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Cosmic Queries: Funding Space Exploration

2014-09-28 | 🔗
How important is it to fund space exploration? Find out when Bill Nye, CEO of the Planetary Society, returns as guest host to answer fan questions, along with Eugene Mirman and NASA astronaut Mike Massimino.Read more and

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now to star talk, radio, I'm your host bill lie the science guy today's Eugene Merman global Waiters, Neil Meal yeah, Thyssen Digress, Thyssen yeah he's busies gone, he asked me to sit in, but I am do my best to have good posture off where this today Eugene is. Mass amino from NASA, unlike many of us, flown in space, call a mass yeah. That's good colleague mass due to be her bill.
How you doin Eugene, good good, to say MIKE Mike you you're in New York I am I I'm at Columbia, University. I'm teaching a space related course introduction human space flight, Let me ask you this. So there ask away. This is the introduction. The human spirit. That's right. There isn't like two hundred to tend to. Hundred level courses. How many courses do I taken human space? Why? This is the introduction, so we'll start with this, and it will see how does one go via can one at a time if you take that, I was well well, we'll see where we want to go from here. Is that enough to kind of go and like how much more than your class? What I need to go into you would need a lot, but all of us need a lot a lot, but this will give you the basics of what you need to learn say. I took your class and, had I don't know, eighty five billion dollars with that to get with those two things between eighty five billion you dont need my class. In fact, I would recommend a one day the muddy now. In that case, I would say, don't waste your time if you forgot away
They make eighty five million dollars and you want to spend it on a space flight. I would go straight to that option. Ok. Gentlemen. Sorry now, let's go it couldn't be better. This is the cosmic queries edition of starch on radio and we have queries, from out there from the social media. Yes from Facebook, Twitter probably photos uninstall grasp of questions the tumblr, all the thing, all those things that kid's or using electric computer machines exalted heads marijuana now nervously. So My understanding is Eugene of radios a visual medium out. There he's got some papers yeah. I have some papers with people. Questions of people wrote in about NASA planetary. Science funding and I'm going to read them browser Let's try wanna do it. Will Burke asks what is the biggest stumbling block for NASA get funding? Is its stubborn
legislators, science, illiteracy or other factors. What's the best way, we can change it mass. I think that now What does it does get funding? We always could use more yeah take his general. You know yet, but I think it's just how we, how we value things you know if we would value the science that comes out of the space program more, I think people would be willing to the pain Exploration International. I think a lot of people dont understand all the things at NASA. Does water water like internet the sitting, one thing international cooperation, you never mind, I think, of NASA with international cooperation, but a lot of this. The assize programmes we have actively international space station is internet. It's called The international varies very hard to make friends with Russia on this planet, but if you just go a little into space, everybody, readily well look about. When I was a kid, we weren't necessarily front friends with the Russians, the Soviet Union, the? U S or in a cold war and yeah. We fly into space with these people all the time
these are really good friends with American Michael. I think that's one benefit that people don't realize. The other thing everybody for me, science is important and I will send a science guy after all, but would the space program brings us. Is this optimism when you have it these programme? No matter what country you are you believe your society believes many people believe that any problem can be solved. We can put a man on the moon, we can make a car that goes around a thousand miles. We can do anything in there why all these countries I do not think of his having space programmes that you fly with software, what have you, Australia on the back of the The Canadian Brazil has a space programme of yet more causing harm the IRA, the tone of his voice, the dangerous way added them. I'm glad. No, no, you just leave it you're crazy. Why? Yes, because they know the value of having people running around in your society, doing space solving space problems yet and
for me, as the executive director, ceo planetary society. Is George yeah. Well is the a planetary sciences where these new problems are being solved trying to land a car on Mars is an extraordinary undertaking and When you go to solve, problems have never been saw before you just innovate, can't be helped so that's need. The value is sowing politicians of all sides of the of the executive, the judicial and the and the congressional representative on the value of space exploration. So that's that, because the last part of my question was what's the best way, we can change it. What are like say, vulgar three things we are devoting vote on view. The way the people vote on particular she's vote on the issue of sites. That's right well spent space on its most. Yes, so people say
