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Cosmic Queries: Gravity, the Movie

2013-11-10 | 🔗
How scientifically accurate was the movie, Gravity? Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice answer your questions with a little help from NASA astronaut Mike Massimino.

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, with this is filled with secrets in industries, laziness with many questions to be answered, we find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what are you recently the domain the brakes that you couldn't do grandma ass, the brain they get lab. My brother.
You start out radio, I'm your host near the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist in studio, with me check nice. Nea. What's happened at your regular here. Thanks always come in battle being here you're, my personal ass drove today show will focus on the movie gravity. The movie I've seen a truck. If I have not yet will find someone else right now. That's the surely some people out there who haven't seen it and yes they'll, be spoiler alerts throughout ok, but the premise of gravity is its basically survival story with Sandra Bullock as a mission specialist, which means you have some expertise and you're not sort of
red, blooded astronaut you're what and for your expertise and they are oppose, or, as we like to host a hand and George Clooney, whose sort of fly boy astronauts and its basically only the two of them in space. It's a survival movie for ninety minutes. Stuff is happening every minute. Some they ve got to survive. Figure out be clever about I have now. I gotta tell you right now. If this were a pits right now say that's the most boring movie I ever heard of him. I liked it is except there's like stuff flying at you every second, I also at night now since its in space. I could you know, I'm I'm good with the physics, but I've never actually been in So we have to call on the streets and find somebody who has been USA has been but who has been invasions MIKE Mess and Minos Mastro MIKE welcome back to start talk pleasure in it You haven't heard your beer New York City visiting Colombia, so they had to make in time. For us. I pledge excellent visiting faculty there, yet excellent supercool so might misdemeanour.
One on the shuttle and and repair the Hubble telescope? The that's right all by himself. All by myself, for my friends were with me ass. You were the only one who count it come on this I'll show. You is about the film gravity and your questions related to it and we solicitor them a matron at less right and but we also have some colleagues. So what chuck your your leading the way So here we go actually we're gonna kick things off with a phone call and Allison are you there, I am hello Alison where you call this from I'm calling from Trenton Michigan, which is just out of Detroit. Yes and probably a damn sight better than Trenton New Jersey, which is just south my how south talks at meal and MIKE what do you got out and not Highschool biology teacher who my students I had asked me if movies are scientifically accurate. Of course
a lot of these and they believe everything that they see so that your taken when they asked me about the movie gravity? What should I tell them? Well, I got into trouble at three days after I saw the movies I tweeted about the movie, and I found I been about a dozen scientific inaccuracies in the film yes, and there are few more, but I parted at a dozen people didn't like you. No. I got a big trouble for that. I'm not gonna move. You could hear him any name, you mean it, but what I didn't do we spend a hundred to each talking about what they got right, so I could have done that, but would have been, perhaps a little less interesting. So I'd like to think that directors, users who care they'll, get most of the science right, and that is enough to ground a movie and then My take some liberties or maybe there's something they didn't know, but once the movies grounded I'm good with that ran, it has earned the right to be criticised at that level. What you think MIKE I agree, they got the the accuracy
I saw was in the recreation of what space looks like the views of the earth, the tools that they had the tools. We use on Hubble were in that movie rest. Where they went there anymore, furthermore plus plus tangible was actually referring to hobble shovel. Prepare you Xbox, similar tools for nice, anybody, but they they could have made up their own or they could have less some of us outer or what, but they did exactly these exactly you, so they D suits, look good, the the feel the look of space was there, so I think they got They get that right. So the mood in the feeling was captured and remove it s, perhaps the most important thing to get. So now they also show of so I'm sorry. The question would be to you always do suffer any type of anxiety. While you were watching this movie as a man who has actually been in space, what are known as dangerous as the dangerous befell the astronaut re at first, you know at first it was kind of like ok, we kind of simulated some of those things they did show the that space is a dangerous business, and so some
things that they showed in the movie. We kind of practice to appoint a Mean M Micrometer Imp impact. You ve gotta, come inside really quickly. What are you button on the telescope what're, you save. Do you try to save this magnificent machine and go inside or do you just worry about yourself? Can you do something things? Are there choices of inhabitants. Have you say the telescope shake the telescope not seriously dated twenty other astronauts? There's only one Hubble tell us. You know like that was kind of in our checklist. I am lost crewman, we ve got three. Others. Don't worry about it, that's what we had for space waters, as is there a circle next to the multiple choice, my ass is a man s hand signals to really like lets. You know we give you wouldn't want to say that we have had signals for that. So so there are some things that we saw in the movie at first and then we went crazy. Would ok, what's the most egregious thing of all, just if he had to pick one what was of the way that they would so
