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Cosmic Queries: Galactic Grab Bag

2016-05-20 | 🔗
First time comic co-host Iliza Shlesinger reaches into our Galactic Grab Bag to ask host Neil Tyson questions from our fans about light sails and laser beams, black holes, the search for life in the universe, antimatter, and intelligent dinosaurs.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, this is filled with secrets in industries leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time what Woody Are you just recently the domain the brakes? Daddy Glinda? Did you grandma South Nasty Brenda, get lab
I welcome the to start a meal, the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist and today we're doing cosmic queries addition, and today it's on any topic in the cosmos We have seen studio comedian, Eliza Lessing Beer. It right I've. Anyone could do it it be! You are just leave you didn't. Do it ray I'm out? What help is there? A tedious assistance out there, so you so you are that you were the first woman and the youngest person ever to win less comic standing. While so forget the first woman you, the youngest person, ever that this person that trumps does you over their word that we'd information prevails, say the word as we come, such an unwanted joke at this point so and so you and your team
Reed's based cars police in the future, they always happen going through billing no drifted. That was my future that we tried to come up with an failed like all good like so. The fifth element was your idea Don't do it taking someone, you know really. Well, we separate you and then you have to pick the questions that the person you know is getting quizzed on. Ok and then probably get a robe. Ok, you know, there's a quarter million dollars at stake, but they don't know that I think will now they do cause. They just see you almost psycho faded, there's lawyers for that won't be loved. You deliver Iraq to participate next season. I got you have an odour Mary go. So as our
on time, fans. No cosmic queries is when we bring in the In House CO host comedian, who reads questions from the universe of the universe drawn from our fan base, and I have not seen the questions and we just have fun with it and if I thought only somewhat tell you about vat on where they want to ask you if you know the circle, I absolutely no evidence and lack of us here know the answer, then, were we move on now long? I've spent staring at the cosmos wondering where my over is a lot of time, and that is that brings to mind if we, if, if space travel becomes a thing that we need new birth spacecraft yeah, it would be interesting. Alleged kids all over the place is right. I got a great way to me
the money and the kitten. There's no collisions you actually much harder to Clyde in. If you move in three dimensions, then, if you only moving into it, is all the time say, this is a profound fact think about traffic jams you're in a traffic jam, because you on a road that you can't go over or single plane you and it's not only in a single plain on a road you're, not one dimensional pass tight right chip? Typically that's more than one way now, regardless, if you're stuck in traffic or you have to do, is go above or below introduce another dimension, you can pass all the traffic like this and that's why we need space peace in the future. They always have ongoing turbulent no drifted. That was my future that we tried to come up with an failed. Like oh good likes it development. Was your idea all those cabins flying cars. We, you know, we ve been dreaming floriculture, since the nineteen fifty is, I know, and it will be a thing and it's gonna be Heroin- are flying. Car is no different from having a lot of bridges and total right. You too. Above and below the lot different in that there's, nothing holding you two are you: are you got a bridge to stand there
where's your flying cars just like less, however, if the if the engine breaks overflying car you're following brick, true, there's a difference between beyond a bridge or in a tunnel right. Ok, so there's the pros and cons- and I say this, but I think we do have one cars, the cold helicopter yeah that was really helicopter is so expensive, that's how I got here. I've actually had that thought like is our way to get a helicopter, regulate these statistics for helicopters. I feel like they crash a lot well, because when the motor goes out, it's a plain: if the engines die it's glider for a helicopter day, Instead, I straight down. Illustrator can be an option that led the engines die like that. You shouldn't be. An option should happens right, so they don't have to like, like meteor. Insurance are like asteroid insurance. If you, if your phone through space and you get hit by one, the other, like farmers like we cannot would be Wanda behind thought about that, but here the aid can be hit by micro, meteorite, going five miles per second. There like I would ruin your dad yeah debris from like our life.