Why are you exploring Mars? Will you gonna find? We don't know that's why we're exploring we're gonna, probably find the technology to make even better cellphones. That's people know that's that's actually, young people to have a voice in this, for example the Hubble space Telescope, which was, I think, a very good combination of human spaceflight, an planetary science with Jerry, oh yeah. Oh the smart people at outcome over the describing it had some problems, yet Dwight athletes of exit, that's reliable with they can't they had cancelled the last servicing mission it that was lucky. Beyond the consulate in they gap brought back mainly because of public outrage. This is listening your bill, I'm sure it's a big part of that unwanted Hubble effects of when you are only. If we have a voice, we could only trick allocated the bombing something in outer space, we'll be there. She started. The whole thing was the ultimate high ground. We digress, yes, a vote. Person on the who asked the question and yet changed world. Ok, here's the next question from Chris Van Gandhi should, in the rest of the government, be begging NASA
money. While this is the only question you see, if it's not do space exploration worker I'd clean water for people who don't have it or provide education, for girls and women so that they raise the standard of living and improve the quality? Why, for all citizens everywhere, it's not one or the other, is not NASA or build a new baseball stadium. You have to do everything all at once. Re also doesn't NASA investing. Inessa, then literally has a very good return right in terms of the money that governments spend and it's not very much less than one penny of Europe Tax dollar. The arrows tenacity point four: percent and furthermore, also in addition to continue number is three dollars and sixty cents for every dollar that goes into NASA. You get three dollars and sixty cents back, that's pretty good! That's really is very good to young. People will argue that high ways or slightly larger, but high waste in general do not lead to innovation and space exploration does some for the future. It's it's about the future
innovations. What's gonna drive the economy so Eddie you guys pretty soon. We can take a brave sold me on air. We gotta take a break, but I want you all to out there to visit Redoubled carries out star talk, radio dot net treatise on Twitter at STAR Talk radio. Check out Eugene Mormon at Eugene Merman check out my at Astro Score MIKE. What about his charge? Hardware. Your bill lie. The science guy gets toasted, my beloved colleague, Neil digress. Thyssen. I'm here with your favorite Eugene Merman and every these favoured Ashura, MIKE Moss Amino call a mass, and
This is the cosmic Query Edition of STAR Talk Radio and we your queries from the cosmos is there is very strong evidence that all of these question so from people within our universe maybe not we'll find out. Take one. Let's, let's go William Dyke asks what are some of the current and future strategies of private eye space travel, verses, those of NASA or other government based space programmes. What is different about their strategies and why? What types of missions or projects You see these two sides carrying out fifty or a hundred years from now who that's a lot of questions as a lot of stuff. Terrified of only asking one clear question is of a peace, though, is all one thing: the differences when people started exploring space at NASA they weren't trying to make money. The model idea is that you can make money in space now people make a lot of money in space with communication satellites I don't want to
fuck you all, but there's this business of the National Security Agency and their certain spy satellites and there's a lot of whether satellites in those data are sold like crazy, theirs alone. The money in rain. Yes right there is, if your farmer ya, you arrive great fascination and so on with that said there extraordinary ideas. Let's go, get an asteroid and pull back the platinum. Yet but, where those people believe they can make money, but note well, accompanied. Space sex or so in about a space oars ex corporation these companies? take money from the: U S, government to promote or develop their rockets. Stand alone business. Yet Did you get involved in? That's not reality. We work in the three the companies that are trying to get us back to the with people wanting yeah International Space station with astronauts mention a couple exe.
Who's here, Nevada and bowing or we haven't seen her in a vodka- is not a soda company. No its not now it's not it's. Governesses, ok of the Holy who provide beverages on their spate of venture led water. He has had a question is: are you guys really drink Tang? We drink what we call Orange flavoured drink because, the name you mentioned no brazing is a brain arrive exactly so everything we have like. Let's, let's take a chance, Q Tipp again is not a curative? It's a cotton swab assembly, firstly, and we're really gives it a c. I say it's a cotton. Progress. I see I say, but we it, but we want to make sure we know what it is could see a sacred. Also we can any space agency or our immunity supported your computer, and you know you know to really gets confusing, though, is when you need to take like any kind of medicine, because it's all got that does have the brand names you don't know, but men are allowed to every brands and space and just not say them like a view.