jealous the way they are easily able to go from place to place and space so effort with their little Japan with their little jet pact. That was, I think, but but at the same time, meal whether they included all that stuff. You don't owe me check, because if you want I'm good They showed the shuttle, even though we know flight any longer and lead they include. I was hasn't he s, one. Fifty seven percent was who it was up there. You are not air, I probably phone again. Am I right. There was one of these, but I wouldn't want to be there and without their idols and what what asked yes number one. Thirty five was last word now twenty from the here, so they were, they were continuing a little. Furthermore, all in museums and somehow they got him out for the moment, but that's ok because it was evidently waiting included, was to take some licence. Their new included this station in other another place, but. The internet is managed survey station, so thanks and put in order to include all that you had a kind of take a little takes humbly vice,
So I was actually happy that they did that to me would have sicced his for us on our flight. The way we were going to get rescued. If we had a problem was we were going to watch another space shuttle that was another space shuttle in the launch pad with us, with a for us with a crew in quarantine that we were very nice to know if we took at leave it took damage weekend. That's where we were going to get rescued week, we can do it they did by, but in gravity there was no rescue mission for anybody. There was nothing was all yet I was yet. Who is they have had? No, it was. It was really a bit a really that was like a bad day on steroids, nice little just a bed. So is it to sums up or one and a half sums up further well for the science sorry space, capturing space, I give it to thumbs comes, I forever the capturing space was. It was cool. I like that. I haven't Alison. You can tell your students that the movie
avatar, is like cliff notes for astronauts. Thank you go being happy to hear that maybe they'll be an astronaut someday love, but not a shuttle doubly go. We were sent into Mars. If that's a lonely like that. I think some along the mighty May the right age or the procession class, drawn from from case through twelve ranks lies the able. Thank you for that question. Thank you very much for the opportunity arises: beer, beer listening to start talk, radio when we come back more with Astro, MIKE Mass Amino and Chuck nice in the cosmic queries. Addition all about the film gravity. This story.
We're back. Startled radio shook nice. Yes, you been hurting questions and its cosmic queries addition. Yes, I am and continue with this question for me or astronaut MIKE Mass Amino hearing studio, girls. So this one's from Facebook is from Andre Parallel and that this kind of above you guys is through that when you're in space, your in free fall and that's what makes you weightless and it doesn't have anything really too, with gravity per se, so one for you, a true gamma physic standpoint. Yes, really, yes, next question that does not work so far.
After I sent my whole list of tweets criticising the movie gravity for the scientific inaccuracies. I thought let me be put some positive energy in the air and I another dozen tweets describing what freefall is, and so people think you're in space. There's no gravity courses gravity in space. The moon is still orbiting. Us examples are rather is at an end and the restaurants orbiting between us and the moon right. So it's not that there is no gravity. Is that their actually falling towards earth in a thought experiment first performed by Isaac Newton, he imagined a can sitting at the top of the mountain and you fire it slowly at First Campbell doesn't come out too fast. It arches and then hits the ground. We got that we understand it fired a little faster, echoes farther before hits the ground fiery even fast, because farther it'll keep going farther and farther suppose you came out so as you will have we around their work. The earth before hit the ground just keep up. This thought experiment right now. It's three quarters around that worth now. It's completely
on the earth at before it hits the ground and if you don't duck it will hit you in the back and ahead now now dark. It just continues right. It's right back to work, started with horizontal speed, just like what came out of the cannon, so he deduced that an orbit is simple. Now, not in my home, our love that belong to value, yes, so bite. My first me am I my first spaceflight I made sure there are plenty of emphasis bags which slang planet, but the planet is round gods and it never actually hits the planet. That's what orbit. Is you were in free fall and anytime you're in free fall? If you are wait listed and if you want an elevator and I cut the cable you're in free fall if you're standing on a scale, Spring Scale and registered your weight where your hundred seventy pounds and and why, You notice, and so you cut the cable. The elevator falls the scale for you for nothing, squeezing the this
bring the spring. We the scale reads: zero. You are weekly success, aka MIKE what what awaits us feel like it. It's pretty before I may just pitcher, far from your home, and I have to ask not in my home now and not in my home. I love it belongs yes, so bite. My first me am I my first spaceflight I made sure there are plenty of emphasis bags, which is slang for vomit bag. Borrowing. Very, very close to me, because I think for the relative already the closer we get to that sort of zero g feeling is either in an amusement. On some of the ride he swore. If you ever go on in your car, and you go sort of over Humph Road, aka Hill any and your Europe, you feel like you're Stommick comes up in your throat. That's a sort of weightless right! It's it's kind of like that! Sometimes in you can the.
