor would it be feasible to send some oil rigs roughnecks armed with nuclear warheads, training to an asteroid to blow it up. If so, what would be the actual outcome in your opinion? Would work we'd get another so asteroid on a different trajectory? There would be just as much trouble you Jane. Peters, would like to know. There's hey bill We use sonic technology to break them up. There's air and space transmit sounds. However,
fluid mechanics is such that the particles coming off a nuclear blast can be modeled like a sound wave. It's a different thing benefits and really sound, no real south, a sound wave model like that. Day ago, better read this is to read it. I'm sorry we got a minute ago willing that's all says hello, Doctor we need science in Guatemala is help us. To that end. The planetary report we're trying to get a translated into spanish total, be a little easier for guatemalan subscribers to enjoy both. The website and the paper magazine so we're doing our best to the north, to enable our neighbours to the south to know and appreciate the cosmos and replace within a nice
We give that a chicken scream only seconds shall we go make five field says I love you. Could we use solar sales and an army of solar sales to effectively turn a meteor into space like a sort of. So what do we do as drape sore sailed material onto the asteroid and change its trajectory? The other thing we want to do is use lasers powered by sunlight, sadly, asteroid and cause it to deflect. That's it for our show on cosmic Raise upstart, argonauts chalk nice here with your guest. All star owes bill my this then start. Please keep looking wish. You'd, listen! The star talk, commercial free, joint start, talking,
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