Perhaps a candy per head, that's it! I don't even that's right where we have certain candy bars that you could, that we have certain candy is very popular greatest smolny can float them yet and we call them candy. Co candy cover chocolate, you'll call W double Is it just like that? In fact, this guy squash, like everything, has its a generic name. Guess what we haven't generic made for that product, which is orange labour drink, aren't flavoured, saw while you are your orange labour drink, it is to be hoped that soon you will get up into microgravity, yet by means of Rockets not built exclusively by NASA Correct and that's what no way a NASA has worked with. Contract was right from the very beginning, with some of the big of a contract has wrought rock, where, with national, for example,
the old joke. You got to the moon on the lowest bidder, that's correct! All the party diagram in all these companies all work together to build spaceships funded by the government. So there is some government funding going into those those private companies as well. So I think it's a good partnership, I think knows, as bill said they're trying to make money so this can be a very, very exciting time and I'm notice it. It might make my position at Columbia with all these young, smart, kidneys. Kids are lot smarter than I remember me in their interests, the space program just as much as we when we were kids, but it's not just NASA. It's there just going to work for one of these companies. They raise entrepreneurship as the future and I think that there's gonna be a hopefully, if you're optimistic about it, a very good report ensuring tween. The companies and ass in the future will not, as a sort of launching pad for a lot of private, launching idea that early and side as well I do it anymore. Let's try another, that's the whole idea,
here is another question from Susan Minnow, but people often complain about the NASA budget and claim the proper that private, ST should take over some of the work the NASA does, but they don't do it already, because the government, but they don't they, do it already because of government contracts. What per cent of the NASA budget goes to private sector contractors? that's the question? I don't know, but it's gotta be enormous. Whenever you buy hardware you're buying from companies like Boeing yeah. United launch lines whatever yet NASA buy stuff from a lot of companies, wrote in a better that contracts to work from his only have a certain number of people working in the NASA work for how much stuff is built there I decide if it ever say you have a Mars rover, hypothetically machine. The metal is cut that the job proportional having Pasadena some of it, the mere where's, our coded somewhere else, the lenses ground somewhere else- and these are all done by companies, but the fundamental I'd I can read into this question shirt.
There is no right now, there's no business model that takes people to Mars theirs. A business model to find out whether the core of Jupiter has hydrogen that it's like a metal. Theirs. No reason for a private company to do that at this time, even though I am very curious. Well, yes, at the end of the mandate that don't put bread on a table Eugene. While you don't know that, because you might find something about the hydrogen metal, that would affect the way we make semi conductors or microcircuits Sonia with that said, these things I built by contractors and the then the crossover right now is the guys, the people who want to mine asteroids and at first it sexy in fabulous and literally a shiny object to go to an asteroid, get platinum yeah, but apparently the b thing want to get on asteroids as water, so take water and then use fuel for your spaceship to keep going. So you have solar panels on your spaceship
your thang, your spacecraft, Europe, The asteroid, you were electoral eyes, water, make it hydrogen and oxygen puss. I'll, put it in a tank. How hard can it be outer space? I dont millions of children metres from Syria and then you would have you all to go on to some other exotic destination, maybe to your platinum, bearing asteroid, and you drag that back to the earth and get wretch. Ah, that's a pretty good plan or eight. So here's a here's, a question from Twitter for Emma Michael Christian. He asked what kind of private donations systems exist to supplement funding NASA projects or other planetary science research was I'm sure this person is referring to the Kickstarter programme, four star talk, radio wait or for a shuttle is their kickstarter turning billions of Euro donation system. I know it's called taxes, can
