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Cosmic Queries: Exploration

2013-03-28 | 🔗
In this Cosmic Queries episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson answers fan questions about exploration, from the depths of the ocean to the outer reaches of the galaxy and even to other dimensions.

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode commercial free welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now, and you start heart radio, on your hosting the elder Grass Thyssen and astrophysicist with the American Museum of Natural history right here in New York City, and I also service the director of the Hayden Planetarium come there's some time and you can tell the front desk there. You know me and you listen. You start talking, though, still charge you to come in, but one and all are welcome and I'm here with my cost for the day Leon
Thirdly, I welcome back faced me. Oh, how are we should move in? I really say my god. I love it here. Yes, in Vienna, professional comedian, together, that's what you black pay! Your rent offer this rent the cable, I'm still a lodging? Let em bootlegging everything I brought her on because we're in the cosmic queries part of STAR talk Radio, sometimes I think of it as start talk after hours or after our its It's where your questions come to us and we solicit them in advance. They come from all manner of social media, sometimes twitter, sometimes We have a phone number. You can lay down your question also on Facebook, so Let's get right in and the topic today's exploration yesterday, exploration of land, sea, air and space? Yes, it covers the game, it is also perhaps exploration of mine, but maybe that's it
sure that's another shot. I will do that, and so are you gotta go I haven't seen him before now and if I can answer them as a next, Hopefully none of these well completely stump you, ok, we're lines go, could not a stump session highly just what do I know one half measure we are rapidly in a sector that is a give back, our yes and while we will start to give back when Dave, Matthew, Scott and are you another three name person. Another three named person idea refuse got near the grass tat is not what I well in that case, and we and Sherry Lord left, sharing, I do very, like sharing ready, was wearing the dresser ready regretting. I will Dave Matthew. Scott snow of humans were to travel frequently into space. In your opinion, what is the most practical way to achieve this by, for example, space elevator have real merit or are we stuck with chemical rocket
was allowed in that. Yes, there I saw it all comes out. How cheaply can you do it right now? You want you want to get your, but into, basis, twenty million dollars and the Russian. We'll sell your seat. Nasa was not into selling seats because I think it was between you and me. No tell anybody fucking between a note microphone trap listening everybody. I think NASA wanted to retain the right stuff image that the astronauts or the right stuff and if you can just fork of twenty million and go Are you the right stuff? Will you I suppose you have the money not because you had moral, fibre or physical fortitude. So I think there is some protecting of the astronaut I can If you going on there and Russia, they simply in care, you got to get the money, you do it so
the real capitalist here, everybody go, go our sworn enemy of the Cold war and communist is now charge us to get up into space, so that price has to come down just a bit, or at least a coupon you don't you could do? You can have a lottery and the winner gets to fly in space I'd. Certainly I buy a bunch, a lottery tickets. For that opportunity. I put my name in her right right and although they have its away to still afford something, that's expensive before it becomes really inexpensive and common and doable. There was a day where few to fly in an airplane was was reserved for only the most privileged people. The world is there were many airplanes and who is expensive, and thus there is a risk of risk involved, so I can for today, where access to space is so routine and so that the price has dropped with its it optional vacation destination say saying there's going to be a coach class
I'm going to be monitoring your carry on. You know: they're in Florida, there's an active space port organization that wants to make sure that Florida becomes the vacation destination for space tourism just as it is the number one destination for tourism in the country, primarily through all of the scene parks in Orlando, so they have the infrastructure for it. As for handling high crowds on vacation, so they want to do this for travelling back and forth to space as well as space elevator would be cool. That's a space platform suspended above the equator. Twenty three thousand miles up above you don't from from Earth Centre and it orbits at just the same rate. The earth turns who so it appears to hover over earth's surface even earlier, both moving you plus it. But if you both moving at the aims or Angola rate, then it is as though it hovers right there and then it is lower and lower down a cable hoist herself up and you get into orbit from
cost of an elevator ride, rather than the chemical rockets that we now use that this would probably the first cheap way to do it, but I hope that we just gets it becomes a competitive with go into the Bahamas. Could then I'd still be going into spell absolutely yeah? Building up my frequent flyer miles south of our I wouldn't mind trip man, how many prickly a frequent space miles, Linley that would work with Algeria right? I have another three named person, Daniel Tank Astals, out Eric tank middle named ass rare did what should my job, tank wants to know, since NASA has been working on the iron propulsion. Thrusters. More frequently, how much longer you think we will need to wait until they we use want to send us to neighbouring planet, so I'm proportionate. So what you heard is a mini nuclear reactor that heats up a gas and that gas exe
I and I saw the gas. It means it rip off. Electrons from the added I mean, that's, all I need is a means ripping electrons Offer the atom in the autumn dense would allow the atom an electron live together in a soup normally, the atoms gravel their electrons back, and you have a regular gas. You heated up the electrons get ripped off you, have a gas where there is free, electrons, roaming, around running, running free and that's a plasma. We have what is called the plasma and astrophysical plasma, and this kicks out ions kicks amount you can set up a cavity out one end, a very fast moving ion flies out that end. That's your exhaust for your in and you recoil from the flow of that I am at the back of your spaceship. Ok, now you might say well how fast
can I get you if it's just an atom? The point it is the recoil of your ship from the Adam is higher per amount amass that you're trying to move than any other form that we have so ion propulsion. Accelerate you slowly, but very efficiently, and so I am propulsion would be better not to me. Humans around the solar system, but to send cargo in advance of where you are headed hackers who cares alone takes a cargo to get there. You know you got places to go. People to see the cargo can take, however along well, you send the cargo ion. We say new chemical and you're good to go landing on the beach with them.