Ocean of it and if you're in a pool neutrally buoyant when we practise our space. What's s what we do we get to pull you can't you, but rather more ceremony that we made a swimming swimming pool. I say that to say that it is obviously unipolar. Forty furious picture, like a scoop can a floating under the water just floating there, kind of like that type of sensation that play at that place of this boy in right, just when you just kind of floating so in a neutral It means you're not really has taught me that you're just stood holding somewhere in the end, yes in the volume of the water at the right. So so that's it. But it's it's fun. You again floating? Do you you quickly adjust to it after you get over the nausea mistakes, usually about a day or so air, and I said
wonderful. Just maybe we could float around this room. If you can fly around your kitchen and grab is near relative, you needed from the cabinet. You can use a lot more of the house that this dimension, I really great in New York City. What these small apartments I get float around the place they use the high seas, have a seat on my wall is actually fell asleep on the ceiling in those areas of rulings on their bedrooms on a ceiling kitchen floor it would be really handier New York City, that's what kind of like in space. If I can describe a quick home experiment, if you take a talk up right, fill it with water puncture two holes in it vertical hole, so a lower hall, the restart spewing out it'll spew out sort of farther away, then higher whole, because the pressure is not as great as her holidays So you see these two spout. Spouts coming out right, hold it up. High holding a pie, other waters spilling out, but it said
How could the water has weight and what it wants to get to the ground? If you let go of the cup both of those spigots cut off instantly right, it's did you let go of it, they stop and the waterfalls whole cup in everything falls with it. The water does not even know to exit the cup because its weightless fantastic freefall and either of my children are listening at home. If you try that damn experiment as that which is why put up before Doug, I listen what that was fascinating. That's part of this movement to dust Pesa Tory. So where is my pronounced the name you can see the snow is now has a tory whoopee, no p s pass a t, o r d, better go! That's pretty professor daughter, so destined desultory, says first of all: are the
constantly falling at seventeen thousand five hundred miles per hour and from MIKE. How does that affect the brains? Cognitive functions so does weightlessness have an effect on your brain? Can you go? You know weightless crazy and are falling at the speed of seventy thousand five hundred miles per hour. No they're going sideways at seventeen thousand miles per hour in the That's it going that fast sideways allows them to fall down towards the earth at the rate, the earth's surface, curves away from them. In fact, we think when we watch the shuttle launch and, like you gotta back me up on this once the shuttle launch, we think oh there, it is going up into space right most of that energy. Of all those engines is not to go up. It's only going a couple hundred miles up rather less from New York to Boston. We can drive that most that energy is to give it horrors. Speed ray and that's. Why that you put the puppy. Does that that that half twist
rural Development gainer Hatteras try done well and does a role, a beautiful ballistic role and go and sideways away from him in a right. That's it and we also be the direction we go in, which is watching to the east, helps elevate, cause you're. Picking up some speed possess away. The earth is rotate, Earth rotates, so you be lazy amount that says we get our every every little bit of speed how you launched from Cape can ever so. My back in the envelope tells me you call again a hundred miles an hour from the earth from that's about right, yeah here, sounds good to me anyway sounds right now you know exactly how I feel that my hostess happiest that's enough. Whoever at a foreigner. Yes, we have online cholera. You they're running dampening hey actually, where you comin from I'm calling from counterfeiting so we ve got to get away Casey MO or Casey
right so much a question for me or my. Yet what do you think you ve taken? My phone call an undertaking. Thank you for being a an inspiration for a lot of people going at defiance. Do you think I have a question about the fiend from the movie gravity in particular, where she uses the Extinguisher Abbe manoeuvring unit. An awesome, Sonata, Lithuania Tiberias. Your news, like at white, did now Gemini for is there any accuracy to that or is it more of just? The Hollywood have backs that she was able to propel herself and hold on to it and get where she was wanting to go. What I know the nozzle that is bigger than the one that at White and Michael Count experimented on his question. Can you actually use a fire extinguisher as approved pulsing device? So let me give the physics- and in my can tell me how to powder report had really goes down on surveys.