believe me. I know you don't get, but following Ami Ferrars NASA Golden ACID, but NASA gets his budget based on the textile, but in a way that NPR various places that are partially public, partially private get money. Is there like that, where it could be like you know what I'm gonna give seven billion dollars to NASA one. There is on that I know of, and I'm not an expert on all of them that there might be, but the orchid telescope. This is a good idea where they're gonna make telescopes to look normally to look for asteroids. But the proposal step. One pointed at the earth and then you, the user. The online happy person can and get that a telescope appointed anything you want and it sounds very romantic legal Mt Everest, but me You know your neighbors yard. It would have so The lights are I'm on your way, for example, how it is that we anyone can access it. Anyone whose Might I understand the price structure exactly, but you give so much money to orchid or ok, why d and they will
You access to this telescope based on some form and when I imagine, that very creepy people, let it go. I guess I bear Agency while supporting a dome over my house. Well, I don't what the resolution would be and how much value be. But what do you do when you download Google Earth and get a running on your computer? What's? The first thing you do you let me help you earlier access live. You said Eugenie, here are some of that such allowing transaction is right. There was Eugene anyway, How many were talking about and around numbers one hundred to three hundred ned, no normal or here's another, quite as Daniel US. A grave asks since our doesn't understand priorities. I want a tribute to NASA, financially or otherwise. Otherwise that had already been said, the bombs. What is the most effective way to do so? That's a similar question. I would the most effective ways to vote that you hire people which colleagues
fishermen and senators to make these decisions and you them to figure out where to send money to what so you write them letters you call them. You could, for example, joined the planetary society, planetary, dot, org, and we will work to influence Congo, to ensure with lobbyists, I mean what do people are there? Lots of people who hire lobbyists, yeah contractors do contractors your log, your Boeing's onawandah drop to many names, but we're gonna have to do another break and I encourage javary. One to check out the podcast on Itunes Anchorage check out Facebook, Twitter, you're, good europeans- this also stop the kids are into
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Welcome back his daughter, radioed will lie the science guy here, guest hosting this week on our cosmic queries. Edition of STAR talk here is what with Eugene, Merman and Special guess this week, MIKE Mass Amino column, ass. They flew in Spain. No mass? As we call you, you are following When this question about how do we participate? space because they asked financially or otherwise what are other ways of financially I'm, not a financial guy, but otherwise I would suggest for Daniel who asked the question, and maybe some of his friends do, if you're interested in the space programme and want to contribute. Does this weighs a country with your own enter in your own energy and your own efforts. If you have a passion for the space programme, which I assume he does because yet taken time right as a question yet and what These are interested in science, Sir Math or if he is interested in literature, art or comedy. In your case,
you never end. Your interested in this space programme use your talents to promote the space program to work on the space programme. Get a job and area a jot, become an engineer. Inventions, what's going on at all or a weapon and Isabel hey, but there's a out of resources out there. We can find out, what's going on different parts of the country, different parts of the world in and see what you can do to make it part of your life that's the best way to for a young person who may be that a young person better. He is less data that are less anxious, he's probably of some age again invite then do it? I would say it say it is over five years so if we can write so he's ready to go some way to say about getting involved yet what getting vote the space, at least. If you live in the, U S means influencing NASA. Yes, I'm surprised more people dont higher lobbyists to jet like get together higher lobbyists to just generally pressure all Congress people to have more funding for now
While we do at the planet earth you do so give you guys money and then you'll higher all lobbyists. We just need. We have one. We have one gather. What, if you had five? What if you had very yeah, I'm really now. Let's do this so well along that line, as you may know, I did a little video, an open letter to the President of the United States. Encouraging him want to sure that we have funding for this niche. It's a wine item within a line item but say NASA's, Align, item planetary sciences, Align item. I just want to funded at a level high enough to keep the current missions flying. You know, have casino flying around Cassini flying around Saturn MESSENGER I went to mercury. We got Juno going to Jupiter is crazy. We got we got to overs on Mars and those programmes them them the egg,