Space shuttle that happens through engine part, a daisy. So what you have said you do. I do the painter on page one of your first time doing this hope. It's not! Your uncle is much less. Who visit my last as well. Will be that the judge that only the judge? That's why I gave you the dough eyes trying to flirt. My way has not got me far so go for these verses So what happens? We have the preparatory on supporters ass, one of the guarantees they get. It is if they ask a question for cosmic wearies, then we have to ask a question. First. Ok, I'm ass this one, because there is some I'm in a red it with the emphasis and the enthusiasm and the fervour that I feel they wrote this we'll go for. I feel seal them or something this person also Othello. Do you not yours, I'm ok area from Michael Cohen, in a gust of joy
where that there's a Jew there, don't you tie said this question burns in my mind. I asked NASA and wasn't satisfied with their answer. If light can't escape a black hole than doesn't that mean that the estate philosophy of a black hole beyond the event horizon, exceeds the speed of light itself. Could black holes be the exception to the bit of light as we know it. Thank you at Cosmic Cohen, why that was broke. That was beautiful was totally you embodied. Whoever that co in person is made of the fact that you must use then, instead of them again,
They then now he did pointing out the one part that I understand, which is literature in Greek niceties the one drew in order to Georgia, represent ok. That was the question about so it's. The question has stated accurately due to us to think about the black hole. One of them is that, beyond inside the event horizon, the escaped philosophy is greater than the speed of light, that's kind of a classical way to think about it. But what has actually happened is the space time. Curvature has basically closed in on itself. There is no path out of the black hole that you can take, no matter what, and so not even a beam of light can get out. So that is all true. You can't get out by the way, just because the speed of light required just because to get out of a black hole requires you travel faster than light, doesn't mean that you are
and so I know you can't doesn't mean you can write right right so work. All relativity is fine, joy, hypothetical. Do you let physically can't do it correct? So it's all in fear is no known law of physics or observation that would enable you to escape a black hole in the subway but correct, so so yeah yeah. So I'm I'm I'm disappointed that they couldn't get a good answer from NASA and wonder where they ask filling ass. It was I please that treating it as the Russians are hot on our tail. We ve got bigger things video if they start here's a magna hat. How did you know that Russia is there always hot on our tail? Haven't you declared to the movies? Would you like a real question? Any of you do me. Whatever you get, this one's is the Martian
based on a true story, I'm just getting as this is a good one for not authorized or answer that I saw that movie. I was like a guarantee of I tweet those people we like, oh, my god, I thought so. I read the book. I right this is from Jeff, Germans, Jeff churchmen does space smell, so I once tweeted in answer to them question, so somebody is not a follower. Let go back and look at your lazy and there's no lazy in space no lays into space. So here's what happens smell is a chemical from and it involves molecules interacting with yours, you're you're, all factory glance, and it's in the vacuum of space, where there are insufficient molecules to trigger that no you're not smell in a damn thing. So it's ass India with monsters out at an inside it's not just modules are outside they come inside and then you have to know what was outside right, you're inhaling. So now here's a way to smell something. If you face the sun
and the sun start singing you're Europe, your skin, on your face, then you'll, then burn and that a smell. The burning flesh you facing the sun now now close. I think we have to be at a if you close enough and you make us it yeah it'll you'll get since you smell you'll smell. Does the singed hours, skin layers, that's her with that. Come to say you want a small sum, its basis and also more now than these days. I guess I'm way is that why we sneeze we stand at the sun, cause it's slowly, sending our nose hairs. I have this never happened to me who told you that that happens. Do it, if I s knees, or sometimes any lights or even artificial, and you go like that. They stay say right at the sound of Yugoslavia is written on.
Burgess needs a new fear going to lose. It feel loser. Nasal orgasm, stare right at the sun, loser nasal orgasm sneezes, the nasal orgasm are not heard. A great deal of tourism is like a little guilty. Its could not, but what you have to watch out, because there are things you feel good after only because the active leading up to it made you feel bad. That's interesting. Ok, I gotta pee real ban and any being feels good. Work can only feel good because you sell miserable right up to the moment to anything feels dating back to homeostasis. Exactly so I'd arab symbols, and they were, I know, a lot. I wasn't as eyes asked here back NASA. We did our homework and led me after this guy here we are so so so you need
molecules, some kind of gaseous molecules to, and so that always had me wondering in space suits if they're not properly ventilated, you could just smell yourself in its inner space. Well, provided, doesn't swap out your sealed right now: luff farts, yeah yeah. You can, if you fight I don't I don't know if the space. I should like to ask one of our instruments. We have sworn into back noted just ask if, like blow your waste influences mix with above your waste influences like do burps and far too makes. If that's the case, you smell you're, all of your body. Forces by better is mine, I don't care that yours
what else I'm trying to go to show people have a much higher tones of their own dashes references than that of others shore zone. It needs to look into that. I think I know why all theories hypotheses entertained Gaga. So ok, here's what I think I'll have others use considers except her just mine. So when you smell something like we're, train do if you smell like a far or poop like you know that it's MEL's bad, like our brains, because a telling us that it's dead and it's not something that we should equally shouldn't say thank you for coming out of yourself, somehow like there's a disconnect where it because it's from you may be, can only give your own babies ugly. You don't see it is ugly occur in when it comes from us we're not as gross doubts or psychologically narcissus at the mob. Completely reject right, that's gotta, be somewhere around on the spectre. We got top people we can put on this magazine any of our british ones in a lunch in there.