We about ninety seconds in seconds I'll be outside I'll, be quick. So if, if you, if you are physical, mass loses mass in any way, so Sandra Bullock plus Extinguisher that's a certain mass content. If the extinguisher sends any part of its mass cause, she's holding onto it in any direction, she must recoil what we have on our jet pack. We dont have the big jet pack like they showed a movie, but we have a smaller one and it just basically just shoots gas out in one direction. You have a control, it attracted to control the direction of that action, a reaction, but we all know what part of my body I'm yes. So with so what it all Means is if she doesn't actually propel it at through a line that connects to her centre of Mass, shall not We recoil shall start to rotate, and so you, The big you gotta know where the aim that stuff so might have you'd have you played in space. This way are in place. Basement simulate. Well, yes, yes,
We have, but not with a guess, can like yours say we ve done. We practice that so yeah you're you're, anything It's gonna move. You described it he's gonna, give you gascoyne. When were you going to react to it, but I wouldn't when I saw that seen outside she's using our had now she's being smart about it. What we have on our jet pack, we don't have the big jet backlog, furthermore, we believe, a smaller one and it just basically just shoot, Yes out in one direction. You have a control, it attracted to control the direction of that and a hand controls or that it figures out which way to shoot it so possess away. We maneuver so much like that. A diet of beans would have the same effect. It will but I wouldn't rights, no matter how many beings I would rather have a real gas. Can I would rather than a fire extinguisher where we come back more cosmic queries with MIKE Mass Amino all on the movie gravity.
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we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying. Green space and sat down to earth you're listening to start, Shake me was that we're back start talk radio in studio, check nice and asked room like Madam Mina here, Chuckie tweeted, Chuck nice conic acts. Nice carbonized and at Astro MIKE
there's more between the young at Astro underscore my and they could be never be any other MIKE astronaut. No, there all day I'll get you gotta get pissed off. There's an iron MIKE the guy. Now MIKE Hopkins is like Astro Align. I D run out of either one another universe of Illinois. I've got my stay away is because you were the first person a tweet from Spain. I weren't you had first dibs, that's right than we are creative use, Michael, we are their cosmic queries. Addition all about the film gravity, that's where we have a real astronauts studio? Yes, so check? Well, you know where we left off. We talk about how to propel yourself around here where we learn so. But what does the second part of the question was? Does weightlessness affect our cognitive capability as what you need in Europe? We must try to figure out what's going on so one thing I thought was really interesting. Is that because your weight listen you're vestibule? to some doesn't know if you're upside down or whereby then Adaptive Europe, still your inner ear on our allowance.
A fancy work as a first, my use of more than one syllable potentates. I'm gonna get a dictionary talking not I mean, I think, that the best of your your inner ear balance Europe's sense of balance doesnt work anymore, because that way on the gravity, presumes your honor, but he's gonna. So what are we evolved? Rice? in her ears, saying your perfectly still show you eyes now a tone you our position here and end. What happens is when you're upside down and so picture now guys we're in this room. A picture at home, you, your car, wherever you have now weightless analysis, you go upside down Your brain is telling you that you are still right side up and the scene has moved a hundred and eighty degrees is now flipped
so it's noticing the whole room has rotated surviving guarantee. Not you that the room has rotated and it really is a little disturbing is cool, but if at first you like wholly crap, let me get in the right direction and then, after while you get, you show your brain, adjusted that and you can have a conversation on the ceiling and be very comfortable with it usually takes a couple days. Okay, so doesn't mess up your intelligence. It dismissive your initiative, give your brains trying to figure out. What's going on in there, some other bodily functions like the distribution distribution of Europe. You, liquid and he says, Luella. Thank you very much of your fluids insoluble get kind of pools of the upper extremity, so your head is kind of big in space at first cause, you're you're just floating up there was that, because your bodies accustomed to
fighting, the force of gravity and now has aroused gravity it'll just sent. Alright, everything goes out of Ngos, and so what happens? Is your body thanks? Your brain thing said it has more water. Then you really have a new start to pay more in space more than you really should. So there is a risk of getting dehydrated, so you wanna drink water as much as you can. What special, when you first get there, but all these things kind of adjust after a couple days, ok but doesn't affect your Billy, did a push buttons in your life dealerships nauseous right roads is another problem. And then it doesn't matter. What's goin on meal, even listening to stalk radio, if you're not we're gonna sell spaces one, you have you not nauseous nourishes everything's that becomes not fanatical what parliament also also point about spewing out gases in one direction or another leader equip about beans. Yes, that would only work if you had a flap that opened on your right, we have two years ago you after the gas, has to leave your space right and you recoil from there.