reality. Rover all in developed over ten or twelve years costs. One and a half billion dollars- that's like one cup of coffee per taxpayer for crime Let me tell you something it might that concerns me. What's that velvet, kids and letting things, but is it a good copy, a good, copper cauliflowers above your faltering? But let me say it's one. Billion dollars is on Mars and it's not even walked. Anybody could just walk up to it. I dont Ok, so you will have noted act to steal the rover. Odd bards, that would that's not a bad contest like somebody we re you'd have to build a thing to go to land on Mars are quite an extraordinary. Let me ask you quite rightly: doesn't pay folks unless you can get to Mars. Mother, that's, why doesn't pay is too expensive to get to modern right? It's not affordable. Ok, Gavin Boucher asks for his were Melbourne. Australia. He asked. Do you lament the lack of funding not just for NASA but for science, education in general, from a distance,
the other side of the world that appears that America's school signs programmes are not receiving the backing that they should and are under attack from other influences. Such as religious and political agendas. If I may, King of the Prodi report is yes, we would have more funding for science, but if I may recycling channel but speak on behalf of my beloved. Come No, the grass Thyssen would normally be hosting start talk. Radio if we had robots space programme where investment was being made at a higher level than it is now, and we were owing to someplace new and cool with people like mass? Why out into space someplace new and exciting you wouldn't? need to run and circle screaming about site. Technology ensuring a math which we like to call stem it would just happen. It would be It would be the real trickled down of of science. That is a real thing delivered. It would I would not just science but exploration right adventure and exactly because
There's two things that happen mass you been up there, you ve done it you when you going, warring two things. You get you're gonna make discoveries, you're gonna, find things never found before the other thing you're going to have Eugene, yeah and yeah adventure a venture? Oh you haven't entrants. Did you guys when you're in space? Did you discover anything where you re, like others, a thing nobody knows about choose batting only hopefully the pencil, you look at a. We were more or less the the workers, the maintenance people, the Hubble space telescope soldiers we didn't look through the telescope, ably mechanics it, but are smart people, on earth all the astronomers and, for example, Adam Recent, a group of other astronomers won a Nobel Prize dark energy and dark matter came out of Hubble. Awhile observation photos you fat of we fix, so we are more like the repair people, but you know they d. The disease
having discoveries that were made. It didn't you like some. I would like to say a rise at us to see what we don't like our own funds stuff. Like did you go like our get a hoax novel and one aren't you hear some like stakes and shoes and let's see how rabbits our reality reader Innovation Union Andy's instead, actually there we did our own little experiment, but I put we play baseball vanquish them neander. I did. You can walk in space and play baseball, no nodded. I bet I walked in space and I play baseball separately will naturally date all inside the cabin, but we we did. We did. Sabena, some human subjects that tests, but the big size objectives for us to get Hubble fix. It discovered, dark,
to discover something illegal sort. They ve all round the term dark matter. Dark energy about throws it around. Like its sister, everybody knows it ass. An extraordinary would mass is the guy the rise winning stuff, so we gotta take another break. We encourage you all to enjoy your W W W Death STAR talk, radio, dot net check this out on interest and check it out. Well, no, neither science, guy you're, just hosting star taught radio this week because but queries addition and where we answer your questions, Eugene. Yes, you got another question. I do from Andrew Robles, here we go scenario yarn and elevator with congressmen who has a lot of say over where tax money gets spent. You have one minute