Where's my managers over here, alright, ok, here we go on orders on the floor. There looking forlornly, achieves looking for answers from you when we all would be our answers. I came here from a person in a twelve mile radius. Ok, I'm sure you along one job, Sarah win they'll guinea from Facebook says: do you think that spacecraft using photon propulsion is reality? I read several news article stating we can use a laser. She wrote laser to propel spacecraft, alpha Centauri and just fifteen years and Mars in just days. Is this the same kind
as a light sail. It is precisely the same concept rate next Eliza next question. So you have you sail and you have lasers on earth. So here's what happens so your sale can work with the sun with sunlight and it can move you to greater and greater orbits and you can move to Mars or wherever else and it's a constant source of acceleration. So this works and if you keep accelerating the speed that you measure for yourself, is constantly growing selling a seller him. It's not. I saw a panel solar panel takes a sense energy, sunlight and turned it into energy. You use for something else. This is simply a sound. Does you hold up? The sound, somewhat hits the sale and bounces off. And the recoil that the momentum transfer to the sale pushes for that's all it is, but now what happens if you so far within the sun that the sun's energy that they did not start strike so you take
under lasers from earth aimed at the sale and continue to push it on its way and lasers and go very very deep into space. Yes, not entail a black boy, you're going to black open. I come out. I got out exactly the right answer. Ok, here's one! I recognize is worth some signs. Class, ok, pulse hours, Quasar, Magnetize, neutron, stars, white dwarves, black holes are all of them. Simply dying. Stars is much worse than the truth, different when we go back on what we do. Ok give Gimme the listing it. So it's white on that list. Almost entirely came closer. Look as if the radioactive while on it, if it too intense, is bad for you, but we had enough good enough distance operated, telescopes detective, but no, they were not ill genes, little green men, which is how their first written Algeria Yacht somewhat says. It's an Algeria better question what everyone knows are dying with. What did you hear about the the greeting card that talk about black holes and someone thought they would turn black holes and end like the intimately sepia got
enraged by no one. Do the research are not look in the car and was only if black hole and other physics concepts are not in your vocabulary. You have no other way to think about black hole other than black hole. I mean that's just say it I'd. Try. I try to jump in and say this is an education problem. Not a racist problem is a huge which means one in its it at its in its economic dimension, but so all of these are or the dying states of stars stars of different mass and we we, our sun, will die as a white dwarf, which is the object. The size of the earth and all the rest of the mass of the sun will be, will escape into space and make a beautiful nebula, which we call it. While the call ethical planetary nebulae did Mitt there Miss named, but they're beautiful, spherical
Naturally- and you look- you look it if you google Planetary, not the end of that same Galaxy planetary, maybe I just gorgeous dunning displays that look like those I can't Candia lacking. Maybe that's one, a crab nebula with the death of a supernova, which leaves a neutron star. A pulse are in its core, so the crab Nebula has. But you you go down to the centre. The crab, maybe there's a rapidly rotating neutron, star, pulsing radio waves and where these puppies were first discovered. We thought that they were so perfectly timed that people thought that. Maybe an intelligent civilization, sending us just angles: evil we can close the radioactive while it if it too intense, is bad for but we had enough good enough distance operator telescopes detective, but no, they were not Belgium's little green men, which is how the first written Algeria yet somewhat This is an L. Gm are not like other label green before even sound plus plus. We want them to be small so that we can dominate them, yes,
You're, gonna arrest, Russian no known, would have imagined mediums, beat a big green men, yet are probably not big I would imagine ITALY's Webby taller than us, but not heavier as they were in avatar. There were nine feet all which is a Bible. That's rope! That's rhetoric! That's perfect! With zero! That's how it's gonna be! That's all! That's! What's gonna, go we're sure, ok, we're! These are always right. Eventually, blue people. They can we blow your piss me off about them. We doin, ok, you're connected with. They got this usb ponytail but where they can connect to their to their flying horses, and all of nature is one when it was time for them to fight the best thing. Happened was the the rhinoceros came, and I was it I'm thinking if you could see and all the power of all living creatures on your planet. All
I would have like every tree would come and swore you alma. If you had the, but if you could talk to them through your ponytail right. Excuse me dick. They should a totally kicked ass men like into cranial bluetooth capabilities that I can't even get my phone to connect to my they have secondary, aren't as any other armies. I'm just saying they had way more power power that they could have tat, given the premise of that store height, and they actually did me the messages like when it comes to consign the war, maybe less and all they end up their prey and stuff, and I'm thinking you have the power over nature, Putney, The work here right nature to work in nature. Do for you, when you run for president lately created over me lately nature control the shade jerks. What this is a question? What would be on because you sent us I'm gonna die the area zone is totally gonna die. What would be on our sons? Tombstone? I burn a burned the cannon,
both in tat about more tombstone options. When start talk continues for a second segment of cosmic queries with at least Eliza. Now you tell me, let me hear you. I just listen garage. This lesson swear proper ass. You will be right, but Peter. Hey! I've got no secret for you. I'm gonna to consider singing all of the ads on this show. There's just one way to get out a hearing there go to.