You're, ready waiting for listening to start operator we gotta take a break, will be right back of cosmic wary. We're back start hot radio on your hosting the overdraft, hasten manifesto physicist with in studio landlord leave me. Thank you, your twitter person, I love to enough. The twin oversized. Do I love the twitter? I really do isn't an interesting place. I love it. There are some very interesting people. I don't what it means.
It's someone in this universe, birth. Ok, how gang is the dating seen that part in person like that? I accept the centre. The latter's my twitter made a lot of star talk fans out our excellent answer, just to get it right: you're Ellie, I e g h a and yet Liane Lord Ella lordy. Yet the value without one word onward name- and I follow you, so I like your words today, especially thank you and start talk. We tweet star, talk, radio and also You can find us on the web at STAR Talk, Sartori, radio, dot net and on Facebook Look for start radio where there you can like us so today, of this our cosmic queries after our my favorite is my favorite, my favourites to, and wit, we're talking about exploration, and these are questions sent in by the by the Listeners STAR talk yes and they knew the topic was exploration of land, sea, air and space so bring it on, and I haven't seen these questions before so
I don't know the have something to say next. Well, then, I will give you the next question from James Philips, James Elles. I wonder if Mr Thyssen believes and interstellar probe to office in Tories feasible with real world technologies such as fusion or vision propulsion, oral, laser, boosted, solar sale, you're in fact go first. Yes, I could have done that we can. I try so have for centuries the nearest star system to the sun. It is not itself a star. Most people don't know that it is a triple sources and the nearest at so two stars orbit each other in a third orbits. Those too and the nearest star in that system is called proximate century aptly named If you know your lands at Latin, a Greek proximate,
I think a sudden I do wish. We can probably wrong. I was well we'll. Take it and approximate century is four point one light years away. So if you were sat on a beam of light, we watched you take this journey. It would we would sit around four four point, one years before and one tenth before you arrive, if you backed up by the speed of light, but the question was without technology, what could work? ass. The space ship we have ever launched is the mission to PLUTO the new horizons ship. Why was it the fastest we ve ever launched because the first rule of scientific experiments you want to be able to conduct the experiment before you die, so so that this so they they created a relatively small low mass probe and put it on the biggest rockets. We have to get it out there as fast as possible. Astronauts. Three days to reach the moon it took this, it took,
horizons upon being launched from earth took about six hours to cross the orbit of the moon. That's all things book and a right. So if I put you on that spaceship, and didn't aim to PLUTO, and I isolate send it to office ensuring it would take about seventy five thousand years next question well. If the question is what I'm gonna need, a really big suitcase here, can you get the boy had to go with a set of very fertile people so that multiple generations down the line they will arrive and they will be your distant descendants. Yes, so all of these methods. Yes, ion drive and nuclear drives. That can speed up a bit. You maybe you'll, get there ten thousand years you not get in there and a year. We don't. We don't have the power to do this. Yet. Ok, we got really and away from what drives and wormholes and things that right now live only inside
section VI and don't worry at Fault space Foma from Dune Fold space. What kind of I draw criteria exactly I'm not sure which predates which button and you doing with the moon was nineteen. Eighty with books liking fifties. I think so that's predating STAR Trek pleaded STAR Trek. That's right Are you ready for another five years before it? Alright, this is from our radishes routine relating sixties. We need a fracture in this I ve the novel I think about, but we're gonna think that your are the next She is from Rob Stiller and one is no? Has anyone ever tried launching a craft out of our galaxy, and how would you figure out the exact speed and best points to leave our galaxy? Will you not interesting questions? Rage left first, the first or galaxies huge got a hundred billion stars in homage to Carl Sagan. Their bill billion stars? You like that?