until the elevator arrives at its destination. What examples that economic, technological or any other returns? Would you used to convince them that space exploration is worth funding more mass, in it with her with a minute ago, I would say that it's going to stimulate the economy with new technology and new developments in the signs field, the coming of new new at new discoveries and materials in medicines and so on, it helps education because it inspires young people yeah and it to promote international cooperation, because we have our international space, they re other science programmes and it gives us something for our future exploration and our future? Yes, by my reckoning, you did it by fifty six second yeah. I swear. I now want to my floor and mama weather but bill. What would you say they space exploration brings out best in us? It's inherently optimistic and stimulates the economy in the? U S at least three hours and sixty cents for every dollar that goes in and we make
sculleries that literally change the world strategy has changed the world. We found that the earth goes around the sun, the changed everything. Yet we found the sun's not unique version where maybe punished for it. But yes, oh yeah, but it did change the world and now people around the expression, dark energy dark matter like it's a day at the office, but we all take it for granted that there is such a thing or settings, and these were not. Discovered even really fifteen years ago. Who knows what new physics? Who knows what is over the next horizon and irish men. If I may to speak as a guy born in the? U S, and as a patriot don't you want the? U S to continue to lead in this thing is not what you want, MR congressmen. Yeah misery fishermen are here's another kid, a question from Cameron us he wants to know how long, if at all, before a man mission to tighten, would this be public or private sector venture. That's a long way out there that's a long away. How long would it take to get to tighten well developed,
I would tell shining neurotic shipping Albert I'm using one time, hello that article ninety five years right as a long term five years- and this is we- don't- have the technology right now to stay away from all that radiation is not clear how bad that is, how much radiation enough to kill you which isn't a prominent, won't even to kill a baby that act more so on workers allow worlds in you, try to make it better about what, if we said, say bees that girl up and then no one No, that's not how I enjoyed birthing down whole bunch, your baby, there hasn't which one made it through it and no trouble wearing diapers yeah. Will you then ass. He ran their send like twelve year old, a bunch of twelve euros that will grow up slowly during the mission about what we re genius you need to be. You need to be told,
that I congressmen the elevator mass you, how much trouble did you have with bone loss? Calcium will only be a my trips were two weeks at a time, but also wasn't too, but we ve got that licked. We think we ve got it linked through lots of exercise. How much do you lose? You can lose us very significant amount if you did nothing yet in space. If you do not exercise you can't, you would lose a lot. How much are you exercise when you go so in sprite now to counteract that there is some medicine. You can taken ass again a benefit of the space programme, because it also applies to us to a process to prevent Beaumont, but still the way. You ve gotten around that we don't have almost is not an issue anymore, but what we have to do to counteract it is to our exercise six days a week. Allows us
significant. It's a lot of times when you're on the payroll resides in space. There's machines with resistant. Yes, your there's a good point, because you can lift wait till you want make of doing any good in space writer. What we have agreed a minute's resisted crazy you're like Hercules, Bill yeah, but it's so we have very little eyes to crush you. Could you check my last setting basically like that's actually way that sometimes always described minutes on the fritz? Be careful of the thing, but it works. Springs and thorough bans like you might have seen and renew remit medicine resist of exercise plus it's also a treadmill is generally a popular way to exercise its boats. Cardio and it's also resist exercise and resist the exercise that keeps your bones in good shape. Added to this question rests it's it's a long way and whose pan for it so out of your yeah. Do we have another question fearless leader? We do. We do
just ass, fully ass. How do you see cube sats and other small spacecraft affecting space exploration? I think these things are great, though, is causing what's a gapes categories, chatters a small experiment that can be flown by universities. I think high school students at him, then waiters by ten centimetres by tense enemies. So they wilds fantastic, goes a great opportunities for their standard of living for education they fit on a standard launcher ring they go off it from us. Andrew sprang load. It gives more when I can point out the planetary societies. Gonna fly to solar sales. Stick with us there The that will be deployed in space to see if we can develop. Now, a g to fly goods that are well to other planets without any fuel.