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you're a read that in your biodiversity, hidden planetarium out no environmental joke. Welcome Hayden, I hear you're. So so you do stand up across the country, s right that the world in the world very cold as it does it translate to other countries that usually English speaking cook happy. When I say translate, where does the human tragedy not the language as a layman language, it does actually England now, I sometimes because they they get our pop pop culture right, you're asking me to come. There is because your fan of my comedy, you already know what this american weirdo does, but I'll do the troops. I've done a lot of shows the middle course always very fulfilling fine and just in London. Their English is Severity cars, so we think they think, and we first I ever heard people speak, oh my gosh, wouldn't I had no idea. I was a kid
I don't know what the hell I that's all they all british people. When you hear that and then you know them sing and then it does. I mean it's not like what the seeing everything from then onwards refers and coke want it sound, like the other culture, just sing, we're good. Before we left off. You challenged me to come up with an epitaph for the dead son, and I- and I said I burn my at both ends and there was a little lame. I think- and I mean I want another chance- you have one. I have like they re. Ok, what the efforts have on the sons to essentially to be sick, burn brow, ruin hates me all right. Ok, let's! Ok! I got one Yorker. This is spoken to earth wings. Long went extinct? Ok, I tried. Ah that's so sad about. I couldn't take the heat
this skill applies literally to no other avenue in my language, yes, Celestial, the sun do add one question that I felt I could answer in. One ends. Ok go go regularly. Once you wear that I got answer. Go Corey Mon S have moons when they move loved. What phases for good? Ok, ok, I'm lonely, moons blood moon Harvest, moon, Harvest Lebanon! What kind of signal came up about, maybe he's amber honeymoon is, I think, their honeymoon isn't honeymoon sergeant, full moon, some so focused on not sounding like an idiot. Then I'm like a honeymoon, gray, celestial reference. The June a full moon is the honeymoon
As you know, many people know it, but it is and that's how you get cutting the one that most men try to avoid block possibly put, but I wonder if, if June was not the traditional marriage months and then what would LE vacation you take after wedding, because if you name it after those mountains have very different, that's it set a name. That's why we're honey? There's a wolf Moon, there's a snow moon, there's a snowman! No moon was in the winter moon their lot of cultural references to the honeymoon is so named because its arc across the sky remains very low wages in it, and it retains the colors of sunset, its entire path, which is a deep amber, and so it has an amber coloured, even at its brightest, and that unless it's a honeymoon, one percent a harvest, far correct guy right. That's what you have there now inquiries he asks, has a nuclear bomb ever been tested in space? If so, what happened? Please visit you talk, and my answer is: yes, that's Utah! That's how we got you talk,
terrible. So so we have never tested a nuclear bomb. The russian now, but the sun is a nuclear bomb. Therefore it is being tested in space continually mistake by all stars. Throughout the galaxy and the universe, lobbies, epitaph, accents epitaph will be tested, one two and then nothing happens. If I put these molecules these items together, what is lying down, so the differences when we and when we create thermal nuclear fusion is uncontrolled and it's a bomb When the sun creates thermonuclear fusion is controlled and it's a star, so that's the different. We don't know how to control it. How can when you do it it's a star, but when I do it it's about sound like an hour your cousin has seen age galaxy. Arguing with this has to do it. That way,
Sons who has been a bad ass argument on of the sun Sun could invoke that argument. Now now the two times nuclear weapons have ever been used in warfare. They were detonated in the air, not on the ground willingness I didn't, alas, and that is the birth of the concept of ground zero. It is the spot on the ground beneath the location of the explosion. When that's, which is the same thing in LOS, is two point and with their people who like calculate this, how do you maximize the blast radius to kill and damage the most? You know exactly how much the rain is it something? So so you figure out how what is the right that this would grow? How much damage will have how much energy doesn't have. Therefore, what is the attitude is about a kilometer up, so that was needed in the air. Then they were nuclear TEST Ban Treaty that came out in one of them said you can't do it
surface. So then they did it underground our servants. Well, then, they scattered radioactive materials right. So if you do it underground and all the radioactive stays underground soil in the soil in that one spot, so you pick a spot where nobody lives and you do it there and they were banned entirely, and so this there's gotta be like half lives or something you can just big contain like theirs. In future debates hard, it's very hard for radio activity to penetrate through soil is very hard. Before us best. But there are a lot of really really empty places on earth. Utah, I'd home of the new of NASA's, proud new. I know NASA doesn't do radioactive nuclear testing, but but maybe one day after the western Utah orator will share. This is this. Violence is cosmic worries, grab bags or whatever cosmic queries, grab bag. Ok, Lou Newcomb at Loo, Newcomb, Newcomb, isn't