We do it again, billions and billions of stars Those that there was a word tailor made for Carl Sagan and the universe right that all is a threesome there Our galaxy wanna leave our She presumably want to go somewhere to their interesting destinations outside of organic we are too two nearest galaxies were first written down. Described by Magellan, and he thought they were just clouds in the sky? That was what a permanently affixed to the sky and to this day he call the magellanic clouds. Ok, one of them is origin. One of them is small, so we call the large one. The large Magellanic classed as a small one. The small magellanic clouds and want to be in the lingo. Anyone impress an amateur astronomy say: have you seen the Elam see or the SSC sailor? That's what they are in their abbreviated while actually sounds better, that these are nearby dwarf galaxies where or awesome star formation is going on in them. They're very good,
Yes and you make stars out of gas clouds and their cranking, and so it would be a good place to visit then, if you wanna go to than the nearest sort of full red, blooded, Galaxy, Billy and Drama Galaxy, two million light years away, and that so far, but is the closest big will spiral galaxy like us, it's a little more muscle than we are, but its otherwise, our twin nobody when or what you mean by that more muscle nor muscled it's more mass, its without eager, but it has the same shape ology as we do. It's a spiral: Galaxy, ok with spiral, arms and a nucleus and supermassive black hole in its centre, as we have a supermassive but is much lower mass to send you a black hole envy you know when they hear of their battles bigger than our black hole. If you want to go places who are the people who say that, where are you hanging out, I'm not worried about your social life. Black hole, envious people, so so so there you have it
destinations, but, of course again we need ways to get there and which way would you go? I would go along you would you would Why not take advantage of the rotation rate of the galaxy launch yourself in the direction of the solar system is already headed. Then you get the boost of the speed of the solar system, which is a couple hundred kilometers per second over. This approximately one. Our speed is, and so then you had whatever gets you in that direction. That's it! That's that's why we try to launch close to the equator, because births rotation is faster, the equator than it higher latitude you're, going about a thousand miles an hour at the equator, at where we are hearing about eight hundred
thousand our due east, you going slower, and we knew that I did not hear him. Did the complete blank look of shoddy. I wasn't. There was a blank look of Jacques, so you want to take advantage of the speech that the cosmos gives you and so want site want to be near the equator. It's in my revealing my ignorance about get fired. If I have such a basic question, why are we faster at the equator yeah? So so the hates the whole earth is rotating as a solid, object. Okay, so so so watch what happens? The equator goes once around the earth, one day, right, you're standing on the equator, and how far is that? So you take out, though, the tape as a measure of the waste line of the earth? It's about twenty five thousand miles You did that on one day, didn't you and how many hours in the day, twenty four hour so around it about a thousand miles an hour. Ok, just rounding it round thousand Walter Now we're we're in New York City were not of the equator.
Circle that New York City makes around earths. Axis is not as big. As the circle you make if you're at the equator right, because we are closer to the pole and where I got around object, and so our circle is little. Yet we still go around the earth in twenty four hours was so going slower? We have to be maybe he'll kill you gotta wear Santa. Is he just sitting, there say its signature. Turning once a day, He's moved the slowest. Why he's not going too far miles an hour because his circle around the North pole is small or not circle little workers he's on the north pole. Ok, away from the North pole. How big is that circle, but through the pie, our square carry the two that circle is pie times two feet in circumference:
Ok, I put you once put away from the North Pole pie times two feet: that's how far that is. Ok, that's like six and a half cept. Six is a little bit more than six feet. Don't sit by sixty six feet. You do so feet in twenty four hours, can't move much lower than that now. So, if you want something into space, you want to exploit, rotation, speed of the earth you want you from the equator- is your best bet. Why do you think we launch from Florida and not from main I thought the rent was cheap, regret. Sorry, but very like a new Yorker. You got it! Thank you. You know it's been so long answering that question time for second one in this house, we, but we got what we want more and more segments coming here. Listening to start operating, the cosmic worries part will be back in a moment ago, secret for you
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posed to me by landlord are in house comedian of the day after the end, thanks for being on start up now, thank you for having so you tweet. You know I tweet, I know you tight, we turn I mean we do we treat me, but only if I earn it, don't don't do it just wanted you to good quality to let their brain droppings. Mostly they just thoughts. I always use. Have any way, and now I get a placed, flattened, there's a poorer here. We are lucky for sharing them with all who want to give it attention, but your tweets. I learn where you are in the country where you do you're routines and now that's great to follow you that way. So you got more questions for me.