So I have to talk more talk more about that on the other side of this break, free stay to restore talk, radio. Welcome back discharge or radio bill, nigh the science guy? You guess toasting this week on the cosmic queries Edition Eugene yeah. I want you had a cube, sat so singularly gap. Universities can have him, what is it out? You megan how much they cost there are ten centimetres by ten enemies by ten mused, very small fit in a lunchbox iii and the the standard that can be launched from a standard system on board a standard rocket and see Once generally seven other time, universities make these things, you can buy the circuit
words and software online? Can a person lunch it are. You need a rocket while these things still cost billion dollars a lot of money, but you get a grant the programme you can apply for a grant NASA and then, and if your group is accepted and you have fun to do it. Then you build your project flight and space and will, as its great it's a great way to it said, is relatively expensive way to explain to explore spent it put it this way if your grants accepted nice. Alright, let's do a lightning us to the lightning round right of every seconds per question, tears a question dire, may once you know would it be possible to host the music festival on a radio satellite for a quote hip promotional event? Is there a way NASA could start a nationwide door to door survey to get people to sign a petition to raise and ass a budget that seventy two part question, and I think, if you got a corporation involved, excited about your music, that corporate
could easily fund such as satellite. The big problem will be getting a licence and sales all solvable problems. You get out don't do it. Yeah, alright Shakira wants to know do. We really have to choose between Cassini and curiosity. I don't want to lose either we the planetary society or petitioning the the Us S, government to not have to make that choice that there should be enough funding for planetary science line item within the NASA budget to fund. Both me Cassini's out is out there money much money. We ve that time ever time, effort and energy for loud we gotta keep em both wine. Ok, here we go. Debbie large wants to know. Why? Isn't there more news coverage of science advancement when I was a kid all networks had a science correspondent, that's true,
how will now there's a whole channel call the science shows yeah, but why not? Yet that's for people already like science or want to watch toilets, get built in how it works at a factory. What about like? What about major networks being like this is the weather, and this is today sighing I guess it doesn't sell well enough else. They would have it. There's other sources for that information, mostly online. We recommend planetary, dot org. I just did a fabulous thing with. I have felt less. I won't bell that out just go check it out because they it's the news of science. I think it could be. I think why their research is a shame that it's not seen it our interesting topic or may I more entertaining the three, let alone it? I guess it yeah. We need, if that's what we're trying to do now and yet I agree it should be more in the mainstream, ok and they could be by the EC. So Jimmy Class Immense and wants to know who, since China, as now sending robots to the moon? Does the? U S, have any plans of doing the same, right now there are congressmen senators who insist that the? U S go back to the moon in some fashion. There are other
before. We insist that the moon is gravity well and now we should go beyond it to start with mass. You have an opinion. I think we should go with the Chinese. If we could, I think, would be nice to cooperate. Yeah awfully fund fabulous or a year ago, Andrea Hum RE wants to know. What are you most hopeful about when it comes to humanity's relationship with the earth. I most hopeful that people we'll find ways to innovate and engineer the entire planet. I think that's. The future is the human popular she continues to increase and our scientific literacy increases worldwide through education? I think more people to get to see the the earth vast space, particularly artisans. On that, I hope we can have the opportunity. We could only have waited banana. I think it's. It increases your appreciation. How beautiful the planet is. So that's my up right on Daniel Sprouts once the no bill. Why don't you run for office building
the science put us as a night's ring to it sure, Sir Neil press Thyssen, hard working on our cabinet who'd, have would do you guys want to court as there are just a late why'd you take way. That's that's ivory, more fun job! I you be the court just be the engineering adviser adviser, we're package team, all right, so Stephen staff it wants to know. How do I get the people in my life see the importance of space exploration? I try my best to spread the word and show the wonders of our universe, but no one seems to care. Also, I'm a very port student and cant afford a membership to the planetary society. Thank you Help me out, Mr Nigh, I dont know why you're having trouble influencing people, it sounds
You are pretty convincing guy jack, whether all right here we go. Here's a question from Nick Clarity, NASA sending us back to the moon quote for good and also for preparation for Mars, how much actual engineering on the moon will prepare us for Mars. Can we really learn what we need for Mars from the moon, or is it a waste of money? I refer. Of course, I hearken to text Johnston, the test pile of the very first seven o seven airplane, who remarked one test is worth a thousand expert opinions. Let's go try it, the moon is our playground and we can learn a tremendous amount and stop again away to Marcia yep. How hard can it be and Europe this has been This has been fabulous cosmic queries Edition of STAR Talk. Really. I want to thank my guess. My Merci, no mass,
That's the moon is using it and we're gonna get a gentle. Why, for my entire life have been called mass? That's we're out of time. You guys we're on a time Eugene Merman spelled just like me. Yeah the russian nor under European World Maths Day join us next time on start radios we worked together to do, I said Jane were wish. You can listen to start talking, Marshall, free joint start compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio,
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