New Katy am any w C, o n b we were just talking about nukes. Sorry, I've nukes on the brain, Jerry Apropos is active, not Seti's lcd. I, u can perhaps at the we pronounce it. We say they acronyms here city, active Seti, a good idea. Do you agree with doctors I think that it could be risky yes well. Well, so I don't ok, so Seti were searching for life in the universe. Fine, that's the acronym search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Ok, ok, you know! That's therefore, nope everybody knows what it away. Make up artist, pr person manager on the floor, setting out dog Blanche, or I did you know thirty. She knew it will seek. What does it have an acronym just set because it's it's easier. So here's the thing. So we are
looking for life now. The two ways of engaging Sadie. One of them is looking for, like all the wrong place, earned return, telescopes and aiming to places and just see. If anyone trying to talk to us, that's one way we're looking for life, that's actually pretty safe, because, you find life, they have no idea where we are unless. We send signals. So hawking is concerned that if we start sending signals announcing where we are in a position to location and Anne and what we are saying then may be. We would be prime prime candidates for being so paved or taken over or whatever so he's worried that it's a bad idea to announce our presence. But in fact there was not a damn thing we can do about it. As we already have, and for the past eight years, our radio,
signalled an hour an hour. Television signals have been leaking out from our atmosphere. When you talk about being on the air, the air has nothing to do with it. Radio signals move through the. Out of space like its nobody's hands, soil make others I am certain death of soil. The railways can go through certain definite home depot they have, especially when they penetrate through walls and buildings. That's when I went out anyway, it's going on any wicked, so the earliest signs of life on earth have already been established and their travelling space at the speed of, rather at the speed of light speed of lighter billions of light years away. At this point, I know not only nope it's billions, eighty years they disagree but you're an online. They ve gone so far will agree to say you're wrong right so, eighty years ago, when they began to how far away can they possibly be? By now, you tell me right years, late you're, through their travelling speedily. Ok by inciting landmarks in regular years, is how many years, eighty years
So why label why Europe is the same thing, because we're getting one of recent years to travel eighty light years now, if you want to save billions so eighty times five point a trick, so many miles away the Senate miles. Then you don't send years so so eighty times five point: eight trillion, since eight countries of origin is a fifth yet or yeah, you figured, I mean what you say and I dont want embarrassing of yet so it will be. A foreigner trillion was closed with the forty four trillion times. Five is forty very good gear, so I can find my high school thus far, but the point it's going to it. When we couldn't contrivance, all I'm saying is in as wash over Exo planets that may have some kind of life, possibly intelligent life, and if they have the tools to detect our signal, they will infer what our culture is like. That's. It is many times before on the show, and we just have to suck it up, that their first encounter.
We'll be things like the honeymooners, orderly and they'll learn half an hour now, although learn how men and women treat one another from seeing honeymooners everyone's, all the men are fat. Now the women stay at home and the men written bodily harm. Aren't there why right right thanks to the moon hours? That is why I ought to know what I think is also with so many variables so that we are assuming that if its intelligent life, it's more intelligent than us and its understanding there. So many it's so such a small. Asian. That would be their smarter than us and no we're doing enter warmongering people right. So so are the reason. Why are you looking for us reason? I don't agree with hawking cassettes. What started this? I don't hawking is feels they might have evil motors and I claim- and by the way, if they come visit us in response to our signal. They are far more advanced than we are. We still just driving around the block Bob
we going where hundreds of gone before in low earth orbit. So we haven't you been anywhere in forty years and I would like to go anywhere anytime soon. So if they come here, they are more advanced than us. So he's worried that a more advanced civilization coming upon earth might then enslave us, and I'm saying that, while that may be true, as fear derives not from I Newton yes give up further legs like there and you have your own. Please answer her name wrong. Yes very good, to have his eyes you took this is going to take risks want like a long and no remember that this behaviour he's so he's assuming that aliens are, is evil and as warmongering as humans also read guardians a Galaxy hook before it became movie,
that's an assumption and it's all in maybe airlines are better than us in every way. The matters can my theory that, during the break with was that a leans are in advanced form of humans. Visiting us from the future. Oh look at their brains are bigger. Eyes are bigger, which are things you would need to use like a nice eyeliner locally or of hair. We don't really need hair, they dont have sex organs, presented, which is kind of an animal, is sick thing and there seemed to be very much out of there how do we know who to meet it? He now I dont what I'm not your covered up. Put us on listening to your. They may still have sex organs like fish, don't have boots, Did you notice, but I bet a fish. It's totally happen if she dressed nice once in a while, I would pay attention to her. They have sex like aliens. Do remember the kind I have no problem of finding out who didn't Buddha mate right. I aliens