Right, you nasty man, that's why it's only been tried inside the spaceship when no one else is looking with their heads turned, and it has not been done very successful. Wouldn't I would not. I would rather have a real gas can't remove myself around as opposed the matter, and I need a lot. We ve had lunch together, but it doesn't how much you we I'd still would rather have an actual mechanical device to propel me Propyloea through zero upright, and I want to take the chance, kids checks, so you should force for our right the net. What he had this one from Nick Hoffman Are they not tear their suits sliding all over the place and later proceeded to access other spacecraft, which should be in internally sealed? So a compound question there are like that you, I can't they might so. What are the same issue? I guess if you really think you want to be very careful when you're in space, because you can tear your suit fact my space gloved tore on one of my face? What were you doing that ever love? I was. I was using the Hubble space telescope
he was going to Michael Jackson IRA, but we act. We had some problems with our gloves right in the area between the thumb in the index. Finger was kind of a weak point there for a while and if you had yet, we really Kevin could wear haulage those weeds because you needed to be flexible and need to be flexible and something you were using your hands to work out there and you could wear it need to be flexible. So maybe it's not as strong as the other parts of the suit it has its a seven layer suit. So, even if you penetrate the first layer, you ve got a couple of the Lake seven years. For this reason. For this reason I, including a layer of kevlar and then at the bottom, is the pressure layer where it's it's kind of like about whether if you can, Kevlar, and that means you can your bulletproof, but you can still in the gloves, we don't have the Carolina gloves, and so there are the weak points in the other project in the arms in the pants. That's The Kevlar layers way. Mister Laplante astronauts models are gone through through NASA. Security goes up internet, that's ever been done and shoot you do. You have your kevlar protects it's not that
No, I would not. Let's not try that it's not very thick Kevlar, it's really nice! Try that it is not. Everything Apple Wrapper Grade Kevlar rather regret what right does not arise right. I would not want to go into a club with a start. I would want a lot more. What do I mean I'd say that not completely jokingly days, if, third, if there's two brief point through space, has energetically overlying bullet right of Biscuit bull energy, so we have these you're thin layers and they have seven layer on top of each other so that you can withstand some type of impact. This idea in the fire the latter is the pressure where you gloves are the final interior foggy and violent inside against, you is, is a pleasurable it's a bladder, and once that's penetrated, that's when you get early, but you can withstand casually pressure leaking that's when you're option is gonna go up. Pressure goes away, that's bad! When we come back more questions on the movie gravity with in house astronaut,
MIKE Mass Amino Cinema. Unlocking the secrets of U world and everything orbiting around it. Stereotypes you're back sort of radio cosmic queries. Addition all about the movie gravity chuck! You got through half the person's question yet have we got through but here was the second half, which was: how do you proceed? How did they proceed?