I've seen these you're picking them yourself, region yourself, the into the question box. What and next step is from Keith Clinton and keeps us do you ever think we'll have enough energy to explore the higher dimensions and, as that pursuit translate able to our explorations in space, for example, could be allayed, see become the engine for a thousand year ship, no northwest actual. We don't know how to get out of our own dimensions. We just have no clue assuming they are our dimensions and modern physics suggest that that's likely and we only have access to the three spatial dimensions and we are prisoners in the fourth dimensions. That would be time can be prisoners of time because we are forever locked in the present transitioning from the past into the future. We don't have access to the past.
So you got more questions for me. I got you and I have seen these you're picking them yourself reach into the question box. When I am, and next up is from Keith Clinton. Move up. You can move down, you can move forward, you can move back, you can move within. A coordinate system of space slight, but not in the current system of time and modern physics suggested there more dimensions than just these four that there's another six, possibly another, seven dimensions really We don't know how to access those dimensions and if you want to go to a dimension, that is not even a part our world. What would that even mean? There's a book written about this? I forget, lay eighteen, hundreds of course Flatland by Edwin Abbot. We need a fact chequered to get the right year that this was eighteen, lady teen eighties, eighteen, ninety four find out flatland by Edwin, Abbot, ok and it described a world where you had people who were shape
So you are triangle and I'd be a square and someone else would be Pentagon. When fact your status, in society were as measured by how many corners you had me, you had so circles got no death. You are certainly doing. I know so yeah one side that go around, so our in house fact Checkers Edwin, Abbot, eighteen. Eighty four not remember tat pretty good when Europe now is mandate. Eighteen, eighty four, in fact I've just been recently been asked to write a guess: forward to a new edition. The sort of ay ay, a new printing of of that book, a stone print and its it explores what this community of shapes do when one of them pops out of their world and sees three dimensions. They don't see a triangle anymore. They see a pyramid, the square,
since you square anymore sees a cube and it's it's mine blowing when you think about it, because there's a whole other way seeing information about what's sitting there right in front of you, and so I It could be mine blowing if any of us pop out of our demand and saw a higher dimension, what they would even mean that would feel like and in given how their and our senses are. Could we really perceive that properly? Our senses have no waiting to embrace with wow. It might be that way wait even describe it, because our brains are orange done. You know the plains of its Serengeti, distinguishing were which will eat us from that we and eat ourselves, and that is the structure of our brain and so to embrace a higher dimension? I wouldn't know how to get there, and if we did, I would know how might have to bring a poet with you a line that resemble some other time it made in the movie contact
and fosters character, went and visited the alien and she couldn't describe it. She said. I wish I d brought a poet that without being focused, but you, when you run out of words, you need a poet at arms reach who can take over for you. Finally, a job so we don't know how to get there, and if we did, we don't know how to act. There you go Leslie answered, requested our rights. The next question is from Matt Valdez Valdez aware it was by the way, if you could access at another special. Mentioned yeah. You could never be contained within a prison trail. You have to have dimensionality of the prison matching your access to those dimension. So in other words, are you alright? you bet incarceration, so we're gonna get there and for all that, we need to increase, the rate somebody I so I produced around your by six walls. I mean to ceiling for four walls around you, sick sides and you're in prison. The euro- that's like this by taking an end
This sort of only knows the page on which it walks and drawing square around it that you are in prison- What can I do can step out of the page and go over the square and come back out the other side, but they had to access a higher, mention to do that. The third dimension, Lock, you in a prison cell. If you have access to the fourth dimension to step into it, go out of the cube and then stepped back into your step. Out of your three dimensions into higher dimension then stepped back in
outside of this cell. That previously kept you imprisoned, whom this is almost spilling, might be the purpose of the gunslingers Series that Stephen Kingdoms, oh Adam, and for him at the dawn of time incredibly Gloody or connected, we gotta finish up. The signet Lamborn has Mccormick when you start operating.