I don't, even though we need a lesson which of the male snake and which are the females they went out. Any problems are needed in the aliens to put your about a mine. I don't know what I'd do something rose. Then it will be settled. Obviously elbows explosives around here, for you, ok TIM Wall at TIM, while two thousand sixteen, so we just got that handle if an astronaut jammer, he would just born this year, people turning. Then you know where the birth year in their handles Goin astronaut jumped on a diet. Bored on the moon, would he bound higher or lower than on earth? I know the answer to this the the diving. Oh, you know the answer was here: I can about signal gravity on the moon. You can. I go now. They there is gradually on one, otherwise, the astronauts we just been floating there, rather than walking me
They were walking those governing the moon area just to think that a higher there you go higher. Yes, I mean that the so well that what none so just just to be clear, the the so one of them is you trying to set mass into motion? Ok and your man Your mass, no matter where you are, but for a given amount of recoil that same we call it will then, send something farther on the moon that it would otherwise here on earth. So that's why, on the moon, when they hopped they hot what very far then they did. Here on earth has, even though they had two hundred pounds worth of more of us of life support because children how they were sick, so twenty pounds we only how much haven't ones that one sex, which is not so the moody. It's one, six,
are you trying to set my chin and led me? I wasn't that's good. That's on Mondays, once six gravity, the tundra pound thing on earth would weigh one six as acts of that on that. So then, can I can't do that. I have half which, on the spot I put on the spot, Joe we make, for the fact that you said it had no gravity it all. That was your way to me getting nervous about interplanetary discussions with a renowned astrophysics, so so so is less grabbing, and you can do a lot of fun things you can like baseball games would be really interesting and things on it. You can throw curve workers in air to to move it against who's. Gonna do now you're going to space and you jumped. If, if you are out of an orbit in outer space enough diving boy, you would just continued. You wouldn't even correct, because objects and motion tend to stay in motion. Sir Isaac Newton, yes give it a laser like there and you have your own. Please answer her name on. Yes, very good to emphasise it took us we're going to take risks want like
want to know and remember that Goodenough long enough long ago enough that I could have forgotten it, but I have a profound respect for physics good as we all should, because these are. These are not just good ideas there. The was there the laws as an end at home. I very small counter and I'd drop. My things I ll make a counter, though, every time something falls. I yogurt Shangri LA generics. Pleased up under the Russians Bobby Tender. Flake, then is the cutest. Last name. Happy tender fluke stood sounds like a southern like coming to old tender, flake avi tender plague which either a poor name for your very close to nature and between my point me
spirits Toughie Arlington. Why is it? Is it won't? Let you this mystery. You grew up on an agenda for tough evened out and be more cosmos related. What can I do? This would strike and choose what street I grew up on that. It's just the Arlington each another level. But then I have to invent born then I do not know how to do. It was ok, we're formula, it's your favorite nebula and your favorite subatomic particles. Ok, that would be the crab both on like doesn't move on Would we you got proposal and I would have said craggs. This is the only nebulae now there's an ornament for that. The crab both on there's an omen for that already tenderfoot at heavy wedding, well, there's youporn murmured their eyes at heavy. Twenty seconds and the segment go. If I went to pee on PLUTO with the p freeze before it hit the ground, is it the great words it would you'd make a p arc. Yes and then you would,
because there's no way for you to bring that you would freeze to do you got your gout and by the way you don't you don't have to do that they play other places in the solar system. You can pay and have it frees in mid, mid strange man, question my territory by American and to do that on PLUTO. Can I still do it cannot make a piece beer it? What are you saying it would arc noble, because that's just the trajectory of a freeze before to that trajectory would matter would still follow the Ark you dont think it would freeze a millimeter outside of your jokers this body. Temperature is body temperature, so it's got a drop temperature, then change state and only Does it frees? Having got a clever that coming up, Never bothered me anyway,. This is starter,
we're back cosmic queries. Addition with Eliza sourcing you're, so angry, I prefer slashing remarking that looks like you're bearing at swiss anger possesses a better lessons that better, that's what you're. What's your favorite material when you do stand up my love stand by what is my favorite thing ever of anything? Really? Yes, yes, and not enough women book it gets women please, because the first ever heard women do stand up. Oh my god there's a whole swathes of culture that I've never heard joked about an airing at all its involvement. Now I mean I of my much you're asking me my favorite medea of my material, your Europe, if you like, if you guys like you, can check out my network specials hot and war paint and third one coming,