to access. Other Sprague scrap, which should be in turnips sealed. So how do you get him from the outside? They just passionately lotta just turn knobs and open. Now you see the issue. There is at the doors we have open to the inside right so that when you have proof her inside it. It's like an airplane right, deplores open on the inside, so the pressure Canna keeps it locked cause you're more pressure on the inside than two zero pressure apparatus of rights keeps it it keeps it solid. You can open and air locked or from the outside. If there's no pressure on the inside of that airlock saint got so, but you could, statements with every right, but if it's a pressurize volume where, if you can go in there without and be able to take your space, it often live any gonna work. So so so we can quantified swear so you're, not you, probably not pressurize too, to see level what you pressure that fifty fifty pounds per square right. What, if Russia inside you're spacesuit, an owner in a narrow, Tonia. Ok, so it all depends, but
I got to show we did our space water a little bit less a ten point two. So there is so he's got ten pounds per square inch and if your door is you now thirty and she's by sixty pages you gotta get a space in that rights, that must say thirty internet by sixty inches. So that's hump, that's twenty! That's two thousand square inches is that right times attend I was preparing this twenty thousand pounds of force in a parliament more in the space station is even workers here at fourteen point. Seven there one at atmosphere aren't one has so even more so, in other words, the door in every square inch. Has this practice airplane practicing down on it right inside effect? That's why and is pressing from the inside outright exactly rail sailing sealing the door against the whole. So the answer here. Is that bogus? everybody knows I'm outta. Here is what I'm getting from your answer. I knock on the door open wide extent and but they did show that presumably there is peace. From the inside of the door popped open right now,
yeah? Ok, ok, also, just just I get someone to physical What we just described is why suction cups work a jack to do with suction. If you press is such a cup down, expelling the air right, there's now there's nothing about the air pressure around rounded. The atmosphere is sitting on top of the rubber suction cup. At fourteen point, seven pounds ground to fifteen pounds per square inch, Such an covers ten square inches right. It's a hundred fifty pounds of pulling up forcible, acquired a lift, a section you set with sucking hard, no, the atmosphere of pushing down on that sucker. So it's are pushing down. No sucking up no such we're all on the precious them all out? Our own approach is no wonder. I like it and also that pressure operates in every direction. So that's why such a couple work on the ceiling, air pressure goes in all directions at the base of the atmosphere as we are now, don't you got
let us move on. This is Jim Lula and Joy once again. I am fascinated by his question when the fire in the I asked ass was starting. It was in small fireballs that were floating if he rises. How this. Fire act in zero gravity grow foreign mine. So I saw this- and I was wondering this we don't really know we are. We really dont know exactly how that would happen because we don't, we haven't, had a real Fire where we would we, but but but if you think about it, gravity does help fire rage if we open flame on earth, and it's going to spread, it needs fuel most of the stuff that we haven't. Space is fireproof. That was once on purpose on
but so does it burned, despite everything we have up, there is fireproof. Nothing is with the absence of gravity. I you know I've took mothers with my friends your. What would it be like a small localised where we do a fire extinguishers is two types: Russia segment and on the? U S, segment, two different kinds, but does mainly for like electrical fires, is better our other just different because different like different electrical components. We expect morbid electrical fire right and it might be an open flame, localised where you it's you would have to use and extinguish are on it, but this raging fire, because, as a lack of fuel and the gravity the convention at you, yet from gravity to move to feed the fire is not there. I always thought that we would never get a big raging firewood. Think extinguish who it is there was a separate vote did nothing. I made that ideas. You could do nothing, it should go because a candle on earth, the heat rises, oxygen comes in to replace the used oxygen in the floor.
Itself so to continuous flow of of auctioning gravity that fact that feeds a gravity the can, action of the lighter gas- and I have your guess- comes in book in Space- a candle extinguish itself. If you do nothing because there's no fresh auction, given that no replaced adults and nowhere to go even know where to take two didn't it doesn't know how to get. I would think that are raging fires and possible, but no one really wants to try with that. But I don't think so, but I don't think that's. Why would majesty so? The answer is: fires in space or, like our debt ceiling here on earth right, nobody you know what kind of disaster will ensue there you go away from and when we come back more star talk, radio, cosmic queries, addition on the film gravity,
the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal starter. This is all welcome back into the final segment of cosmic queries all about, the movie gravity, we are in the lightning round yeah. You know that mean that's right, but I've got Astro MIKE with me after not MIKE and we're going to answer questions as quickly as we can get in many of the questions that as possible. Yes, we are so right and would just about. We are good laid out for it would go here The first question from Timothy Jessica are all astronauts really that good? Looking, no better,
next That's why we're doing a radio station are made for early next year ago, this one my Georgia soon up when I got to add their real quick court I bet you have been talking a movie people lightly and everyone is convinced they completely retouched Sandra Bullock legs. What language did? No blemishes was no vehicles vacancies. Forty nine there's nothing. It was like companies like Barbie legs all the way, They were trying to. They were trying to match real astronaut enlargement on radio, very comfortable saying, and anyone ever wants. This attack go from Jorge o sooner. They allow to stay outside until they reached the last ten percent of oxygen that that them speaking of astronaut like no, you wanted,
space and time, and you want to go with the less like an hour left, based on your how you use. Ok or a reserve, our reserves, s answer. Ok, this one from Darya whore by technological. Ok, if there was really a fat astronaut, how much with their gravity affect the earth work quickly. Might we not look we not at all right yet not because it would affect anymore than they were, would while their honour, but I can tell you that make which costs per pound to put seminars it took a lot of money. That's two thousand out of town together, some in orbit rattle for every pound of excess fat right, the taxpayers pay intent.