Where there are taught radio cosmic varies portion, Julianne new tweet, you know right. We too, I know you'd. Let me that Neil Tanks- and I love you too- will thank you between you. U mostly cosmic brain droppings, you know there is no point to most of them, but they just the thoughts I have anyway and now I have a place to just put him so and we're lucky for. Oh thank you thank you, but you're tweet. I followed because the dude not only twinkle stuff, but I've learned where you are in the word. Yes, oh that's that's great and occasionally you here in the Middle EAST, I can't I'm gonna troop I'm in ITALY is or how can achieve switch. I love what a legacy that is to congratulate them on their fate. So you got another question. What these are questions left to us on Facebook and these on explorations?
I have a question for Matt Valdez and he wants to wants to the noises near what your outlook on the future of space travel, especially the prospect of manned Mars missions following issues election, and what do you think the future? NASA is if it stays on the course it is now pair. You were a book on this if you could just chuck it thanks, I'd be lasers. Combated handbook will not lazy, but a nice plug cheap plug. Your the book is space chronicles facing the ultimate frontier. So or is really all about that, but you ll have to read the book you can saw talk that I gave that you can see a talk that I gave four c span book tv go on my website. Look for book tv and and and then you have to buy the book. You just listen to me talk about! It is the only book talk. I gave on that on that on that book, but Jack and summarised cause for the benefit of this listening audience the? In the light of the recent election results, Obama gets reelected Obama's, has a plan for NASA he's been accused of not having a plan or killing them?
You ve been accused of ruining NASA right and an, but it's nothing but he's been accused of Rio it was about to say whether there is a lot on that was. It was nothing with those of the NASA item on that list. Ok page eighty seven right so has been accused of, for example, killing NASA, because at the end of the space shuttle programme hidden in the space shuttle programme, those preordained by a board that was set up to analyse, has the Columbia disaster, the spatial of broke up on re, entering the atmosphere, and why did that happen? What is what is the cause cow? Can we make sure it doesn't happen again? Aboard was set up this under the watch of bush and what do we find out? They call for the ending the phasing out of a special. Does deeming it too dangerous. Any aging fleet will not allow access to low earth orbit with these safety record. We want and require two half. So Obama inherits this
so we end the spatial under his watch technical, so he gets blamed for that. I find them irrational. People understand He had nothing to do with. However, what he does have I want to do with. Is his own space plan going forward and I was there when he announced it. I've been Kennedy Space Center, he comes in. Why does he know the man come on man? He does have. Swag comes off air force, one. You know struts down the steps and he had a buzz Aldrin with him tonight, so they come in and he described plant. What is it? You said something interesting that we see the pause at the time. He said you know which we're planning to go back to the moon now, but really cuz. That's what's in play! That's what's in place out of the Bush and so it was like a wee planning replanting little but wait a minute. We been there done that
I paraphrase weep. I felt that you ve got the better, but we ve been to the moon. So why not put our sights farther? Let's think about Mars, asteroids deep space So I want to rearrange NASA so that its next place it goes, is not the moon but Mars and beyond that global state was aggravation. Sounds great crystalline. First time I ever heard. President talk about vision and asteroids and going in deep space. So this on a good an end, so but then I thought to myself: wait a minute afterwards, I say: wait, there are people now designing rockets to get us to the moon. Now. I'm gonna go to the moon, to these engineers and the whole workforce that was tool to make this happen to lose their jobs. I value police and that's what happened. Just does not sign this, not just NASA jobs, its jobs within the industry that supports NASA Lockheed Martin and Boeing.