therefore expect so, like you onstage on tv, Netflix, ok, they're, on streaming, tolerate! Ok, ok, programming, general observation, social observations and between men and women. I love self deprecation. I really like aggressive humor. I I look at Saint COM. It is more like a series of sketches with one person just point, referring fashion, so its color in all its textured, its cosmic nets. Cosmic us not a crab nebula. I've never goes on. I would you said it was a crab both on both of those zones have disappeared crab both on think you, ok, so give it to me I sent, for you is Germany. We can fit him, go more Emily CARE bar. At Emily care? I don't understand what that being so, it's at Emily CARE, which is an old age, homer only women and Emily. What are the? What are the frontiers of research in astrophysics right now, all right now we're looking for
or dark matter. We don't know what is causing eighty five percent of the gravity of the universe. We don't know what is making the F B. I went, I'm not even done well and there is a pressure in the vacuum of space, making the universe accelerate in its expansion, against the wishes of all the gravel of all the galaxy that it contains. If you had of dark matter and dark energy is ninety, six percent of all that is driving the universe and we haven't a clue. What they are dark side is winning it's our worst. The dark side is definitely winning winning this contest of selling out there just pull it yes, and we all know what it is, but we can measure what does it have to do with anything? I don't know what we should grab say. We shouldn't called dark matter targeted. That applies. We know it's matter and energy. We may know what the hell it is evil though it's you know its evil and it's out there and its pulling, because it's dark creating stretch marks on the unit. Those are to end we looking for
life in the universe, life on Mars, living Europa and hawking is like this. You can be properly microbial. I don't think there's intelligent life lurking in caves on Mars, but life at all would be a boon to biology, may find for no water bets on Mars, but not intelligent life. That's different! I mean it's a little room to call them it's, it's a jump, gets to go from many oozing war or to intelligent life with civilizations
anyway, so your definition of intelligence was aims, others. Yet so I would say that, plus on the bio biological side, which affects the search for life, we don't know how to turn organic molecules into self replicating life. That transition with which earth did without AIDS, apparently than any issues any help without any help we, so we don't have to do that. So that's an interesting frontier. What do you figure that out? You can better decide what planet it might be happening on a well there's. Your answer. Brain on care, for only Emily's MIKE arm are many Arma fifteen, which specific siphoned movie. Would you like to see? Remit
because the idea was fine, but the execution was awful and enemies right here today who made least favoured John Ass. I gather. Ok, they ve. They did the day. They are still a second time and was the day it was different, but I thought it could have been better, but it was good tell it to him. It was good. It was good that data are stood still cause. I was first in, but the fifties early, sixties and then the next one can't, arrives and so and a few others Cathy Bates was in it, so we didn't have very make or how many times you can do so so I would say the blob think that, should we make the law that we are so that just ok,
thanks. I fire think he was looking for more of like space movie. Oh we'll borders, an alien that such your blood and there was not an actor and costume invasion of the body snatchers. I wasn't on purely in the first place, I'd like to see a remit was removed, remit of the remade Maria Maria hook. It talks about a realist, Why are you ready for another one of work? What type of music did listen do the most? Are you inspired by music and or the arts deeply, and always, and as long as I can remember, have been inspired by the art and my brothers, an artist, he attended the high school of music and art in New York City, I attended the Bronx ice. Science, so very geeky, very nervous everything. You think it would be as what it was emphasised, the brain covered and totally totally covered, and I grew up with a kid artist who is now an adult artist, so that kept me sensitized, I think, And so I value what role artist contribute to society and peoples
You know what value is art to the security of our nation, the bankers Lydia. People who say that, but the answer is the fact that we do our makes the country worth defending its active were allowed to create art. Yes worth. Yes, yes, and I listened to almost every genre of music that I can even think of I'd like creativity, no matter how it manifests, but about a pick one for the desert island disk by would save for these space mission. I have a decision on a desert island so like that it's just my playlist for Myspace Mission would be heavily represented in the blues. I'm pretty early. I love the blues. If I'm driving a car at night and a blues comes on radio or whatever I'm listening to, I gotta, like slowdown, goaded re handling seal. I just feel it scale the balloon: every white girls
or at least the same Russia. She can sing really sad thing. I don't have that soul. You wanted he's gotta mean something coming out of you. Yet Joanna's, Joplin, right, ok, you're saying we'll say: would you should suppose she was more, but suppose she wasn't so depressed and as long as she be more productive than she would have been an example of an even more depressed happening, resentment of river when she from Dallas from Texas somewhere. I don't know she also the way that we have been rammed down our throats year, two of Texas history. On what else is there one? What is anti matter? Do we have access to that question by Andrew Sinclair on Facebook? I wonder if these are people who have labs in their base and they want to become like you might ensue, How do I get my hands on so as far as have been able to measure all particles of matter. Have it exact replica of those particles except their made of what we call anti matter.