Thousand dollars, right plus, being a larger astronaut. It requires more food to feed us and larger clothes. Articles, atta use, half of Megan Mc Arthur's clothing, locker from my cloak Europe, you your six three six through how much away by two hundred you got it next day. Ok, if lost in space way more than two hundred Do I but his eyes it you're too so lying there was a lot lemming effective radio us is exempt two forty and we're like work where we get somebody out there go, aren't go it's a lightning round. They wanted to be quick. I feel, like I'm scenario, is easier than I feel like I'm sitting here with two model, not mad scientist. I here we got it lost in space. Is there a mythical suicide pill, Levin now we're doing any that now. That's where we're right, where the real question
if they were one would retain that was about it. Would you use if they were one are? You will have to say you have one if there were one dated and tell me, ok, see that on that point that to say that our aid is now, I quickly we will gladly job you'll. Do you know he's yeah, you know you can't die. So let's put it to you this way. Ok, would you rather drift into space wantonly until you die or take a suicide pill? I'd want to get. The second matter, as I could exactly not me too. I ended in any sooner than men. I have two hour. I all right. Let's go to answer, I right click. Ok, this is pretty much for both you wouldn't hospital launched satellite, capable of changing orbital attitudes and not and GEO sink orbit. It is that possible, so instead of falling around the earth, if you bring fuel with you while your Norbert, you can change orbit. You can change angle, high altitude,
You can even reenter argued via your rockets. The other way you did you drop down and you enter the atmosphere and pull the plug ins civic or wherever you might happen well yeah, but any fuel to do otherwise. You're, not ok, that's it! That's got to that's, got it right chocolate, faster than you can have a look at my questions are, all other don't realize is using these enthralled with the view that work, although it desires I do I do get excited Here- is how it is quite an astronaut overcome acidosis as Sandra Bullock. Did I dont know what s to say. What is acidosis? Does anyone know what acidosis that's like? What we call? We plead ignorance, extensive work, forget it doesn't know the world, but on every meal. There's another word, I'm pretty sure you made it up here. We go, do astronauts, get trained, inbreeding techniques, and is that important tough? So, if you know
actions going low, changer breathing habits to prolong it. You always want to be breathing as lightly as possible, heavy breathing, a Fulbright Is overrated but you're not necessarily trained to do that, except to realise its. It is not a good thing to do, but if you take a full breath, you are exhaling oxygen. Aren't you your ex, you have you. What you do is two things are taken up more oxygen in, but you also getting out more co2 or co2. It's gonna use up your filter, which is a lot of sense. You Looking for having adopted exactly you can't replaces scrubber, you can get more accidents, so chuck real fact, human ten SEC on earth. We only look at the sun for this from Meyer Garcia on earth. We can only look at the sun for a couple of moments before it hurts. What is it? for someone in an EPA suit, drifting in orbit. How long can dates and looking at sea ice, unifies the other. You have a virus it to put that cause. The sun is the brightest thing you can imagine when you're out on a spacewalk unifies Who is behind those past grants a strong, my escrow guy this
he's been starts on radio cosmic queries. Addition all about the movie gravity, thanks Jack nice pleasure and will find John on Twitter and Astro MIKE always great to have less I'm here. The grass thyssen personal astrophysics. That's all the time we got jerk MIKE thinks we're being on start talk ready. We ve been brought you in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation, as I beg you to keep looking up. Like dollar lay all job the organs which you could listen. The star talk commercial free, joint startled. On page ran for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio
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