In all these good, the aerospace infrastructure, it's a web of the country that's right, and so so. So what is the future? about his plan will have astronauts going to Mars, but when, in the twenty twenty two twenty thirty's, thinking that president to be named later on a budget not yet established, leaving me very low confidence that his plan I want NASA's budget to be high enough, so we have to stretch out this research going into the new propulsion gotta get us to Mars, Gimme a real budget. Let's make it happen, now so we can go to Mars work it out, a timescale that we can all talk about,
energized society here? Listening to start on radio, the cosmic queries we'll be right back. You're back already yielded last year with the annual word: hey, you prefer commedia comedian. I will take either with it with whatever field, whatever feels right, tea or Courts Mart Babe. I like that one Manu Funny, baited Mini Mart Funny Bay. You got it, you got it. Oh, you are reading to me questions cosmic queries because, as the cosmic queries part start or radio talking. All about exploration of land Sea air in space. So give me one. I haven't seen these questions before Nope since, from TIM Coups D? Are
and I said recently director James Cameron, your body we had a running yeah nice guy over the sinking, didactic little pissed off, but he fixed the sky for the three d release. After I told him, we care the wrong sky and that is the power of NEO. The grass tat. No, is the power of publicly be embarrassed to find out that he put the wrong sky above that, but I mean if that's that's, that's another whole show your recently director James Cameron made news doing a deep dive in Marietta's, trench and Annabel illustrates the deepest part of its crest. Thank you and you know where that is now just off the coast of the Philippines. I thought it was broken, a noun and an event that had not taken place for decades. Why? Apparently, people have been there for decades had not yet the ocean is easier to explore than space, because it's right here, why haven't we more and more of it who have to ashes for first is not easier.
To explore than space. No proximity is not what matters here. What matters is what happened? do you have something goes wrong? Ok, that's? U want to figure this out so at the bottom of the Marianas trench, it's five or six miles below water. The pressure outside of the vessel that goes down there. If a cracked develops in the vessel you're rushed in recently by the water pressure that surrounds you ouch instantly, and I have to do a back the envelope calculation to find out how, pressure. It is, but it is Juris and it is dark and it is all about ok space. What's the pressure difference between your capsule in space is less than one atmosphere,
So you know you can view, can go and space with just so you know and oxygen tank and assume an oppressive. Yet you wanna pressure suit, so that you know, but by a scar, scarf tat kind of thing. Chileans me, so so, but so the real answer to that is its as easy going to the deep deaths the ocean, as it may sound, simply because they are very close to just because close doesn't make mean it's easy to get to work hard at first of all, but there's a better answer to this: a more accurate answer answer: if spaces, cooler, AIDS, spaces cool, it's just a cooler place to go now my biased, I tell you, I M not biased, ready you ready for this year and you're. The ocean augur fur and you stand up in front of beef graters and you say, come with me. The bottom of the ocean. Its awesome we ve never been there before they might be life forms. We never find new species new plant life. It's dark
its awesome and look. You gotta designers, that the capital that will go down? Ok, fine! Then I can, behind you ready on one of the moons of Jupiter called Europa. There is an ocean of liquid or water, spent liquid for billions of years? They might be alien life through living there, and I want to go ice fishing on Europa Jupiters Moon, whose with me, I win, win everytime. Why were you Norman I'll just you say you want to study volcanoes, their cool, their active there hot and there's an actor. Over here Pinatubo in the Philippines, and there's this and company- and I say mars- has the largest vote hey. No in the solar system. There's a volcano on. One of the moons of Saturn that hurled chunks of ice? It's an ice Vulcan but that we still don't understand who is with me. I win wow.
I win every time. So the issue here is: we should really do the frontiers of science, all of them, because we for there is unknown, we oughta be able will have a funded programme with scientists exploring it, but if the funding becomes a popularity kind asked you just gonna lose because space is just call must admit that ok, hey, I I see you're cool space invasion, the little mermaid can I do that now so space or by the way in space now has sorted geopolitical consequences and strategic consequences is the new high ground? No one ever fought for the new hope, so space has Miller, every drivers at the bottom of the ocean doesn't any longer it once did by the way. Did you know that the separation of that of the MID Atlantic Ridge which birth the evidence for continental drift that was mapped and
discovered by the Navy to try to understand where you gonna hide a submarine at the bottom of the ocean and and and which also and when they laid the transatlantic cable for communications for commercial purposes. Yet to understand what the four look like these maps supplied by the Navy, so back, then the C4 was a strategic commodity. It's not so much, not not so much today. Ok, so do you while so coolness wins efforts of? But I don't want sized we're popularity contacts, but I am saying it is limited funds and you want to get people interested in being scientists space. It's it's got to geology. It's got the Ashraf, six has got the engineering, it's got all the frontiers of science applied to space. Then you can spend Often do the good stuff to do good work down here on earth. We gotta come to a close with star talk there.
Require ease. We have thanks for joining me again, Nanking grabbing. I knew I love it even listening to start or radio virtue is in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. As always, I merely ratification personal astrophysicist you to keep looking wish. You can listen to start talking, racial free joint start compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot, coms. Last star talk, radio,
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