Which, if they come together, they will completely annihilate and turn into pure energy and so the its end its not just we discovered at first it was not sites, so efficient does some stuff. First, we did this. First right, we came up with Anti matter predicted its existence discovered it rediscovering. So it's products every other reactions, so you have regular matter you smashed particles, Bart and in the particle stream using anti matter. Animator doesn't went very well, you see any matter while because it ended it highlights yet, don't you see its path through back the cloud chambers and things you see that the path that had a traveling about through soil We are very worried about the nuclear attitudes that soil, so it is real and it would be matter anti matter engines,
you're the most powerful engines, the most efficient engines. We would ever know how to make. If it travelling through space, because you started matter any happier energy and if you know your car, that you drive, you set a civic or you would joking about a civic. What does it it's like that? Only twenty years, three percent at most of the energy of the gas you put in the engine is going to move your car for the risk is dissipated is heat. That's why you're target hot when you drive it. Imagine if all that meant that an energy wanted to propel your car, you begin to undermine harnessing unharnessing attitudes, all about ended energy. All about that exactly and volume. If all of your matter becomes energy, you get it there you go. Who do you think will win in the race to harnessing anti matter? First us or the Russians twentieth impressions. So when we talk about what the cold war to come back, what was left, we have more, we forces than the risk is due to. Maybe what may that it? Maybe it's ass. He said it does Madonna, let's go to
to a lightning around, because many questions, as I can answer soundbites I gotta go. I sent the name of the person to do just really fast Is complete stillness? Would you be sling shouted to the end of time? Would you be ripped completely from existence if you were completely still, what is complete stillness complete stillness, as far as I know, would have nothing to do with you travelling through time or being cast out to the edge of existence ass, the name of the other studio and in fact nothing is completely of their vibrations at all levels and even at all temperatures, including absolute zero matter, vibrates next, if their boats and just vibrates more, if it hotter, but even it absolute zero quantum fluctuations, create vibrations in math is small exactly go if there was no comment to wipe out the dinosaurs, how much harder would it be for mammals and eventually intelligent life to thrive
but maybe get intelligent, so great question. So here's the thing our mental ancestors were running under foot to T Rex, trying to avoid being consumed as orders, so if the comet didn't come after I didn't come, it's not clear. We would have evolved to anything unless we were on a completely separate continent where the dinosaurs couldn't swim and then eat us, then it's possible that we could evolve intelligence completely separately. While there were major dinosaurs existing on another continent and then when Columbus sets couldn't cross. Countenance he would just get eaten. That would have their would like hats on like Welcome Racine owing guano looks at you know something it They could have a nice next so could dinosaurs involving told not likely their brain cavities didn't look like yet too small? Ok, next, pungent, jerks,
is earth gaining mass from space dust and impact rocks or losing mass from evaporating gases and launching space probes. What effects with this have on GPS satellite excellent question, so we are gaining three approximately anywhere between two and four hundred tonnes of media dust a day which rashly exceeds spacecraft, that we send out or lost evaporated particles in the atmosphere. So earth is gaining mass, Ellie consequences. That would be. It is not any worse than an elephant collecting in that. Louder than small ward lights. Less is less than that. These questions are more just me trying to. I have no idea what I said when I read in trying to look like you know: what's going on for twenty seconds actual could, even if we somewhat discovered the Tec to travel at or faster than light. Would passengers of the vehicle survive to its duties? The issue is not affected. Is what is your acceleration? Acceleration is. What kills you deceleration is what kills you so just
in applying you're going six hundred miles an hour and you just fine. Seventy, that's like the speed and kill you speed is never killed you it's all about acceleration and actually wrote, and a little say Ford Motor Trend magazine on Excel at that integration. About returning- and I said it's it's it's not all about the speed- is all about the acceleration, because that's what you feel and that's the feeling of going fast, whether not you actually are that's right, so no go fast as you want and enjoy those vessels you want from from near the right size- and don't you see, enjoy your life, has not what I say, regional. What you just said this Bob out of this Eliza stressing girl, punish you happy. I we will look for you on Netflix and on Tv S, coming to a galaxy near year. Out see near now stand up galaxy near you avoid pulsars their bed for their bad for your health matter,
I'm in the underground station you ve been listening to and possibly watching, star talk and I've been your favorite astrophysics, maybe a match her favorite ashes. By the way. If you know more than one astrophysicist I'll, stop saying that that will not presume If you only know one, I will declare that on your favorite astrophysicist and other until then, I'll, be signing off as usual, bidding you to keep looking like Galileo job, the orange. Which you can listen. The star talk Commercial free, joint star talk on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month, and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio,
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